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What Would Cast of “San Andreas” Take in Actual Earthquake?

Jasin Boland/Warner Bros.(LOS ANGELES) — Dwayne Johnson arrived on a fire engine with a rescue helicopter overhead at Tuesday night’s Los Angeles premiere of the earthquake disaster flick San Andreas.

Johnson plays a Los Angeles Fire Department rescue helicopter pilot searching for his estranged daughter after an earthquake hits California. But say he was in an actual earthquake — what would he grab before running out the door?

“I would grab by water, my phone and my fanny pack,” Johnson said.

No doubt he’d use the phone to take some photos — While at the London premiere of San Andreas last Thursday, the 43-year-old wrestler-turned-actor succeeded in setting the Guinness World Record for taking the most selfies in under three minutes, with 105.

Co-star Carla Gugino, also at the premiere, had a similar answer: “I’d have to go with flashlights, water, and my dog.”

Actually, they’re both wrong, at least partly. USGS seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones says you shouldn’t run during an earthquake, but rather “Drop, cover, hold on. The Caltech seismologist in the movie even orders somebody out of the doorway and under the table, and that’s the right thing to do.”

San Andreas, also starring Paul Giamatti, Archie Panjabi and Kylie Minogue, opens nationally this Friday.

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“America’s Got Talent” Returns with Singers, Dancers & a Stuttering Comedian

Eric Liebowitz/NBC(NEW YORK) — America’s Got Talent returned for its landmark 10th season on Tuesday, beginning their search for the country’s best talent in New Jersey.

Tuesday’s showcase included a hypnotist who got judge Howie Mandel, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, to temporarily get over his phobia, and a stuttering stand-up comic.

Mandel was back behind the judges’ table along with Howard Stern, Heidi Klum and Mel B to offer their opinions and decide which acts would advance. Also back for season 10 was “The Golden Buzzer,” which gives each judge one opportunity to send an act straight to the live show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Earlier in the evening, former AGT judge Piers Morgan revealed he would be appearing on the show later this season. “BREAKING NEWS: America’s Got Talent returns for Season 10 tonight…and I return to the judges’ desk later this summer,” Morgan announced via Twitter.

Here’s a rundown of some of Tuesday’s highlights:

Dancing duo Elin, 7, and Noah, 8, showed off their hip-hop moves to M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.” Howard and Mel thought the act was “cute.” Heidi added “adorable” to the list of comments. When Howie asked if the duo did anything beyond dancing, Noah replied, “Golf.” Mandel, known for his obsessive-compulsive disorder, also noted “U Can’t Touch This” is his “philosophy.” The judges all voted “yes,” moving them on to the next round.

Benton, Arkansas, natives Will Richey, Caleb Conrad and Tyler Davis — sporting a crutch — make up Triple Threat, who met when all three were injured on the high school football team at the same time. Their performance of MTKO’s “Classic” had Mandel noting, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” He went on to call them “a real boy band.” Klum declared they “sing beautifully.” Stern called them “beautifully nerdy.” All four judges voted “yes” to advance them to the next round.

A nerdy puppet named Ira Fenelbaum, who purportedly lives with his mother, Miriam — also a puppet, not onstage for the act, but shown backstage with host Nick Cannon — sang Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful,” dedicating it to Mel B. Howie was moved by the performance and voted “yes” to move the act forward. Howard noted the act provides them with “something we love — romance” and also voted “yes.” Heidi, jealous of the attention Ira paid to Mel, admitted she was a little jealous, but voted “yes” anyway. Surprisingly, Mel B, the object of Ira’s desire, voted “no.” However, with three out of four saying “yes,” the act moved on to the next round.

Hypnotist Chris Jones performed his magic on Mandel — and an audience member, who also appeared to go under. Jones convinced Howie that he was wearing gloves and got the comedian — whose O.C.D. prevents him from engaging in physical contact with people — to shake his hand. Chris then got Mandel to shake Mel B, Heidi and Howard’s hands. Stern, who had originally pressed his buzzer, changed his mind and voted “yes.” Mel B and Heidi added two more. Howie, under hypnosis during the segment, said he didn’t know. Jones moved on to the next round.

