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Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) — Meghan McCain shared a moving message about her father shortly after news broke Wednesday night that the Arizona senator’s doctors had found a brain tumor during recent surgery — calling him her “hero” and saying “my love for my father is boundless.”

Meghan McCain is known to have a close relationship with her father.

Tissue analysis after a blood clot was removed from the senior Arizona senator’s head revealed that he had glioblastoma, which has a five-year survival rate of 4 percent for patients over 55, according to the American Cancer Society.

A statement from the Mayo Clinic said: “Scanning done since the procedure (a minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision) shows that the tissue of concern was completely resected by imaging criteria.”

Meghan McCain shared her thoughts on her father’s diagnosis in a screenshot posted on her Twitter account and later on her Instagram account.

The text of the message reads:

“The news of my father’s illness has affected every one of us in the McCain family. My grandmother, mother, brothers, sister, and I have all endured the shock of the news, and now we live with the anxiety about what comes next. It is an experience familiar to us, given my father’s previous battle with cancer – and it is familiar to the countless American families whose loved ones are also stricken with the tragedy of disease and the inevitability of age. If we could ask anything of anyone now, it would be the prayers of those who understand this all too well. We would be so grateful for them.

It won’t surprise you to learn that in all this, the one of us who is the most confident and calm is my father. He is the toughest person I know. The cruelest enemy could not break him. The aggressions of political life could not bend him. So he is meeting this challenge as he has every other. Cancer may afflict him in many ways: but it will not make him surrender. Nothing ever has.

My love for my father is boundless, and like any daughter I cannot and do not wish to be in a world without him. I have faith that those days remain far away. Yet even in this moment, my fears for him are overwhelmed by one thing above all: gratitude for our years together, and the years still to come. He is a warrior at dusk, one of the greatest Americans of our age, and the worthy heir to his father’s and grandfather’s name. But to me he is something more. He is my strength, my example, my refuge, my confidante, my teacher, my rock, my hero – my dad. – MMM”

She wasn’t the only one in the family to share support and personal memories online. Meghan’s mother, the senator’s wife Cindy McCain, posted a picture from their wedding in May 1980 on her Instagram account.

The caption reads: “Thank all of you for the wonderful thoughts. @senjohnmccain is doing well. We as a family will face the next hurdle together. One thing I do know is he is the toughest person I know. He is my hero and I love him with all my heart.”

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JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he plans to continue as attorney general a day after President Donald Trump said in an interview that he would not have nominated the former Alabama senator if he had known he would recuse himself in the Russia investigation.

“I have the honor of serving as attorney general. It’s something that goes beyond any thought I would have ever had for myself. We love this job. We love this department and I plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate,” Sessions said at a press conference Thursday morning on cyber security.

Trump criticized Sessions’ decision in March to step away from matters related to last year’s election in a lengthy interview with The New York Times Wednesday, going so far as to express regret over appointing him to lead the Department of Justice.

“Sessions should have never recused himself and if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else,” Trump told the Times.

He added: “If he would have recused himself before the job, I would have said, ‘Thanks, Jeff, but I’m not going to take you.’ It’s extremely unfair — and that’s a mild word — to the president.”

Sessions steadfastly maintained Thursday that he would continue his work, even as reporters asked about Trump’s comments.

“We in this Department of Justice will continue every single day to work hard to serve the national interests and we wholeheartedly join in the priorities of President Trump,” said Sessions.

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HBO – 2017(LOS ANGELES) — There may not be any dragons showing up, but a new, forthcoming series from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss sound like it will be no less dark and fantasy-filled.

On Wednesday HBO announced that it would be working with Benioff and Weiss on an historical fantasy show called Confederate, chronicling events leading to the “Third American Civil War.”

According to a statement from HBO, the show is described as taking place in an alternate timeline in which the south has, “seceded from the Union, giving rise to a nation in which slavery remains legal and has evolved into a modern institution.”

