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Japanese Scientist Claims Nobel Prize for Medicine

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(STOCKHOLM) — A Japanese scientist was awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, the Nobel Committee secretary Thomas Perlmann announced Monday in Stockholm.

Yoshinori Ohsumi became 2016’s only Nobel Laureate for his discovery of “mechanisms underlying autophagy, a fundamental process for degrading and recycling cellular components,” according to a press release from the Nobel committee. That means that Ohsumi’s research has resulted in a new understanding of how a cell can recycle its own content.

In an interview following Monday’s Nobel announcement, Ohsumi gave his reaction to receiving the Nobel Prize: surprise.

“I heard that, single only, me! It was also a surprise for me,” he said, referring to the rarity of a single Nobel Laureate.

Ohsumi plans to travel to Stockholm to receive his award in December.

Announcement of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

— The Nobel Prize (@NobelPrize) October 3, 2016

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Former Horse Jumper with Parkinson’s Disease Gets Her Wish to Ride One More Time

Ed Vermeulen/Beeldwerk TV(AMSTERDAM) — An 87-year-old former horse jumper with Parkinson’s disease got her wish to ride again.

Nelly Jacobs, of the Netherlands, was diagnosed with the debilitating disease more than three decades ago, forcing her to give up riding. Now she spends most her days in a wheelchair in her nursing home.

But, thanks to Hidden Desires, a project of two charities called The Care Group and the Green Cross, Jacobs was granted her wish to ride a horse again at a nearby riding school.

“Horses have always been important to her; ever since she was a child, until her Parkinson’s got the best of her,” Jacobs’ son Jan said in a now viral Facebook video.

He added, “Her uncle Fons put her on a horse when she was 9. Later on, she rode several horses and she even made a decent jumper.”

Jan accompanied his mother to the riding school where she was able to meet several horses in a stable and even smell the hay, an aroma she called “delicious,” before riding.

“This is a very emotional day for her,” her son said. “So she won’t be able to speak, but I can tell she loves every second of seeing the horses, smelling the stables,” her son said. “These things matter to her because she must have missed it at the nursing home.”

After her meet-and-greet, Jacobs was brought to an enclosed arena. She was then gently lifted onto the backs of two horses, who rode side-by-side.

Jacobs called the experience “wonderful” as a broad smile appeared on her face.

“Lots of memories are coming back to her,” her son said in the video. “Her whole life revolved around horses, so through this experience, she’s able to feel the joy again and reminisce about things from her past.”

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New Drug Shows Promising Treatment for Chronic Eczema, Study Says

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Atopic dermatitis, also known as Eczema, makes the skin become extremely itchy – and those who scratch the itch can end up with redness, swelling, cracking, crusting and scaling.

Sufferers may also experience “flares”, in which the condition temporarily worsens. By some estimates, 1.6 million Americans experience moderate to severe/chronic forms of the condition, and there are few effective treatments.

A pair of phase 3 placebo-controlled trials publisned in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that a drug known as dupilumab may help a substantial portion of these sufferers. Dupilumab is made by the French drug maker Sanofi.

For those with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis given the drug for 16 weeks, about 37% saw their conditions improve or clear, compared to only 8% to 10% of those taking a placebo, according to the NEJM study.

Researchers say longer duration trials are in progress. While not yet approved for atopic dermatitis, the drug is on a fast-track for FDA approval and may be up for consideration next spring.

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Robin Williams’ Widow Pens Emotional Essay About Mental Health and the Comedian’s Final Days

iStock/Thinkstock (NEW YORK) — Robin Williams’ widow, Susan Schneider Williams, has penned an emotional essay about the celebrated actor and comedian’s final days.

Williams committed suicide on Aug. 11, 2014. He was 63.

In her essay, published in the medical journal Neurology and titled “The Terrorist Inside My Husband’s Brain,” Schneider Williams wrote that she hopes her words will “help make a difference in the lives of others.”

