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“Duck Dynasty’s” Jep Robertson Released from Hospital Following Seizure

A&E Television(NEW YORK) — Duck Dynasty star Jep Robertson is out of the hospital after suffering a seizure earlier this month.

TMZ reports he was released on Monday, but will continue to take medication and may undergo further testing.

The website notes that doctors have yet to determine what brought on the seizure, which occurred while the reality star was deer hunting.

Robertson, 36, tweeted last weekend that he “about died” on Oct. 19 after suffering a seizure. He wrote, “I’m doing much better now. Thanks for all the prayers!”

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Will Lorraine Toussaint Return to “Orange Is the New Black?”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — SPOILER ALERT: After back and forth reports, it appears Lorraine Toussaint is set to reprise her role as Vee, a prisoner that shook up the women’s federal prison, on the upcoming third season of Orange Is the New Black.

On the season two finale of the Netflix series, Vee appeared to be killed after being run over by a van driven by another prisoner trying to escape the Connecticut jail.

On Tuesday morning, TMZ reported the actress was slated to return to the series’ New York set that same day. Hours later, however, Netflix told Buzzfeed that the TMZ report was false.

Despite the denial, Toussaint was later spotted by a TMZ videographer as she arrived at the Queens, New York, set of the dramedy.

When asked by the videographer if she was returning to the show, Toussaint replied, “You know, if I were to give that away they’d actually have to kill me for real…again.”

“Let’s put it this way, at the end of last season, I took a pretty big hit,” she added.

Toussaint told ABC News Radio earlier this month that she still has hope for Vee. “She’s definitely taken a hit. She’s taken a seriously bad hit. The creator Jenji Kohan believes she’s dead and she would know,” Toussaint said with a laugh, “but I secretly do think [she's alive.] Now it is Vee. It is Vee.”

Toussaint also said she was humbled that some fans continued to hope that she’s not quite dead. “Mostly I’m so flattered and honored that people actually want her to still be alive,” she added.

“If she is alive I just hope she’s nowhere near my house,” Toussaint quipped.

Toussaint is now starring in ABC’s fantasy drama Forever, which airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

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Alyssa Milano Shares Breastfeeding Photo

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Alyssa Milano has shared a glimpse of her life as a mom with an intimate snap posted on Instagram of her breastfeeding her baby girl Elizabella Dylan.

Milano captioned the black-and-white snap with a quote from acclaimed Czech writer Milan Kundera: “‘Ah, the joy of suckling! She lovingly watched the fishlike motions of the toothless mouth and she imagined that with her milk there flowed into her little son her deepest thoughts, concepts, and dreams.’”

The Who’s the Boss star and her husband, David Bugliari, welcomed their daughter in September. They also have a three-year-old son, Milo.

Earlier this month, Milano revealed she was leaving the ABC drama Mistresses after the show announced it was relocating from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada, for its third season.

“I have two babies under 4. Being a mother and wife comes first, and I just can not uproot my children and separate the family by moving away,” she wrote in a blog post on Oct. 1. “I will miss this job desperately and wish everyone the absolute best,” she added.

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Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold Extended

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Amanda Bynes’ stay at a California psychiatric facility was extended Monday by 30 days.

The 28-year-old actress was due to leave on Monday, but according to TMZ, her doctors asked for and were granted by a judge a 30-day extension. They told a judge that Bynes is “very ill” and isn’t healthy enough to take care of herself at this time.

Bynes was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold more than two weeks ago, after making claims on Twitter — which she later recanted — that her father had abused her.

She was previously placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in July of 2013.

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Ashton Kutcher Says Being a Dad Is ‘Best Thing on Earth’

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Ashton Kutcher is loving fatherhood so far. The Two and a Half Men star made an appearance Tuesday night on Conan, saying that being a dad is the “best thing on Earth.”

Kutcher said he and his fiancée, Mila Kunis, are not relying on a nanny to help out with one-month-old Wyatt Isabelle because they have the time to spend with their child. He told Conan O’Brien on the TBS late-night show that following Wyatt’s birth he wanted to call his parents and apologize because, he said, “I never knew how much they loved me.”

Kutcher, 36, joked that he knows what will calm down his child when she’s upset, so much so that he’s become a “baby whisperer.” He joked, “I like to give the baby to my friends and let it cry for a second, be like, ‘Let me take care of that.'”

