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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has vastly exceeded all expectations.

When it was first launched online late last month to hike donations to combat ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, no one dreamed that people dumping ice cold water on their heads would turn into a fundraising juggernaut.

Thanks to the efforts of both ordinary folks and celebrities, The ALS Association reported Sunday that it had received $13.3 million in contributions from July 29 through August 17, according to The New York Times, that includes 260,000 new donors.

Over the comparable time in 2013, donations were $1.7 million, so the Ice Bucket Challenge, which was mocked by some early on, has happily proven its detractors wrong.

In a statement, Barbara Newhouse, president and CEO of The ALS Association, said, “Never before have we been in a better position to fuel our fight against this disease. Increased awareness and unprecedented financial support will enable us to think outside the box. We will be able to strategize about efforts in ways that previously would not have been possible, all while we work to fulfill and enhance our existing mission priorities nationwide.”

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Brian D. Kersey/Getty Images(DENVER) — On a day where Todd Helton had his number 17 retired, the first player to receive the honor in franchise history, the Colorado Rockies swept a doubleheader against Cincinnati in dramatic fashion. Colorado (49-75) took game one by a 10-9 final before winning the nightcap 10-5.

The Rockies Trailed 9-5 heading into the bottom of the ninth in the first contest but rallied to score five runs in the inning. Aroldis Chapman walked four consecutive batters to start the inning before J.J. Hoover replaced him. Wilin Rosario’s sacrifice fly made it a 9-7 game with one out and two on. Following a Charlie Blackmon fly out, Drew Stubbs took a 1-0 pitch and hammered it to deep center for a walk-off, three-run home run against his former team. Rex Brothers (4-5) got the win while Hoover (1-9) was saddled with the loss.

Colorado’s dramatics carried over into the second game where they again came from behind. The Reds (61-63) led 5-2 at the seventh inning stretch, but the Rockies scored three runs to knot things up. They took the lead in the eighth on Corey Dickerson’s two-run double and added to it with a two-base hit from Michael Cuddyer. Cuddyer’s double was his fourth hit of the game and completed his second ever cycle.

The outfielder tripled in the first, homered in the fifth, and singled in the seventh before the eighth inning triple. Cuddyer became the seventh Rockies player ever to hit for the cycle, and the first since Carlos Gonzalez in 2010 against the Chicago Cubs. His first cycle came as a member of the Minnesota Twins against Milwaukee in 2009.

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Buda Mendes/Getty Images(SEOUL, South Korea) — Pope Francis completed his five-day trip to South Korea Monday, urging the two Koreas to reject suspicion, confrontation and competition and unite as “one family, one people.”

Emphasizing peace on the Korean peninsula at the Mass of peace and reconciliation at Seoul’s main Myungdong Cathedral, he advised that South Koreans should continue generosity in providing humanitarian aid to those in need, referring to the North.

“Forgive brothers who sinned for 77 times,” he said.

The two Koreas were divided in 1953 and are still technically at war. There is no freedom of religion in North Korea, although a figurative Catholic church exists, approved by the State. Pyongyang warned Sunday of a “merciless pre-emptive strike” against the South, directing displeasure at the annual U.S.-South Korean joint military drills planned for this week.

Thousands of citizens gathered in a rainy morning in front of the cathedral to get a glimpse of the pope, 77, who mesmerized the nation with his humble style and attitude in the past five days.

“It was a shockingly tight schedule for an old man,” Kim Sang-Min, who said he was not a Catholic, said. “I could tell that he wanted to meet as many people as possible. He touched our hearts.”

South Korean President Park Geun-hye, North Korean defectors and elderly “comfort women” who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military in early 1900s attended the mass. One woman gave Francis a pin of a butterfly, a symbol of their predicament; he wore it throughout the mass.

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iStock/Thinkstock(VINELAND, N.J.) — A diabetic teenager was kicked out of a drive-in movie theater because he brought in some candy, violating the theater’s policy against outside food.

“Have someone tell me no, because of a really dumb reason. It’s just really humiliating,” 16-year-old Ben Weidner told ABC News.

Weidner has Type 1 diabetes and says he always carries around a backpack containing insulin, an EpiPen, a juice box and candy. The candy is for when his blood sugar suddenly drops.

But when Weidner tried to go to the Delsea Drive-In in Vineland, New Jersey, he was not allowed inside because outside food and drinks are not allowed.

Dr. John Deleonardis, the owner of the drive-in movie theater, and a pediatrician, says that his concession stand has several diabetic-friendly foods available.

“My time shouldn’t be occupied at the box office, trying to explain to people that we have a website. It tells you about this,” Deleonardis told ABC News. “If you don’t want to go to that, don’t come.”

Weidner said he thinks the theater should consider diabetics when enforcing their “no outside food or drink policy,” but Deleonardis says the medical condition should not be an exception to the rule.

“Sorry your kid has an affliction but what can I tell you?” Deleonardis told ABC station WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

But Weidner’s father, Phil Weidner, says, “It’s just ignorant and unacceptable. Just because he feels people are going to take advantage of him by bringing food in.”

Deleonardis told WPVI that he has no plans to change his policy.

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iStock/Thinkstock(STANFORD, Calif.) — Flirting is certainly an art form, and one that has taken on new dimensions due to texting.

