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Railroad Crossings Will Close In McComb Next Week

11/10/15 – 4:59 A.M.

Three McComb railroad crossings will be closed next week. The Courier reports Norfolk Southern is planning on upgrading three locations in the village. Council members were informed about the plan at their Monday meeting.

Crossings will be closed on Rader Road, Todd Street, and State Route 186. Liberty and Church streets will serve as detours.

The work is expected to take all week.

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Parking Mishap Injures Ottawa Man In Findlay

11/10/15 – 4:51 A.M.

An Ottawa man was injured when his car rolled out of a driveway and hit another car Monday morning. The incident happened in Findlay at the Blanchard Valley Diagnostic Center at 1900 South Main Street around 9:20 a.m.

75-year-old John McDaniel of Ottawa was attempting to park at the business. When he got out of his car, it rolled down the driveway and hit a Chevy Cavalier driven by 63-year-old William Rayle of Findlay.

McDaniel was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of his injuries. He was also cited for having an unattended vehicle.

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Another Findlay Business Robbed At Knifepoint

11/10/15 – 4:38 A.M.

A Findlay business has been robbed at knifepoint for the second night in a row. The Findlay Police Department reports a man threatened a clerk at the Mobil gas station at 1303 North Main Street just after 8:30 p.m. The man was given cash, and he then fled on foot to the northeast.

The night before saw a man with a knife rob Som Carryout at 825 North Main Street.

The suspect in both cases wore a dark colored mask. The man involved in the Monday night robbery wore an olive green jacket while the suspect in the Sunday night robbery had a red puffy coat. The suspect in both robberies fled in the same direction.

Police have not indicated if the robberies are connected. Both cases remain under investigation.

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UF Students Focus On Reducing Food Waste For Potential Community Project

11/9/2015 – 5:50 pm

Photo: Students dining in redecorated Henderson Dining Hall. Sodexo, The University of Findlay’s food service contractor, hopes to develop a “greener” program for food waste recycling. (credit: UF Newsroom)

Students at the University of Findlay are looking for ways to reduce food waste on campus and in Findlay. The University’s Enactus chapter has been meeting with Sodexo and Marathon on ways to reduce the waste. While the University itself uses some of the waste by way of compost at University farms, the waste itself can be difficult to recycle.

The closest commercial site for recycling food waste is in Toledo, which would make the project “less green” The club is researching the purchase of machines that could be used here to process the waste. If any local entity wants to join the conversation about reducing food waste, they can call 224-595-5101.

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Changes Coming To Select Ohio Rail Crossings

11/9/2015 – 4:47 pm

There will be some changes at rail crossings across the State of Ohio that do not have flashing lights or gates. ODOT, with the Ohio Rail Commission, will be placing stop signs at over 1000 crossings. The stop signs will replace yield signs currently in place.

The change means that drivers will have to come to a complete stop at these crossings and can be ticketed if they choose not to obey. The intention behind the law is to increase safety for drivers and passengers at rail crossings. Local railroad crews have installed the signs in some communities and more will be installed over the next several months.

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Visiting Vietnam Professor Touts Modernization In Country.

11/9/2015 – 4:00 pm

Since 1975 much has changed in Vietnam. That was when the American presence in the country left and reunification took place. Over the last forty years, Vietnam has changed from a poor tropical nation into a country with developed urban centers and modernized rural communities. That is the message that Professor Nguyen Diep Quy brought with her to Hancock County. Professor Nguyen who asked to be referred to as “Vy” talked with the Findlay Rotary Club about the changes in Vietnam since the reunification.

Vy has given several presentations at schools around Hancock County and at the University of Findlay about the changes in Vietnam, and she mentioned that many students in America have a view of the country which is enforced by history. While the war was a major part of the story of Vietnam, Vy mentions that much has changed in the last forty years.

“In listening to my presentations, they [students] used to think about Vietnam through the lens of the war and the past which is often associated with un-development and poverty. But Vietnam nowadays is very different.” said Vy

Vy said that after several economic reforms in the 1980’s and after the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States in the 1990’s, Vietnam has grown economically. Ho Chi Minh City, formally known as Saigon has grown into the economic center of Vietnam and also accounts for its economy. Vy also said that the rural communities have embraced modern technological advances in infrastructure and farming to build better communities. She noted that in the last forty years, as the population has grown older, many people in Vietnam today do not remember life prior to 1975. So the cultural influences have changed as well over time.

Being in Findlay has also been an experience for Vy and she says that she found that she loved the community. Vy mentioned that after arriving here, she found residents to be friendly, open, and talkative, and she found many of the sights around Findlay to be quite enjoyable.

“I love Findlay so much. There’s so many things here. The communities are nice, people are friendly, students are smart and supportive, the landscape is so beautiful and the weather, at least at this time of the year has been warm and sunny.” said Vy.

Vy cited chocolate from Dietsch’s as a particular favorite that she was planning to take back to her family in Vietnam. Vy came to Findlay as a part of a community internationalization project with the University of Findlay and has spent her time in Hancock County meeting with students and community groups from all over the county talking about modern developments in Vietnam.

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Tiffin Boy Drives Drunk Neighbor To Store For BBQ Sauce

11/9/2015 – 10:44 am

Police say an Tiffin man was drunk when he had his 9-year-old neighbor drive him to a gas station to buy barbecue sauce for their chicken dinner. The Advertiser-Tribune reports that the boy drove the man to a gas station Saturday night. The clerks would not let the child drive home and called police. Officers said that the man tried to drive home and was detained by the officers.

The man was reported to have a blood-alcohol content well over the legal limit, and will face several charges including child endangering, OVI and refusing a sobriety test as well as driving under suspension. Police say the man had the child over for dinner and the boy’s parents didn’t know the neighbor was drunk.

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Missing Tiffin Teenager Found

11/9/15 – 7:12 A.M.

A man who went missing from the Tiffin Developmental Center has been found. The Advertiser-Tribune reports 19-year-old Jordan Haslinger was found late Sunday night. The Tiffin Police Department first reported Haslinger missing around 6:30 p.m. Sunday night. At the time it was believed he was headed to the Fremont or Helena area.

No details about where Haslinger was found were released.

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Carey Pay Raises Detailed

11/9/15 – 6:42 A.M.

28 Carey village employees will get pay raises this year. The Courier reports the move will cost more than $70,000. It’s the first year Mayor Steve Smalley has been able to give merit-based raises, rather than across-the-board raises. You can see a breakdown of the pay increases on our website.

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