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“The Walking Dead” Star Norman Reedus Learned to Avoid Biters — Fans, Not Zombies

Mark Schafer/AMC(NEW YORK) — On The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon knows a thing or two about avoiding a fatal bite from walkers on the hit show; in real life, however, it’s a little tougher, seeing as the AMC show has some rabid fans — luckily, not literally.

After all, last year, one bit him.

On Live with Kelly Thursday, Reedus explained how fans of the series give him all sorts of trinkets and other mementos — including “body parts,” like breast implants.

But one fan really left her mark on him when she up and bit him at a fan convention. “There was a really nice lady, and I went in to hug her, and she kind of turned into a werewolf…she kind of howled to the sky and chomped on me…”

Kelly and her guest co-host Carrie Ann Inaba were shocked. “When they escorted her from the building she asked, ‘What happened?’ And they were like, ‘You bit Norman!’ And she said, ‘I did?'”

Indeed, the woman’s Instagram posted proof, with the biter captioning a picture with Reedus with the confession, “Finally got to meet the love of my life, and get banned…because I lost my mind…Got so excited standing beside him… & just turned my head and bit him! I don’t know what came over me. It wasn’t my intention to hurt him. I’m sorry Norman!”

“That’s not even the weirdest thing,” Reedus laughed on Live, “But it’s up there.”

As for October 23rd’s Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, look elsewhere for spoilers, the star recommends. Season 6 ended with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan bludgeoning one of the show’s heroes to death — but the fans still don’t know which one bought it at the end of Lucille, Negan’s barbed wire-covered bat. “It’s one of the biggest seasons and episodes — I can’t imagine it being bigger,” the star says. As for spoilers? “You don’t wanna know. Trust me. I feel people are gonna lose their mind. It’s crazy.”

Apparently we find out which character literally lost their mind right off the…ahem…bat when the show returns October 23 at 9 p.m. Eastern on AMC.

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Hail to the Geek: President Obama’s Essential Sci-Fi Viewing

Photo by Christopher Anderson for WIRED(WASHINGTON, DC) — It’s well known that President Obama is pretty steeped in geek culture. He’s a self-confessed sci-fi fan and even once appeared in a Spider-Man comic, so the POTUS guest-editing Wired magazine‘s a good fit.

As such, the president offers a list of his eight favorite sci-fi movies and shows, and what he thinks about each.

Topping Obama’s list is 1969’s influential Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey, which the president says “captures the grandeur and scale of the unknown.”

Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope made #4 on Mr. Obama’s list, “because it was fun and revolutionized special effects,” and is “the ultimate science-fiction popcorn flick,” and gave birth to the franchise that, “will entertain people for generations to come.”

Obama’s most recent entry on the list is 2015’s The Martian, which he says is “my favorite movie of last year,” in part because it “shows humans as problem solvers.”

Other notables include the original Star Trek TV series, which Obama says “wasn’t actually about technology. It was about values and relationships,” and The Matrix, “because it asks basic questions about our reality — nd looks very cool.”

Here are President Obama’s essential sci-fi TV shows and films:

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey
2. Blade Runner
3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
4. Star Wars
5. Star Trek (the series)
6. The Martian
7. The Matrix
8. Cosmos (original TV series)

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“Hamilton” Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks “Mary Poppins Returns,” and Writing Moana Songs for The Rock

ABC/Heidi Gutman(NEW YORK) — Lin-Manuel Miranda is everywhere these days. The Hamilton composer hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend and the premiere of the much-awaited Hamilton documentary airs on PBS next week.

The Tony winner is also preparing for the release of Moana, the Disney animated movie whose music he composed, and packing for London, where he will spend the next year filming Mary Poppins Returns.

Miranda said Thursday’s Good Morning America that after the show he would be “packing boxes” for London. He’ll play in Mary Poppins Returns, a role similar to the one made famous by Dick Van Dyke in the original Mary Poppins movie, but with a twist.

“This takes place about 20 years after the original Mary Poppins film took place but I get to be around for the adventures with Mary and the kids and sing and dance and do all the fun things,” said Miranda, who will co-star with Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt in the Rob Marshall-directed film.

For Moana, Miranda had to figure out how to give voice to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who voices Maui, the great ocean demigod who helps fearless Moana as she embarks on an epic adventure to discover what is beyond the confines of her island.

