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Elton John to Score Musical Version of “The Devil Wears Prada”

© 2006, Twentieth Century Fox(NEW YORK) — The Devil is coming to Broadway — and she’s wearing Prada.

Variety reports Elton John is returning to the Great White Way, penning music for an adaptation of the 2006 Meryl Streep/Anne Hathaway hit The Devil Wears Prada.

Elton‘s had great success on Broadway with Billy Elliott and The Lion King. Now he’s been tapped to write a brand-new musical also based on a popular movie about a young woman tasked with being the assistant to a hellish fashion mag editor boss.

Streep earned her 14th Oscar nomination for her role of beastly Miranda Priestly in the adaptation of the 2003 book.

The trade notes that Elton will team with writer Paul Rudnick to create the musical. Rudnick has written plays and screenplays, including the movies Addams Family Values and In & Out.

There’s no timeline yet for the musical, which is being co-produced by Rocket Entertainment, Elton’s husband’s production company.

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Carrie Fisher Wanted Harrison Ford to Sing “Melancholy Wookiee” at Her Oscar Memorial

New York Daily News Archive/Contributor(LOS ANGELES) — Carrie Fisher once wrote that she wanted her obituary to read that she “drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra” — a reference to George Lucas’ reason why Princess Leia couldn’t wear a bra in the gravity-free vacuum of space.

But it turns out Fisher, who died last month at the age of 60, also had some very specific thoughts about how she wanted to be remembered at the Academy Awards — she wanted Harrison Ford to play a big part, for example.

“I asked him if he would be in my death reel, and if he would sing,” Fisher said in a recently-unearthed April 2010 interview with the hosts of the a popular podcast called Rebel Force Radio.

During the interview with hosts Jimmy “Mac” McInerney and Jason Swank, the actress said she had a specific request of Ford, with whom she had a brief yet intense affair during the filming of Star Wars.

“[D]epending on when it happens, there’s a lot of people they can bring out,” Fisher said, adding, “He’s going to sing ‘Melancholy Wookiee'” — which one could imagine would be set to “Melancholy Baby.”

McInerney asked Fisher if she’s ever heard Ford sing. “No, and I don’t think we’re missing much,” was her retort.

Mac, a lifelong fan, told ABC News of the unearthed request in the hopes the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would help fulfill her wish.

“That’s what she’s asking for. You can say she’s being flippant and silly, but that’s what she said she wants,” McInerney said. “We’re looking to create a movement here.”

A spokesperson for the Academy tells ABC News that “as far as we know” Fisher will “most likely” be included in the In Memoriam segment, but at this time there are no plans for a separate tribute.

The 89th Academy Awards air on ABC on Feb. 26, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

ABC News and Lucasfilm, the production company behind Star Wars, are both part of parent company Disney.

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Paula Patton Gets Restraining Order Against Robin Thicke

ABC/Fred Lee(LOS ANGELES) — A judge on Thursday ordered Robin Thicke to have only monitored visits with his 6-year-old son and stay away from his ex-wife, actress Paula Patton, after she accused the singer of emotionally abusing them during an ongoing custody dispute.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Colin Leis issued the temporary restraining order after Patton also accused the singer of physically abusing her during their marriage, which ended in March 2015. She also said Thicke has traumatized her and her son by demanding visitation and refusing to leave her mother’s home last week.

Leis’ order, which will remain in effect until a February 24 hearing, includes a finding that Thicke has a history of domestic violence and is a risk to flee with his son. The order restricts Thicke’s ability to travel outside Los Angeles County with the boy.

Thicke’s attorney Larry Ginsberg wrote in a court filing opposing the restraining order that there was no basis to issue it, and called it a retaliatory move by Patton after she was denied sole custody earlier this month.

Patton’s sworn declaration includes several allegations that Thicke was abusive during their marriage and pushed her to the ground and kicked her during a fight in April 2013.

She also accused him of numerous infidelities during their marriage and of having a substance abuse problem.

Her filing states that Thicke showed up at her mother’s house on January 19 while their son was being interviewed by child services workers and that the singer refused to leave. After the child services workers left, Thicke banged on the door and demanded to see his son, leaving only after Patton’s mother called police, Patton wrote.