“Not only did I lose my husband to LBD, I lost my best friend,” she wrote. “Robin and I had in each other a safe harbor of unconditional love that we had both always longed for.”

Schneider Williams continued, “For 7 years together, we got to tell each other our greatest hopes and fears without any judgment, just safety. As we said often to one another, we were each other’s anchor and mojo: that magical elixir of feeling grounded and inspired at the same time by each other’s presence.”

Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson disease in May 2014, but a coroner’s report after his death revealed that he also had Lewy body dementia, a common but hard-to-diagnose condition that may have contributed to his decision to commit suicide, medical experts have said.

Williams’ widow detailed how the disease affected his life.

“He had been struggling with symptoms that seemed unrelated: constipation, urinary difficulty, heartburn, sleeplessness and insomnia, and a poor sense of smell and lots of stress,” she wrote. “He also had a slight tremor in his left hand that would come and go.”

Along with “fear and anxiety,” Schneider Williams said that “some symptoms were more prevalent than others, but these increased in frequency and severity over the next 10 months.”

His widow even recalled an incident when Williams was filming “Night at the Museum 3” in April 2014. Williams had a panic attack on the Vancouver set.

“During the filming of the movie, Robin was having trouble remembering even one line for his scenes, while just 3 years prior he had played in a full 5-month season of the Broadway production ‘Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo,’ often doing two shows a day with hundreds of lines — and not one mistake. This loss of memory and inability to control his anxiety was devastating to him,” she wrote.

“He kept saying, ‘I just want to reboot my brain,'” she wrote.

Schneider Williams concluded her essay by addressing researchers and doctors studying Lewy body dementia.

“You and your work have ignited a spark within the region of my brain where curiosity and interest lie and within my heart where hope lives,” she said. “I want to follow you. Not like a crazed fan, but like someone who knows you just might be the one who discovers the cure for LBD and other brain diseases.”

“Thank you for what you have done, and for what you are about to do,” she closed.

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Kelly Clarkson Explains Why She Sings Differently After Giving Birth

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Kelly Clarkson has been in the studio working on her forthcoming soul album.

But the singer admitted that she’s having a much better time in her recording sessions since giving birth to her second child, Remington, back in April.

Asked what’s “been the best day in the studio so far,” Clarkson replied: “Girlfriend, coming back from being pregnant.”

“[It’s] a weird thing for your diaphragm — even how you breathe normally,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“Apply that to singing, which you need a ton of breath for. It’s just a different thing to build back up,” she admitted.

Remington is the second child for Clarkson, 34, and husband Brandon Blackstock. The couple, who wed in 2013, are also parents to 2-year-old daughter River Rose.

The former “American Idol” winner said that now that she’s not with child, she can sing in full force on her upcoming album, due out in 2017.

The big sis love is real ? #river&remy

— Kelly Clarkson (@kelly_clarkson) July 20, 2016

“Two weeks ago, I was doing lead vocal on this song that I am just in love with in this studio in my house, and the producer was here, and I flipped out,” she recalled. “It’s funny because it’s on camera. We’re filming all of it. It’s the day my voice came full-on back, like exactly what I wanted.”

“I sounded amazing. I was so excited. My producer was laughing so hard because I was freaking out,” Clarkson added.

For fans who may be wondering why Clarkson is recording a soul album, the singer told EW that she’s “always wanted to make this album and I just haven’t been able to.”

“While it is still pop, it’s way more soulful,” she added. “The sound is so innate in me. It’s just so natural. It’s like, ‘God! You should have been making records like this the whole time.'”

“And I love making all different kinds of records, so it’s not like I’m mad about it or anything,” Clarkson continued. “I’ve just wanted to make this particular record since I was in junior high.”

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NJ Man Arrested After Allegedly Wearing Plastic Wrap Bikini at Beach

iStock/Thinkstock(BEACH HAVEN, N.J.) — A man was arrested on a Long Beach Island beach and charged with lewdness after reports he was wearing a plastic wrap bikini, according to Beach Haven Police.

