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6/17/16 – 5:15 A.M.

Two people accused of stealing a car in Hancock County led authorities on a police chase in Allen and Auglaize counties Thursday afternoon. The State Highway Patrol says the chase began around 12:30 p.m. when a patrol officer tried to pull over the suspects near Beaverdam. The car, driven by 22-year-old Shawn Gregory of Fisherville, Kentucky, did not stop.

Gregory drove over stop sticks, intentionally hit a patrol car, and kept driving south. At one point he crossed over into the northbound lanes of the interstate. The chase came to an end north of Wapakoneta after an officer intentionally hit the car, causing it to come to a stop.

Gregory and 21-year-old Kaylee Herman of Louisville, Kentucky were arrested. They are reportedly suspects in several car thefts.

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6/17/16 – 5:01 A.M.

The Transportation Security Administration delayed Flag City Honor Flight’s return from Washington D.C. by more than an hour this week because of a law enforcement weapon. The Courier reports Hancock County Sheriff Mike Heldman went on the trip as the guardian for his cousin Ron Heldman, who served during the Korean War. Heldman went in his full uniform, including his gun. While that didn’t cause any issues at Toledo Express Airport, it was a problem for TSA officers at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The flight wasn’t allowed to take off until the gun was placed in a padlocked toolbox and stored in the cargo hold of the jet. Heldman took it in stride, telling the newspaper, “It’s a bigger airport, I can’t second-guess it.” He said he had filed paperwork to take his gun before the trip.

Despite the delay, Heldman says it was a great day.

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6/17/16 – 4:26 A.M.

Two men are in jail after a drug raid in Fostoria. Police and Drug Task Force agents seized heroin, cocaine and marijuana yesterday from a Countyline Street home, along with drug paraphernalia and cash. Chester Pettaway Junior and Cedric Yarbrough were arrested on drug trafficking and possession charges.

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6/16/16 – 10:43 A.M.

State Representative Tim Brown is stepping down from his post. According to his Facebook page, Brown has accepted a job as the President of the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments. Brown had represented Ohio’s 3rd House District, which covers Wood County.

A statement on Brown’s Facebook page says, “While I will no longer continue to serve as your Representative in the Ohio Legislature, I will continue to serve the citizens of Wood County and the Toledo Metropolitan area in our regions council of governments. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your years of support, and the trust you placed in me to serve in public office.”

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6/16/16 – 5:26 A.M.

Plans are underway to return a skyscraper in Lima to use. The Lima News reports an $800,000 grant has been awarded by the state to help pay for a $15 million renovation project at the First National Bank and Trust Building on the town square. Plans are to convert the first floor to retail space, with offices on the second and third floors. The rest of the 12 floors will be dedicated to housing.

Ten of the housing units will go be available at the market rate in the city, while rent for the other units will be based on income.

The building is 90-years-old. It has sat empty for around 25 years.

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6/16/16 – 5:18 A.M.

The Arcadia School District is making a big investment in technology. The Courier reports the school board voted to spend just over $59,000 on three technology-related projects. The board has agreed to pay CDI $28,900 for 100 new laptops for students in grades seven through 12.

Another $14,950 will be spent to replace 50 computers in the business and technology lab. 25 wireless access points will be installed in the school at a cost of $15,485.

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6/16/16 – 5:11 A.M.

A new contract for Van Buren school teachers was approved this week. As part of the deal, the step-raise system was stretched out to better match changes to the State Teachers Retirement System. The Courier reports teachers are now expected to work around 38 years to hit retirement, instead of the previous 30. At the same time, Van Buren teachers could hit the top of the pay scale after 18 years.

Under the new retirement guidelines that would mean around 20 years of being paid at the top of the pay scale. Superintendent Tim Myers said that wouldn’t be sustainable for the district.

Under the new agreement teachers will have to work 30 years before hitting the top of the pay scale.

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6/16/16 – 5:00 A.M.

The Maumee Watershed Conservancy District has started the process of buying property to build a diversion channel near Ottawa. The Courier reports the district voted this week to notify landowners of the initial terms. The agency does have the power to use eminent domain for the process. That means the government can take the land needed for the channel as long as the landowners are paid what’s determined to be a fair price.

At least one family plans to fight the issue. Alan Kuhlman tells the Courier the proposed channel would take about eight acres of his property at 10979 Road I-9. He says it would isolate another 30 acres. The farm has been recognized as a Century Farm by both the Ohio Department of Agriculture and Catholic Charities.

The proposed channel is estimated to cost $5 million. It would be around 4,000 feet long. Project Engineer Steve Wilson says the channel would help water take a direct route around an oxbow in the River. The channel is expected to reduce flood levels by up to 9 inches.

The lowering of the Road I-9 embankment is expected to drop flood levels by another six inches. That part of the project is complete for the most part.

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The search for a Bowling Green State University professor’s killer is now three-years-old, but police say they’re not giving up. Detectives say they’re still investigating the beating death of Dawn Glanz, but new evidence has become elusive. Glanz’ body was found in her Kensington Drive home in 2013. A ten-thousand-dollar reward is being offered for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

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