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03/29/15     8:44 a.m.


Madalyn Hiser, missing since Monday


There will be a candle light vigil and prayer for missing Tiffin teen Madalyn Hiser tonight. Hiser went missing last Monday and has not been seen or heard from since.

Those who wish to attend d are asked to meet at the September 11th memorial in Tiffin at 7 p.m. tonight.

Anyone who has any information on Hiser’s disappearance or her whereabouts should call Tiffin Police at 419-447-2323.

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03/27/15     4:10 p.m.

Tiffin Police are asking for help locating 14-year-old Madalyn Hiser, who has been missing since Monday.

Police say she was last seen at her family home Sunday night but was gone Monday morning. They believe she left on her own will but because of lack of evidence are examining every possible reason as to why she is missing.

Hiser has pierced ears and a scar on her left arm above the elbow. When she was last seen the tips of her dark hair were dyed blue.

If you have any information you are asked to call Tiffin PD at 419-447-2323.

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03/27/15     3:37 p.m.

A new state law that took effect Wednesday made a number of changes to Ohio gun laws. The biggest changes deal with carry concealed licenses and the requirements to get them.

Audio: Mike Heldman

Hancock County Sheriff Mike Heldman said one of the biggest changes and concerns is the decrease in training hours from 12 to eight. He said that even officers who handle weapons daily still have misfires and injuries. Cutting down training time for non-law enforcement increases that risk of injury.

Additionally, those who move to Ohio who come from a state with reciprocity (38 total) may apply for an Ohio license without retaking a class, which also goes for those who live out-of-state but work in Ohio.

Other changes:

  • Hunters allowed to use suppressors/silencers on guns
  • Ohioans may buy rifles, shotguns and ammunition from any state
  • New CCW application (many still have old applications)
  • Ohio residents may apply for CCW licenses in neighboring counties to their county of residence
  • Required class time for CCW training (now six hours) can be done online
  • Background checks will include the NICS database for CCW licenses (in addition to existing two databases)
  • Minor misdemeanor drug convictions no longer mean refusal for CCW licenses
  • Those with a domestic violence charge who plead down to a lesser conviction, such as disorderly conduct, may be granted a CCW license
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03/27/15    12:38 p.m.

Findlay-based Cooper Tire and Rubber’s chief executive officer earned 56 percent more in 2014 than in 2013.

The company reported CEO Roy Armes earned $9.1 million last year. His salary was $1.1 million and he received a $2.3 million performance-based bonus. Armes also earned $3.7 million in stock awards and an additional $1.8 million in stock options.

The remaining earnings came from perks:

  • $172,265 in contributions to his retirement plan
  • $15,000 in financial planning services
  • $7,039 in personal and family members’ travel
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Findlay’s Lincoln Elementary School Turns 100

03/27/15     12:33 p.m.

Lincoln Elementary School in Findlay celebrated its 100th birthday today. Students, staff and community members gathered to hear about the history of the building from former students as well as a special appearance by Abraham Lincoln.

Audio: Scott Marcum

Lincoln Principal Scott Marcum said the celebration was a way for students to learn and appreciate the building’s history and community members to relive some of those memories.

Lincoln fun facts:

  • When Lincoln opened it was grades 1 through 9
  • Lincoln used to be heated by coal (which cost the school district $0.35 per ton)
  • During WWI, students would knit scarves, sweaters, socks and afghan squares to send to soldiers
  • In 1914, the estimate for building the Lincoln school was $240,000
  • The vacuum cleaner, figured into the building costs, was $847
  • Lincoln officially opened on Sept. 11, 1916
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03/26/15     3:05 p.m.

Area farmers are being warned about a new strain of the avian flu that could affect poultry. Ed Lentz from OSU Extension said while it does not affect people, it is a big concern for business.

Audio: Ed Lentz

Especially during migratory season, the bird flu is an even bigger risk to those with free-range flocks.

Audio: Ed Lentz

Lentz said to prevent the spread of the bird flu, increases in biosecurity need to be made, that means eliminating anything that allows contact with the outside. Lentz said your best bet is keeping the flock sheltered from other animals and birds and making sure droppings aren’t accessible either.

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03/26/15     12:00 p.m.

Marathon Petroleum has been named one of the best companies in the country to work for by Forbes magazine.

Behind only Google and Costco, Marathon is the only Ohio-based company in the top 100 at number 3, and was number 1 in the construction, oil, gas, mining and chemical industry category.

“Our success is directly connected to the hard work of our employees,” said Marathon Communications Manager Stefanie Griffith. “We are appreciative of the recognition and of our employees’ efforts in the manufacturing, transporting and marketing of fuels and other products that millions of people use to make their lives better every day.”

The list is based on a survey of 20,000 Americans working for U.S. companies with at least 2,500 employees.

Full list of America’s Best 500 Employers by Forbes

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03/26/15     11:50 a.m.

Data from the 2014 Census estimates shows little change in most area counties. The biggest change was a 3.3 percent increase in Wood County, bringing their population to about 129,600.

In Hancock County, there was a .7 percent increase to about 75,300.

All other counties saw decreases in population. Putnam was an even 1 percent drop to about 34,200 people. Seneca dropped nearly 2 percent to about 55,700. Allen and Wyandot both dropped 1.2 percent to about 105,000 and 22,400 respectively.

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03/26/15     11:20 a.m.

A narcotics search warrant in Findlay led to the discovery of drugs, weapons and a homemade bomb.

The Hancock County METRICH Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at 10245 U.S. 224 Apartment 5 around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday. They discovered what is believed to be 28 packages of cocaine, drug paraphernalia and hypodermic needs. Additionally there was handguns (some stolen), cash, criminal tools and a homemade explosive. The Allen County Bomb Squad was called to detonate the device.

As a result, the resident of the apartment 29-year-old Carl Johns is facing numerous charges pending lab results and further investigation.

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