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9/29/16 – 5:33 A.M.

Fostoria officials say algae blooms in the city’s reservoirs are causing the city’s water supply to smell like eggs. The Review-Times reports that even though the water may smell unpleasant and have a bitter taste, it isn’t harmful. Mayor Eric Keckler tells the newspaper the hot, dry summer conditions sparked a non-toxic algae bloom.

Water treatment plant foreman Ron Fauls says they are using activated carbon to try and reduce the smell. Fauls says that can take a while to work though. He added it could take a few weeks before there are significant improvements.

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9/29/16 – 5:22 A.M.

A storm sewer project will close Woodside Drive in Findlay to all traffic today. The city’s engineering department says the work will take place between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Once crews place the sewer line and backfill the road, they’ll allow traffic to cross Woodside Drive again.

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9/29/16 – 5:16 A.M.

Electricity aggregation is coming to Ottawa. The Putnam County Sentinel reports village council voted to enter a three-year contract with American Electric Power to provide the service. Residents who opt into the program will pay a little more than 5.4 cents per kilowatt-hour used. Aspen Energy representative Marc Hollinger told council that AEP had the best price of the three options presented to the village.

The contract with AEP will also provide Ottawa with a $14,000 annual grant.

Ottawa residents voted in favor of allowing electric aggregation in May.

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9/29/16 – 5:07 A.M.

Arcadia will not get a state grant to make road repairs or improve the village’s park. The Courier reports the Ohio Development Services Agency didn’t pick the village to get a Neighborhood Revitalization grant. The village had applied for funds earlier this year.

The ODSA was making around $500,000 available to villages with low and moderate income households.

Public forums in Arcadia found some of the top priorities for the grant money would have been new and replacement sidewalks, as well as park improvements.

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9/29/16 – 4:57 A.M.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office has a new website. The Courier reports the site aims to be more user-friendly. With more people going to the site on cell phones and tablets, it is designed to be mobile-responsive. The active inmates section is more accessible as well. Crime Prevention Officer Beth Baker tells the newspaper the inmates page is the most visited on the site.

Other changes include the websites colors and links to news alerts and weather information.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s website is at hancocksheriff.org.

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9/28/16 – 8:58 A.M.

The Findlay Police Department is asking you to stop spreading a scary rumor on social media. A post on the department’s Facebook page says there have no reports of people dressed as clowns committing crimes in the city. The post says the rumor started spreading over the weekend and has been circulating in several parts of the state.


While there have been several reports of “creepy clown” incidents across the nation, there hasn’t been any verified evidence of this happening in Ohio.

A Facebook post in Norwalk, Ohio may have started the latest round of rumors. Fox 8 News in Cleveland reports a picture of two people dressed up as clowns claimed the duo was harassing people in the city. The person who made the original post later admitted she and a friend were the people featured in the picture.

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9/28/16 – 7:21 A.M.

The North Baltimore School District is taking a new approach to helping some at-risk students. The Courier reports the “Brotherhood of Honorable Men” met for the first time last week. The 15 member group consists of fifth and sixth-grade boys deemed “at-risk” by teachers.

Two adult leaders meet with the group at lunch each week. They talk about things like honesty, integrity, and commitment.

The boys involved dress up on meeting days, wearing a tie and dress shoes. Powell Elementary School Principal Mark Lange says the students received several compliments about the way they dressed. He added that was a big boost to their self-esteem.

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9/28/16 – 5:29 A.M.

A bullet hole found in a home near Fostoria is causing some concern. The Review-Times reports a resident found what appeared to be a bullet hole in her home at 4485 North Township Road 45 last Friday afternoon. Diane Martinez says she also found a bullet lodged in a mattress where her grandchildren sleep.

Martinez lives about a half-mile east of the Fostoria Police Department’s shooting range. She tells the newspaper that’s where she thinks the bullet came from. The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether the bullet came from a police officer’s gun.

Fostoria Mayor Eric Keckler tells the Review-Times this is the first time he’s heard about anything like this. There are large dirt piles at the range to act as a backstop for the bullets.

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9/28/16 – 5:14 A.M.

Some area high school students got a lesson on why drunk driving is such a bad idea Tuesday. The Courier reports members of Hancock Youth Leadership tried a drinking and driving simulator at Findlay Fire Station 4. Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Cortez told the newspaper, “When they actually see it and experience it firsthand and how their driving is affected by alcohol, that tends to stick with people a little bit more.” Cortez is also the president of Safe Ride Home.

The simulator uses virtual reality goggles and sensors connected to a car’s steering wheel and pedals to mimic drunk driving. Several students tried their luck, and all of them ended up crashing. Cortez teenagers get the seriousness of the issue. He added one girl started crying when she hit a pedestrian in the simulator.

The simulator was part of Hancock Youth Leadership’s “health and human services” day.

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9/28/16 – 5:00 A.M.

A Findlay man is in jail after he allegedly kidnapped a woman from a home near Carey. The Courier reports 23-year-old Alec David Mosser is facing abduction and felonious assault charges.

Investigators say Mosser went to the woman’s home and forced her into his van. Mosser then allegedly drove the woman back to Findlay, choking and slapping her along the way. The report says Mosser also showed the woman a pocket knife during the incident.

Police found the van parked on East Melrose Avenue. Officers arrested Mosser at his home.

The victim declined treatment.

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