Police said in a Facebook post Wednesday that 59-year-old Stephen Wojciehowski of Cedar Run, New Jersey, wore the “homemade, clear plastic wrap bikini, where his genitals were clearly exposed and observed by the public” for two days on the beach.

The beachgoer was arrested by police in Beach Haven on Monday and charged with lewdness.

Wojciehowski was released pending future court proceedings, according to police.

“The Beach Haven Police would like to thank the public for their assistance with this matter,” police said in the Facebook post.

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Trump Ad Featuring Ivanka Focuses on Childcare for Working Families

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — With 39 days left until voters head to the polls, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, is now headlining a television ad on behalf of her father’s campaign. According to the campaign, the ad will begin airing in the coming days nationwide on cable and in key battleground states targeting women voters.

“The most important job any women can have is being a mother,” Ivanka Trump says in the spot.

She also discusses her father’s proposals for working families and childcare tax deductions. “This will allow women to support their families and further their careers,” she says.

Just a few weeks ago, Ivanka hit the trail with her father as he released his plan for childcare for working families.

“As I have traveled around the country with my father, stories about the hardships caused by our existing child care system —- one that is too expensive, too outdated and too inaccessible — come up time and time again,” Trump’s daughter said during her remarks in Aston, Pennsylvania.

During the primaries, Ivanka Trump hosted YouTube videos targeted to early voting states with directions on how and where to vote. The campaign says Ivanka Trump will increase her trips on the trail in the coming weeks.

Trump’s three eldest children — Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric — have been on the campaign trail dividing themselves among battleground states hosting both small events and fundraisers on their father’s behalf.

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CDC Warns All Men with Possible Zika Exposure to Wait 6 Months Before Attempting to Procreate

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — If you and your partner are thinking about getting pregnant, there’s a new warning to keep in mind as the Zika virus continues to spread.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its guidelines for men who traveled to an area affected by Zika or who have symptoms. Previously, men without symptoms were warned by health officials to wait eight weeks before attempting to conceive with their partner, and men with symptoms were told to wait six months.

Now the CDC says all men with possible Zika exposure, regardless of whether they have symptoms, should wait six months before attempting to have a baby, according to the CDC.

The Zika virus can cause birth defects, including microcephaly, a disease characterized by an abnormally small brain and head.

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Deli Menu Perfectly Sums Up Pain of Parents Dining with Kids

iStock/Thinkstock(ALTOONA, Pa.) — It’s the Deli at Mansion Park’s first stab at a kids’ menu, and they nailed it.

The Altoona, Pennsylvania, establishment has already seen an uptick in business, manager Brian Stroh told ABC News.

“As a single dad, I go out with my daughter fairly often and I remember what it was like,” he said.

He’s getting a kick out of the online comments since the photo, posted on Babble, among others, has gone viral. [Editor’s note: The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of both Babble and ABC News.]

“It seems like every parent feel like this was written about their kid,” Stroh said.

“You always hear the arguments between parents and kids, ‘Do you want this, do you want that,’ so we just decided to make it funny,” he added.

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Dog Born Without Paws Gets Second Chance Thanks to Wheelchair

Kitiya Boonyung/@Maya_Siberian/Instagram(NEW YORK) — Maya, a 3-year-old Siberian husky, was born without paws on all four legs due to a congenital disorder.

“She was born from inbreeding…by [the] owner of bad farm,” owner Kitiya Boonyung told ABC News.

When Boonyung, 23, adopted her from a Bangkok, Thailand, shelter as a puppy, Maya was also dealing with hip issues and could barely stand.

Boonyung said she didn’t care about the husky’s abnormalities. When Maya turned 1, Boonyung took her to a veterinarian, who outfitted her in a wheelchair that cost around $120.

Initially the wheelchair was difficult to learn for Maya to use. But now, the dog “will use it when she goes for a walk outside and goes to exercise,” according to Boonyung.

“She can stretch her legs straight and can stand more than before [with her]… wheelchair,” Boonyung added.

Maya is “playful and strong,” the owner gushed.

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