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Cooper Tire Works Toward Alternative Source Of Rubber

9/16/16 – 5:28 A.M.

A shrub that grows in the southwest could replace Asian rubber used in tires in the future. Cooper Tire and Rubber released a statement Thursday that said the company has reached a milestone in efforts to use rubber made from guayule. The company plans to develop a prototype by mid-2017.

Chuck Yurkovich is Cooper Tire’s senior vice president of global research and development. He says, “We have nearly finished our work on developing guayule-based tire components and have tested these tires to assure a full performance evaluation.” He added the results were promising.

Cooper is hoping the guayule plant can help ?offset an anticipated shortage of Asian rubber in the next two or three decades. Before that can happen, researchers will have to learn how to grow a massive crop of the shrub. The Agricultural Research Service and Cornell University are working on improving the genetics of the guayule plant so it will provide the highest possible rubber yield.

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Hancock Elections Board Splits On Filing Complaint Against Bateson Campaign

9/16/16 – 5:14 A.M.

Anonymous campaign donations are causing problems for a candidate for local office. The Courier reports the William Bateson for Commissioner campaign reported more than $1,100 in anonymous donations in a campaign finance report filed over the summer. Ohio law requires candidates to report how they receive anonymous donations.

The Hancock County Board of Elections split a vote on whether to file a formal complaint. Two Republican members voted against filing the complaint while the two Democrat members voted in favor. Secretary of State Jon Husted will have to break the tie. If Husted votes in favor of the complaint, the Ohio Elections Commissioner will review it. That could lead to fines against Bateson.

Bateson tells the Courier the issue was a “rookie mistake.” He said supporters left the donations in unmarked envelopes at “meet-and-greet” events. Bateson is trying to contact anyone who made a donation. He’s asking them to reach out to the campaign via email at

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University Of Findlay Guest Speaker Talked About Processed Food

09/15/16 – 10:07 P.M.

The University of Findlay had a guest speaker talk about processed foods. Dr. Deborah Fitzgerald is an Agricultural Tech History Expert at MIT and she says that World War II is a big reason why we have processed foods.


Soldiers explained that after the war soldiers still wanted some of the food they were given. This led to specialized farms which she says have been good and bad for farmers.

Processed Foods

She agreed with an audience member who said that there could be a resurgence of diversified farming seen at farmers markets.

Diversified Farms


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Walmart On Trenton Avenue Used To Train Department Leaders Across Northwest Ohio

09/15/16 – 6:16 P.M.

The Walmart on Trenton Avenue is hosting the company’s 10th regional employee training academy. The Courier reports that the store is being used to continually train department managers and supervisors from 25 Walmart stores in Northwestern Ohio. On Thursday the training academy graduated 30 people in the store’s yard and garden section.

Walmart will be setting up 200 training academies across the country. It is part of a 2.7 billion dollar investment and a response to the rise of Amazon.

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3-Story Projection Of The Buckeye Game Is Happening Saturday To Support Fire Relief Foundation

09/15/16 – 6:07 P.M.

The Fire Relief Foundation wants to help you celebrate Buckeye football with a fundraiser this Saturday. Jerry Greer from Findlay Fire said there’s a day of fun followed by a showing of the game.

Event details

Greer spoke with Big Dave about the event. He said there will be a 3 story projection of the game as well as fun events throughout the day. Greer said that one of the events is a wing-eating contest.

Wing Contest

The contest is just $10 to enter but is limited to 25 seats.

There is a $5 dollar entry fee that goes to support The Fire Relief Foundation that helps families that lose everything from a fire.

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FHS Officials Talk About Threatening Social Media Post

9/15/16 – 12:05 P.M.

Findlay City School officials are talking more about a recent Instagram post that caused a stir. The post in question featured two girls holding plastic guns and a sign that said, “I hate everyone, you hate everyone. Let’s shoot up the school at homecoming.” Superintendent Ed Kurt tells media partner WTOL-11, “As a school district, we take it very seriously and we’re going to make sure that this is dealt with and that discipline is carried out.”

The girls could face criminal charges.

Principal Craig Kupferberg told the TV station that safety is the district’s number one priority. He added he believed the students felt safe because of the actions taken by the administration.

Homecoming festivities will continue as planned. Kurt says the threat was not credible.


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State Says Not To Jump To Conclusions Over School District Report Cards

9/15/16 – 11:34 A.M.

The Ohio Department of Education released its annual school report cards Thursday. While local school grades either stayed the same or dropped, education officials say you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. In a statement, State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria said, “It’s really fundamentally different and reflects, more so than last year, higher expectations.”

In some of the key categories, Findlay City Schools earned an “A” for their 4-year graduation rate. The report card gave the district “C” grades in the “Prepared for success” and performance index categories. The progress component and the Kindergarten through third-grade literacy component scored “D” grades.

MORE: Full Report Cards

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Statement Released From Allen County Sheriff, FBI Investigation Continues

9/15/16 – 9:46 A.M.

We have a little more information on the situation at the sheriff’s office in Allen County today. A release to the media from Sheriff Sam Crish’s lawyer says Crish has entered an inpatient treatment program for a “serious personal issue which he must address.” The release also says the personal issue “does not, and has not involved his duties as Sheriff, public funds or property.” The release did not say what the personal issue was.

FBI agents served a search warrant at the Allen County Sheriff’s Office earlier this month. Crish has not been at work since then.

The FBI has not said what they were investigating.

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Pennsylvania Woman Convicted In Fostoria Fraud Case

9/15/16 – 9:22 A.M.

A jury has convicted a Pennsylvania woman of stealing thousands of dollars form a senior citizen in Fostoria. The Review-Times reports investigators had charged 40-year-old Patricia Stuward on counts of theft from an elderly person, attempted theft from an elderly person and telecommunications fraud. Stuward and two others stole $16,000 from the victim on January 8. They visited her again and tried to trick her out of $53,000.

A judge will sentence Stuward at a later date.

Officers from several agencies arrested Stuward, Tanor Tody, and Sampson Cojolo in January. They told investigators they were residents of Monrovia, Liberia.

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