“I didn’t know if he could sing so I went on YouTube to sort of find any examples of The Rock singing and what I found was this super cut when he was a bad guy wrestler,” Miranda said, to laughs.

“The fun thing about writing for The Rock is he’s so charming you can give him Gaston-level arrogant lyrics and it’s still charming,” he said, referring to the villain in Beauty and the Beast.

Moana opens November 23 from Disney, the parent company of ABC News.

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New Trailer for “Rogue One: A Star Wars” Story Hits

Lucasfilm/Disney(NEW YORK) — That “boom” you might have heard around quarter to eight Eastern time this morning was the collective explosion of Star Wars fans’ heads upon Good Morning America‘s exclusive release of the final trailer to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The new footage cements what actor Mads Mikkelsen accidentally gave away during an interview months ago: he plays the father of Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso. We discover in the new footage that he is central to the creation of the Death Star, likely forced by the Empire to build it.

Erso is sprung from an Imperial pokey and tasked with a mission to steal plans to the weapon which famously blew up Princess Leia’s adoptive planet of Alderaan in 1977’s original Star Wars adventure, which takes place after the events in this film.

As you might remember in Episode IV, Leia stows the plans in the rusty innards of R2-D2 in that film, and her fellow Rebels eventually find the space station’s Achilles heel: a thermal exhaust port into which Luke Skywalker fired a pair of proton torpedoes, blowing up the whole deal.

The trailer shows Jyn’s band of freedom fighters have their work cut out for them, having to contend not only with the Empire’s military might, but with ambitious Imperial Director Orson Krennic, played by Ben Mendelsohn, and Darth Vader himself.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters Dec. 16, released by Disney, the parent company of ABC News.

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Matthew McConaughey on Proposing to His Wife, and Those Lincoln Car Commercials

Kevin Winter/Getty Image(NEW YORK) — When Matthew McConaughey proposed to his now-wife, Camila Alves, five years ago, it was a bit dramatic for his family.

The actor recalls the moment in a new interview with Esquire. It happened while they were visiting his family during the holidays.

“I remember hitting the knee, looking into her eyes, and…I remember her face,” the Oscar winner shares. “I remember this smile coming up from her feet. I remember her having to catch her breath. And she didn’t say yes right away. And then the whole family was going, ‘Jeezus, she’s gonna say no.'”

Of course, Alves didn’t say no. They married in 2012 and have three kids.

McConaughey and Alves welcomed their first child, Levi, in 2008. “Man is never more masculine than after the birth of his first child,” the actor says. “I don’t mean in a macho way. I mean in terms of giving a man strength.”

McConaughey had a strong response when the topic of his occasionally mocked Lincoln car commercials came up. Why does he appear in the ads? “F*** that. Because I’m going to. And I like ’em…” he says.

McConaughey adds that “they pay well. And they allow me to go and do these other little movies for a lot less.” Esquire notes that he didn’t sound mad while commenting on the commercials.

McConaughey starred in Free State of Jones earlier this year, and lends his voice to the current animated film Kubo and the Two Strings.

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Bob Dylan Wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for VH1(STOCKHOLM) — Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

In this morning’s announcement in Stockholm, Sweden, the 75-year-old legendary singer and songwriter was lauded “for having created new poetic expressions within the Great American song tradition.”

Announcement of the 2016 #NobelPrize in Literature

— The Nobel Prize (@NobelPrize) October 13, 2016

(This is a breaking news story — check back for updates.)

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Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump’s Lewd Behavior “Textbook…Sexual Assault” During “Late Night” Stop

Lloyd Bishop/NBC(NEW YORK) — Vice President Joe Biden Wednesday night blasted Donald Trump over lewd comments made made by the GOP candidate in 2005, calling them “the textbook definition of sexual assault”

“What I found astounding is that he would so publicly…acknowledge that he engaged in the texbook definition of sexual assault,” said Biden during an appearance on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. “He didn’t say you know, ‘I go up and I ask…’ He says, ‘I go up and grab and I can do this…'”

Added Biden, “And then I see in the paper today, one of the pageants…I guess Miss Teen America, and the teen girls — three, four, five in a room — they were getting dressed, they were naked, he walked in and said, ‘Don’t worry girls, I’ve seen all this,’ and he stood there. I mean, this is absolutely outrageous behavior.”

