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Death of NJ Preschooler May Be Linked to Enterovirus

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — The mysterious respiratory illness enterovirus that has been striking children throughout the country is spreading fast, and may be the cause of a preschooler’s death.

Authorities in New Jersey are investigating if the death of a four-year-old boy, who suffered from a respiratory illness, may be from a rare strain of the disease. Officials have ordered that the boy’s preschool classroom be sanitized.

The virus is spreading quickly; nearly three weeks ago, 11 states were affected by enterovirus, and as of Friday, 45 states have confirmed or suspected cases.

Bcause testing for enterovirus takes time, officials believe the number of confirmed cases could keep growing.

Doctors say washing your hands is the best way to keep the virus from spreading.

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No Charges Will Be Filed in Toxic Tea Incident

iStock/Thinkstock(SALT LAKE CITY) — No charges will be filed in the case of a Utah woman became seriously sick after unknowingly drinking iced tea mixed with a chemical at a restaurant.

The Salt Lake County Attorney says, after reviewing evidence, there is no indication of criminal wrongdoing. A restaurant employee reportedly mistakenly mixed lye– a heavy duty cleaner– into an iced-tea dispenser, thinking it was sugar.

Jan Harding, 67, drank the tea and became seriously ill. Harding is now calling for increased safety training in the restaurant industry.

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Company Tests Program that Delivers Airline Food to Your Home YORK) — An online grocery store thinks airline food delivered to customers’ homes could be the next big thing.

German company will spend this month and the next figuring out if there’s enough to make its program Air Food One a permanent offering. The food is similar to that found in Lufthansa’s business class, but “even fresher.”

The meals are “inspired by airplane food,” Allyouneed spokesman Max Thinius said, noting that there’s a demand for heat-and-serve food among its client base, so they approached the airline caterers LSG to see about a partnership.

“The idea,” Thinius said, “is to invent meals that are prepared fresh and just needs to be heated in the oven. So LSG prepares all the fresh food, we deliver it cool but not frozen and if you heat it up you have a meal which is mostly like you cooked yourself, depending on how well you cook.”

One target group is families, he said, and another one is elderly people and consultants — people who work somewhere Monday until Thursday and don’t want to eat out all the time.

One would think that a person who travels so much might be sick of airline food. But Thinius said airline food in Germany — which is typically only served in business class — is a superior quality to the airline food we’ve become accustomed to in the United States.

Air Food One meals are also available on planes, Thinius said. And with items such as grilled fish and risotto and steak with vegetables, the time may have come to book a business-class flight to Germany.

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First Lady Michelle Obama to Make Her “Chew” Debut

Chuck Kennedy/The White House(NEW YORK) — The first lady joined co-hosts Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Daphne Oz of ABC’s The Chew earlier this week to discuss improving school nutrition and the importance of cooking at home, ABC announced Friday. Obama was also joined by Sam Kass, assistant White House chef and executive director of her Let’s Move! Initiative to fight childhood obesity.

“It was an honor to have the first lady join us in our kitchen,” said executive producer Gordon Elliott. “Ms. Obama, along with Sam Kass and their team, are making real strides in the fight against childhood obesity and the nationwide need to improve the nutritional value of school lunches. We commend her for the work she, Sam and the Let’s Move! team are doing.”

During their appearance, Kass demonstrated a recipe created by a young chef at the Third Annual Lunchtime Challenge and Kids’ State Dinner. The episode will air on Oct. 3 at 1 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Police Officer Gets Kidney Donation from Stranger After Viral Photo

Courtesy the Callaway family(GREENSBORO, Ga.) — A Georgia police officer is recovering in an Atlanta hospital after receiving a kidney transplant from a stranger who was moved to donate the organ after reading a news story about the officer and his family.

Raleigh Callaway is recovering after undergoing a kidney transplant Thursday at Emory University Hospital, according to the Greensboro Police Department in Greensboro, Georgia.

