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6/17/16 – 12:03 P.M.

A seven-month long investigation has led to the arrest of 26 people in relation to drug sales in Hancock County. A release from the Hancock County METRICH Drug Task Force says of those arrested, 18 were charged with at least one count of trafficking heroin. 18 of the suspects are listed as Findlay residents, with the rest coming from Toledo.

The arrests were made following a series of secret indictments made by the grand jury during its spring session.

We’ll have more details as they become available.

Those arrested include:

Richard A. Holmes­ age 43
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin­4th degree felony, Trafficking in Heroin­5th degree

Erin M. Iliff­ age 34
Toledo, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin ­4th degree felony, Trafficking in Cocaine 4th degree felony

Jeffrey M. Insley­ age 32
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: 2 counts Trafficking in Heroin ­5th degree felonies, 2 counts Trafficking in Cocaine­5th degree felonies, Permitting Drug Abuse­ 5th degree felony

Carl R. Perkins Jr­ age 34
Toledo, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin ­3rd degree felony, Trafficking in Heroin­ 4th degree felony

Dustin D. Boes­ age 34
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin­ 4th degree felony

Carlson Brown Jr­ age 21
Toledo, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin­ 4th degree felony

Jonathon F. Mitchell­ age 38
Toledo, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin ­5th degree felony, Trafficking in Drugs­ 5th degree felony

Joshua K. Combs­ age 27
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin­ 4th degree felony, 2 counts Trafficking in Heroin ­5th degree felonies, Trafficking in Cocaine 5th degree felony

Amanda A. Bryan­ age 34
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin­ 4th degree felony, Trafficking in Heroin­ 5th degree felony

Casey N. Kunkle­ age 26
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs ­3rd degree felony, 2 counts Trafficking in Heroin­ 4th degree felonies, Trafficking in Heroin ­5th degree felony

Demetrius A. Summers­ age 31
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin­ 5th degree felony

Brae A. Cook­ age 26
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs­ 3rd degree felony, Trafficking in Heroin­ 4th degree felony

Vincent R. Turner­ age 25
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs ­4th degree felony

Corey D. Greene­ age 42
Toledo, OhioCharge: 2 counts Trafficking in Heroin­ 5th degree felonies

Santino A. Ortega­ age 24
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs­ 3rd degree felony

Corey H. Taylor­ age 41
Toledo, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin­ 4th degree felony, Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs­ 3rd degree felony

Brandie N. Brooks­ age 33
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Cocaine ­4th degree felony, Trafficking in Heroin ­5th degree felony

Nathaniel G. Hamlin­ age 32
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin ­4th degree felony

Erin M. Iliff­ age 33
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Heroin ­5th degree felony

Ismael R. Gonzalez­ age 38
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Drugs­ 3rd degree felony, Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs ­4th degree felony, Trafficking in Cocaine 5th degree felony

Courtenay R. Tiell­ age 35
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: 2 counts Trafficking in Heroin­ 5th degree felonies

Michael S. Hummel­ age 26
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Counterfeit Controlled Substance ­5th degree felony

Averi R. Gamache­ age 34
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Permitting Drug Abuse­ 5th degree felony

Kade M. Ramge­ age 19
Findlay, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Marijuana­ 5th degree felony

Rett R. Williams­ age 22
Toledo, Ohio
Charge: Trafficking in Marijuana­ 5th degree felony

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6/17/16 – 11:30 A.M.

After nearly four decades at Bowling Green State University, Buckeye Boys State will be held elsewhere next year. The Sentinel-Tribune reports the BBS Board of Trustees voted to move the annual event to Miami University in Oxford.

BBS Trustee David Ridenour tells the newspaper several factors were at play. Among them is size. Ridenour said they can bring up to 1,450 boys to Miami. That’s a 200 delegate increase over what was available in Bowling Green.

Boys State is sponsored by the American Legion. It brings more than 1,000 high school juniors together for a week each summer to learn about and simulate government at the local, county, and state levels.

The trustees are expected to release a statement on their decision later today.

MORE: Sentinel-Tribune

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6/17/16 – 10:31 A.M.