Biden went on: “My dad used to say, ‘The greatest sin of all is the abuse of power. And the cardinal sin of all is a man raising his hand or taking advantage of a woman. And here’s a guy that says…’I’m a billionaire, I’m a star, I’m a celebrity, so I can go in and intimidate women [into] allowing me to assault them and assume they’re not going to say anything.’ That is the ultimate abuse of power.”

Friday, an 11-year-old audio tape leaked of Trump making lewd remarks about women to then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush. Trump has apologized for the tape, describing the comments as “locker room talk.” Since then, numerous other allegations and claims of inappropriate sexual conduct by Trump have surfaced, which Trump has denied.

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Actress Minnie Driver Loves “Speechless” Because It Typifies Cerebral Palsy

ABC – Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) — Minnie Driver is taking on the bold new ABC comedy Speechless in which she plays a mom who will do anything for her husband and her kids, the eldest of whom has cerebral palsy.

The actress said she loves the role “very, very much” because the show “has a message that is truly great.”

“We’re not proselytizing, we’re not forcing that down people’s throats, but rather encouraging people to look at inclusivity in a different way,” Driver, 46, said on Good Morning America Wednesday. “And, certainly, people who are living with disabilities, to just process it and metabolize it differently.”

The Academy Award-nominated actress said the show focuses on “a family with a certain set of challenges” and attempts to “typify something” that is not normally tackled on television.

“I love it because it is typifying something that we, I think for the most part, keep at an arm’s length,” Driver said.

But rather than the takeaway of Speechless being a social message, Driver said simply, “We want people to laugh. Laughter is what breaks down walls.”

Speechless airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Comic Book Hero: Chris Pratt Reflects on Son’s Premature Birth After Visiting Children’s Hospital

ABC – Ida Mae Astute(SEATTLE) — Chris Pratt has already made a name for himself trying to brighten the difficult days of kids recuperating in various hospitals by paying them a visit — sometimes wearing the wardrobe of his Guardians of the Galaxy hero Star-Lord — and on Tuesday, he was at it again.

However, his visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital was particularly close to his heart, as he got to spend time with two babies who, like his and wife Anna Faris’ son Jack, were born prematurely.

“Ever since Jack’s premature birth, we have a special affinity for the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit),” he said in an Instagram snap of the meeting. “Today I spent a little time with Coen and Zion, twins who were born too early only a pound and a half each. Thank you to the doctors and nurses at @seattlechildrens The boys are doing fine. Although they’re both missing their big sis.”

Pratt also took the time to visit with some of the other young patients, and citing scripture, urged people to remember to do some good.

“Thank you @seattlechildrens for the opportunity to come by and brighten some days. My heart is full,” he wrote. “Proverbs 3:27 Don’t withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it.”
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Jim Carrey Sued by Late Girlfriend’s Mother

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) — Jim Carrey, who was sued last month for wrongful death by the husband of his late girlfriend, is now facing a lawsuit from her mother.

Brigid Sweetman, the mother of Cathriona White, claims that the actor gave her daughter three STDs, lied about it, used high-priced lawyers to try to keep her and her family quiet, and gave her illegal drugs.

White committed suicide last year. Her death at the age of 30 was ruled an overdose of prescription drugs, including Ambien and oxycodone.

“Jim Carrey should be ashamed of what he did to my daughter,” Sweetman said in a statement Tuesday. “And he should be ashamed for how he has used his Hollywood attorneys to badmouth Cat’s husband Mark with the hope that nobody will hold him responsible for what he did.”

White’s husband, Mark Burton, claimed in his lawsuit that Carrey illegally obtained and provided the drugs that killed her.

Carrey’s lawyer, Martin Singer, responded to the latest lawsuit with a statement: “It is understandable that a mother who has lost a daughter will look for someone to blame. But in directing her grief and rage at Jim Carrey and joining this ridiculous lawyer’s attempt to capitalize on Cathriona’s suicide, Mrs. Sweetman is heading down the same dark path as Cathriona’s green-card ‘husband,’ Mark Burton.

“On her 30th birthday, just a few days before her suicide, Cathriona White was distraught having received a message from her mother through Facebook that was so destructive and demoralizing that she instantly deleted her Facebook account so her mother could no longer contact her,” the statement continues. “Cathriona often lamented about her contentious relationship with her mother, how she was forced to leave home at the age of 15, and how they had been estranged for years.”

Sweetman is seeking various damages.

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