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iStock/Thinkstock(LONDON) — Airstrikes continued to hit eastern Aleppo Tuesday, although the attacks were not as intense as in previous days, according to activists and locals.

“A few minutes ago, two raids happened in the neighborhood. There are gases in the air from the attack,” Abu Rajab, a nurse in eastern Aleppo’s al-Sakhur neighborhood, told ABC News on a video call, while wearing a face mask. “I can see and smell the gases. You never know when it will happen, there’s no schedule. This is normal for us now. We see it every day.”

On Sunday, the hospital’s intensive care unit was so crowded that one surgeon had to conduct an operation on the floor, he said.

Hamza Khatib, a doctor at another hospital in the city, said a number of wounded were brought in for treatment after Tuesday’s attacks, and three have died from the violence.

“Today and yesterday, the airstrikes were lighter than in the previous days,” Khatib told ABC News. “Yesterday, we received 36 dead.”

Airstrikes on Aleppo intensified after the Syrian military declared an offensive against eastern Aleppo on Sept. 22 – a few days after announcing that a U.S.-Russia-brokered ceasefire had ended. Locals described attacks over the weekend as “unprecedented” in strength and quantity. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that at least 27 were killed by airstrikes Sunday in east Aleppo. Today, the observatory reported that barrel bombs hit several neighborhoods in the besieged area, leaving a number of civilians wounded. In the countryside, one man died following bombardments from the air.

From April 22 through Sept. 26, at least 25,472 people have been killed in Syria, according to the observatory. Among the killed were 6,920 civilians, including at least 1,341 children and 1,136 women. April 22 marked the day when another U.S-Russia truce ended in Syria.

At an emergency meeting Sunday, Western UN diplomats condemned the recent escalating violence in Aleppo and blamed Russia and the Syrian government. Samantha Powers, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., accused Russia of committing barbarism under the guise of counter-terrorism.

“Instead of pursuing peace, Russia and [Syrian President Bashar al-]Assad make war. Instead of helping get lifesaving aid to civilians, Russia and Assad are bombing humanitarian convoys, hospitals and first responders who are trying desperately to keep people alive,” Powers told members of the Security Council Sunday.

She continued, “It seems the only items that make it into eastern Aleppo these days are barrel bombs and incendiaries that witnesses report seen dropped by Assad’s forces and Russian forces. Russia, of course, has long had the power to stop this suffering. Even now, we will continue to look for any way possible to restore the cessation of hostilities.”

Powers, along with the French and U.K. ambassadors to the UN, walked out of the emergency session in protest when Syria’s ambassador was called to speak.

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HEIKO JUNGE/AFP/Getty Images(GUADALAJARA, Mexico) — Speculation is rife that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is about to detail plans to take humans to Mars within a decade.

The space, car and tech mogul is scheduled to speak before the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET.

Officially, Musk is slated to “discuss the long-term technical challenges that need to be solved to support the creation of a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars,” in a keynote speech titled, “Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species.”

“The technical presentation will focus on potential architectures for colonizing the Red Planet that industry, government and the scientific community can collaborate on in the years ahead,” a description of the program reads.

Space enthusiasts and Musk fans have been waiting for the announcement for quite a while, with Musk making several hints in recent months about his Martian ambitions.

“Mars is the next natural step,” he said at an event in Hong Kong in January, noting that he’s hoping for the first mission to Mars to take place around 2025.

At that event, he said that Mars was the only planet “that we really have a shot of establishing a self-sustaining city on,” and that city will encourage the development of greater spaceflight technology, according to Musk, that other colonies can be established throughout our solar system and beyond.

Indeed, according Space Frontier Executive Director Hannah Kerner, Musk’s address today is expected to consist of two parts: the first looking at the “architecture for a mission to Mars,” and the second consisting of “a proposition for collaboration between companies, scientists and nations.”

But there are a number of steps that will need to be taken along the way.