He continued, “Any sort of hero fantasy that I have is completely satiated.”

Kutcher explained that Wyatt was not the name he and Kunis initially had in mind for their baby. He said the first name they chose “didn’t fit the energy” of what they were feeling during the pregnancy. Eventually, the actor said, he felt pressure from Kunis to come up with a new name, so he started to list random objects he spotted, like a sign or a door. Once he uttered the name Wyatt, Kunis liked it, and they went with it.

After that, Kutcher said, they acquired the rights to various URLs that included the name. He exclaimed, “I don’t want a porn site with my daughter’s name on it!”

The couple also set up an email address for Wyatt, which they use to send messages to her that she can read when she’s older.

Kutcher noted that his daughter’s middle name was inspired by Kunis’ grandfather.

As for the family’s Halloween plans, Kutcher stated that he, his wife and his child will dress as the Three Little Pigs, even though he’s not a big fan of the holiday.

Kutcher was on Conan to promote Thursday night’s season premiere of his CBS sitcom. When asked what he thought of former star Charlie Sheen having expressed a desire to return to the show, Kutcher said, “I just kind of stopped listening to things that Charlie Sheen says. Charlie Sheen has become like a parent on Charlie Brown to me. It’s more like, ‘Wa wa wa wa.'”

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How Melissa McCarthy Left Guests at Adam Levine’s Halloween Party ‘Horrified’

ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) — Melissa McCarthy really liked living next to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

Though she admitted that she sometimes got “goofy” when she’d catch a glimpse of him, the biggest perk may have been the invite she once scored to his big Halloween party.

“I’m pretty sure we got a pity invite just so we wouldn’t call the cops,” she told Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I was not [usually] hanging out with Adam Levine.”

So, it’s understandable that her costume — she came dressed as her goofy Midwestern aunt — didn’t exactly blend with those of his female friends. Those women, she said, were all clad in bikinis, and didn’t entirely understand why she came dressed as she did.

“They were like, ‘Why did you do that?!'” McCarthy, now starring in the film St. Vincent, recalled. “They were so horrified that I looked like that! [To them], it wasn’t funny. It didn’t seem ironic.”

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Melissa Rivers Hires Attorney to Investigate Her Mother’s Death

Brian Bowen Smith/E!(NEW YORK) — Joan Rivers’ family wants answers.

The comedian’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, has retained attorneys just weeks after her mother died suddenly at the age of 81 on Sept. 4 during a medical procedure.

“In order to fully determine all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of Joan Rivers we confirm that our firm has been engaged by Melissa Rivers and her family,” Ben Rubinowitz, a lawyer for the law firm of Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman, Mackauf, Bloom & Rubinowitz, told ABC News in a statement.

Earlier this month, the New York City medical examiner said that Joan Rivers died of low blood oxygen while undergoing a procedure to treat voice changes and acid reflux. The Fashion Police co-host lacked sufficient oxygen to her brain for an extended period of time, which caused brain damage. Her heart had stopped after she was sedated with propofol.

Though a representative for the medical examiner’s office told ABC News on Oct. 16 that it found no obvious medical error and ruled Rivers’ death a “therapeutic complication,” one day later, the clinic where she was treated, Yorkville Endoscopy, was found deficient by the New York State Health Department. During a routine investigation into the clinic, the department said it found lapses in four categories required for accreditation: governing body and management, surgical services, medical staff and patient rights.

Yorkville Endoscopy’s accreditation will be terminated on Jan. 7, unless it can prove it has corrected the deficiencies, which a representative for the clinic said it will do.

“The center has been working collaboratively with appropriate government regulatory agencies to ensure complete compliance with all regulations,” a spokesperson for the clinic told ABC News. “The center remains open and will continue to collaborate with all accreditation and government regulatory agencies to ensure quality care.”

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Marvel Announces Release Dates for “Phase Three” Superhero Films

Marvel(LOS ANGELES) — At a press event in Hollywood on Tuesday, Marvel Studios announced release dates for its next slate of superhero films, all part of the studio’s “Phase Three” plan.

The Captain America sequel, Captain America 3: Civil War, will arrive in theaters May 6, 2016.

November 4, 2016 will see the release of Doctor Strange.

May 5, 2017 will bring the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, which had originally been scheduled for July of that year.

July 28, 2017, get ready for the next Thor film, called Thor: Ragnarok.

