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2/25/16 – 5:16 A.M.

A Hancock County man has been arrested for allegedly selling heroin at a Wood County truck stop. 28-year-old Justin Hepperly of rural McComb is charged with aggravated trafficking of heroin and possession of drugs. He’s accused of trying to sell heroin at the Love’s Truck Stop in North Baltimore. A sting operation in the parking lot of the business led to the arrest.

Hepperly was being held in the Wood County Justice Center on a $30,000 bond following his Wednesday court appearance.

North Baltimore Police Chief Allan Baer says Hepperly is also facing misdemeanor counts of possessing drug paraphernalia and obstructing justice.

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2/25/16 – 5:06 A.M.

The effect of extended voting hours on the Putnam County Board of Election’s budget was addressed this week. The Putnam County Sentinel reports members of the BOE were concerned about “comp time,” or mandated hours worked past the standard 40-hour work week.

Under current rules, the director and deputy director of the board aren’t allowed any more than 160 hours of comp time each. But due to mandates from the state, there’s a chance they exceed that limit this year. The state requires extended voting hours in the lead up to the election. There must also be a Democrat and Republican on hand during the extended hours.

The county commissioners agreed to make restitution to the board for any comp time cash-ins by using the county’s general fund. Commissioner John Love said, “They’ll pay it out and we’ll refill their bucket.”

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2/25/16 – 4:50 A.M.

Three more people have been indicted for an October robbery in Liberty Township. The Courier reports Columbia City, Indiana residents Mykel Barciz and Ashley Coltrinari, as well as 29-year-old Zane Rose of Findlay are facing robbery charges. The group is accused of attacking a man on October 28 during a theft.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Alex Treece says the victim suffered minor injuries in the attack.

29-year-old Spencer Pickett of Findlay was indicted in the same case in November. He’s scheduled to have a trial on March 28.

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2/24/16 – 10:52 A.M.

Heavy rain is in the forecast for the rest of today, but it doesn’t look like Blanchard River flooding is likely at this point, at least not in Findlay. National Weather Service models show only around a 5 percent chance of minor flooding over the next two days in Findlay:

Blanchard River Long Term Findlay

However, downstream in Ottawa it’s a slightly different story. NWS models show a 77 percent chance the Blanchard reaches minor flood stage, likely sometime Friday morning:

Blanchard River Long Term Ottawa

New modeling graphics from the National Weather Service give a better range of where the river could crest. 21 different forecast models are included in the readings:

Blanchard River Models Findlay

Blanchard River Models Ottawa

The new graphics also look further into the future compared to the standard hydrograph we’ve come to be familiar with:

Blanchard River Hydro

We’re monitoring all available information in the newsroom in an effort to give you the most up-to-date and reliable information.

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2/24/16 – 5:30 A.M.

Our preview of the upcoming March primary election shifts its focus to the race for the Republican nomination in the Ohio 83rd House District.  Today we talk to incumbent Robert Sprague.

Ohio’s ongoing heroin epidemic remains front and center in Sprague’s campaign.  He says he believes a “good samaritan” law will help cut down on overdose deaths…

Audio: Robert Sprague

Sprague says that still allows dealers to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Governor John Kasich recently signed a bill that defund Planned Parenthood.  Sprague says he supports the move…

Audio: Robert Sprague

Sprague added there are a lot of women health services available through the traditional health system, including through federal qualified health centers.

Sprague says one of the biggest issues facing Ohio aside from the heroin epidemic is not having enough qualified candidates for jobs…

Audio: Robert Sprague

Tomorrow our candidate profile will feature Sprague’s opponent in March, Kevin Rettig.

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2/24/15 – 5:23 A.M.

A former Lima police officer has been convicted of raping a teenage girl. The Lima News reports Justin Bentz was convicted on multiple charges Tuesday. He now faces up to 22 years in prison when he is sentenced on April 14.

The victim in the case was staying with her older sister, which is also where Bentz was living. Testimony showed Bentz got the then-16-year-old girl drunk and raped her. Bentz had claimed he didn’t know the girl was a minor and that she had come on to him.

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2/24/16 – 5:08 A.M.

Alcohol is suspected as the cause of a crash that injured a Findlay man and his grandson Tuesday night. The Findlay Police Department reports 53-year-old Joseph Yambor was driving west in the 500 block of Clifton Avenue around 8:20 p.m. when he hit a parked car. The impact of the collision caused Yambor’s car to flip.

Yambor and 3-year-old Bryson Yambor were taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Joseph Yambor was arrested and charged with OVI. Other charges could be filed once the investigation is completed.

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2/24/16 – 5:00 A.M.

Tim Meyer will officially become Putnam County’s sheriff today when takes the oath of office at 10:30 a.m. The Putnam County Republican Central and Executive Committees appointed Meyer to complete the unexpired term of Michael Chandler, who passed away last month. The term ends on January 1 of 2017.

Meyer has been with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office since 1978.

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2/24/16 – 4:53 A.M.

Ohio residents are a step closer to being able to try experimental drugs not approved by the FDA for treatment of terminal illnesses. The Courier reports House Bill 290, dubbed “right to try,” was passed by the Ohio House Tuesday. The medication will still need “Phase One” approval, meaning doctors are sure it won’t kill a patient.

State Representative Robert Sprague helped write the bill. He tells the newspaper it’s “designed to give people hope who may not have it.” The Ohio Senate is expected to debate the bill in April.

The bill excludes Schedule I drugs like marijuana.

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2/24/16 – 4:21 A.M.

The body of a woman killed more than 30 years ago will be exhumed again before her accused killer’s retrial. Wood County prosecutors and Russell Adkins’ attorneys agreed to examine Dana Rosendale’s body in an effort to collect as much evidence as possible. Adkins is accused of beating Rosendale to death in 1982 and dumping her body along a road outside Bowling Green. Adkins maintains the young mother fell out of his moving car. His first trial last month ended with a hung jury.

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