A mission to Mars would be a big step for SpaceX, which is still reeling from the explosion of one of its rockets on a launch pad in Florida earlier this month.

The private space company was selected to transport humans to the International Space Station at the end of 2017.

But while SpaceX is still years away from a Mars mission, experts see it as uniquely placed to make one happen.

“As a private company, SpaceX is able to take risks and manage their projects in a way that NASA is not able to do as a government agency, allowing them to explore novel technologies and to innovate much more quickly and inexpensively,” Kerner told ABC News.

Establishing a colony won’t be without its challenges.

Access to water won’t necessarily be the toughest challenge for a future Mars colony.

“From a resources perspective, Mars is well stocked for a pioneering colony,” Kerner said. “Most of the water on Mars is in the polar caps, but there is also subsurface water at lower latitudes that might be very easily accessible if we can release it and capture it.”

Water, plus boulders and dirt will allow Martian explorers to build cement structures, according to Kerner, while lava flows will provide iron and magnesium that can be used for manufacturing machines and other infrastructure.

But that all assumes the astronauts make it to the red planet healthily.

Radiation exposure on the way to Mars puts astronauts “at huge risk of cancer,” according to Kerner, and is “a major open problem that must be solved for the mission to be feasible.”

Other issues include the psycho-social effects of space travel as well as the effect of decreased gravity on the human body, she said.

And, as with all space travel, Kerner warned, “there will surely be more vehicle failures and potential loss of life on the path to Mars.”

“What’s important is that those involved understand the risks,” she added, “and believe they are outweighed by the benefits to humanity.”

But what’s the point? Why Mars? Why take the risk when we have problems at home to confront?

At the event in Hong Kong in January, Musk described the desire to go to Mars this way: “It’s really a fundamental decision we need to make as a civilization. What kind of future do we want?”

“Do we want a future where we’re forever confined to one planet until some eventual extinction event, however far in the future, that might occur? Or do we want to become a multi-planet species and then ultimately be out there among the stars?”

Kerner also has lofty ideas of the benefits that humanity will derive from Mars missions.

It’s not about business opportunities as some believe, or the chance to prove national superiority as it was during the last century, she said.

“The greatest benefits of exploring and settling Mars … will be the knowledge we as humans gain of how to grow nourishing food with limited resources, how to administer and diagnose medicine remotely, how to generate power for a community with alternative energy, how to cooperate on large projects between nations,” she said. “These advances represent immeasurable benefit for humans, economies, and industries on Earth and for a nascent Mars colony before, during, and after missions to Mars.”

And back at home, she said, “it will grow the space economy and the GDP of our country and participating countries, create jobs, bring new technologies to market that can be applied to sustaining Earth today.”

But why send humans? Why not just send a robot? Answer: economics.

“When exploration has progressed passed its early stages, it becomes much more economically efficient for the scientific results to send humans with expert domain knowledge and the ability to understand geologic context and interpret their environment, as exemplified in the Apollo missions,” Kerner said.

While robots will be part of the effort, Kerner said that, “the purpose of Musk’s and NASA’s mission to Mars is not just to advance our understanding of Mars and subsequently our Earth and solar system — it is to expand the human species both geographically and evolutionarily.”

Indeed, while Musk’s dreams may be wrapped up in an sober view of humanity’s ultimate, inevitable extinction on Earth and the desire to push our species off the blue marble, he also made clear that a big draw was a little more immediate, and maybe a little more starry-eyed.

“What gets me more excited is that this would be an incredible adventure,” Musk said. “It would be like the greatest adventure ever.”

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Jeans are a wardrobe staple, simple and timeless, but they’re now featuring new technology.

Good Housekeeping’s style director Lori Bergamotto appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday to discuss the latest in denim technology — including stain-resistant white jeans, jeans that create a butt-lifting illusion, combination yoga pants/jeans as well as leggings that take the wearer’s measurements and suggest suitable brands and styles of jeans.