The long-time police detective had been diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney failure earlier this year, meaning he would likely need a transplant to survive. As a last-ditch effort, Callaway — along with his wife and young daughters — posed for a photo this summer with his daughters holding a sign that read, “Our Daddy Needs A Kidney!”

After the photo went viral on social media, Chris Carroll, who is from McKinney, Texas, came across the story and was moved by it. After reading a story about it, he immediately called his wife to tell her he wanted to donate his kidney.

“He saw Raleigh’s picture and read the story and called me and said ‘I feel God is telling me to do this,’” recalled Carroll’s wife, Veronica Carroll. “I said I don’t argue with God.”

Chris Carroll was sent a test kit from Emory and found to be a match. Callaway and his family celebrated the news by posting a new series of photos with each family member holding a sign that read, “We found a kidney for daddy!”

Veronica Carroll said that when the two families both arrived at Emory earlier this month they instantly bonded.

“They’re saying ‘We don’t know how to thank you,’” Veronica Carroll said of Callaway and his family. “We already feel like we’ve got blessings form this. This is not a one way situation. We feel very blessed to be a part of it.”

“We’re family now,” she said, “we’re just family.”

Chris Carroll is now recovering just a few doors down from Callaway and even managed to walk a few steps to visit the police officer, according to his wife.

“There was tears and happiness, it was a wonderful reunion,” Veronica Carroll said.

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Working Long and Hard May Heighten Diabetes Risk

iStock/Thinkstock(LONDON) — Working 55 hours or more a week can heighten the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new study.

However, lead author Mika Kivimaki from the University College London says the risk is much greater for people who do manual labor or other so-called “low socioeconomic status jobs.”

Without establishing a cause-and-effect relationship, Kivimaki’s research team determined that individuals in these lower-income professions who work 55 hours or more are 30 percent more likely to contract type 2 diabetes than people who only put in 35 to 40 hours weekly.

These findings were made from evaluating 222,000 workers over an average of 7.6 years from the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia.

Kivimaki’s surmised that laborers who worked the longer hours may be more susceptible to diabetes because they tend not to exercise and have a hard time both relaxing and sleeping.

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Take a Hike…to Feel Less Stressed

iStock/Thinkstock(ANN ARBOR, Mich.) — If you can’t see the forest for the trees, at least take a walk in the woods because it might help you to de-stress.

A multi-school study led by the University of Michigan has determined that outdoor group hikes might cure what ails you, especially if you suffered a personal traumatic event such as a death in the family, a break-up or a firing.

Senior author Sara Warber says that while common wisdom dictates that a little fresh air and a walk are good for people, “there haven’t been many studies of this large size to support the conclusion that these behaviors actually improve your mental health and well-being.”

After evaluating close to 2,000 people who belong to a English walking club, Warber and her team concluded that such an activity “may not only improve someone’s daily positive emotions but may also contribute a non-pharmacological approach to serious conditions like depression.”

Best of all, according to Warber, this kind of natural therapy doesn’t cost a dime.

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11-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Invents IV Backpack

ABC News(NAUGATUCK, Conn.) — An 11-year-old girl from Connecticut is spending the first months of her new school year handling a patent application, raising money online and screening companies that want to make her big idea — an IV pediatric backpack for kids with cancer — a reality.

Kylie Simonds, of Naugatuck, Connecticut, was in fifth grade last year when she took a standard classroom assignment — create something to solve an everyday problem — and turned it into something that could help thousands of kids with cancer.

“I came up with it from when I had cancer,” Simonds told ABC News. “When I had chemo, I had to pull around the big IV pack, so I came up with this backpack.”

“I remember tripping over all the wires, getting tangled up and having to drag this big thing around,” said Simonds, who underwent months of chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries to beat rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer she was diagnosed with three years ago, at age 8.

“I would have loved this thing for myself,” she said.

The backpack prototype, which won Simonds four awards at a statewide invention convention, includes details like a drip bag protection cage so kids can move around without fearing they will puncture the medicine bag and an IV controller built into the bag to control the bag’s flow rate.

