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Fire Reported At Fostoria Mobile Home Park Tuesday

2/10/16 – 6:58 A.M.

Fostoria firefighters battled flames in a vacant mobile home Tuesday. The Review-Times reports the fire broke out around 5 a.m. in lot 109 at Nye’s Trailer Park on North Countyline Street. People living in nearby homes were evacuated and no one was injured.

An investigation into the blaze showed that utilities to the trailer had been turned off. The case has been handed over to the Fostoria Police Department.

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Hancock Parks District Website To Get Upgrades

2/10/16 – 6:51 A.M.

The Hancock Park District’s website will get an upgrade this year. The Courier reports the park board approved paying Watchtower Consulting IT Services to design and host The contract is worth $7,500 and includes a year of website hosting.

The new site is expected to launch by October. It will allow people to register for programs and pay registration fees online.

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Brief Phone Outage Scheduled For Fostoria City Offices Today

2/10/16 – 6:43 A.M.

Telephone communication into Fostoria city offices will be cut off for about 30 minutes this afternoon. A release from the city says a scheduled outage will take place starting at noon. During the downtime a server will be replaced. The hardware has been blamed for causing previous phone system failures.

911 services and the police non-emergency line at (419)435-8573 will still be working during the outage.

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Forum Held For Putnam County Sheriff Candidates

2/10/16 – 5:26 A.M.

The candidates for Putnam County Sheriff took part in a forum in Ottawa Tuesday night. The Lima News reports drug abuse was a big topic of conversation. Leipsic Police Chief Dennis Cupp said when it comes to heroin abuse, part of the problem is stopping people from bringing drugs into the county. He added that of 16 recent arrests for heroin, eight of the people were not Putnam County residents.

Columbus Grove Police Chief Nick Gilgenbach agreed that drugs coming into the county were an issue, joking “If I knew Donald Trump, I would find a way to build a wall at Allen County.” He said more education on the topic is needed in schools.

Putnam County Sheriff Deputy Brian Siefker said more officer training was needed to fight opiate abuse. He also said community oriented policing was needed to let residents know law enforcement is a positive force in the county.

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Teen Accused Of Stealing Money & Marijuana From Findlay Man

2/10/16 – 5:11 A.M.

A Findlay teen has been indicted for allegedly stealing money and marijuana from a city man last week. The Courier reports 18-year-old Austin Frey has been charged with a third-degree felony count of robbery.

Prosecutors say Frey threatened the victim with a BB gun, and then ran off with a mason jar full of pot and around $200 in cash. He was then found hiding with the marijuana in the attic of a nearby home.

The victim in the case was not hurt.

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Commissioners Approve Tax Revenue Agreement With Arts Center, Fair Board

2/10/16 – 5:02 A.M.

Last year the Hancock County Commissioners agreed to raise the county hotel/motel bed tax by 3 percent. Yesterday the terms of use of that increase were officially spelled out. The Courier reports the commissioners approved an agreement with the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts and the Hancock County Agricultural Society. The extra tax is expected to raise around $349,000 each year for the arts center, and more than $174,000 for the fair board.

The money has to be used for improvements to property or to buy assets with a useful life of at least five years. Both groups will have to report to the commissioners how the money is being used.

The arts center is expected to use the money to pay off construction debt, renovations, and equipment. The ag society plans to repair or replace several buildings at the fairgrounds.

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Judges Propose Plans To Modify Court Security And Functions

2/9/2016 – 5:00 pm

Security and functionality. Those were the two primary concerns from the Hancock County Commissioners to a proposal to begin plans for upgrades to the Hancock County Courthouse and Justice Center court buildings. The county judges met with the commissioners Tuesday morning to discuss beginning plans to renovate and update the rear entrance to the courthouse and the probate & juvenile courts buildings. Judge Reginald Routson said that the courts and Sheriff’s department is in favor of modifications to the west entrance to the courthouse to make it more secure and are interested in combining efforts to current plans to modify the Justice Center which is located west of the courthouse.

Sheriff Heldman, also in attendance said that his chief concern was security for both buildings and a proposal to modify both structures and connect them to provide for one secure entrance rather than two separate ones would help to address security while also alleviating some of the costs.

Given ongoing plans to upgrade and modify Dorney Plaza, any changes that the courts make to their structure would directly impact those plans, and before any plans can be approved, a feasibility study will need to be done to see if it is possible to build a structure to accommodate both buildings. The judges proposed to conduct a feasibility study on the matter at a cost of $22,000. They would review the usage of both buildings and also provide for some design concepts.

Commissioner Phil Riegle said that the commissioners would review the proposal and have an answer by their Thursday meeting. Riegle also said that he would get in contact with the City of Findlay about expanding the scope of the study to include the Municipal Court in the city building to help secure all three buildings. Riegle said he would contact city officials this week on the matter.

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Hite Stumps For Kasich On Campaign Trail

2/9/2016 – 4:44 pm

Findlay native and State Senator is hitting the campaign trail for Governor Kasich’s bid to be the Republican nominee for President. Senator Cliff Hite has been with the Kasich campaign and said that he’s happy to support Kasich’s run for the White House.

Audio: Cliff Hite

Hite said that national campaigning is quite different than Ohio campaigning, noting that the Iowa caucuses with their voting rules and the townhalls have seen record turnouts. He noted that while campaign managers tend to say that negative campaigning works, Kasich has remained positive and in doing so has grown support.

Audio: Cliff Hite

Hite said that the Kasich campaign expects to bring in a significant win in New Hampshire and they are already making plans to move on to the next set of primary elections over the next month.

Audio: Cliff Hite

Midnight voting in New Hampshire has Kasich tied with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. New Hampshire continues to vote today.

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Successor For Hardin County Commissioner Seat To Be Named In March

2/9/2016 – 2:30 pm

A successor will be appointed next month to fill the vacant seat of Hardin County Commissioner following the death of Ed Elliott. WKTN Radio reports that the Hardin County Republican Party will meet March 7th to name a successor. This person will serve until the term is completed in early 2017.

Currently one Republican, Robert Carder, is running in the March 15th Primary. He will face independent Roger Crowe in November. As Elliott was to run in the primary his name will still appear on the ballot this March but a notice will be given to voters advising them that a vote for Elliott will not count.

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Local Business Owners Get Update On The Economy

2/9/16 – 11:16 A.M.

Local business owners got a briefing on the state of the economy Tuesday. Nick Raich, founder of the Earnings Scout, talked to Findlay-Hancock County Chamber of Commerce members about his economic outlook for 2016. Raich says the data shows the economy is slowing down…

Audio: Nick Raich

However, that doesn’t mean you should panic about the economy. Raich says business owners should actually be investing in themselves right now.

Audio: Nick Raich

Raich says because companies aren’t optimistic about the economy, they are staying a holding pattern, which in turn is slowing down economic growth.

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