November 3, 2017 will bring us Black Panther. Debuting in 1966, the character of Black Panther was the first black superhero in mainstream U.S. comics. He’ll be portrayed by Chadwick Boseman, star of the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 and the James Brown biopic Get On Up. He was on hand for the announcement, as were Iron Man and Captain America themselves: Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

On July 6, 2018, Marvel will bring us Captain Marvel. This will be the studio’s first film to star a female superhero: while “Captain Marvel” in the comics has been many different people, this particular incarnation is a woman named Carol Danvers.

On November 2, 2018, we’ll be introduced to Inhumans, a race of beings whose DNA has been altered by an alien race to give them superpowers. Inhumans will also be the 20th Marvel film.

On May 4, 2018, we’ll get Avengers 3: Infinity War Part One. Part Two will come May 3, 2019.

Then on July 17, 2015, we’ll get Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd.

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Sherri Shepherd Still Watches “The View” ‘Every Morning’

ABC(NEW YORK) — Sherri Shepherd left ABC’s The View earlier this year to pursue other projects, including starring as the evil stepmother in the Broadway revival of Cinderella. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s stopped watching the daytime talk show.

“I’ll watch The View every morning because I love ‘Hot Topics,'” she said on Tuesday’s Good Morning America. “You know, the problem is I scream out at the TV. I’m screaming out my jokes and I’m like, ‘Nobody’s listening to me!’ So I go to Cinderella and I do ‘Hot Topics’ at Cinderella.”

Shepherd, who said she didn’t realize how much she would miss former co-host Whoopi Goldberg, also used the opportunity to rib current co-host Rosie O’Donnell. Imitating O’Donnell, Shepherd said, “‘Oh, I got gout. Here’s my toes! I want to show you my toes! And I’ve been depressed and I got sciatica in my back and I’m going through depression. How many other ailments can I get?'”

“‘I got 12 more in the year that I’ll be on The View,'” she deadpanned.

When she’s not watching The View, Shepherd is enjoying her time on the Great White Way. “I am having the best time of my life doing Broadway. I love it,” she said.

Shepherd also said her former boss is among the celebrities who have come out to support her run in Cinderella.

“Barbara Walters came to see me and she said, ‘Dear, I didn’t have high expectations for the show but you were adorable. You should try acting more.’ And I go, ‘OK!'” she said, laughing.

Shepherd’s run in Cinderella at New York City’s Broadway Theatre ends Nov. 23. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes will step into her slippers starting Nov. 25.

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“Orange Is the New Black” Actress Goes from Criminal to Cop in ABC’s “Forever”

ABC/Giovanni Rufino (NEW YORK) — Orange is the New Black breakout star Lorraine Toussaint is now starring in ABC’s new fall drama, Forever.

Toussaint’s character on Orange Is the New Black was a criminal named Vee, but her character on Forever is on the right side of the law.

On Forever, Toussaint plays Lt. Joanna Reece, the commanding officer of Alana de la Garza’s Detective Jo Martinez. They both work with the show’s main character, Dr. Henry Morgan — portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd — to help solve murders. Morgan is a medical examiner, but as Toussaint explains, he has a special quality that makes him invaluable to the police.

“The lead character Henry is…an immortal. He’s 300 years old. He died 300 years ago and doesn’t know why he didn’t die,” Toussaint tells ABC News Radio. “He was killed but didn’t die, and subsequently has died countless numbers of times in the last three centuries. So he’s become something of an expert on death. So flash forward, he’s now working at the morgue. He’s a forensic pathologist because, frankly, he’s an expert on death.”

While Toussaint’s character doesn’t get a lot of screen time on Forever, she tells ABC News Radio that viewers can expect to find out more about Reece in the near future.

“She’s gonna have a level of complexity as the series unfolds,” she says. “There’s some alcohol issues. There’s gonna be some interesting things to play coming down the road. But in the first…six or seven [episodes] it’s really about establishing the style of the show.”

Toussaint says she’s enjoying being part of a network TV show after starring in a Netflix series, though she recognizes that Netflix has seriously changed how viewers consume television.

“This Netflix model has really blown that glass ceiling. It’s so interesting the way we watch [TV] and the kind of global impact and the immediacy of it,” she says. “And they’ve tapped into the human psyche — that addictive gene that they have touched upon — and activated, that we all have.”

ABC’s Forever airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

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