Ambitious Goals Set For “Backyard Mission Trip”

3/31/14 – 10:48 A.M.

Civic minded Findlay residents have an ambitious goal set for this spring. Organizers of the Backyard Mission Trip say they want 2000 volunteers to help out 200 homeowners with the annual event…

Audio: Becky Greeno

Becky Greeno is with the city of Findlay and says the projects volunteers take part in spans a wide range of activities.

Judge Robert Fry says not to worry if you need a lot of help with repairs. A partnership with Habitat for Humanity means they might still be able to help…

Audio: Robert Fry

The Backyard Mission Trip is set for April 26 this year. To hit their goal the group will need 2000 volunteers. If you want to volunteer, or need help with some repairs at your home, call (419)424-7466.

The Findlay Ministerial Association, the city’s NEAT program, and Habitat for Humanity partner to bring the volunteer effort together.

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