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AEP Installing New Meters In Our Area

12/30/14 – 5:22 A.M.

AEP will be upgrading electric meters around the state over the next few months. The company says work will begin on the project this week. The company is expanding the use of automated meter reading technology to 105,000 more customers.

The technology allows AEP employees to read meters remotely. The company stresses the new meters only send information and can not receive info. That means they aren’t the same as smart readers, which have been the cause of some controversy.

AEP hopes to have the work done by the end of May. Work will take place Mondays through Saturdays between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. You’ll get a notice if any work is scheduled on your property.

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Fostoria Police Searching For Rail Park Thieves

12/30/14 – 5:12 A.M.

The Fostoria Police Department needs your help in identifying a pair of thieves. A post on the department’s Facebook page says two men were caught on security video taking several items from a vending maching at the Iron Triangle Visitor Center and Viewing Area last week.

The thefts allegedly took place around 8 p.m. on December 22.

You can see a picture of the suspects on our website. Anyone with information is urged to call (419)435-8573.

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Supreme Court Will Not Hear Putnam County Road 5 Case

12/30/14 – 5:06 A.M.

A dispute over the widening of a Putnam County Road will not be heard by the Ohio Supreme Court. The Putnam County Sentinel reports the court decided it would not accept an appeal from the county commissioners. The case was taken to the Supreme Court after an appeals court found the commissioners acted improperly in the widening of Road 5.

The case now goes back to the Putnam County Common Pleas Court. That means there could be hearings about damages. An attorney working for residents on Road 5 tells the newspaper the commissioners could be fined $500 for sunshine law violations.

MORE: Putnam County Sentinel

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Toledo Couple Admits To Killing Man, Leaving Remains In Putnam County

12/30/14 – 4:54 A.M.

A Toledo couple accused of killing a man from Ypsilanti, Michigan, and leaving the remains in Putnam County, has pleaded guilty. Yesterday, Robert Strauss and Desirae Strauss admitted to beating Brian Martin, then using a plastic bag to suffocate him.

They say Martin was killed because he wanted a paternity test to determine if he was the father of Desirae’s twins. Robert was sentenced to life in prison while Desirae was sentenced to 15-years.

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Bowling Green Police Investigate Rash Of Burglaries

12/30/14 – 4:28 A.M.

Police in Bowling Green are reminding people to lock their doors. The warning comes as officers are investigating ten burglaries that have all taken place over the past several weeks. A spokesman says there is usually an increase in burglaries this time of year because BGSU students are out of town and their personal items are left alone. They say thieves are also after Christmas presents.

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Hancock County Ends 2014 On Stable Financial Ground

12/29/14 – 10:29 A.M.

The Hancock County government will head into 2015 with more cash on hand than previously estimated. The commissioners learned today the cash balance for the end of this year will be a little more than $3 million.

Audio: Mark Gazarek

Commissioner Mark Gazarek says conservative budgeting will help give the county even more stability in 2015.

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Children Of Man Declared Legally Dead Won’t Have To Pay Back Benefits

12/29/14 – 5:31 A.M.

The children of a man who was declared legally dead, only to show up alive years later, will not have to pay back benefits to the Social Security Administration. The Review-Times reports Donald Miller Jr.’s children are no longer being asked to pay back more than $47,000. The agency had already decided to write-off one daughter’s bill but didn’t decide for another daughter until last week.

Miller was declared legally dead in 1994 when he disappeared. At that time, he owed his ex-wife around $26,000 in child support. Miller showed back up in Ohio last year after living in the South for more than a decade.

MORE: Review Times

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Year In Review: Parking Plan Panned

12/29/14 – 5:30 A.M.

Our year in review continues today with a look at one of the most controversial stories of 2014 – the proposed downtown Findlay traffic plan. City and business leaders proposed major changes in downtown traffic in late February…

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Mayor Lydia Mihalik pitched changing part of South Main Street into a two-lane road as a safety measure for pedestrians. The plan included reverse angle parking and a median strip.

The plan wasn’t well received by the general public though. Many complained the plan would create bottlenecks at peak traffic times. Others were concerned about fire trucks and ambulances being able to get through the area…

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Mihalik tried to argue the merits of the plan, but in the end it wasn’t enough. The idea, which would have included reverse-angle parking and median strips, was shelved after a couple of months of discussion.

Some aspects like curb bump-outs to make street crossings shorter are still going to be implemented.

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Findlay Church Pays For Gas On Christmas Eve

12/29/14 – 5:21 A.M.

While gas prices are more affordable these days, a Findlay church made the pain at the pump even more tolerable last week. The Stonebridge Church and its members paid for the gas of nearly 250 people at the Speedway on Tiffin Avenue on Christmas Eve. The Courier reports members of the church raised $5,300 to pay for drivers who stopped at the gas station last Wednesday.

They ran out of money after about an hour and 20 minutes. 16 members of the church even helped pump gas for people.

MORE: The Courier

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Gas Prices Continue To Fall

12/29/14 – 5:14 A.M.

Gas prices continue their free fall as we start another week. The statewide average fell 16 cents in the last seven days, down to $2.02 for a gallon of regular today. Over the last two weeks, reports prices have fallen 38 cents a gallon.

Local prices are following the trend. Last Monday in Findlay we started off the day paying $2.17 a gallon. This morning we’re starting off at $1.93.

The average price in Ottawa is $1.95.

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