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4/22/14 – 6:48 A.M.

Electric upgrades in Carey are moving forward. The Courier reports council approved two emergency ordinances Monday. One ordinance covers the Continental Structural Plastics substation construction. It also handles utility pole replacement along the village’s main power line.

The second ordinance covers a voltage conversion project from Ogg Street to Waterworks Park.

The cost of the project is expected to be between $6.2 and $6.9 million. The village has applied for grant money to cover the cost of the work.

MORE: The Courier

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4/22/14 – 5:26 A.M.

Higher water bills are worrying some Arlington residents. At last night’s village council meeting, Mayor Ed Solt said people had approached him about increases in what they are paying. Council said residents with concerns should contact the Arlington Board of Public Affairs. The board can provide relief for bills when there is a suspected leak.

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4/22/14 – 5:15 A.M.

Plans are in place to make the entrance to a Findlay school building more secure. The Courier reports the school board approved a contract to build a new entrance at Jacobs Primary School. Construction Services of Carey won the contract, which is worth a little more than $161,000.

The project will add two glass doors, a security camera, and an intercom. Visitors will have to buzz an attendant at the front desk before they are let in. The set up is like what is in place at Chamberlin Hill Intermediate School.

Construction should finish before the next school year starts.

MORE: The Courier

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4/22/14 – 5:02 A.M.

The last piece of funding for a drug treatment center in Findlay was secured Monday. The state controlling board approved a $300,000 grant for the facility. The money means the new center at 2627 Crystal Avenue will open in 2015.

Six people will work at the rehab center full-time. The staff will include peer recovery specialists, a nurse and a program director. Peer recovery specialists are former drug addicts in recovery who serve as role models for people in treatment.

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4/22/14 – 4:45 A.M.

Findlay is getting a quarter-of-a-million dollars to make street improvements. The state approved the grant Monday. The city could use the money to make road improvements related to Marathon Petroleum’s expansion project in downtown.

Service-Safety Director Paul Schmelzer says he would like to see left-turn lanes added on East and Blanchard streets at their Sandusky Avenue intersections. He told the Courier the $250,000 would not cover the entire cost of installing the turn lanes.

Construction could begin this year, but is more likely to get underway in 2015.

MORE: The Courier

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4/21/13 – 1:03 P.M.

New regulations on how Ohio jails handle inmates with mental issues went into effect over the weekend. But, Hancock County officials say not much will have to change here. Jail administrator Lt. Ryan Kidwell says they have been proactive on the issue because an increasing amount of prisoners showing signs of mental illness…

Audio: Ryan Kidwell

As a result the jail staff has implemented stronger screening standards. If someone shows issues when they are booked, deputies call Century Health to help diagnose the person.

Kidwell says one of the biggest concerns is keeping an inmate from taking their own life. If they find someone is suicidal, they have steps they can take…

Audio: Ryan Kidwell

The jail even has special uniforms for suicidal inmates.

New state regulations on handling inmates with mental health problems went into effect Sunday.

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4/21/14 – 12:05 A.M.

The North Baltimore school district could have a new superintendent this week. The Sentinel-Tribune reports Ryan Delaney will be recommended for the position at this week’s school board meeting. Delaney is currently the superintendent at Claymont City Schools in Tuscarawas County.

The school board meets Tuesday at 6 p.m.

If hired, Delaney will replace current superintendent Marlene North. North is retiring at the end of the school year.

MORE: Sentinel-Tribune

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4/21/14 – 11:53 A.M.

Local leaders are continuing to sound off about the Army Corps of Engineers timeline for the completion of Blanchard River Flood studies. Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik appeared on WFIN this morning and talked about the most recent delays in the project. She says it appears concerns about funding last year slowed everything down…

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Mihalik says if the Corps had let local leaders know, local funding could have been provided to keep the process moving forward.

Mihalik talked about ways local leaders might be able to put pressure on the Corps to speed things…

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Mihalik says Congressman Bob Latta as well as Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown have been key in making Blanchard River flood mitigation a national issue.

Mihalik says she thinks pressure at the federal level could make a difference…

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Mihalik says Congressman Bob Latta as well as Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown are a big part of that plan. All three elected officials have called the Corps’ timeline unacceptable.

The Corps recently said it would be another 18 to 24 months before they finish their studies. Local officials had expected the report in the first quarter of next year.

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4/21/14 – 10:34 A.M.

Area farmers are getting less money for their crops than they were a year ago. Hancock County extension agent Ed Lentz talked about the issue on Ag Talk today. He said that when prices were hovering around four dollars a bushel it was a cause for concern…

Audio: Ed Lentz

Lentz says that corn prices have strengthened because of two points in an USDA report. The agency says we’re using more domestic corn than they had predicted, driving down supply. Many farmers are planting less corn this year because the price per bushel had dropped so much.

Lentz says with that in mind you can expect to see a lot more soybeans in area fields…

Audio: Ed Lentz

Lentz says farmers could plant a record number of soybeans this year. Even with less corn planted compared to last year, it’s expected to be the sixth largest corn crop ever.

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4/21 – 9:39 A.M.

(Oak Harbor, OH) — The search continues for two boaters missing in Oak Harbor. Crews are trying to recover the bodies of Bryan Huff and Andrew Rose. Their boat was found capsized last Thursday. The bodies of two women also on the boat were found a short time later.

(Toledo, OH) — A man hit by a car while sleeping in his Toledo apartment is lucky to be alive. Investigators say the driver of the car hit the gas instead of the brake and slammed into the Chartwell Apartments Saturday afternoon. The woman behind the wheel wasn’t injured and the man inside his apartment was taken to the hospital with a scratch on his back.

(Toledo, OH) — Wild turkey season opens today. Hunters must have a hunting permit and a spring turkey hunting permit. The season closes on May 18th.

(Columbus, OH) — Two Columbus firefighters are recovering from burns suffered while bringing a house fire under control. It happened yesterday morning on Windridge Court. Columbus fire investigators say there were reports of a person trapped inside the house, but everyone had made it outside safely. The firefighters’ injuries are believed to be minor.

(Columbus, OH) — Columbus police are still looking for the suspect in a wild attack at Strawberry Farms Park. Investigators say the suspect drew his victim in with calls for help from a wooded area, then slashed the man several times before disappearing. The victim was not seriously hurt.

(Cleveland, OH) — The Port of Cleveland is opening its docks to container ships for the first time. A Dutch-flagged container cargo vessel was the first of its kind to enter the Great Lakes this past weekend. Port officials say the Cleveland-Europe Express helps shippers reduce costs by sending container ships into Lake Erie, instead of using trains from the East Coast.

(Akron, OH) — You can help Goodyear name its new blimp. The Akron-based tiremaker has whittled thousands of suggestions to ten finalists, with a vote underway on the company’s website. Goodyear officials say the person who submitted the winning name gets access to the new airship for a day. You can cast your vote at www.goodyear.com.

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