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Carey Gets Funds For Culvert Project

5/6/14 – 6:44 A.M.

A culvert project in Carey is getting more funding. The Courier reports the Ohio Public Works Commission has granted the village $235,000. The commission is also giving a $167,500 zero-interest loan to the town. The rest of the $700,000 project will be paid for from Carey’s stormwater utility fund.

The village will use the money to build a culvert extension in Spring Run. The drainage ditch often overflows during heavy rain, flooding Carey streets in the process.

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Bluffton Sidewalk Ordinance Tabled

5/6/14 – 5:25 A.M.

Bluffton’s sidewalk ordinance has been tabled, at least for now. The Courier reports village council declined to have a third reading on the subject Monday. Instead council referred the measure to the Streets and Alleys Committee. The group will look over changes made to the ordinance during their May 14 meeting. If they sign off on the ordinance, council will have a third reading during their May 19 meeting.

If the amendment is approved, the village will pay for the cost of installing sidewalks in areas where they are needed. Residents would be responsible for paying for repairs. The original ordinance required residents to pay for installation costs as well.

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Arlington Water Rates Could Go Up This Summer

5/6/14 – 5:11 A.M.

Arlington residents can expect to see higher water bills this year. The village council is looking to keep the sewer fund out of the red and are proposing changes in water rates. As it stands now, customers pay a base rate of $15.70 every two-months for the first 1,000 gallons used. After that the cost is $2.80 for every 1,000 gallons beyond the base rate.

A new proposal suggests a flat $15.70 per customer fee. Every thousand gallons used would cost $3.40.

The changes could take place July 1 if village council approves.

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Bluffton’s Mayor Stepping Down

5/6/14 – 4:58 A.M.

Bluffton’s mayor will step down this summer. The Courier reports Dennis Gallant made the announcement at Monday’s village council meeting. Gallant is taking a job in Sandusky. He hasn’t set a date for his resignation just yet. He told council members he’ll use the next couple of months to prepare for his move.

Gallant took over the Mayor’s role last March, when he was appointed to replace Eric Fullcomer. Gallant was the council president at the time. He was elected to be Mayor in November.

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Counterfeit Money Being Used At Area Businesses

5/6/14 – 4:48 A.M.

Counterfeit bills have been used at businesses in our area over the past few weeks. The Tiffin Police Department put out a warning on their Facebook page Monday, saying people have used the bills in Findlay, Tiffin, and Fostoria.

The post says the phony $20 bills are “printed on bleached genuine paper and will feel like genuine currency. The ink used makes the counterfeit note appear darker than a genuine note.”

Banks are discovering the counterfeits when businesses make their night deposits.

If you have information on the bills you’re asked to call the Secret Service at 419-259-6434.

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Slow Start To Planting Season For Area Farmers

5/5/14 – 11:07 A.M.

This spring has felt anything but spring-like for the most part. While that’s been bad news for your weekend outings, it’s been especially bad news for farmers. Hancock County extension agent Ed Lentz says the ground has been too cold to plant. Things are looking better later this month though…

Audio: Ed Lentz

Lentz says there’s another silver lining as well. We’re now past the the hard freeze period for overnight temperatures….

Audio: Ed Lentz

Lentz says the frost free date should be around Mother’s Day.

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Hydrant Flushing Continues In Findlay

5/5/14 – 10:17 A.M.

Hydrant flushing is continuing in Findlay today. The Water Distribution department says work is taking place from McManness Avenue east to County Road 236 and from Tiffin Avenue north to Fostoria Avenue. Hydrants are also being flushed From County Road 236 east to Township Road 242 and between State Route 568 and State Route 12.

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Findlay Man Wanted In Connection To Assault Case

5/5/14 – 9:25 A.M.

The Findlay Police Department has released this week’s “Most Wanted of the Week.” Investigators say they are looking for Samuel Johnson III. He is wanted in connection to an assault case. If you have information on were Johnson might be you’re asked to call (419)427-7150, or Crime Stoppers at (419)425-TIPS.

The police department began releasing information on people with outstanding warrants in the city.

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Fostoria To Host First Ever Rib-Off Next Month

5/5/14 – 7:18 A.M.

Preparations are underway for Fostoria’s first ever Smokin’ Pig Rib-Off. The event will be held June 13 at the Fostoria Junior/Senior High School.

All proceeds from the event will go towards the Chamber of Commerce to be put back into the community through future events. At least four vendors will be on hand to compete.

For more information call the chamber office at 419-435-0486.

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Work Continues On U.S. 224 On Both Sides Of Findlay

5/5/14 – 6:42 A.M.

Part of the U.S. 224 bridge replacement project in Findlay has been delayed. ODOT reports beams for the new southern part of the bridge were scheduled for installation this week, but that won’t happen until later in the month.

In other local traffic notes you can expect to see U.S. 224 on Findlay’s east side down to one lane each direction at times. Construction crews are installing new stop lights. The work should be completed by the end of the week.

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