“This last incident with Robin was terrifying for me,” Patton wrote. “It was terrifying for our son.”

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“Resident Evil” Girl Power Changes Lives, Says Star Milla Jovovich

2017 – Sony Pictures Entertainment(NEW YORK) — On Friday, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hits theaters; it’s the sixth and reportedly final film in a series that has grossed nearly a billion bucks since its original hit theaters in 2002.

Its central star, Milla Jovovich tells ABC Radio she’s still surprised that that “little indie movie” became a blockbuster franchise — one in which gun-packing girl power is paramount.

That’s why her female fans of the series mean so much to her, she explains. “The ones that really hit me, they’re from countries that say women shouldn’t be doing certain things, certain professions. And they come up, going, you know, ‘I watched Resident Evil, and it changed my life. And it made me get out of where I was, and really follow my dreams.'”

Looking back at when she read the first script, Jovovich recalled — long before The Walking Dead, Zombieland, World War Z and a slew of other undead projects — nobody was using the undead as baddies, which was central to the Resident Evil game in 1996, and then its movie adaptations.

“By the way, we haven’t seen zombies in like almost 20 years,” Milla remembered thinking at the time. “It’s so underground!”

“Now it’s not underground at all,” she said, laughing. “They’ve come up from underground! We brought the undead back to life!”

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“Scandal” Recap: “Survival of the Fittest”

ABC – 2017(LOS ANGELES) — On the season-six premiere of Scandal, Huck and Quinn are seen walking in the woods, where a cabin blows up right in front of them. The explosion leads into election night the day before, where the race is in a dead heat between first lady Mellie Grant and Senator Frankie Vargas.

It appears as if Mellie is going to win, but Olivia looks perplexed because she knows a county is in question. Soon after a tense moment, it’s revealed that Vargas wins. Unfortunately, Mellie refuses to give up, saying she wants to get the officials on the phone to make sure there wasn’t vote tampering.

Knowing the loss was her fault, Olivia breaks down in a separate room. Soon after, President Fitz comes in to tell her to get it together because Mellie is in denial about losing. Olivia pulls it together and tells Mellie “it’s over,” and puts her on the phone with Senator Vargas to officially concede.

As Vargas makes his speech, Mellie and Olivia drink in their sorrows on the bathroom floor. Mellie vents about Cyrus Beene being on the winning team, but Oliva warns Mellie to “be nice” to the man who may possibly become president.

Meanwhile, we find out that president-elect Vargas is shot while making his victory speech. Now Fitz and the White House are scrambling to find the shooter. Abby goes to the hospital to put it on lock down, while the gladiators are in work mode to conduct their own investigation.

Liv visits Marcus Walker, the press secretary, to learn Vargas’ condition. He reveals that the president-elect is on his deathbed. Soon after, he’s seen flat-lining.

During this time, Fitz meets with David Rosen to find out who will become president if Vargas dies. Rosen says Fitz ultimately gets to make that decision — by way of his endorsement.

To find out who killed Vargas, Olivia visits her father, Eli, who denies his involvement, but admits Vargas’ death is a good thing because now Mellie can be president. Eli then reveals that it’s Cyrus Beene who killed Vargas — so he could become president in Vargas’ place.

Olivia tells the gladiators to investigate Cyrus, and also tells Mellie that with Frankie dead, it’s time for her to step up. However, Mellie says she’s done with running for president. Olivia says she’s not.

Meanwhile, the president is still pondering whom he wants to endorse: Cyrus or Mellie. He tells Abby not to let Vargas’ wife announce his death until he can make up his mind. Olivia visits the president to advocate for Mellie, and tells him that Cyrus killed Vargas to get into the White House. Fitz says he needs proof, and gives Liv until the morning to confirm it. Back at the office, the Gladiators and Charlie try to figure out how Cyrus is connected.

At the White House, Fitz and Mellie vent to each. Fitz tells Mellie he has to choose between her and Cyrus, and Mellie tells Fitz she wants the presidency.