There’s a Mason-Dixon Demilitarized Zone separating north from south, and the show follows a spate of characters including “freedom fighters, slave hunters, politicians, abolitionists, journalists, the executives of a slave-holding conglomerate and the families of people in their thrall.”

Benioff and Weiss said, “We have discussed Confederate for years, originally as a concept for a feature film. But our experience on Thrones has convinced us that no one provides a bigger, better storytelling canvas than HBO.”

Production on Confederate will begin following the final season of Game of Thrones.

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Getty News Images(NEVADA) — He’s spent nine years behind bars, but O.J. Simpson could be granted his freedom today.

Simpson is scheduled for a parole hearing today at the Lovelock correctional facility in Lovelock, Nevada, where the former football star and actor has been doing time since 2008 for the botched 2007 robbery of Bruce Fromong. The crime reportedly occurred when Simpson tried to recover memorabilia from Fromong that O.J. claimed was his.

Experts believe that Simpson will earn his parole because of his age — he’s 70 — and the fact that he has an unblemished prison record.

In addition, Fromong supports Simpson being paroled, and says he’ll testify before the parole board on O.J.’s behalf. The prosecutor who helped secure Simpson’s sentence of 33 years for armed robbery, nine of them without parole, also expects he’ll be released.

If OJ Simpson’s 1994 trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman was called the trial of the century, you could call this the parole hearing of the century. It’ll be streamed live and carried by multiple networks. There also will be well over 150 reporters outside of the prison while it happens.

Simpson has loomed large in our pop culture consciousness, even while behind bars. In February 2016, his murder trial was resurrected in the FX true crime anthology, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. The series, which starred Sterling K. Brown as Christopher Darden, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark and Cuba Gooding Jr. as Simpson, won nine Emmy awards, as well as two Golden Globes.

Also in 2016, ESPN Films released of the five-part docuseries O.J.: Made in America. Released in July of 2016, it followed O.J.’s life from his early football career through his murder trial, acquittal and subsequent conviction for armed robbery 13 years later. It received widespread critical acclaim and won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 89th Academy Awards.

Comedian Dave Chappelle took a shot at O.J.’s tumultuous life in his recent Netflix stand up special, Age of Spin. In the special, Chappelle describes four humorous encounters with O.J. during the height of his celebrity and after his acquittal for murder. At the end of the special, Chappelle tells the crowd that he and fellow comedian Chris Tucker declined to take a photo with Simpson. As Chappelle explained, “Sorry Juice — my career’s too flimsy to survive a picture with you.”

Then earlier this month, JAY-Z referenced a famous Simpson quote, in the song “The Story of O.J.” from his new album 4:44. On the track, JAY raps: “O.J. like, ‘I’m not black, I’m O.J.’ …okay.” The song is a meditation on race and wealth in America.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Deaths linked to AIDS have dropped by half in the past decade, according to a new report.

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS said deaths had fallen from a peak of 1.9 million in 2005 to 1 million in 2016, according to the BBC.

The report stated that more than half of people who are affected by AIDS, which is caused by HIV, have been getting treatment for the first time. Eastern and southern Africa have led the way in terms of lowering the number of new HIV infections, according to the report.

If left unmanaged, the HIV infection destroys the immune system, causing individuals to die from other infections such as tuberculosis, according to the BBC. While it can be contained with a daily regimen of antiretroviral therapy, there is no cure.

“We met the 2015 target of 15 million people on treatment, and we are on track to double that number to 30 million and meet the 2020 target,” UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé told the BBC.

“We will continue to scale up to reach everyone in need and honor our commitment of leaving no one behind.”

More than 36 million people are living with HIV/AIDS, and 53 percent of them are getting the necessary therapy, which gives them a life expectancy closer to normal, according to the BBC.

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Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution(NEW YORK) — Seacrest…in! Kelly Ripa made the news official Thursday morning on Live with Kelly and Ryan: Ryan Seacrest is the new host of ABC’s reboot of American Idol.

