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Getty Images/Hemera (NEW YORK) — NHL Playoffs: First Round – Philadelphia Flyers 4 – New York Rangers 2 (Series tied, 1-1)

NBA Playoffs: First Round – San Antonio Spurs 90 – Dallas Mavericks 85 (San Antonio leads series, 1-0)

MLB: Miami Marlins 3 (9-10) – Seattle Mariners 2 (7-11)

Cleveland Indians 6 (8-10) – Toronto Blue Jays 4 (10-9)

Detroit Tigers 2 (9-6) – Los Angeles Angels 1 (8-10)

Washington Nationals 3 (11-8) – St. Louis Cardinals 2 (11-8)

Minnesota Twins 8 (9-9) – Kansas City Royals 3 (9-8)

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Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook has been suspended three games by the NHL Department of Player Safety on Sunday.

The suspension came down after Seabrook laid a hit on St. Louis Blues forward David Backes during Game 2 of their Western Conference first-round series. His right elbow and shoulder connected with Backes’ head with less than five minutes remaining in the third period. Backes was then thrown into the boards and onto the floor.

Seabrook received a five-minute major penalty for charging and a game misconduct. He had a phone hearing with the league Sunday morning.

After the game, Seabrook apologized and expressed his concern for Backes.

“I was just trying to make a play on Backes,” Seabrook said. “I thought the puck was there. I was on [Alexander] Steen. I was just coming down the wall and I just tried to finish my hit.

“I feel bad seeing a guy like that on the ice. I’ve been there myself, and I’m not trying to target his head. I’m not trying to do anything like that. It doesn’t feel good to see a player like that lying there like that, and knowing that I hit him. It wasn’t my intent. I thought it was a hit. It’s a physical series, hits have been laid like that from both sides the whole series, so we’ll see what happens.”

The Blues lead the Blackhawks 2-0 with Game 3 set for Monday night in Chicago.

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Andrew Burton/Getty Images(BOSTON) — Police are ramping up security for Monday’s Boston Marathon in the wake of last year’s bombings.

Four-thousand police officers and 500 undercover plain-clothes detectives will be staged from the start line to the finish line.

Kurt Schwartz, Massachusetts’ Undersecretary for Homeland Security and Emergency Management in the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, said every section of the 26.2 mile race will be watched by cameras, which will be monitored in an underground, high-tech command center.

“A lot of eyes,” Schwartz told ABC News. “They’re all watching the public, watching the crowds, trying to detect suspicious behavior, trying to manage areas that just get too crowded… We have expanded across the board.”

The command center will also be communicating in real-time with other offices across eight nearby cities and towns along the marathon path.

“We’ll be looking for somebody who just doesn’t feel right,” Boston’s new police commissioner Bill Evans said. “The characteristics – a lot of our officers, during their training, [are] looking at the characteristics of someone who might be carrying explosives.”

Beyond just watching, Schwartz said security officials will be tailoring their tactical security on the ground throughout the day of the marathon based on what the surveillance cameras and officers on the scene are seeing.

Evans told ABC News that though security will be tight, it won’t be overwhelming for runners or attendees.

“I don’t want it to be an armed camp where people are going to be intimidated by the police presence,” he said.

Evans’ men got a trial run last week when an alleged hoaxer dropped two bags near the finish line of the marathon, in a similar manner to how the real explosives were planted last year. Authorities reacted quickly and destroyed the ultimately harmless objects.

“It was a nice drill,” Evans said. “It just got us on our toes a little earlier… But I think we did a super job. We did what we were trained to do.”

Authorities suspect last year’s bombing was carried out by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, two brothers from Dagestan who lived in the U.S. Tamerlan was killed in a shootout with police days after the explosions. Dzhokhar was arrested and has pleaded not guilty to 30 counts related to the bombing. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

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Franco Origlia/Getty Images(VATICAN CITY) — Thousands packed St. Peter’s Square Sunday morning to celebrate Easter Sunday with Pope Francis.

Wishing onlookers Happy Easter from his balcony, the pope presided over Holy Mass and gave his “urbi et orbi” message and blessing, calling for an end to violent conflicts around the world.

The pope focused the theme of his Easter Sunday message on the crises in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, and Nigeria, praying for peace in those countries that have been wracked with political tension, violence, and bloodshed.

Pope Francis urged humanity to overcome the scourge of hunger, made worse, he said, by conflict and wastefulness.

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iStock/Thinkstock(SURREY, Canada) — Employees and business owners in British Columbia have been left terrified for their lives after armed robbers targeting cell phone stores threatened staff with machetes, handguns, and tasers.

Surveillance video captured the series of three broad-daylight robberies in a matter of weeks at different Wireless World stores in Surrey, B.C. An employee of one of the stores said the robbers tied him up before stealing away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

“The gun never left their hand,” Jaswal told CTV News in Canada. “It was always on the back of my head. He told me, ‘Hey, don’t make any sudden moves or you’re going to get popped in the head.’”

Rob Riah, the owner of the three stores, which are among two dozen Wireless World locations in British Columbia and Alberta, said $70,000 worth of merchandise has been stolen so far from his Surrey stores.

“We’ve been robbed three times in two weeks,” Riah said. “I’m worried for my staff, I’m worried for my customers. Something needs to be done.”

The robbers have since been selling the cell phones on Craigslist and Ebay, where unsuspecting buyers could be purchasing stolen items, Riah said, adding that the store generally blocks the IMEIs (equipment identity number) within a few days so that the phone is unusable.

By then, the thieves are usually far away and the victims are left out of pocket, Riah said.

The Surrey Royal Canadian Mounted Police could not immediately be reached on Sunday, but told CTV they had received several tips in their investigations and that the robberies were a “top priority.”