Bergamotto shares why these jeans are on her radar, in her own words.

The Jeans

1. Women’s Mid-Rise Stay White Rockstar Skinny Jeans from Old Navy featuring stain-resistant technology ($44.94): Bergamotto spilled Coke on the jeans. Rather than becoming absorbed into the fabric, the soda easily rolled off the garment.

Bergamotto: “White jeans after Labor Day? Of course! And, thanks to [this] technology, you can wear yours all year long without worrying about stains and spills. Most messes—especially water-based ones like coffee, soda, and wine—will trickle right down without leaving a residue. The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab tested these and found that with just some light blotting and the proper washing, the stains do not absorb into the fabric the way they would on most cotton garments.”

2. NYDJ Uplift Alina Legging with optical pocket ($134): With strategically placed seams, these jeans are designed to give the butt a boost.

Bergamotto: “Want a lifted tush without having to do 300 squats a day to get it? These strategically designed jeans with an optic pocket design give the appearance of a higher, rounder bottom. And, while it lifts up your booty, it even slims the rest of your body with compression technology. Available in Sizes 0 – 18.”

3. Smart Leggings from Like a Glove ($69): Once you put them on, the technology in the garment will take your measurements and send them to a corresponding app that will search a database to find the type of jeans that are right for your shape, Bergamotto said.

Bergamotto: “These are not just your average stretchy leggings. They are ‘smart’ leggings that take the guesswork out of finding your exact size. No more being stymied by European cuts or vanity sizing, these leggings contain special fibers that scan the measurements and contours of your waist, bottom, thighs and more in order to find you the perfect denim matches from a catalog of available brands via an app in your smart phone.”

4. Lee’s Dream Jeans ($34.90): They’re yoga pants and jeans combined, making them comfortable and functional, Bergamotto said.

Bergamotto: “There’s a reason these are aptly named the ‘Dream Jean.’ They feel like yoga pants, but look like jeans! With a special stretch fabric and moisture-wicking lining, this comfy denim offers the style of skinny jeans without the binding, waist and unforgiving fabric.”

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Pool/Getty Images(HEMPSTEAD, N.Y.) — When Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump for not releasing his tax returns and allegedly paying zero in federal income taxes, the Republican presidential nominee had just four words to say in response.

“That makes me smart,” Trump said from the debate stage at Hofstra University Monday night.

Trump has said repeatedly he is being audited by the IRS and cannot release his tax statements until the review is concluded. But during the first presidential debate in Hempstead, New York, the real estate mogul vowed to release his tax returns “against my lawyer’s wishes” if Clinton releases emails she deleted from a private server she used while she was secretary of state.

“As soon as she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted, as soon as she releases them,” Trump said Monday night, amid cheers and applause, “I will release my tax returns.”

The White House hopefuls also clashed repeatedly over their tax plans during the debate, with Clinton accusing Trump of proposing the “most extreme version” of “trickle-down economics.”

“The biggest tax cuts for the top percent of the people in county than we’ve ever had,” the Democratic presidential nominee said from the stage. “I call it trumped-up trickle-down because that’s exactly what it would be. That is not how we grow the economy.”

Before Trump had a chance to defend his tax policy, Clinton took another jab.

“Donald was very fortunate in his life and that’s all to his benefit,” she continued. “He started his business with $14 million, borrowed from his father, and he really believes that the more you help wealthy people, the better off we’ll be and that everything will work out from there. I don’t buy that.”

Trump, who released his tax plan earlier this month, has proposed tax cuts across the board, including income tax reductions for the top 1 percent and eliminating federal estate tax as well as gift taxes.

Meanwhile, Clinton has called for tax hikes for the wealthiest Americans and closing corporate loopholes that allow the rich to evade some tariffs.

Trump fired back, blaming “politicians like Secretary Clinton” for plunging the nation into debt.

“We’re a debtor nation,” he said. “We have a country that needs new roads, new tunnels, new bridges, new airports, new schools, new hospitals. And we don’t have the money because it’s been squandered on so many of your ideas.”

