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5/6/16 – 6:36 A.M.

Wood County authorities are searching for the people who stole two vehicles Thursday and set one of them on fire. The Sentinel-Tribune reports a pickup truck that was reported stolen earlier in the day was found torched near the Baldwin Woods west of Bowling Green. The newspaper reports the truck had Kentucky license plates.

Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn says they have a lead on the suspects’ identities, but that they likely left the area.

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5/6/16 – 6:28 A.M.

Four teenagers from northern Ohio will be sentenced in their home counties for their roles in a series of arsons in Wood County. The Review-Times reports the juveniles, two from Ottawa County and two from Huron County, will learn their sentences soon. All four have admitted to their roles in the fires.

Tim Brown is the executive director of the Wood County Juvenile Court. He tells the newspaper the teens have all been adjudicated on charges of aggravated arson and breaking and entering. Brown says the term “guilty” is not used in the juvenile court system.

The teenagers were part of a group of nine people accused of setting fires in Wood County between March 22 and March 27.

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5/6/16 – 5:21 A.M.

Arcadia officials are continuing to work toward a state grant to make improvements in the village. The Courier reports a public hearing was held Thursday to talk about potential ideas for the town. A third session will be held later this month to narrow the list of possible projects.

Some ideas suggested include upgrading the village park, improving street lighting on Main Street, replacing sidewalks, repaving village streets and adding trees.

Arcadia could qualify for up to $500,000 through the Ohio Department of Development’s Neighborhood Revitalization Fund.

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5/6/16 – 5:12 A.M.

One of the northbound lanes on Blanchard Street will be reduced to one lane in Findlay today. The city’s engineering department says waterline repair work will take place between Tiffin Avenue and Lynn Street. The lane reduction will be in place until 4 p.m.

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5/6/16 – 5:08 A.M.

Ground will be broken for a $6 million community center in Leipsic this weekend. The Courier reports the 34,000 square foot facility will be built on a vacant lot at 102 East Main Street and will feature several elements. Residents can expect to see a cafe, a free clinic for the uninsured, a community youth area, and a gymnasium with a stage. There will also be a full kitchen, a walking track, and classrooms. Construction should be completed by the Spring of 2017.

Steve Weatherly is the lead pastor at the Leipsic United Methodist Church. He tells the newspaper that members of the congregation started talking about the idea in 2014. While the church is paying for the project, the Leipsic Community Center will be a nonprofit organization with its own board of directors.

A groundbreaking ceremony will take place at 9 a.m. Saturday.

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5/6/16 – 4:55 A.M.

It’s prom season, and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is reminding area teens to drive safely to their big event. The Courier reports Deputies Tim Saltzman and Matt Crouch brought the Young Individuals Educating Local Drivers, or Y.I.E.L.D. program to Van Buren Thursday. Crouch says distracted driving is a major focus of the presentation.

Saltzman told the students that people who text and drive are six times more likely to be in a crash. That’s compared to drunk driving, which makes it four times more likely you’ll be involved in a crash. The presentation talked about possible punishments for texting and driving. It also discussed teens who had been killed in distracted driving incidents.

Students also tried to pedal a car while texting at the same time.

Distracted driving wasn’t the only focus of the assembly. There was also talk about upcoming graduation ceremonies and parties. Saltzman reminded the teens they shouldn’t be drinking, but if they did they shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car.

The program has been presented at Arcadia, Vanlue and Liberty-Benton. The next presentations will be at Cory-Rawson on May 12 and Riverdale on May 13.

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5/5/2016 – 4:28 pm

The YMCA is gearing up for its annual campaign to help support ongoing programs. Campaign Chair JJ Preston says that the YMCA has a long tradition of supporting programs, particularly youth programs in local communities.

Audio: J.J. Preston

This year, the campaign is called “Zoe For President” which will highlight the different programs the YMCA offers to get kids ready for early education and career readiness. Jenifer Treece with the YMCA says that funds raised from the campaign will help to offset programs that the YMCA offers, in particular, youth programming.

Audio: Jenifer Treece

The campaign began this past Monday and thus far it has raised just over $9300. The campaign goal is to raise over $110,000. For more information about the campaign, how to contribute and the programs of the YMCA, visit the YMCA online.

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5/5/2016 – 3:25 pm

On Friday, Jefferson Primary in Findlay will be sharing the work the students have done this year as a part of the Leader in Me program. The program, founded by Dr. Stephen Covey teaches people the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and the students have been learning this year about those habits in the classroom.

It is believed that the work done at Jefferson Primary can be expanded to other schools and into higher grade levels. During their Leadership Day on Friday, students will share their Bubble Gum Rubric, Weather Behavior System, Leadership Teams, the Morning Town Hall and other programs. The day will be held from 10am-2pm on Friday at Jefferson Primary. Call 419-425-8247 for more info.

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5/5/2016 – 2:41 pm

Members of the Hancock County ADAMHS Board gave the county commissioners and update on Thursday. Among items covered was an update on the packet that will be available to all treatment centers soon. Executive Director Precia Stuby said that this packet would be presented to anyone who wanted updated information on addiction services in Hancock County.

Audio: Precia Stuby

Stuby said that there is information about treatment facilities, different types of treatment options, support groups, and where to find community services. Stuby says that ADAMHS will print a number of packets at a time to allow for any updated resources to be included in a timely manner. The packets themselves will be distributed at a number of different agencies throughout Findlay and Hancock County.

Audio: Precia Stuby

Stuby said that the packet can also be downloaded online through the Hancock County ADAMHS website.

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5/5/16 – 11:35 A.M.

2015 saw record capital investment in businesses in northwest Ohio, and officials are working to continue the trend. That’s according to Mike Jay of the Regional Growth Partnership…

Audio: Mike Jay

Jay says that also led to the creation of nearly 4,000 new jobs in the 17 counties covered by RGP.

Jay says Findlay and Hancock County will likely continue being a big factor in that number…

Audio: Mike Jay

Jay adds that counties must now work to make sure the region can continue to fill these jobs…

Audio: Mike Jay

Jay says it’s important to have a wide range of businesses in the region as well. He says that there is work being done to bring more information technology jobs to our region.

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