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3/4/16 – 5:19 A.M.

The high winds that moved through the area on February 19 did more than $200,000 worth of damage to buildings owned by Putnam County. WLIO-TV reports the damage was done at the Putnam County Jail, the probation office across from the courthouse, and the former Putnam Acres building. Vinyl roofing was ripped away from the roofs of the faiclities.

The buildings are insured, which means the county will only be on the hook for $2,500 to cover the cost of repairs.


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3/4/16 – 5:08 A.M.

Mount Blanchard residents saw what an upgraded Hurricane Park could look like in the future. The Courier reports development plans show the addition of four soccer fields, along with basketball and sand volleyball courts, and refurbished baseball fields. Drawings from RCM Architects also show a concession stand, a playground, and a community garden. A community building has also been proposed for the facility.

Development plans were paid for with a $9,000 grant from the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. Members of the Heart and Soul group, who are spearheading the effort, will now discuss their thoughts on the proposal. Beyond that, the village will look for grants to help pay for the project.

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3/4/16 – 4:59 A.M.

John Harrington is outspending Brian Robertson in a race for a Hancock County Commissioner seat. The Courier reports the Harrington campaign has spent $3,278 so far; while the Robertson campaign has spent $2,428. Campaign financing reports were due Thursday afternoon.

Harrington’s campaign has brought in $4,900 in donations while Robertson’s campaign collected $1,090. Robertson carried over $2,034 from the last reporting period.

As far as current campaign balances, Robertson has $696 and Harrington has $1,621.

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VIDEO: UF Files Defense In Civil Suit

3/3/16 – 12:00 P.M.

The University of Findlay has filed a defense against a civil lawsuit levied against the school last year. Unsurprisingly, the school is denying the majority of the claims in the suit filed by Alphonso Baity and Justin Browning. The former student-athletes were expelled from the school after a female student claimed the two sexually assaulted her following a party in October of 2014.

In documents filed with the US District Court in Toledo on February 22, UF denied any wrongdoing during their investigation of the assault claim. The school denies basing their decision to expel Baity and Browning based on their race. The filing also says the female student, listed only as “M.K.” in the documents, was incapable of consenting to sex at the time of the incident.

The original lawsuit filed by Baity and Browning says a video of the incident exists, but the defense for UF says no video was ever produced during their investigation. The defense filing also says the video was taken without “M.K’s” consent.

Another point of contention in the defense deals with “M.K.” allegedly bragging about the encounter to witnesses, including her R.A. The defense filing says the R.A. never spoke to the accuser about the incident.

The school also denies the investigation only took 24 hours.

The suit filed by Browning and Baity seeks damages from the University on 10 charges, including alleged gender and racial discrimination, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and violation of due process. It seeks $75,000 in damages on each charge for both Browning and Baity.

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3/3/16 – 5:24 A.M.

A new retail development is in the works in Tiffin. The Review-Times reports a $1.1 million dollar facility will be built at 596 West Market Street, which is the site of a former bank. The new building will have room for three retail businesses.

Kenneth Hicks, of Diverse Development owns the property. In a release he said he anticipated the development to create between 40 and 70 jobs. No leases for the property have been signed yet.

Diverse Development is based in Holland Ohio. The company owns 11 retail centers in northwest Ohio.

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3/3/16 – 5:17 A.M.

A Wood County woman recently struck it rich in an Ohio Lottery game. Velma Dartt of Risingsun took home a lump sun of a little more than $1.7 million when she played a winning Gold instant game ticket. A release from the Ohio Lottery Commission says the game’s top prize is $250,000 a year for 20 years, but Dartt took the lump sum cash option.

The winning ticket was bought at a Fuel Mart in Perrysburg. The store gets a $5,000 agent bonus for selling the prize-winning ticket.

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3/3/16 – 5:12 A.M.

Winter weather is the concern today, but it won’t be too long until spring storms are on the horizon. With that in mind registration is underway for SKYWARN Spotter Training in Putnam County. The class trains people to spot severe weather and how to report it to the National Weather Service. The NWS says spotters help provide real-time information about potentially dangerous storms.

The Putnam County training session will take place March 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Putnam County Office of Public Safety. For more information you can call (419)538-7315.

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3/3/16 – 5:02 A.M.

A Findlay man was injured when he was hit by an SUV while walking across an intersection Wednesday night. The Findlay Police Department says 39-year-old Jack Richard was crossing North Main Street when he was hit by a vehicle driven by 45-year-old Brian Bracey. The incident happened just after 7 p.m. at the intersection with West Melrose Avenue.

Richard was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Bracey was cited for failing to yield the right of way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

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3/3/16 – 4:56 A.M.

Alcohol may have been a factor in an injury crash west of Findlay Tuesday night. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office says 32-year-old Holly Linhart suffered minor injuries when she drove off of State Route 12 around 6:50 p.m. Tuesday. Linhart was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital after her car rolled over in a field.

Linhart has been charged with driving while intoxicated.

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3/3/16 – 4:50 A.M.

Putnam County’s new sheriff is talking about his plans for his year in office. In an interview with the Putnam County Sentinel, Tim Meyer said he plans to reach out to the public to establish trust with the department. Part of that plan will include getting deputies in county schools to talk to kids. He’ll meet with the superintendents of the school districts this week to discuss that plan.

Meyer also wants to get more community members involved in law enforcement. That could mean a “Citizens Academy.” Meyer told the newspaper it would be a program designed to get residents invested in the security of their communities. Meyer said, “If we can get more people involved in law enforcement and understand what it is we do – day in, day out – then it’ll create more positive feedback within the community.”

Meyer was sworn in as sheriff last week, following the death of Michael Chandler in late January.

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