“I’m happy to confirm, I can confirm with absolute confirmation, that Ryan Seacrest is returning for the host of American Idol!” said Kelly. Then, realizing her error, she said, “Let me try that one more time. Ryan Seacrest is returning as the host of American Idol!

“Absolutely, without a doubt,” Ryan agreed. “I’m so excited. It’s gonna be the best time!”

Ryan hosted American Idol on Fox for all 15 seasons. When he signed off last year, he said, “Seacrest out…for now.”

In a prepared statement, Seacrest said,It’s genuinely hard to put into words what American Idol means to me. I’m so grateful for the show and all the career and life opportunities it’s allowed me to experience. It’s been an incredible journey from day one. To be asked to return this year, at my new home at Disney|ABC, is an honor, if not a bit surreal.”

He added, “I believe ABC is the perfect home for Idol, and I’ve every confidence the show’s legions of fans will love it — especially Idol’s best traditions of showcasing heartwarming stories, remarkable talent discovery, and, best of all, making dreams come true.”

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Getty Images-Corbis/Rune Hellestad(NEW YORK) — Empire is adding some more star power. When the show returns for fourth season in September is will have Oscar winner Forest Whitaker on board.

Whitaker, who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the 2006 movie The Last King of Scotland, will guest star in a multi-episode story arc as Uncle Eddie, a music industry hitmaker who gave Terrance Howard’s Lucious Lyon is first big break.

According to a release from Fox, Eddie “steps up for Lucious at a critical moment during his rehabilitation, and a grateful Cookie…invites him to produce a song in celebration of Empires Entertainment’s 20th anniversary.”

Empire returns to Fox on Wednesday, September 27 at 8 p.m. ET.

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ABC News(NEW YORK) — The Republican junior senator who serves with Sen. John McCain representing Arizona described how he learned of his elder colleague’s brain cancer diagnosis through a casual comment in a conversation Wednesday.

“I called him before we heard of the diagnosis and spoke to him for several minutes about what was going on on Capitol Hill and what he was missing,” Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said in an interview Thursday with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.

“And only at the end of the conversation, I asked him how he was feeling today, and he said, ‘I’m feeling fine but I might have some chemotherapy in my future,'” Flake said. “And that’s how I learned of it. So it was almost in passing about his diagnosis.”

Flake added, “He’s optimistic, obviously. He’s John McCain; that’s what we expect.”

Wednesday night, the Mayo Clinic and the Arizona Republican’s office officially announced McCain’s diagnosis, a primary brain tumor of a type called glioblastoma which was related to a blood clot above the senior senator’s eye that he had removed last week.

“On Friday, July 14, Sen. John McCain underwent a procedure to remove a blood clot from above his left eye at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix,” reads a statement from the clinic, released at the request of McCain. “Subsequent tissue pathology revealed that a primary brain tumor known as a glioblastoma was associated with the blood clot.”

The statement continues, “The Senator and his family are reviewing further treatment options with his Mayo Clinic care team. Treatment options may include a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.”

McCain’s doctors say he is recovering from surgery “amazingly well” and “his underlying health is excellent,” according to the statement.

Flake, who began his career in Congress as an intern decades ago, said it’s unclear when and if McCain will return to Capitol Hill. Flake said he can’t imagine a Senate without him.

“He is a steady force; one who stands for the institution and bipartisanship, and I cannot overstate what an impact he has in the Senate,” Flake said on GMA Thursday. “We need him back here and he wants to be back here.”

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the latest scores and winners:

San Francisco 5, Cleveland 4
L.A. Dodgers 9, Chicago White Sox 1, 8 innings
L.A. Angels 7, Washington 0

Minnesota 6, N.Y. Yankees 1
Seattle 4, Houston 1
Oakland 7, Tampa Bay 2
Baltimore 10, Texas 2
Boston 5, Toronto 1
Kansas City 4, Detroit 3

Philadelphia 10, Miami 3
Chicago Cubs 8, Atlanta 2
Colorado 18, San Diego 4
Pittsburgh 3, Milwaukee 2, 10 innings
N.Y. Mets 7, St. Louis 3
Cincinnati 4, Arizona 3, 11 innings

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The White House(WASHINGTON) — Thursday marks President Trump’s 182nd day in office, capping six-months since he was inaugurated.