Wine lovers are invited to Riverside Park this weekend for the annual Riverside Wine Festival. Zach Huber is with the Arts Partnership and says even if you aren’t a big wine drinker, there will be plenty of artistic things to do…

Audio: Zach Huber

Huber says seven wineries from Ohio will be on hand for tastings…

Audio: Zach Huber

The festival will run from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m. Saturday in the park.

The cost is $25 per ticket and includes five samples. If you don’t plan on sampling the wine you can get in for $10.

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6/17/16 – 7:42 A.M.

A Cleveland-based developer is planning a new, “garden-style,” apartment complex in Tiffin. A news release says construction on the 7.5 acre complex at 1692 West Market Street will begin early next year. The Ohio Housing Finance Agency approved $800,000 in tax credits for the company earlier this week.

The $9.1 million facility will have up to 52 apartments. The units will have open floor plans and between two and four bedrooms.

The company has to create and pay for a relocation plan for residents of the Westgate Mobile Home Park, which is located on part of the site.

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6/17/16 – 7:33 A.M.

Some Seneca County residents are going to be receiving private ambulance service for the first time in several years. The Review-Times reports North Central EMS will begin making runs to Pleasant and Adams townships and the village of Green Springs on July 1.

The move comes after years of struggling to staff volunteer response services in that area of Seneca County. The Green Springs EMS unit was pulled from the village at the end of May due to a lack of personnel. That meant that ambulances from other areas had to make runs to locations outside their area, increasing response times. It also meant ambulances making longer runs weren’t available in their home communities.

North Central EMS services will cost Pleasant and Adams townships and Green Springs $160,000 per year.

MORE: Review-Times

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6/17/16 – 7:10 A.M.

A former Putnam County resident charged in an Ottawa drug case says he is not a U.S. citizen, and as such can’t be charged with a crime. The Putnam County Sentinel reports Logan Pothast, who now lives in Toledo, appeared in court recently in a case that accuses him of having drugs in the Ottawa-Glandorf High School parking lot. Pothast represented himself, and told Judge Randall Basinger he is an American National and that the court has no authority over him.

Basinger entered a not guilty plea on Pothast’s behalf. Pothast will now have an evaluation to see if he is competent to stand trial. Another pre-trial hearing is set for June 30.

Pothast told Basinger he planned to sue the county for $1,000 in silver dollars for each minute he was “unlawfully” detained.

MORE: Putnam County Sentinel

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6/17/16 – 6:45 A.M.

Police officers in Columbus Grove will be getting body cameras soon. The Putnam County Sentinel reports the department will order one camera for each officer. It’s expected to cost less than $15,000.

Mayor Ken Wright told village council, “More people question things done by the police department and sometimes tell stories that are not even close to the truth.”

MORE: Putnam County Sentinel

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6/17/16 – 5:25 A.M.

The Putnam County Commissioners will likely delay some projects so they can pay for more than $611,000 in legal fees related to the Road 5 widening case. Commissioner John Love tells the Lima News he doesn’t believe operations and services will take a hit.

One example of a delayed project will happen next to the Putnam County Fairgrounds. The former Weather Seal facility slated to become part of the fairgrounds will not be repaired this year. It needs roof and electrical upgrades.

The county has been ordered to pay legal fees for property owners along Road 5. Officials were found to be in violation of open meeting laws in connection to the road widening project.

MORE: Lima News

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6/17/16 – 5:15 A.M.

Two people accused of stealing a car in Hancock County led authorities on a police chase in Allen and Auglaize counties Thursday afternoon. The State Highway Patrol says the chase began around 12:30 p.m. when a patrol officer tried to pull over the suspects near Beaverdam. The car, driven by 22-year-old Shawn Gregory of Fisherville, Kentucky, did not stop.

Gregory drove over stop sticks, intentionally hit a patrol car, and kept driving south. At one point he crossed over into the northbound lanes of the interstate. The chase came to an end north of Wapakoneta after an officer intentionally hit the car, causing it to come to a stop.

Gregory and 21-year-old Kaylee Herman of Louisville, Kentucky were arrested. They are reportedly suspects in several car thefts.

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