Four gymnasts from Germany and the Czech Republic, who call themselves Showproject, performed shirtless a series of flips and balanced on several sets of parallel bars. Mel called the act “spectacular,” noting the guys put on a show. Stern declared them “ready for primetime.” All four judges voted “yes,” and the act advanced to the next round.

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Johnny Shelton performed an original song called “That’s Love,” which he wrote for his son, whom he’d lost to lymph node cancer. Howie noted the song was “moving” and “tugged at his heart.” Heidi said it made her “very emotional.” Mel B thought Shelton had “something special,” pointing out that during the performance she could “hear a pin drop.” Howard called Johnny “a real artist,” adding he was a great songwriter and had an exceptional sound. The judges yelled “yes” in unison, moving the singer to the next round.

Piff the Magic Dragon, a 34-year-old who mixed magic and comedy, had the judges thoroughly entertained. He brought Heidi onstage and had her mark one card from a full deck. Rather than pull out a card that matched hers, Piff pulled out a different card, then changed hers to match his. Howie, who was on his feet after the trick, noted the magician was “hysterical.” Mel B loved his “silly, stupid, ridiculous sense of humor.” Klum gave him a “thumbs up.” Stern called him a “phenomenal act” that would go very far in the competition. Piff received four “yes” votes and moved on to the next round.

Siro-A was a team that mixed precision dancing with high-tech graphics. Stern noted the routine was “seamless.” Mel B. called it “big and exciting.” Mandel declared them an act people will be talking about tomorrow. They received a unanimous “yes” from the judges and moved on to the next round.

The final act of the night, stuttering comedian Drew Lynch, 24, was left with a speech impediment after suffering vocal trauma as a result of getting hit in the throat with a softball four years earlier. His act included bits about working at a fast-food drive-through and as the voice for a GPS. Howard applauded the hopeful. Howie was so moved by the act that he used his “Golden Buzzer,” advancing the young comic straight to the live shows at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall.

Some acts that didn’t make the cut included a family of parents and two children who performed “The Humongous Whoopie Cushion of Doom,” which featured one of the kids jumping off a ladder onto a giant whoopee cushion; a knife thrower who failed to get one knife to land in the board behind his assistant; and a dancer dressed as a creepy looking baby.

America’s Got Talent airs again next Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Spend Memorial Day Together

Charles Sykes/Bravo(LOS ANGELES) — Although they are divorced, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are still dedicated to raising their two children together.

The pair, along with their kids, attended a party in honor of Memorial Day on Monday at producer Joel Silver’s house in Malibu, reports People magazine.

“Gwyneth and Chris arrived separately,” a source told the magazine. “At the party, they were friendly, hung out with their kids and also mingled. Guests were treated to a barbecue and all seemed to enjoy the party.”

Other celebrities attending the holiday party included Kate Hudson, Courteney Cox with fiancé Johnny McDaid, Tobey Maguire, Minnie Driver, Kate Beckinsale, Diane Kruger, January Jones and Bella Thorne.

Paltrow and Martin, who reached a settlement on their divorce in April, have spent other holidays together since the two split in March 2014 after 10 years of marriage. The pair reportedly also celebrated Mother’s Day together.

According to reports, Martin is now dating Jennifer Lawrence and Paltrow is romantically involved with producer Brad Falchuk.

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Matthew McConaughey Launches “Just Keep Livin'” Clothing Line

Paul Drinkwater/NBC(NEW YORK) — Matthew McConaughey has his own clothing line, dubbed Just Keep Livin’. But don’t worry, the Oscar-winner isn’t trading in time in front of the camera for time behind a sewing machine.

“I don’t think I’m becoming [a designer.] I’m just putting a lot of cool stuff that I have heard along the way on a t-shirt,” he said on Tuesday’s Good Morning America.

McConaughey’s t-shirt designs were inspired by many things. His “Alright, Alright, Alright” tee was inspired by his first movie in 1993, the cult comedy Dazed and Confused, which gave rise to what’s since become his catchphrase. Other shirts, such as “Leave It Like You Found It,” were inspired by his off-screen life.

“‘Leave It Like You Found It’ — that came from a guy I went to college with. He borrowed a lawn mower one time. He cleaned it, returned it with gas. And I was like [wow]…He was like, ‘Hey man, leave it like you found it. Or a little better.'”

A portion of the proceeds from sales of McConaughy’s Just Keep Livin’ clothing line will benefit his ‘s non-profit organization of the same name, which creates and supports after-school fitness and wellness programs in areas of need.