Clinton suggested that Trump’s alleged failure to pay federal income tax might also be part of the problem. But Trump quickly argued any taxes he would have paid would have gone to waste.

“It would be squandered too, believe me,” he said.

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LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images(BOGOTA, Colombia) — The Colombian government and the country’s largest rebel movement signed an historic peace agreement Monday putting an end to a half-century of civil war.

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia leader Timoleon Jimenez, also known as Timochenko, signed the 297-page agreement both dressed in white to symbolize peace.

“We will achieve any goal, overcome any hurdle and turn our nation into a country we’ve always dreamed of – a country in peace,” Santos said according to BBC.

Timochenko added, according to BBC: “I would like to ask for forgiveness for all the pain that we have caused during this war.”

The Colombian people are set to vote in a referendum on the deal scheduled for Oct. 2 before it can pass into a law.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — There’s a chill in the air and all of a sudden your thoughts turn from finding the best beach blanket to purchasing a cozy throw. It’s time to transition your home to fall.

Angela Boswell is the Senior Vice President of Design and Product Development for Ellery Homestyles, a supplier of branded and private label home-fashion products. She’s shared with ABC News her top three tips for taking your interior design from influenced by the summer sun to in line with autumnal air.

Top 3 Tips for Transitioning Your Home for Fall

1. “Second only to painting, changing your curtains is an easy way to update the look and style of your room,” Boswell said. “Fall is a great time to invest in thermal curtains, especially as you begin preparing your home for holiday guests. Thermal curtains can help keep the heat in and assist in reducing your energy costs.”

2. Fall is a time of year when change is welcomed, Boswell pointed out. “It’s a great time to decorate and to create a cozy atmosphere. You can warm up your home with earthy, rich colors like chocolate, gold, burgundy, eggplant and loden.”

The versatile colors, she said, can be used in every room. “If you have china with gold accents, consider eggplant window treatments or placemats for your dining room,” she said. “We also recommend selecting one color and using different shades and textures of that color throughout the room. For example, add gold velvet pillows to your sofa, a gold accent rug under your coffee table and/or gold thermal curtains on your window.”

3. “If you’re not sure what color to use,” Boswell said, “select a painting or photograph in your room, pull out a color from that and match your curtains for a designer look.”

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JONATHAN HAYWARD/AFP/Getty Images(BELLA BELLA, British Columbia) Driving rain and wind couldn’t dampen William and Kate’s enthusiasm while touring Bella Bella, British Columbia, Monday. The royal couple had to modify their plans and scrap an aerial float plane tour of the Great Bear rain forest because of torrential rains but received a traditional welcome by the Heiltsuk First Nations community.

Prince William was greeted by the elder chiefs, telling them “it wouldn’t be the rain forest without the rain. It’s very authentic. We’re very excited to be here.”

William and Kate were named hereditary chiefs Monday at a ceremony by elders welcoming them by the Heiltsuk First Nations community.

William and Kate are on a mission. This is their second royal tour to Canada. Their first tour was shortly after their wedding in 2011. They hope to get to know Canadians who they will one day rule as their king and queen. More importantly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to highlight issues important to them: conservation, which is a primary focus of Prince William’s work; mental health; addiction and young people.

The world’s largest temperate rain forest is home to the Kermode bear, whales, otters and dolphins.

William and Kate will also observe a youth performance before traveling to McLoughlin Bay to see a walking trail.

They were also shown one of the most precious items owned by the First Nations community, a royal staff with a silver crown head given to the present chief’s great-grandfather by Queen Victoria.

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Ayhan Altun/Getty Images(ADANA, Turkey) — In addition to a warning from the U.S. State Department about traveling to southeastern Turkey, the U.S. Consulate in Adana has a new security message for Americans.

The consulate said in a statement it had “obtained specific and credible threats of potential terrorist activity” against U.S. hotels in Adana, a major city in southern Turkey.

