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Supreme Court Candidate Pat DeWine Campaigns In Findlay

11/2/16 – 11:45 A.M.

Ohio Supreme Court candidate Pat DeWine made a campaign stop in Findlay Wednesday. While speaking to supporters at the Republican Party headquarters, DeWine talked about his vision for Ohio’s highest court…

Audio: Pat DeWine

DeWine says it’s important you pay attention to who you vote for in the Supreme Court race…

Audio: Pat DeWine

DeWine also addressed any conflict of interest with his father, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. Pat said he would only have to abstain from a case if Mike DeWine appeared in front of the court. That hasn’t happened in the six years Mike DeWine has been Attorney General.

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Lower Earnings From Marathon And Cooper Have Findlay Officials Keeping Close Eye On City Budget

11/2/16 – 9:53 A.M.

Stockholders aren’t the only people paying attention to lower earnings at Marathon Petroleum and Cooper Tire & Rubber. Lower revenue for the two biggest companies in Findlay also impacts the city’s bottom line. Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik says it’s something the city will take into account for the 2017 budget…

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Mihalik says there’s enough cash in reserve to maintain services and continue capital investments if tax revenue declines in 2017.

As for 2016 tax numbers, collections remain strong compared to last year.

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Tax Administrator Andrew Thomas told the city’s income tax board collections are up 8.1 percent. Collections from businesses in the community have topped $5.3 million this year as well.

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North Baltimore Needs To Offer Medical Coverage To More Employees To Meet Federal Regulations

11/2/16 – 7:18 A.M.

North Baltimore will have to offer medical coverage to more village employees to meet federal health care mandates. The Courier reports village council learned more about the issue Tuesday. Village Finance Officer Chris Kirk said the town has more than 50 full- and part-time workers. That means North Baltimore has to follow rules set by the Affordable Care Act.

Kirk says that will mean extra costs for the village. Council could consider changing its health care plan or increasing employee contributions to offset the extra expenses.

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Fostoria Council Fails To Pass Resolution In Support Of Park Levy

11/2/16 – 5:33 A.M.

A measure to show support for a Seneca County Park District levy ran into opposition during Tuesday’s Fostoria City Council meeting. The Review-Times reports Jon Hay and Mathew Davoli both voted against the resolution. They both said they didn’t believe it was council’s place to endorse a ballot measure. Their “no” votes were enough to block the measure from passing.

Councilman Brian Shaver disagreed. He said the resolution would have let residents know where council stands on the issue.

The Seneca County Park District is asking voters to pass a 10-year, half-mill levy. The money will pay for maintenance, staffing, and beefing up parks in townships, villages, and cities.

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Fostoria Council Members Angered By BGSU Report On City Finances

11/2/16 – 5:23 A.M.

Members of Fostoria City Council aren’t happy about a review of the city’s finances done by graduate students at Bowling Green State University. The Review-Times reports Councilman Mathew Davoli apologized for bringing the report to Fostoria’s Fiance Committee two weeks ago. Other council members said they were “blindsided” by a report that the class put together, supposedly at the request of the city. Councilman Greg Flores said nobody was aware anyone asked the class to conduct the study.

A controversial part of the BGSU study called for shutting down the fire department. It advocated for contracting with a private service or neighboring town for fire services.

Mayor Eric Keckler said the study was OK’d as a courtesy to the class. He added it was never intended for use as a legitimate source of information for dealing with the city’s financial crisis. Keckler said, “The last thing we wanted to have happen was to have all the commotion caused by this idea of completely dismantling the fire department.”

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Michigan Man Killed In Crash East Of Findlay

11/2/16 – 5:06 A.M.

A one-car crash near Riverbend Park killed a Michigan man Tuesday afternoon. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office reports the incident happened on State Route 568, just west of Township Road 241 around 2:10 p.m. 55-year-old David Strothmann of Spring Lake was driving west on Route 568 when his SUV went off the road, through a field, and rolled over in a tree line.

The sheriff’s office continues to investigate the crash.

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Council Forms New Committee To Create Guidelines For Organizations Requesting Funds

11/01/16 – 11:16 P.M.

Findlay City Council tabled a decision on continued funding of the Arts Partnership. The organization received 10% of the hotel/motel bed tax which amounted to about $40,000. During the Tuesday meeting Councilman Grant Russell brought up that the Hancock Historical Museum had also requested a part of the bed tax. They were turned down and council decided it needed to have guidelines in place for any organization that requested the funds. A committee to define those guidelines was never formed.

Without guidelines Russell said it wouldn’t be fair to continue funding the Arts Partnership. The committee will be formed now to make the guidelines. There was talk about funding the Arts Partnership for one year while the guidelines are figured out. This done after the ordinance was tabled and will have to wait until the next meeting.

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Findlay City Council Officially Bans Medical Marijuana

11/01/16 – 10:29 P.M.

Findlay City Council passed a moratorium on cultivating, dispensing, and processing medicinal marijuana. During their meeting Tuesday night they returned to the ordinance to make it official. The moratorium had been discussed for several weeks and tabled before council voted to amend the moratorium at their previous meeting. The ban has been enacted now and has a two year time limit. Council was not unanimous in enacting the ban. Councilman Tim Watson was the only official that voted against the moratorium.

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Two People Injured In Crash This Morning

11/01/16 – 6:30 P.M.

Two people were hurt in a crash this morning at the intersection of Broad and Trenton Avenue. The Findlay Police report that 18-year-old Sarah Franks of Findlay was heading north on Broad around 7:30 this morning. She tried to turn left onto Trenton and struck 40-year-old Abdul Awal of Findlay who was heading south on Broad.

Hanco Ambulance took Awal to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of his injuries. A private car took Franks to the hospital.

Their condition is currently unknown. Franks has been charged with failure to yield.

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