McConaughey’s mother, Mary Kathlene McCabe, joined her son at the launch. Instead of talking clothes, however, she explained how she named her son.

“We were in the hospital and my husband and I could not agree on a name. And I said, ‘I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We’re gonna go to the Bible.’ And so we go to the New Testament, open it up, boom, there’s Matthew, right there it was in front of me.”

“So I said, ‘Okay, we’re going to name him Matthew.’ And that means gift of God. So he was a gift because I wasn’t supposed to have any more children,” she continued.

McConaughey is the youngest of two siblings, Pat and Rooster.

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Kevin Dillon Hints at What to Expect from Drama in “Entourage”

Warner Bros.(NEW YORK) — Kevin Dillon is back as the unlucky older brother, Johnny “Drama” Chase, in the film adaptation of the former HBO series Entourage. So what is Drama up to this time around?

“I just finished up a movie that my brother directed. Vincent Chase directs me in a movie. And you know, I think I did maybe the best work I’ve ever done in my career,” Dillon explained on Tuesday’s Live with Kelly and Michael. “Johnny Drama feels like he’s taking his acting to the next level. Unfortunately, the uppers don’t agree with that and they want to cut me out of the movie so that’s where we’re at.”

Hard times are nothing new to Drama, who always finds himself playing second-fiddle to his younger, superstar brother, Vince, portrayed by Adrian Grenier.

“It’s tough to be Johnny Drama. He’s always having a tough time with everything,” Dillon said, before adding, “That’s the greatest part about him too, is he just keeps getting back up. No matter what happens to him, he dusts himself off and keeps going. He will get down a little bit, but he keeps plugging along.”

Entourage, also starring Kevin Connolly as E, Jerry Ferrara as Turtle and Jeremy Piven as agent Ari Gold, hits theaters June 3.

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“Lawrence of Arabia” Actor Omar Sharif Has Alzheimer’s Disease, Agent Says

David M. Benett/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Actor Omar Sharif, best known for his roles in iconic films like Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia, has Alzheimer’s disease, his agent confirmed to the Los Angeles Times Monday.

Sharif’s London-based agent, Steve Kenis, said the 83-year-old was resting at his home in Egypt. No further details about his condition were given.

The actor’s son, Tarek El-Sharif, first reported his father’s illness to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo on Saturday.

The Egyptian-born Sharif received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia. It was his first English-speaking role. He played the title role in 1965’s Doctor Zhivago, and also starred opposite Barbra Streisand in 1968’s Funny Girl.

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“The Bachelorette” Recap: Kaitlyn Goes on Her First Dates

ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) — Several men fought for the “Bachelorette’s” love — literally — on Monday night’s episode of the ABC series.

For her first group date of the season, Kaitlyn Bristowe invited eight bachelors to a boxing gym, where they were trained by a team led by retired boxer Laila Ali, the daughter of Muhammad Ali. Kupah appeared to be so focused on his training that Kaitlyn said she almost forgot he was on the date. We’ll get back to Kupah in a little bit.

The guys put their newfound skills to the test in a boxing tournament, which culminated with a match between Jared and Ben Z. in the finals. Jared was knocked down hard by Ben Z., and was checked out by a doctor afterward. He commented, “The room isn’t spinning, but it’s kind of wobbly.”

Jared was taken to the hospital, but he made a dramatic return later on, while Kaitlyn was getting better acquainted with the other seven men on the date. She received a cryptic note stating, “Come downstairs right now, I need to see you.” The message turned out to be from Jared, who was waiting for her outside. She gave him a kiss, which may have helped him recover from his loss to Ben Z., at least until Ben Z. received the group date rose.

Clint, an architectural engineer from Chicago, made a splash with Kaitlyn on their one-on-one date. They took part in an underwater photo shoot, which included some pics of the two kissing. Kaitlyn gave Clint a rose at the end of their date, and she declared to the cameras that he’s “just a hunk of a man.”

Seven of the other bachelors were brought to a comedy club for the second one-on-one date. There, they met comedienne Amy Schumer, who helped them prepare for stand-up performances. Most of the men acquitted themselves well on stage, though Tony the healer rambled on about how grateful he was for the opportunity, and did not say anything particularly funny.