“I worked with my mom and dad to actually make it and my nurses and doctors gave me some tips,” Simonds said. “They were saying it has to be light and portable and there has to be something that protects it if you sit back, so I thought of the metal cage that protects it.”

Right now, the bag features a Hello Kitty design but, Simonds said, the bag’s future will include customizable designs for boys and girls.

A GoFundMe page created by Simonds and her parents to raise money for her backpack design has already raised nearly $47,000 in two months.

“Some companies have already emailed us about how they want to help us,” said Simonds, who was treated at Yale Cancer Center in Connecticut. “My dad had to look through the emails to see which ones really want to help us and we found some companies that are good and we’re going to work with them.”

Friends Simonds made while undergoing cancer treatment have already been emailing her to say they want the backpack now, she said.

“It’s just touching my heart,” Simonds added.

Though Simonds’ big idea is receiving nationwide attention and could have an impact on thousands of people, it is her fifth-grade teacher, who gave her the assignment in the first place, who may be the most impressed.

“She was just shocked and amazed,” Simonds said of her teacher. “She was really, really happy and excited to see it.”

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“Grey’s Anatomy” Star Says Shonda Rhimes Predicted Her Pregnancy

ABC/Todd Wawrychuk(NEW YORK) — It seems there’s nothing Shonda Rhimes can’t do.

Actress Sarah Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner on Rhimes’ hit show Grey’s Anatomy, said Rhimes even predicted her second pregnancy.

“She wrote the pregnancy into the show before I was even pregnant. Shonda knows everything!” Drew declared in the October-November issue of Fit Pregnancy.

On the show, which returns for its 11th season Thursday night, Drew’s character is expecting her first child with onscreen husband Jackson Avery, played by new dad Jesse Williams.

But off screen, she is expecting her second in December with husband Peter Lanfer, a professor at UCLA. The pair are already parents to 2-year-old son Micah Emmanuel. They are waiting to find out the sex of their second child.

Drew, 33, told Fit Pregnancy she’s enjoying her second pregnancy more than the first.

“The first time it wasn’t just the physicality, it was the emotional weight, too,” she said. “I was mourning the end of a massive chapter in my life. I know that sounds weird.”

She added, “Emotionally, I was a basket case and I had a lot of fear. This time around it’s been really delightful, because I have the example in front of me of what happens when the child comes out. And yeah, it’s changed my life, but I’m really happy with the way things have changed. Your desires and the things that you love shift. You grow and adjust.”

One of the ways Drew has grown is by letting go of trying to be the perfect parent. After struggling to breast-feed Micah, she ended up pumping her breast milk and feeding it to him through a bottle for a year.

“I honestly think the biggest trials end up teaching you how to let go,” she told Fit Pregnancy. “So the breast-feeding thing was a huge lesson for me: that this is not the end of the world. I was a control freak about sleep for the first six months of Micah’s life, and now it’s like, OK, if he has a late night, he’s actually perfectly fine. His life isn’t ruined. My life isn’t ruined.

“So yes, I’ve learned to let go, and now I live a much more relaxed and happier life.”

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Eating Fruits and Vegetables Really Do Make You Feel Better

iStock/Thinkstock(COVENTRY, England) — The magic bullet that might help to boost your mental well-being is located in the produce section of your local supermarket.

It sounds like a joke but Dr. Saverio Stranges and his team at the University of Warwick’s Medical School are dead serious about the medicinal effects of fruits and vegetable on one’s emotional state.

By examining data from the Health Survey for England, Stranges and other researchers learned that 33.5 percent of people reporting high mental well-being, that is, the ability to cope with life’s everyday stressors, ate five or more portions of fruits and vegetables daily.

However, when they looked up information about those in the survey who consumed less than one serving of fruits and vegetable each day, just 6.8 percent reported high mental well-being.

Meanwhile, unhealthy habits like drinking and conditions such as obesity were not associated with optimum emotional health.

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