“U.S. citizens in Adana are advised to exercise caution when patronizing these establishments,” said the statement.

Some of the U.S.-branded hotels in the city include the Sheraton Grand Adana and the Adana HiltonSA. Adana is also home to the Sabancı Central Mosque, the largest mosque in Turkey.

The State Department continues to warn Americans about avoiding “travel to southeast Turkey and carefully consider the risks of travel to and throughout the country.”

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Traffic. It costs hours of your life and does the environment no favors. But what if all the time you spent sitting in traffic actually generated electricity?

California is hoping to turn that frustration into actual power. The state’s energy commission is planning to invest $2 million in a study of piezoelectric crystals, which, when squeezed, produce small amounts of power.

The idea is that maybe one day if enough of those crystals are placed in the asphalt, the pressure of the cars sitting on top of them will generate usable amounts of electricity.

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Two former Wells Fargo employees have filed a lawsuit against the bank related to the unauthorized accounts scandal that has engulfed the institution in controversy. The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status for the lawsuit.

The suit, filed on Sept. 22 in California Superior Court by former employees Alexander Polonsky and Brian Zaghi, seeks to represent employees or former employees who worked for the bank during the last 10 years and who, the suit alleges, were “either demoted, forced to resign, or terminated,” for not meeting “impossible” quotas the bank set as goals for employees to open accounts on behalf of customers.

The lawsuit, which is seeking at least $2.6 billion in damages, notes that Wells Fargo is incorporated in Delaware, but its principal place of business is San Francisco.

The two plaintiffs say they did not engage in any of the alleged misconduct — referred to as “gaming” in the suit — and were thus unable to achieve “impossible” quotas and in turn were “counseled, demoted and later terminated,” the suit alleges.

“In order to be able to perpetrate their fraudulent scam, Wells Fargo fired employees who did not meet their impossible quotas,” the suit said.

The suit alleges that the bank set a sales goals for employees that expected them to open 10 accounts per day and work to ensure that every existing customer had eight accounts to their name.

The quotas, or sales goals, at the heart of the suit, have been central to the scandal that has rocked the bank since it was revealed on Sept. 8.

Here’s a timeline of the Wells Fargo Accounts Scandal.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, one of a handful of regulators that fined the bank a combined $185 million on Sept. 8, said at the time that the bank implemented the goals because it “sought to distinguish itself in the marketplace as a leader in ‘cross-selling’ banking products and services to its existing customers.”

In turn, according to the Los Angeles City Attorney, another regulator that imposed part of the fine, employees were opening and funding accounts on customers’ behalf without their knowledge or consent, in order to “satisfy sales goals and earn financial rewards under the bank’s incentive-compensation program.”

Since then, the bank has promised to end the sales goals program, saying on Sept. 13 that the program would cease to exist effective Jan. 1, 2017.

The lawsuit filed by the former employees alleges that “Wells Fargo’s fraudulent scam which was set at the top and directed toward the bottom was to squeeze employees to the breaking point so they would cheat customers so that the CEO could drive up the value of Wells Fargo stock and put hundreds of millions of dollars in his own pocket.”

“Wells Fargo could then place the blame on thousands of $12 an hour employees who were just trying to meet cross-sell quotas that made the CEO rich,” the suit alleges.

The lawsuit filed by the former employees follows one filed on Sept. 19 by three customers who say they were affected by the alleged misconduct.

It also comes just days before Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is expected to testify in front of the House Financial Services Committee on Thursday.

At a Senate hearing on Sept. 20, Stumpf faced blistering comments from both sides of the aisle, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., saying Stumpf “should resign” and face a criminal probe.

“You should give back the money that you gained while this scam was going on, and you should be criminally investigated by the [Department of Justice] and the [Securities and Exchange Commission],” Warren said during the tense Sept. 20 hearing.

Wells Fargo declined to comment Monday this latest lawsuit.

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