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10/13/16 – 5:32 A.M.

Some Ottawa village employees aren’t thrilled by a proposal made by a village councilman. The Putnam County Sentinel reports Jeff Ducey has suggested having employees pay up to 20 percent of their health insurance costs. During a recent meeting Ducey said, “I’d like to see them start paying, like, five percent, and then work their up to 20 percent.”

Mayor Dean Meyer opposes the idea. He told council that employees aren’t paid much, and not having to pay for insurance has been a way to make up for that.

Ottawa’s wastewater manager Doug Schroeder spoke to the newspaper about the issue. He said if it were to happen there would be a “mass exodus.” He added he already has his resume ready to mail.

Official legislation on the matter has not been presented.

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Findlay City School officials talked about the impact drug addiction has on students Wednesday night. Superintendent Ed Kurt spoke to the University of Findlay’s Combating Chemical Dependency class. The Courier reports Kurt told the class drug abuse affects students at every grade level.

Kurt spoke about some of the programs the district uses to help kids who are using drugs or have family members abusing substances. He said the trauma-informed care program aims to help teachers and staff see the difficulties students are going through at home.

Drug education starts in the sixth grade. Middle school students learn in health class about drugs and alcohol and the consequences and effects of using them.

Donnell Middle School assistant principal Kelly Glick says programs are also put in place to encourage to stay away from drugs and alcohol. They include mentoring, positive discipline, rewarding good behavior, and career exploration.

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10/12/16 – 8:49 A.M.

A medical condition caused a crash in Findlay Tuesday afternoon. The Findlay Police Department reports 59-year-old Thomas Rider was driving in the 500 block of Howard Street around 12:30 p.m. when he passed out. Rider’s car hit the back of a parked pickup truck.

Hanco Ambulance took Rider to Blanchard Valley Hospital for an evaluation.

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10/12/16 – 7:35 A.M.

A two-car crash injured a Toledo woman near Findlay late Tuesday afternoon. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office reports the collision happened just before 6 p.m. on State Route 37 at the State Route 15 exit ramp. 56-year-old Marie Moeck of Toledo tried to drive from the offramp back on to Route 15 when she hit a pickup truck driven by 60-year-old Thomas Klein of Findlay.

Hanco Ambulance took Moeck to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of her injuries. Deputies cited her for failure to yield at a stop sign.

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10/12/16 – 7:28 A.M.

Several homes on Woodworth and Countryside drives in Findlay are under a boil water advisory today. The city’s water distribution department says residences in the 1000 block of both streets are affected. We have a complete list of homes under the advisory on our website.

Residents in the affected area are reminded to boil their water for at least a minute before using it.

Repair work on a water main in the area led the city to issue the advisory.

Affected Homes:

Woodworth: 1031, 1036, 1037, 1042, 1043, and 1100
Countryside: 1101, 1104, 1108, 1112, 1116, 1117, 1120, 1125, 1125, 1128, 1131, 1132, 1135, 1136, 1140 and 1147

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10/12/16 – 5:27 A.M.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report of gunshots fired near a deputy while he made a traffic stop Monday night. The Courier reports Deputy Kris Otto stopped a car for speeding on County Road 313, near State Route 698 around 9:30 p.m. Otto reportedly heard three or four shots in his direction. Lt. Cris Bell says there were no other cars or people on the road at the time.

Capt. Roger Treece tells the newspaper they aren’t sure if Otto was being shot at. The incident remains under investigation. If you have any information, you’re urged to call (419)424-7097.

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10/12/16 – 5:14 A.M.

The engineering firm investigating flood mitigation options in Hancock County is looking at more than just a diversion channel. The Courier reports a representative of Stantec gave the Maumee Watershed Conservancy District an update Tuesday. Adam Hoff says removing dams in the river and cutting retention “benches” into the river bank are options the company is considering. Those measures would not replace am Eagle Creek diversion channel though.

The retention benches would widen the river in parts of Findlay. There are five low-head dams in the river, including one in Riverside Park. Hoff says there would have to be a discussion with the city about removing that dam.

Hoff added Stantec is looking at other ways to improve river flow. He did say dredging the river would not fix the flooding problem. Hoff says a cross-section of the river shows the bottom is bedrock. He added that means the river does a “good job of cleaning itself every time it floods.”

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10/12/16 – 4:36 A.M.

BP is claiming in court that Findlay-based Marathon Petroleum had plenty of time to kick the tires before it purchased its Texas City refinery. Marathon is suing BP, alleging the 82-year-old refinery was in an unacceptable state of disrepair when purchased four years ago. Marathon claims that BP failed to perform critical maintenance and repair work before handing over control of the facility. The Texas City refinery has a long history of explosions and toxic leaks.

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