Afterward, Kaitlyn had a nice makeout session with Joe, but opted to give the group date rose to JJ, citing his “soft, sensitive side.”

Kaitlyn’s first real drama with a man this season came courtesy of Kupah, who believed she hadn’t been paying enough attention to him. She was surprised, considering she felt the same about him during the group date at the boxing gym. Kaitlyn thought Kupah hadn’t given the Bachelorette process a chance and was questioning her too much.

“To be honest I felt the connection until right now, and now I feel like we’re on different pages,” she told him.

The rift between Kaitlyn and Kupah grew after he recounted their conversation to the other guys. She pulled him aside and informed him she was sending him home, before the rose ceremony. He protested, saying, “I think you’re hot, I think you’re sexy.”

Kaitlyn was not flattered. She quickly replied, “There’s more to me than that.”

Kupah did not go quietly into the night. He was extremely agitated as the Bachelorette crew tried to conduct a post-elimination interview with him outside the mansion. Things became so heated that Kaitlyn stepped outside to intervene. We’ll find out what happened next when a new episode of The Bachelorette airs next week.

Monday night’s episode also confirmed the rumors that the second “Bachelorette,” Britt Nilsson, who was voted off the show by the men, is now dating Brady Toops. You’ll recall that Brady quit the competition to follow his heart and chase after Britt.

We saw footage of Brady showing up to Britt’s room, eating ice cream with her in public, and just being romantic with her.

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Kelly Rutherford Granted Sole Temporary Custody of Her Two Children

Will Hart/NBC(NEW YORK) — After six years in and out of court, one actress’ personal drama might be coming to an end.

A California judge sided with Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford in a custody dispute on May 22, awarding her “sole and legal” temporary custody of her children, Hermes, 8, and Helena, 5, allowing her to retain their U.S. passports so they can return home from Europe, where they’ve been living with their German father and Rutherford’s ex, Daniel Giersch, since 2012.

Rutherford filed for divorce in 2009 and the former couple was supposed to share custody of their children. But when Giersch was refused re-entry to the United States following a trip abroad, a judge ruled Hermes and Helena should reside in France with their father. Rutherford had to fly abroad to visit them.

Rutherford wasn’t accused of any wrongdoing. In fact, the judge agreed that Rutherford had been an excellent parent, but nevertheless felt that it would be in the “best interest” of the children for them to be in one place — even if it was outside the United States — rather than having them fly to see their father.

“I know it’s not right. Parents know,” the actress told ABC News in April. “Everyone knows it’s not right.”

But the 46-year-old mother says when she arrived in France on Thursday, Giersch would not allow her to see the kids until she handed over their passports, prompting her to ask a California court to intervene.

Rutherford first took her case to federal court where her request to get her kids back was denied.

She’s traveling to Monaco this week to retrieve her children, telling ABC News she is “optimistic that Mr. Giersch, after reviewing the order, will cooperate fully.”

Her attorney adds, “Ms. Rutherford is grateful for the decision rendered by the California court and is looking forward to being reunited with her children. We are now focusing all of our energies on obtaining the return of the children from Mr. Giersch.

Giersch has not returned ABC News’ request for a comment.

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“Game of Thrones” Showrunner Explains Most Recent Shocker

Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO(NEW YORK) — SPOILERS AHEAD: Game of Thrones may have noticed that Sunday night’s episode featured a scene that hasn’t yet happened in the books.

Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen finally came face-to-face.

“Creatively it made sense to us, because we wanted it to happen. They’re two of the best characters of the show. To have them come so close together this season, then have them not meet felt incredibly frustrating,” showrunner David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly. “Also, we’re on a relatively fast pace. We don’t want to do a 10-year adaptation of the books, we don’t want to do a nine-year adaptation. We’re not going to spend four seasons in Meereen. It’s time for these two to get together.”

“It’s hard to come up with a more eloquent explanation, but this just felt right,” he continued. “[Varys] puts Tyrion’s mission out there [in the season premiere] and the mission ends in Meereen.”

In the episode, the two characters meet in a pit, and will have their first conversation in next week’s episode. Benioff said that some may find their meeting blasphemous, but he’s “excited” about it.

“We can’t not do something because we’re afraid of the reaction,” he said. “I like to think we’ve always done what’s in the best interest of the show and we hope most people agree.”

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