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Woman Injured In Walmart Parking Lot Crash

8/27/15 – 6:38 A.M.

A Pennsylvania woman was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning after she was involved in a one-car crash in the Trenton Avenue Walmart parking lot. The Findlay Police Department says the accident happened around 11:15 a.m.

Hannah Morrow was trying to turn left when her car hit a concrete stop sign post. She was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

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Findlay Woman Injured In Three-Car Crash Wednesday

8/27/15 – 5:31 A.M.

A three-car crash injured a Findlay woman Wednesday afternoon. The Findlay Police Department says the collision happened in the 1700 block of North Main Street.

19-year-old Anna Higgs ran into the back of a car driven by 35-year-old Matthew Vanatta of Findlay. Vanatta’s car then hit the back of a car driven by 31-year-old Ashley Wright of McComb. Wright was stopped to turn left onto Cliffton Avenue.

Higgs was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of her injuries. She was also cited for failure to maintain an assured clear distance.

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Turf From Superdome To Be Used At UF Athletic Complex

8/27/15 – 5:24 A.M.

Turf used by the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome is making its way to Hancock County. The University of Findlay says the synthetic turf will be installed at the Peg and Russ Armstrong Sports Complex. The work will begin this week.

The facility is located at the corner of Trenton and Blanchard avenues. It’s used by the school’s football, lacrosse and tennis teams. It also plays host to some of the UF track and field team’s field-events.

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Ottawa Officials Answer Questions About Competitive Bidding

8/27/15 – 5:15 A.M.

Ottawa officials cleared up confusion about the village’s competitive bidding process this week. The Putnam County Sentinel reports Council President Tim Macke read an email he received from a concerned resident about the issue. The resident asked why the village didn’t seek bids when they recently bought a Caterpillar loader and street sweeper.

Macke said that competitive bidding is used for bigger, more costly projects. However, just because they don’t bid out the contracts, it doesn’t mean they don’t do some comparison shopping. Both Macke and Mayor Dean Meyer said they do get quotes when buying items that don’t require public bidding.

MORE: Putnam County Sentinel

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Findlay Police Officer’s Medical Treatments Not Covered By Insurance

8/27/15 – 5:02 A.M.

A medical condition is keeping a Findlay police officer off the job, and he says his insurance has stopped paying for the medicine that he needs to treat the disorder. Robert DeBouver tells media partner WTOL-11 he suffers from alpha one antitrypsin deficiency. The condition requires medicine delivered by IV once a week, and it costs $8,000 a month.

DeBouver says he recently found out that insurance will no longer pay for his treatment. Findlay’s city government self-insures for its health care coverage. A third party company handles the claims. Mayor Lydia Mihalik says the city will do all it can to try and resolve the problem.

In the meantime, a Go Fund Me page has been set up to raise money for DeBouver’s treatments.

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Portman Urges Army Corps To Finish Blanchard River Study

8/26/2015  9:20pm

Ohio Senator Rob Portman says that big issue affecting the city of Findlay is the flood mitigation on the Blanchard River. Stopping in Findlay to discuss all the projects his office is working on, Senator Portman said that work being done by the Army Corps of Engineers has improved and is good, but the work needs to be done faster.

Audio: Rob Portman

Senator Portman added that the cleanup project in Hancock County was an example of a model project for the Corps which they need to take into consideration while proceeding with the project.

Senator Rob Portman also discussed continued efforts to curtail algae run-off in Lake Erie. Algae issues continue to be a major concern in Northwest Ohio, with many sides pointing to potential causes to the issue. Portman says that the scientists need to be more involved in the process as many factors may contribute to the algae issues.

Audio: Rob Portman

Portman said that the issue needed major study due to the large city populations and fishing industry along Lake Erie.

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Collective Impact Summit Aims To Get Community Groups On Same Page

8/26/15 – 9:13 P.M.

Findlay and Hancock County have no shortage of community service organizations, many focusing on the same area. A series of meetings aims to make sure those groups are working together, and getting results…


Jack Hess is the Executive Director of the Institute for Coalition Building in Columbus, Indiana. He served as the keynote speaker for the Collective Impact Summit Wednesday night.

Hess said many times communities have plenty programs to help, but they aren’t working in sync with each other…


Hess said the organizations will take part in training exercises Wednesday. Beyond that they’ll begin working on way that can collaborate more effectively.

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Income Taxes To Be Reduced In 2016 State Operating Budget

8/26/2015   9:00pm

Changes to the Ohio budget may soon have an impact on taxpayers. State Representative Robert Sprague said that income taxes will be reduced by $1.8 billion in the 2016 budget.

Audio: Robert C. Sprague

The state is mandated to operate on a balanced budget, and Sprague said that the $1.8 billion dollars in savings would allow the state to maintain their fiscal responsibility.

In addition, changes in medical care continue to be a growing concern. Congressman Robert Sprague said that in the 2016 state budget, changes were implemented to Medicare and Medicaid to help patients know exactly what kind of care they would be receiving.

Audio: Robert C. Sprague

Sprague said that in addition to streamlining the processes, the budget calls for Ohioans to have access to health savings accounts to help pay for medical care.

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One Injured In Crash On East Sandusky Street Tuesday

8/26/15 – 7:33 A.M.

A three-car crash injured a Bradner woman in Findlay late Tuesday afternoon. The Findlay Police Department says the collision happened at 1800 East Sandusky Street around 5:20 p.m.

33-year-old Melinda De La Rosa was driving east on the road when she was hit from behind by a car driven by 47-year-old Gregory Kuhlman of Findlay. The impact of the crash pushed De La Rosa’s car into the path of a pickup truck driven by 54-year-old Richard Riggs Jr. of Findlay.

De La Rosa was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of her injuries. Kuhlman was cited for causing the crash.

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Seneca County Airport Improvements Planned

8/26/15 – 7:25 A.M.

Improvements are planned at the Seneca County Airport. The Review-Times reports a grant could help pay for three projects at the facility. County Administrator Stacy Wilson told the commissioners if they receive the money, work could take place next year.

The plan calls for pavement resurfacing on taxiway A and apron B. Trees would also be removed near U.S. 224 to improve pilot visibility.

The total cost of the project is more than $196,000. If the grant is approved the county’s portion would be around $32,000.

MORE: Review-Times

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