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iStock/Thinkstock(SEATTLE) — What started as a peaceful May Day march in Seattle on Sunday led to clashes with police.

Police deployed blast balls during confrontations with the anti-Capitalist protesters and pepper spray was used to disperse the crowds.

At least four people were arrested and at least two officers were injured, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The group of about 200 protesters marched through the streets for International Workers’ Day carrying signs including a large banner that said, “We are ungovernable.” When asked what they were protesting, they said they were angry with “the system,” and the people who run the government.

Seattle police said officers were directed to put on eye protection after protesters were reportedly seen putting something into spray bottles.

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ABC/ Ida Mae Astute(DETROIT) — Speaking at the NAACP’s annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit Sunday night, Hillary Clinton called for mobilizing against Donald Trump — telling the roughly 6,000 person crowd to “make sure that love trumps hate, once and for all!”

Her fiery remarks were tailored to the crowd. She spoke about criminal justice reform, gun control, the water crisis in Flint, but also talked politics.

She railed on the “Republican frontrunner” for “stoking hatred and inciting violence” and warned that a Trump presidency could ruin President Obama’s legacy.

“We cannot let Barack Obama’s legacy fall into Donald Trump’s hands,” she said.

She also reminded them that Trump was one of the original “birthers” back in 2008.

“The leading republican contender is the man who led the insidious ‘birther movement’ to discredit the president’s citizenship,” she said. “And when he asked in a national television interview to disavow David Duke and other white supremacists, who are supporting his campaign, he played coy.”

Clinton also blatantly laid out what she believes the different is in this election: “Unity vs. division. Compassion vs. selfishness. And love vs. hate.”

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iStock/Thinkstock(OKEECHOBEE, Fla.) — A Florida woman who was blind for 21 years because of a car accident has mysteriously regained her sight.

Mary Ann Franco, a great-grandmother of two, needed spinal surgery recently after she injured her neck from a fall at home. When she woke up in the hospital, she said to the nurse, according to ABC News affiliate WPBF-TV:

“Lady, you with all that purple on you, give me something for pain.”

She said her niece asked her, “What did you say, Mary?’”

And that’s when she realized she could see again… in color. Before her car accident, Franco said she was color-blind, but isn’t anymore.

“Out the window, I could see the trees,” she told WPBF-TV. “I could see the houses and stuff.”

Her neurosurgeon, Dr. John Afshar, believes the car accident may have kinked an artery in her spine, restricting blood flow to the part of her brain that controls vision. He told WPBF-TV he may have unwittingly unkinked the artery when he performed her spinal surgery.

“It really is truly a miracle,” Dr. Afshar said to WPBF-TV. “I’ve never seen it, never heard of it.”

Franco called it an act of God.

“I believe he just went ahead and give it to me, he give me back my sight,” Franco said to WPBF-TV. “I really believe this with all my heart.”

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ABC News(WASHINGTON) — Bernie Sanders said Sunday he will consider the Democratic Party’s convention “contested,” unless his opponent Hillary Clinton gets enough pledged delegates to win nomination without super delegates.

The Vermont senator essentially vowed to fight to win over those coveted party elites — the super delegates — until they formally vote in July.

“She will need super delegates to take her over the top of the convention in Philadelphia. In other words, the convention will be a contested contest,” he said during a press conference in Washington, D.C. Sanders’ top brass has been arguing this point for weeks, but this was the most direct statement the senator has made about his outlook on the remaining portion of the nominating process.

While it is unlikely that either candidate will be able to win enough pledged delegates alone to secure the nomination, according to estimates from ABC News, Clinton has the backing of 520 super delegates at this point, bringing her very close to the threshold.

By comparison, only 39 super delegates have committed to Sanders and the Vermont Senator argued that that fact was unfair considering some of his landslide wins.

“If I win a state with 70 percent of the votes you know what, I think I’m entitled to those super delegates. I think that the super delegates should reflect what the people in the state want,” he said.

Sanders called on super delegates from states like Washington and Minnesota specifically, where he beat Clinton by double-digit margins, to change their allegiances.

In some ways Sanders contradicted himself during the press conference. He argued that super delegates should follow the popular vote from the states they represent, but also said they should consider backing him even if he does not win the majority of pledged delegates. His campaign distributed factsheets Sunday showing general election polling in battleground states and nationwide where he outperforms his opponent against Republican candidates.