Meanwhile, Riah offered a $5,000 reward for anyone able to identify the suspects in the footage, while his employees said they are seeking greater support from government and police in fighting violent crime.

“I don’t think anybody’s going to do anything until someone does get killed,” Jaswal said. “They’re not using little toy guns. They’re using Tasers, they’re using real guns. We don’t know what they’re going to do.”

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GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images(MOSCOW) — The Russian government says it is “outraged” by a shootout overnight near Slovyansk that left at least three dead, saying the attack was carried out by a Ukrainian right-wing nationalist group.

The attack took place before just before 2:30 a.m. on the outskirts of Slovyansk, a town under the control of pro-Russian forces. Four vehicles reportedly approached a checkpoint and opened fire, and video of the aftermath showed spent bullet casings and two burned out vehicles.

According to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, three people were killed and three wounded in clashes between armed groups, but it denied Ukrainian forces played any role. The Sloviansk hospital declined ABC News’ request for comment, but Slovyansk’s pro-Russia mayor confirmed the three dead to reporters.

“The Russian side is outraged with the provocation, which indicates that Kiev is unwilling to put in check and disarm nationalists and extremists,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted by the state-run Russia Today channel.

Moscow “insists on the strict implementation by the Ukrainian side of its commitments to de-escalate the situation in southeastern Ukraine,” the ministry statement said.

Ukraine’s Security Service called the incident a “cynical provocation” by “armed offenders and saboteurs who are terrorizing the local population in Slovyansk.”

A pro-Kremlin website posted video of what it said was evidence of the nationalist group Right Sector’s involvement in the attack, including crisp $100 bills, Google Maps satellite images of the area, bullets and the business card of the group’s leader.

Sloviansk’s new mayor quickly calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to send Russian “peacekeepers” to defend the region’s citizens from “fascists and imperialists.”

On Thursday, foreign ministers from the United States, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union signed an agreement that “all illegal armed groups must be disarmed” and that “all illegally seized buildings” in Ukraine must be vacated. But the armed groups occupying those buildings in eastern Ukraine haven’t moved, arguing that the “criminal” government in Kiev has to first step down.

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TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images(BOSTON) — Sunday on This Week, House Homeland Security Committee Chair Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, while noting the increase in security in Boston ahead of Monday’s marathon, expressed concern over the potential that someone may try to replicate the attack last year on the Boston Marathon that left three people dead and hundreds injured.

“I do believe it’s very ramped up security wise, cameras, personnel, canines, all sorts of bomb detecting equipment. So I do think it’s very well fortified. It’d be difficult to penetrate that,” McCaul said on This Week. “I am concerned, as was noted, a copycat type demonstration, or someone who was inspired by the Tamerlan brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, to perpetrate another act of jihadism. That’s a very real scenario.”

“We don’t have any chatter right now. But… we didn’t have that last time,” McCaul added. “What’s the good news is since last time after we’ve done our reports and investigations on what happened last time, is that now we’re having full cooperation, I think, with the FBI in terms of on the ground security and so I feel confident we’re going to have a safe and successful marathon tomorrow. I know the entire nation is cheering for Boston.”

Former New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly, now an ABC News contributor, echoed McCaul’s concerns.

“Well, obviously, some sort of copycat event, and something that looks similar to what we saw last year,” Kelly said, when asked by ABC’s Martha Raddatz what worries him most about the marathon tomorrow.

“And again, you cannot totally rule out an event happening away… from the marathon. And I believe that the Massachusetts authorities and the Boston police have put that into the equation,” Kelly said. “You need resources to respond to locations away from the marathon if something untoward happens.”

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Courtesy Casey Messer/Helicon Property Restoration (ORLANDO, Fla.) — A 50-foot deep sinkhole has been filled after it threatened two homes at a Florida retirement community.

Residents had to be evacuated after the ground opened up Saturday between two houses at a community called The Villages, north of Orlando.

Workers spent all Saturday night filling the hole with sand and cement to stop it from spreading.

Project manager Rich Kay said this was “by far the most extreme” sinkhole he has seen.

No injuries were reported.

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iStock/Thinkstock(JACKSON, Maine) — A run-in with an angry moose ended without injury for a pair of New Hampshire snowmobilers, but they say that the incident has changed how they think about wildlife.

Janis and Bob Powell saw the moose while snowmobiling outside Jackson, Maine, on Friday. They followed it on a trail for a few minutes, but it then came to halt.

“His fur was standing up, his ears were back, his head went low and [we] definitely knew something was up,” Janis Powell said.

The moose stomped toward her husband, forcing him to duck behind his snowmobile.

“The only thing I could think of what I had to put between myself and the moose, and unfortunately that was just the snowmobile,” Bob Powell said.

The moose charged again and Bob Powell ran to his wife’s snowmobile, narrowly missing a headbutt from the animal.

Janis Powell then fired a warning shot into the air.

“I knew what size gun I had and that I might make it even more angry,” she said.

But the moose then trotted off. Neither it nor the Powells were injured.

“We both have a new appreciated for moose and wildlife in general and will definitely be keeping more of a distance,” Janis Powell said.

She added that they’ve seen moose on the trails before but the animals typically are scared off.

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Courtesy Casey Messer/Helicon Property Restoration (ORLANDO, Fla.) — A 50-foot deep sinkhole threatened two homes at a Florida retirement community Saturday.

Residents had to be evacuated after the ground opened up between two houses at a community called The Villages, north of Orlando.

Crews responded to the scene and poured concrete into the ground to stop the hole from spreading.

“Our biggest thing at this point is just try to prevent it from spreading underneath these homes, so we don’t lose them,” Casey Messer with Helicon Property Restoration said.

Officials say the sinkhole has been filled; no injuries were reported.

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