At Pope and Associates, the gladiators still can’t confirm Cyrus was the culprit, so Liv goes to the hospital to confront Cyrus — but stops her pursuit once she sees that he’s in shock. Now realizing that Cyrus is not in his right mind, Olivia tells Fitz it wasn’t Cyrus, and tells him “he knows what to do.” Fitz then visits Cyrus at the hospital and gives him his endorsement as president.

In the final minutes of the premiere, Marcus breaks the news to Mellie that Cyrus Beene is going to be president. Charlie reveals he wants to marry Quinn, and she accepts, while Huck discovers there is a missing call on the tip line from someone on the Vargas team.

After Huck and Quinn investigate and find the body of the woman who gave the tip, Charlie unlocks the call to which everyone at Pope and Associates learn that it was indeed Cyrus who shot Vargas.

During this time, Fitz publicly endorses Cyrus, while Olivia goes to Cyrus’ new headquarters and tells him she knows he killed the president-elect.

Scandal returns next Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

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“Mannix” Star Mike Connors Dead at 91

Getty Images; Bettmann/Contributor(LOS ANGELES) — Mike Connors, best remembered for playing Joe Mannix, the Korean War vet-turned two-fisted good-guy private eye in the hit TV series Mannix, has died at age 91, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The series, which ran on CBS for eight seasons through 1975 and made Connors one of television’s highest-paid actors, also featured Gail Fisher as Mannix’s secretary, Peggy Fair — a rare regular series role for an African-American woman at the time, one that earned her an Emmy and two Golden Globes. Connors also won a Golden Globe for his performance on the series.

Connors’ other TV credits include Tightrope, Today’s FBI and 1989’s Crimes of the Century, which he hosted. He also played Robert Mitchum’s war buddy in the miniseries War and Rememberance. His film credits include 1956’s The Ten Commandments and 1979’s Avalanche Express.

Born Kreker J. Ohanian, Connors served in the Air Force during World War II, and later played basketball at UCLA on a scholarship. Later in life, he was active in charitable organizations, and served as a spokesperson for the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

Connors and his wife Mary Lou celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2005. They had two children together — son Matthew Gunner Ohanian and daughter Dana Lou Connors.

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“A Dog’s Purpose” and “Gold” Among This Weekend’s New Releases

L-R: Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez in “Gold”; Patrick Brown/The Weinstein Company(NEW YORK) — Here’s a look at the new movies opening nationwide Friday:

* A Dog’s Purpose — A dog, voiced by Josh Gad, is reincarnated multiple times as different dogs over a period of five decades and ultimately finds his true purpose in life though the various owners whose lives he touches. Also starring Dennis Quaid and Peggy Lipton. Rated PG.

* Gold — Matthew McConaughey plays a prospector in search of his lucky break who meets up with an eager geologist, played by Edgar Ramirez, in this adventure thriller based on true events. Together, they head to the jungle of Indonesia in search of gold. Bryce Dallas Howard also stars. Rated R.

* Resident Evil: The Final Chapter — The sixth and final film in the sci-fi horror franchise picks up where the last one, Resident Evil: Retribution, left off, with Alice — played by Milla Jovovich — as the sole survivor of what was intended to be humanity’s last stand against the undead. Now, she must return to Raccoon City, where it all began, and help the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse fight the evil Umbrella Corporation. Also starring Ali Larter and Game of Thrones‘ Iain Glen. Rated R.

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Review: “A Dog’s Purpose” (PG)

Universal(NEW YORK) — Josh Gad is the voice of a dog’s soul that is, literally, born again and again and again, and again. The one constant? He wants to know what his purpose is. Why does he keep coming back for more? That’s similar to the question you’ll be asking yourself throughout the movie: Why do I keep watching this?

For the first 25 minutes, I kept forcing myself to find reasons to endure the snail-paced, boring narrative. I have a deep appreciation for the gifted Gad –you must check out the online video he posted this week, trying to get Daisey Ridley to explain why the next Star Wars film is called The Last Jedi. I also like dogs. But this dog’s inane dialogue, which consists of canine observations informed by a human perspective, makes zero sense within the film’s fantasy world.