“[Super delegates] are going to have to go into their hearts and they are going to have to ask themselves do they want the second strongest candidate running against Trump or the strongest candidate?” Sanders said.

Before heading to Indiana to campaign before that state’s primary Tuesday, the senator acknowledged that Clinton so far was winning the race by an overwhelming margin. Sanders would need to win 65 percent of the remaining pledged delegates to pull ahead of Clinton on that front. He said that, considering that number, he had a “tough road to climb,” but added that it was not “impossible.”

“We intend to fight for every vote in front of us and for every delegate remaining,” he continued.

Asked if the campaign had any internal polling to suggest that they might be able to win the remaining states by the large margins need to pull ahead, Sanders’ senior strategist Tad Devine said: “We believe the states ahead represent a real opportunity for Bernie.”

“This belief is based both on data that we have for the upcoming states and on how well Bernie has done in states in the West in particular. We all understand that is a difficult challenge, in light of proportional representation, but we believe he will significantly cut into her delegate lead in the upcoming weeks,” Devine added.

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Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — The CIA “live tweeted” the Osama Bin Laden raid Sunday afternoon to mark the fifth anniversary of the May 1, 2011, operation that killed the al Qaeda leader.

The CIA twitter account said the step-by-step tweets would represent the raid at Bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound “as if it were happening today.”

Here are some of the tweets posted Sunday as the CIA recounted the helicopter landing, the famous situation room photo and the positive ID:

3:30 pm EDT – 2 helicopters descend on compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. 1 crashes, but assault continues without delay or injury#UBLRaid

— CIA (@CIA) May 1, 2016

3:30 pm EDT – @POTUS watches situation on ground in Abbottabad live in Situation Room#UBLRaid pic.twitter.com/59KPF7eUTr

— CIA (@CIA) May 1, 2016

3:39 pm EDT – Usama Bin Ladin found on third floor and killed#UBLRaid

— CIA (@CIA) May 1, 2016

3:53 pm EDT – @POTUS receives tentative confirmation of positive identification of Usama Bin Ladin#UBLRaid

— CIA (@CIA) May 1, 2016

4:10 pm EDT — Backup helicopter picks up remaining team members & materials & leaves Abbottabad#UBLRaid

— CIA (@CIA) May 1, 2016

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Gregory Shamus/NHLI via Getty Images(PITTSBURGH) — Will Olli Maatta be out for Game 3?

According to ESPN, it’s expected the Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman will be out for at least that game after a Sunday hearing with the NHL’s player safety department.

Maata was injured after a strike to the head from Washington Capitals defenseman Brooks Orpik moments after Game 2 of their second round series started Saturday. With assistance from defenseman Trevor Daley and center Nick Bonino, he was able to leave the ice, but did not return to the game.

“I don’t have a lot of sense of [Maatta’s] availability, but I’m probably not optimistic, though,” Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan said Sunday according to ESPN.

Orpik, who is a former Penguin, was given a two-minute minor interference penalty for the hit. On Sunday, he had an NHL suspension hearing.

“There’s a little a size difference and I think Maatta was leaning over a little bit,” said Capitals coach Barry Trotz according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We’ll let the league handle it. If you know anything about Brooks, he plays hard. He plays clean. He’s not a dirty player. The Pittsburgh people know that. He plays the game hard, the right way. Whatever the league decides, we’ll just deal with it.”

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iStock/Thinkstock(RAPID CITY, S.D.) — With the help of another officer, a South Dakota cop pulled off a surprise proposal to his firefighter and paramedic girlfriend in a sweet moment caught on dash cam video.

The Rapid City Police posted video of the April 27 proposal to Facebook, showing Rapid City Police Officer Nick Allender’s partner initiating a traffic stop for Allender’s girlfriend, Rapid City Firefighter and Paramedic Sarah Stewart.

Stewart gets out and walks back to the patrol car, shocked to see her boyfriend waiting there. The partner then hands Allender the ring box for the big moment:

Stewart, 22, told ABC News she was in “total shock.”

“I knew the engagement was coming … we had talked about it … but I had no idea that it would be like that,” she said. “I honestly thought I was just being pulled over.

“And then I saw Nick get out… and it was when I saw the ring box… then I knew what was happening,” she said.

Allender, 23, told ABC News he thought involving his police department in his “once in a lifetime” moment was “unique, and something that I could do that was different than anyone else.”

But the future groom says he wasn’t nervous about Stewart’s answer.