As it happens, people who receive these texts are pretty particular not only about the content of the messages sent but how they’re conveyed.

Stanford University students who developed the chat app Omlet conducted a survey of 1,000 adults and young people on “Digital Flirting Rules,” and the number-one turnoff for both men and women is “Funky or very informal spelling.”

“Lack of punctuation and grammar” was the second biggest irritant for the ladies, while guys complained about “Multiple exclamation points in chat messages.”

Using a lot of slang, such as LOL, also isn’t inadvisable if you’re trying to make an impression.

Here are women’s five biggest digital flirting turnoffs and disapproval ratings:

  1. Funky or very informal spelling — 73 percent
  2. Lack of punctuation and grammar — 59 percent
  3. Excessive slang — 54 percent
  4. Messages during sleeping hours — 51 percent
  5. All lowercase words — 50 percent

Men’s five biggest digital flirting turnoffs and disapproval ratings:

  1. Funky or very informal spelling — 58 percent
  2. Multiple exclamation points in chat messages — 47 percent
  3. Lack of punctuation and grammar — 46 percent
  4. All lowercase words — 41 percent
  5. Excessive slang — 40 percent

Meanwhile, emoticons and emojis apparently hit the right spot when it comes to flirting. Thirty-one percent of men and 38 percent of women enjoy receiving them, according to the researchers.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — The poor cockroach still gets a bad rap while the fly gets a pass, according to a survey of 300 people by pest-control company Orkin.

When asked, “Which of the following would make you stop chowing down if you spied them while you were in a restaurant?” 61 percent said a cockroach.

Meanwhile, only three percent said they’d stop eating if a fly was buzzing around the dinner table.

However, Orkin entomologist and Technical Services Director Ron Harrison remarked, “Many restaurant patrons may not be aware that houseflies are twice as filthy as cockroaches.”

Without getting too graphic, flies carry all sorts of pathogens on their legs and body’s small hairs that are easily transferred to food or touched surfaces, according to Harrison.

Incidentally, other choices in the Orkin survey of critters you might (or might not) spot in a restaurant included rodents, ants, snakes and geckos.

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Official White House Photo by Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) — President Obama headed back to the White House Sunday night, briefly interrupting his family vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to address unspecified matters.

Administration officials were initially tight-lipped about what the president will deal with during his two days in Washington, although late Sunday the White House released Obama’s itinerary for Monday that includes meeting Vice President Joe Biden and members of the National Security Council to receive an update on U.S. military and humanitarian action in Iraq.

Later Monday, the president and Attorney General Eric Holder will talk about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, involving the fatal shooting of teen Michael Brown.

There is also speculation that one issue Obama might discuss is the stagnation of immigration reform, which House Republicans have said won’t be debated until after the November mid-term elections.

Although no specific action is expected during his brief White House stay, Obama might use executive orders following the congressional recess to lift the threat of deportation facing millions of undocumented immigrants, a politically risky move that could either empower the Latino base or increase anti-immigration fervor before the election.

Meanwhile, Obama’s due back with his family sometime Tuesday to spend the remainder of the week vacationing.

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iStock/Thinkstock(DUBUQUE, Iowa) — Students going back to school in Dubuque, Iowa, are going to find it a little harder to slack off in gym class.

Public middle and high school students will have to wear heart rate monitors in gym class to make sure they are actually being physically active.

“It will be a large portion of their grade, because we want to grade them on what they’re actually doing in our class,” Dubuque Schools Athletic and Wellness Director Amy Hawkins told ABC News.

Teachers will use the information collected from the heart rate monitors to write report cards.

“It really takes the opinion out of things,” Hawkins said. “You know it’s not really ‘I think your kid is doing this and this in class.'”

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Clive Brunskill/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — 2013 U.S. Open champion Rafael Nadal will not be defending his title next week. Nadal announced on Monday that he’s withdrawing from the tournament due to a wrist injury.

“I am very sorry to announce I won’t be able to play at this year’s US Open — a tournament on which I’ve played 3 consecutive finals in my last participations,” Nadal said in a statement. “I am sure you understand that it is a very tough moment for me since it is a tournament I love and where I have great memories from fans, the night matches, so many things.”

“Not much more I can do right now, other than accept the situation and, as always in my case, work hard in order to be able to compete at the highest level once I am back,” the statement continued.

Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic at the French Open in June, but lost in the fourth round at Wimbledon.

The 14-time Grand Slam champion is 44-8 with four titles in 2014.

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Streeter Lecka/Getty Images(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) — For the first time since undergoing offseason ankle surgery, Cam Newtown put on his shoulder pads and helmet, walked onto the gridiron, and played football. The Carolina Panthers (1-1) quarterback made his preseason debut on Sunday night in a 28-16 win over Kansas City (1-1).

Newton was reasonably rusty to open the game, starting with three straight three-and-outs. He missed five of his first six passes and was sacked for a 13-yard loss as part of those three drives. Carolina did rebound though when Jonathan Stewart was inserted into the running back position.

Stewart ran for only 26 yards on four carries, but capped off consecutive scoring possessions with touchdown scampers.

“If we can run the ball effectively with the backs and not have to rely on [Cam] running we would much rather do that,” said head coach Ron Rivera on the running attack.

Newton also settled down a bit towards the end of his day. The four-year veteran completed four of nine passes for only 65 yards but connected on his last three attempts.

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