Bowling Green Man Arrested After Manhunt Called Off

7/1/14 – 4:42 A.M.

A Bowling Green man was arrested late Monday afternoon following a manhunt in Wood County. 26-year-old Matthew Stoughton is accused of robbing a pharmacy on the campus of Wood County Hospital. Sheriff’s deputies found Stoughton in the area of Kahler and Bradner Roads just before 6 p.m. The Sentinel-Tribune reports an area resident helped find the man, after they reported seeing a shirtless man in a ditch in that area.

Stoughton was known as a regular at the pharmacy. Police located his car at his home following the incident Monday morning. While they were waiting on a search warrant, Stoughton took off in his car. He eventually crashed and fled into a cornfield in the area where he ended up being found.

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