For instance, in the dog’s first life, he’s never met a human boy before. But when he does, he instantly knows he’s a human boy, and knows he’s called a “boy.” If that’s the case, how come he doesn’t know his tail is called a tail?

To give us insight into what kind of lives this dog leads, we see him as a Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd, some sort of spaniel, some kind of little dog, and a mutt. All adorable, though that’s sometimes undermined by the dialogue. The human drama surrounding each dog’s life, on occasion, makes the movie slightly more relatable and, at times, likable. Each of his owners has a conflict: a family with an abusive father, a single woman who thinks she’ll never find love, a lonely divorced cop, and a white-trashy couple who puts zero effort into taking care of the dog.

Full disclosure: I cried a few times, but only because watching a person’s heart break while their pet is being put to sleep is profoundly sad. This movie’s only redeeming quality is they hired good actors — though do you really have to be a good actor to fake being sad over the death of a pet? The answer is, yes — and those actors include Britt Robertson, Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton, John Ortiz, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and more.

Overall, A Dog’s Purpose is cornier than an Iowa cornfield. OMG. Except for those parts that’ll make you cry, because, you know, you have a heart, you love animals and have probably lost a pet or two during your life. But you’re not going to laugh at the parts that are supposed to be funny, nor or have empathy when you’re supposed to have empathy. Those moments, and the religious and spiritual undertones, get lost in a poor script adaptation of W. Bruce Cameron’s novel, and some disappointing directing by Lasse Hallström.

The only reason I stayed to watch A Dog’s Purpose is because it’s my job and, from past experience, I know a movie can get better. A Dog’s Purpose does get better — but never to a point where it’s a good movie.

Two out of five stars.

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Iranian Actress to Boycott Oscars over President Trump’s Immigration Stance

Dominique Charriau/WireImage(TEHRAN) — Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti, the star of best foreign language film nominee The Salesman, has announced that she will be boycotting the Oscars over President Trump’s expected restrictions on immigration to the United States from certain countries with terror ties.

“Trump’s visa ban for Iranians is racist,” Alidoosti tweeted earlier today. “Whether this will include a cultural event or not, I won’t attend the #AcademyAwards 2017 in protest.”

Trump could reportedly move to suspend some immigration to the United States from Iran, as well as Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Syria.

When asked about a “Muslim ban” this week, Trump said, ‘No, it’s not the Muslim ban. But it’s countries that have tremendous terror.”

“And it’s countries that people are going to come in and cause us tremendous problems,” Trump told ABC News Wednesday in his first one-on-one television interview as president. “Our country has enough problems without allowing people to come in who, in many cases or in some cases, are looking to do tremendous destruction.”

His actions could mean suspending visa and refugee programs, including those for people from war-torn Syria.

Alidoosti, 33, stars in The Salesman, which was nominated earlier this week for a best foreign language film Oscar. The film’s director, Asghar Farhadi, previously won an Oscar in the same category for his 2012 film A Separation.

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Selena Gomez Releases Trailer for New Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why,” Hangs with Weeknd at Arcade

Image Group LA/ABC

(LOS ANGELES) — She’s not starring in, but Selena Gomez is still super-excited about the new series she’s executive-producing for Netflix.

The singer has posted a teaser trailer for the series, called 13 Reasons Why, on Instagram, with the caption, “A peek at a passion project I’ve been working on with Netflix.”

13 Reasons Why is based on the best-selling YA novel of the same name. It’s about a high school student named Hannah who commits suicide, but leaves behind a shoe box full of cassette tapes with her classmate, with instructions to pass them along to 12 other students. Each tape explains how they all were, directly or indirectly, involved in her death.

“If you want to know the truth, just press play,” says Hannah in the trailer.

13 Reasons Why debuts on Netflix March 31.

In other Selena news, E! reports that she and her new boyfriend The Weeknd were spotted out in Hollywood Wednesday night with pals like Jaden Smith and French Montana. They spent the evening at Dave and Buster’s, and Selena and Abel — that’s The Weeknd’s birth name — left the place at 3 a.m. holding hands. An onlooker said the two seem to be “smitten” with one another.

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