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Auditor: No Credit Card Skimmers Found Locally, But Don’t Let Your Guard Down

9/29/16 – 12:45 P.M.

Investigators didn’t find any credit card skimmers in our area during a recent state-wide sweep, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Hancock County Auditor Charity Rauschenberg says the thieves using the credit-card data stealing technology are getting bolder…

Audio: Charity Rauschenberg

Rauschenberg says if notice your credit card doesn’t slide properly at a gas pump, it could be due to a skimmer. She says you should notify the gas station attendant if you have trouble with a transaction. She adds you should always keep an eye on your credit card statements for anything out of the ordinary.

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Soil Boring For Blanchard River Flood Study To Begin Next Week

9/29/16 – 12:35 P.M.

Work continues on the Blanchard River flood mitigation study.  Project manager Steve Wilson gave the Hancock County Commissioners an update Thursday…

Audio: Steve Wilson

Wilson says the unsteady-state model takes into account that rain doesn’t fall evenly across the watershed.

You might notice crews taking soil samples along area roads starting next week.  Wilson says Stantec is ready to start taking soil borings…

Audio: Steve Wilson

Wilson told the Hancock County Commissioners that crews will be off to the side of the roads.  They will not be on private property.

Stantec is also starting their preliminary work with the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers…

Audio: Steve Wilson

Wilson says the process is called as “pre-permitting.”

Wilson says he believes Stantec Consulting is on track to give their flood mitigation suggestions by the end of the year.

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Area Teachers Learn About Developing Leaders In The Classroom, Not Just Test-Takers

9/29/16 – 11:24 A.M.

Standardized tests are a way of life in today’s schools, but it shouldn’t have to be that way. That was one of the messages from award-winning educator Muriel Summers to local teachers Thursday…

Audio: Muriel Summers

Summers works with schools to help teach leadership principles in the classroom. Her school in North Carolina has won several awards for academic achievement. She spoke in Findlay Thursday as part of the Raise the Bar – Hancock County program.

Summers says schools are becoming an increasingly high-pressure environment and for no good reason…

Audio:  Muriel Summers

Summers says the increasing pressure on students is leading to growing mental health issues in children.

The Raise the Bar initiative sponsored Thursday’s event at the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts. Findlay City School teachers attended in the morning. County school teachers are attending an afternoon session.

Raise the Bar – Hancock County is an effort to align local schools with the needs of area employers.

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Lima Area Bank Robbery Under Investigation

9/29/16 – 7:27 A.M.

Police in Lima are investigating a Wednesday afternoon bank robbery. The Lima News reports a woman robbed the 5/3 Bank location on Harding Highway around 2:45 p.m. Witnesses say the woman walked in and handed a teller a note demanding cash. The suspect did not appear to have a weapon. She left after an employee gave her an undisclosed amount of cash.

Investigators say the woman was around 5’3″ and weighed around 130 pounds. She was wearing dark sunglasses, a black hooded sweatshirt, and white pants.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Allen County Sheriff’s Office at (419)227-3535.

MORE: Lima News

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Despite Smell, Fostoria Officials Say City’s Water Is Safe

9/29/16 – 5:33 A.M.

Fostoria officials say algae blooms in the city’s reservoirs are causing the city’s water supply to smell like eggs. The Review-Times reports that even though the water may smell unpleasant and have a bitter taste, it isn’t harmful. Mayor Eric Keckler tells the newspaper the hot, dry summer conditions sparked a non-toxic algae bloom.

Water treatment plant foreman Ron Fauls says they are using activated carbon to try and reduce the smell. Fauls says that can take a while to work though. He added it could take a few weeks before there are significant improvements.

MORE: Review-Times

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Woodside Drive Closed In Findlay Today

9/29/16 – 5:22 A.M.

A storm sewer project will close Woodside Drive in Findlay to all traffic today. The city’s engineering department says the work will take place between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Once crews place the sewer line and backfill the road, they’ll allow traffic to cross Woodside Drive again.

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Ottawa Chooses AEP For Electricity Aggregation

9/29/16 – 5:16 A.M.

Electricity aggregation is coming to Ottawa. The Putnam County Sentinel reports village council voted to enter a three-year contract with American Electric Power to provide the service. Residents who opt into the program will pay a little more than 5.4 cents per kilowatt-hour used. Aspen Energy representative Marc Hollinger told council that AEP had the best price of the three options presented to the village.

The contract with AEP will also provide Ottawa with a $14,000 annual grant.

Ottawa residents voted in favor of allowing electric aggregation in May.

MORE: Putnam County Sentinel

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Arcadia Will Not Get State Grant

9/29/16 – 5:07 A.M.

Arcadia will not get a state grant to make road repairs or improve the village’s park. The Courier reports the Ohio Development Services Agency didn’t pick the village to get a Neighborhood Revitalization grant. The village had applied for funds earlier this year.

The ODSA was making around $500,000 available to villages with low and moderate income households.

Public forums in Arcadia found some of the top priorities for the grant money would have been new and replacement sidewalks, as well as park improvements.

MORE: The Courier

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Hancock County Sheriff’s Office Updates Website

9/29/16 – 4:57 A.M.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office has a new website. The Courier reports the site aims to be more user-friendly. With more people going to the site on cell phones and tablets, it is designed to be mobile-responsive. The active inmates section is more accessible as well. Crime Prevention Officer Beth Baker tells the newspaper the inmates page is the most visited on the site.

Other changes include the websites colors and links to news alerts and weather information.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s website is at

MORE: The Courier

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