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Fostoria Arson Site Turned Into Green Space

10/3/14 – 5:13 A.M.

The scene in Fostoria where two people were killed in an arson fire was torn down Thursday. The Review-Times reports several businesses donated time and money to raze the site of the deadly blaze at 614 South Poplar Street.

Metzker Excavating, Deere Creek Landscaping, Kohart Scraping, Sunny Farms Landfill and a Fostoria manufacturer all pitched in. The site will be turned into a green space.

The home was the scene of a fire on Memorial Day. The blaze killed Daniel Marker Jr. and Tara Vance. A third person was seriously injured.

MORE: Review-Times

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Non-Toxic Algae Bloom Found On Findlay Reservoir

10/3/14 – 5:06 A.M.

Findlay officials are letting residents know the water is safe to drink. The announcements came after the discovery of an algae bloom on Reservoir 1 in Marion Township late last week. Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik says the bloom was non-toxic, but the reservoir was taken offline as a precaution. All operations were then shifted to Reservoir 2, which is the larger of the Findlay reservoirs.

Mihalik says Findlay partners with the Oregon Water Treatment Plant to do weekly testing for microcystins. The tests show microcystin has stayed below detectable levels. That includes the most recent test analyzed Wednesday.

Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Jeff Newcomer says the overcast, rainy weather in the forecast should help break up the algae bloom. He also adds the larger reservoir isn’t as susceptible to blooms because of its size.

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Kids In Crisis: Rolling Out Programs That Help

10/3/14 – 5:30 A.M.

All this week we’ve been looking at new services available to kids in crisis in our community. We wrap up our series today by looking at how the Safe Families program is being implemented.

Josh Ebling is the CEO of the Family Resource Center of Northwest Ohio. He says having both the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services on board means there are fewer gaps for children to fall into…

Audio: Josh Ebling

Ebling says the initial rollout of programs to help children in volatile situations began over the summer…

Audio: Josh Ebling

Ebling adds they are just starting to study respite opportunities for kids who may need a short break from a high-stress situation. Pre-incident education for critical incident stress management has also started in our area schools. Services are being installed in the Hardin and Auglaize County areas next.

If you missed any of the stories in our series, search “Kids in Crisis” on our website.

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Former Ottawa Councilman Found Guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter

10/02/14     4:25 p.m.

Former Ottawa councilman Alan Ducey was found guilty today of vehicular manslaughter.

60-year-old Ducey pleaded no contest in Putnam County Municipal Court following the fatal June accident.

According to the State Highway Patrol, on June 6 Ducey struck an oncoming vehicle after driving left of center on State Route 65 to avoid hitting stopped traffic. The crash then killed Columbus Grove residents 85-year-old Joan Beam and her daughter 62-year-old Christine Hayden.

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Findlay Halloween Parade Will Have New Route Through Findlay

10/02/14     1:58 p.m.

The date has been set and this year’s Halloween Parade will have a new route. The parade will take place in downtown Findlay on Oct. 28 at 7 p.m.

The parade will start on E. Main Cross at East St., turning south onto Main St. and ending at Lincoln St. Staging for the parade will take place in various parking lots near Findlay Inn and Conference Center on E. Main Cross.

There will be seven awards for groups participating in this year’s parade. If your group, school or business is interested in participating, registration is open at through Oct. 24 with discounted early bird registration until the 14th.

There are 20 available preferred placement groups. These groups will be placed in the first section of the parade, immediately following dignitaries and color guard.

Early Bird Registration Fees (through Oct. 14):
Business/For Profit – Float or Vehicle $85
Business/For Profit – Walkers ONLY (no floats or vehicles with this entry) $60
Non-Business/Non-Profit – Float or Vehicle  $15
Non-Business/Non-Profit – Walkers ONLY (no floats or vehicles with this entry) $15
Preferred Placement (20 Entries Only) $250

Registration after Oct. 14 will add $10 to each fee.

Staging Map

This year's Halloween Parade will still travel through downtown Findlay, but in a different direction. The parade will head south from East Main Cross and end at Lincoln St.

This year’s Halloween Parade will still travel through downtown Findlay, but in a different direction. The parade will head south from East Main Cross and end at Lincoln St.

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Number of Car Accidents Involving Deer in Ohio Down

10/02/14     11:04 a.m.

For most drivers, the biggest concern while driving in the fall and winter is poor weather, but the State Highway Patrol says between October and January deer are a big threat.

Last year there was over 20,000 accidents involving deer, with 968 injuries and eight fatalities. In Hancock County, there were 345 accidents. The number of collisions in Ohio is down almost 4 percent, but the Patrol says it’s important to stay aware. In Hancock County, the amount of crashes decreased by 8.5 percent.

The Patrol reports most crashes involving deer occur at dusk and dawn and peak in November. Drivers are urged to drive with extreme caution, especially in areas with deer crossing signs. If a collision with a deer seems probable, they suggest hitting the deer instead of swerving while braking firmly and staying in your lane.

2011-2013 Ohio Deer Vehicle Collisions by County

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Speed Limit Reduction Approved For Marion Township Road 212

10/2/14 – 11:23 A.M.

The speed limit on a short stretch of a road in Marion Township will be reduced soon. The Hancock County Commissioners approved lowering the limit to 45 mph on Township Road 212, between County Road 236 and State Route 12. The road sits on the northeast side of Findlay.

The Marion Township Trustees had asked for the limit to be reduced. The stretch of road includes a 90-degree turn and railroad tracks.

The state has to sign off on the reduction before the change takes place.


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Hancock County Budget Looks Good Through September

10/2/14 – 11:10 A.M.

Hancock County budget numbers are in through September and the county commissioners like what they see…

Audio: Mark Gazarek

Commissioner Mark Gazarek says even though numbers are trending up for the year, the county will still be conservative in putting together the budget for 2015…

Audio: Mark Gazarek

Through September, the county has only spent about 75 percent of the budget for 2014.

Budgeting for 2015 starts this month.

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“Drive-Thru” Flu Shot Clinic In Putnam County Today

10/2/14 – 6:46 A.M.

Putnam County residents who have a hard time getting around will have a chance to get their flu shots today. The Putnam County Health Department is holding a “drive-thru” flu clinic from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The event at the health department will allow people to stay in their cars while they get their flu shots.

For more information, you can call (419)523-5608.

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