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6/1/16 – 5:03 A.M.

Plans to bring the Fostoria Municipal Building in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act are on hold, at least for the moment. The Review-Times reports the low bid for the project was too high. Helms Construction of Findlay bid more than $114,800 for the project, but Fostoria engineer Dan Thornton estimated it would cost $80,000. Because the low bid was more than 10 percent above the estimate, it has to be rejected.

The estimate will be reviewed and the project will be rebid.

Community Development Block Grant money will help pay for part of the project.

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6/1/16 – 4:55 A.M.

A former employee at Hearthside Food Solutions in McComb has been indicted for making a bomb threat against his former employer. The Courier reports 37-year-old Leonard McIntosh is charged with making a false alarm, which is a third-degree felony. McIntosh is accused of calling an employee at Hearthside on May 6 and saying there was a bomb inside the plant on Rader Road.

As a result of the threat, the facility was evacuated. The indictment says that caused $150,000 in economic damages to the company.

No bomb was found during a sweep of the building.

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5/31/2016 – 5:31 pm

The Summer Reading Program at the Hancock Public Library has begun. Cindy Romick from the library says that what separates the library program from other reading-based programs in the schools is that kids can choose what books they want to read.

Audio: Cindy Romick

The summer reading program at the Hancock Public Library is open to people from all walks of life and all ages, and while most of the activities are directed to children, Romick says that that the library has something that everyone can read and enjoy.

Audio: Cindy Romick

The summer reading program begins on Wednesday and will run through July 30th. For more information on the different activities during the course of the program, visit the library either in person or online at Findlay Library.org.

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5/31/2016 – 12:30 pm

The need for qualified foster parents is stronger today than ever. Some people have taken on the role and then expanded it. In a new book, foster parents TJ and Jenn Menn talk about their experiences being foster parents to 22 children. TJ says that it was a role they both were familiar with.

Audio: TJ Menn

Their book called “Faith to Foster” details their journey as well as the struggles and joys of caring for 22 foster children over the course of their lives. Jenn talks about the personal impact that foster care can have on a child.

Audio: Jenn Menn

The Menns were featured on the WFIN Morning program “Good Mornings!” this week. More information about their book and experiences can be found at Fath to Foster.com.

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5/31/16 – 12:10 P.M.

If local officials decide to go with a local option to deal with flood mitigation, a selection committee has named Stantec Consulting Services as their top choice as an engineering firm for the project.  Representatives from the company met with the Hancock County Commissioners and Findlay Service-Safety Director Paul Schmelzer Tuesday.  Stantec project manager Scott Peyton says if selected, his company would hit the ground running…

Audio: Scott Peyton

Peyton says a presentation could come around 90 days after the company gets the information they need from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  He added that Stantec has a good working relationship with the Corps and knows what to expect in dealing with the agency.

Peyton says if hired, they will “challenge everything” that has been studied and suggested so far.

Audio: Scott Peyton

Peyton says that means even challenging if a diversion channel is the best solution for flooding in Hancock County.  However, he adds in areas that are flat like Hancock County, diversion channels are proven to work well.

Stantec officials say they are able to relay complex engineering concepts to the community in an understandable way…

Audio: Scott Peyton

Peyton says Stantec would also hire a third party economist to do a cost-benefit analysis of any proposed project.  He says that would help show the true value of the plan to the area. And while he says public meetings are good, Stantec would want to meet one-on-one with property owners early in the process as well.

The company has experience in dealing with projects similar to this.  Stantec is currently engineering a diversion channel in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  They have also done work with the Olentangy River in Columbus, Ohio.

Before any engineering firm can be hired, local officials have to decide if they will pursue a local flood mitigation plan.  Commissioner Phil Riegle says if that happens, they’ll then enter into negotiations on a contract with Stantec.  If they can’t reach an agreement on a deal, the commissioners would move to the second highest scoring engineering firm on their list.

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5/31/2016 – 11:35am

As summer begins to heat up and people are spending more time outdoors, people need to take precautions to avoid hidden diseases associated with insects, and in particular ticks. Lindsay Summit, the Environmental Director with Hancock Public Health says that in Ohio there are two common diseases associated with ticks.

Audio: Lindsay Summit

Avoiding ticks can be an issue depending on where you spend your time outdoors. Summit says that it is typically advised to stay on walking paths where possible and to avoid tall grassy areas where ticks can dwell.

Audio: Lindsay Summit

With pets, Summit says that you need to check your pets as often as possible, especially if they spend any time running through tall grass, and to use combs and brushes that are designed to locate ticks and insects, especially if your pet is a long-haired animal.

If ticks are located, Summit says that there is a recommended procedure to remove them.

Audio: Lindsay Summit

After you remove the tick, disinfect the bite mark and wash your hands with soap and water. More information on preventing tick bites as well as issues associated with ticks can be found on the Hancock Public Health website at Hancock Public Health.com

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5/31/16 – 7:20 A.M.

A wooden bench designed as a memorial to a Fostoria man was destroyed recently. The bench at Lake Lamberjack was made in honor of Ken Drew, who died hours after organizing the city’s first youth fishing derby in 2012. The Review-Times reports it’s not yet known if the incident was an act of vandalism or an accident.

A police report says it appears someone backed into the bench. Ken’s widow, Stephanie Drew, said the damage was found late Sunday afternoon. She says an offer has already been made on Facebook to provide materials to rebuild the bench.

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5/31/16 – 6:52 A.M.

A new fire department mutual aid system is in place in Seneca County. The Review-Times reports the new system is expected to cut the amount of time it takes a second fire department to arrive at the scene of a fire. A special computer mapping system can determine which departments are closest to a structure fire. It then immediately dispatches the second department to the location in question.

Dan Stahl is the county’s EMA Director. He says dispatching a second department right away saves valuable time. The mutual aid system is used for “working” structure fires. That can mean a house, barn, garage, or other major structure in which flames are visible and would need some type of evacuation.

Officials believe the system will be a big benefit to Fostoria. That’s because of the number of rail crossings in the city. If responders from one department are blocked by a train, another department will already be on the way.

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5/31/16 – 6:38 A.M.

Columbus Grove is looking for a new director for their youth athletic association and recreation committee. The Putnam County Sentinel reports Todd Hoffman stepped down from his roles recently. Hoffman told village council that the park board never meets anymore. He added it was getting too hard to get people to volunteer to help.

Hoffman also questioned if a $4 per child fee collected by the youth athletic association went to park maintenance. He was told by council members the money goes into a line item in the general fund. Village administrator Jeff Vance also said the village spends more on the parks than is collected by the participation fees.

The village’s recreation committee has set a meeting for 5 p.m. on June 6 at Hall Avenue Park to discuss the issue.

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5/31/16 – 6:28 A.M.

ODOT has one new project on the schedule for this week in Hancock County. You can expect lane restrictions on westbound U.S. 30 from State Route 235 all the way to Wyandot County starting today. Crews will be removing pavement reflectors to prepare for a chip and seal project that will take place next week.

Elsewhere in the region, State Route 613 in Putnam County will be restricted this week for berm work. The restrictions will be in place between State Routes 15 and 109.

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