While reporters don’t catch wind of every meeting Trump holds, the daily guidance that the White House releases on the president’s schedule often shows more depth than President Obama’s schedule regularly revealed. Trump frequently releases information on not just events open to the White House press pool, but also his closed events — even mundane appointments with his chief of staff or meals with officials and lawmakers, the most common dining companion being Vice President Mike Pence, who has broken bread with the president at least 20 times.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has had 24 noticed meetings with the president, the most of any confirmed administration official. So the former Exxon CEO may be Trump’s favorite cabinet secretary, or they simply have a lot of pressing diplomatic concerns to talk about.


The president has held at least 41 meetings with members of Congress, including at least 14 on health care reform. The reality is likely far higher, as lawmakers frequently accept invitations or visit privately. Trump has even held a few meetings with Democrats, including Rep. Elijah Cummings, another with the Congressional Black Caucus, and senators from both parties for cocktails and a performance from the U.S. Army Chorus and U.S. Marine Chamber Orchestra.


Trump has signed 42 pieces of legislation, including 19 resolutions and 23 laws, even though Republicans have been blasted as a do-nothing Congress since health care repeal still has not reached the Resolute Desk for the president’s signature.


During his first 100 days, Trump did not take an international trip. But in the interim, he has made three trips abroad, touching down in eight countries: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium, Italy, Vatican City, Poland, Germany and France. The president has also traveled across the United States for five campaign rallies, and has a sixth planned in Youngstown, Ohio next week on July 25. He’s also taken 11 trips to Mar-A-Lago and Bedminster, New Jersey, and spent one weekend at Camp David.

Air Travel: 59 flights on Marine One; 52 flights on AF1 across 20 total missions on Air Force One.


Trump’s six-month job approval is the worst of any president ever in polling, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll. Thirty-six percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, down six points from his 100-day mark, which also marked a record low. The previous president closest to this level at or near six months was Gerald Ford, at 39 percent, in February 1975.


Thirty-seven is the number of days on which Trump has visited one of his golf courses (20.3 percent). The White House does not regularly read out Trump’s golf partners, or even if he’s hit any balls, though aides often detail his official business he conducts from the club, such as phone calls with foreign leaders.


President Trump has never been shy about using the phone, and he’s communicated on 102 occasions with foreign leaders. British Prime Minister Theresa May and the president have spoken at least eight times on the phone, including several calls after terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom.


The president has had 47 bilateral meetings with foreign leaders, including one formal bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


This figure represents the number of encounters the president had with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Beyond the July 7 bilateral meeting, Trump has had at least two other one-on-one encounters with Putin in person at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, and the duo have exchanged words on three phone calls.


Trump has held just one solo news conference — when he announced his labor nominee. In addition to that solo press conference, Trump has taken questions at 12 joint news conferences with foreign leaders, pushing his total to 13. Trump is behind the pace of President Obama, who held a whopping 42 news conferences during his first year in office, including five solo newsers.


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has conducted 58 on-camera press briefings, although he has held just one so far in July as the White House has shifted its communications strategy off-camera.


Trump has been called upon as Consoler-in-Chief in the aftermath of gun violence once, after a gunman targeted a Republican congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia on June 14, which was also the president’s birthday. The president spoke from the Diplomatic Room, telling a national audience, “We may have our differences, but we do well, in times like these, to remember that everyone who serves in our nation’s capital is here because, above all, they love our country. We can all agree that we are blessed to be Americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace, and that we are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good.” President Obama first spoke in the wake of a mass shooting on Nov. 5, 2009 after the Fort Hood shooting.


The number of town hall meetings the president has held.


The number of days left in Trump’s first term.

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