“We’ve been talking and contemplating it for a while so I knew she was going to say ‘yes,'” he said.

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iStock/Thinkstock(FITCHBURG, Mass.) — A dangerous batch of heroin caused 10 overdoses in Fitchburg, Massachusetts on Friday and Saturday, leading to three deaths.

According to Fitchburg Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Dateo, it was a particularly strong batch of the drug.

“It hasn’t been this bad,” he told ABC News. “Ten in 36 hours is pretty unusual.”

ABC News affiliate WCVB-TV said the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office had sent around a press release to warn Fitchburg residents about the heroin being used in the city.

Fitchburg resident Angie Gonyea, who lost her son– a father of two– this year to an overdose, said she knew the pain several families were feeling.

“I don’t want any parent to go through what I’m going through or anyone,” she said. “The pain is so bad. When they say that your heart literally breaks, it breaks, I mean you feel it. It’s horrible.”

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ABC News(WASHINGTON) — Hillary Clinton wants you to know she’s in on the joke.

The Democratic presidential candidate praised President Obama for his remarks at his final White Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night, even acknowledging the digs he made about her.

“Nice job last night. Aunt Hillary approves,” Clinton tweeted Sunday. (The tweet was signed “-H,” meaning it’s from Clinton herself.)

@potus Nice job last night. Aunt Hillary approves. #WHCD -H

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) May 1, 2016

Obama teased Clinton for her difficulty appealing to younger voters at the dinner.

“Look, I’ve said how much I admire Hillary’s toughness, her smarts, her policy chops, her experience,” Obama told the crowd of politicians, celebrities and journalists. “You’ve got to admit it though: Hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative who just signed up for Facebook.

“‘Dear America, did you get my poke?'” he continued, impersonating Clinton. “‘Is it appearing on your wall? I’m not sure I am using this right. Love, Aunt Hillary.’

“It’s not entirely persuasive,” Obama concluded.

Clinton did not attend the annual dinner. Her rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, however, was there, as well as some of Clinton’s top staffers, including campaign manager Robby Mook and vice chair Huma Abedin.

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ABC/ Ida Mae Astute(INDIANAPOLIS) — Donald Trump returned to the Hoosier state Sunday, saying “it’s over” for his Republican rivals as he began a two-day swing ahead of Indiana’s primary Tuesday.

With new polls showing Trump with a strong lead over rival Sen. Ted Cruz, Trump said his competitors are “hanging by their fingertips.”

“By the way, if we win Indiana, it’s over. OK? If we win Indiana, it’s over. It’s over. And we’re going to get there — I shouldn’t say this, ’cause it takes away your incentive. We’re going to get there anyway. But if we win Indiana, most people think that they quit the race. And, then we can focus on crooked Hillary [Clinton]. Please, let’s focus on Hillary,” Trump told the packed theater.

“I knocked out 17 people. I mean, the two last ones, they’re like hanging by their fingertips. They’re choking, don’t let me fall, don’t let me fall,” Trump said grasping onto an imaginary mountain pretending to be Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Cruz. “Let me choose Carly, maybe that’ll turn it around. But Carly got out, she had zero. How she — when somebody gets out, you had no popularity, it doesn’t help, right? And she’s a nice woman. Now, if you could say [former Indiana basketball coach] Bobby Knight, that’s a different story. Do we agree?”

Just Saturday, the Trump campaign was dealt another delegate blow –- loosing delegates at the Republican state conventions in Virginia and Arizona, states the New York billionaire won in the respective state’s primaries. Campaign officials have repeatedly said they are confident the frontrunner will secure the nomination in the first ballot round of voting.

“I don’t think people can get away with that stuff. So we don’t play the second ballot game,” Trump said Sunday.

As the polls continue to show Trump has a problem with women, he dusted off a line from his early travels around the country regarding women’s health.

“Women want to see a strong country. Women want to see a strong military. Women want to see strong borders. And on top of that, nobody will be better to women and nobody will be better to women’s health issues — a big thing — than Donald Trump. That I can tell you, OK? Nobody. Nobody.”

A small group of protesters gathered outside the arena. Well over a thousand Trump supporters were blocked from entering the theater after the fire marshall said the facility had reached capacity. Trump will be campaigning over the next two days across Indiana.

About three dozen protesters were outside Donald Trump’s rally in Terre Haute, Ind., today. They stayed peaceful. pic.twitter.com/fFgUv59Uak

— Ben Gittleson (@bgittleson) May 1, 2016

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