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CSX North Baltimore Facility Completed $40 million Expansion Project

03/02/15     2:28 p.m.

Just three years after opening their North Baltimore facility, CSX Intermodal has completed its first expansion. With the commissioning of their seventh wide span crane on Thursday, the more than $40 million expansion was officially complete.

Audio: Duke Acors

Hub Manager Duke Acors said they aren’t expecting more trains to come to the facility, just a higher volume of cargo on each train.

Audio: Duke Acors

At Monday’s Findlay Rotary Club meeting, Acors said the expansion project included eight straight line extensions in the processing yard, one 1,000-foot extension in the support yard and two more wide-span cranes, the last of which was put in commission last Thursday.

So far, Acors said a dozen jobs have been added with the expansion and they will continue to add as volume grows.

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Findlay Ranked First of Micropolitan Communities in the U.S.

03/02/15     10:53 a.m.

Findlay is first in the country when it comes to micropolitan communities. Site Selection magazine named Findlay number 1 of 576 communities of 10 to 50,000 people.

The Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development Office submitted 20 projects for Site Selection, including the McLane project, Cooper Tire and Rubber’s Global Technology Center and the Marathon Petroleum headquarters expansion.

Findlay has been ranked well in the magazine for many years and moved up from number 4 in 2013. Mayor Lydia Mihalik said this honor, “demonstrates that collaborative efforts are paying off.”

The 20 projects submitted totaled more than $280 million in local investment, 1,597 news jobs and more than 1.6 million square feet of news space.

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Fostoria Trailer Damaged By Fire

3/2/15 – 6:49 A.M.

A Fostoria family lost their home in a fire last Friday. The Review-Times reports the Fostoria fire department was called to a trailer at Nye’s Trailer Park a little after 7 p.m. No one was home at the time of the blaze.

Investigators say the fire was caused by an electric heater that fell over on a couch and blankets.

One adult and two children were displaced by the fire. They are being assisted by the Red Cross.

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Gas Prices Continue To Climb

3/2/15 – 6:48 A.M.

Gas prices are continuing their slow climb. Prices jumped over the weekend and the statewide average is now $2.43 per gallon for regular. A week ago the state average was $2.33 a gallon, but that had slid to $2.29 by Friday. A month ago prices were closer to $2.04 a gallon.

In Findlay drivers were reporting prices around $2.48 a gallon Monday morning. Ottawa drivers are paying around $2.39.

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One Injured In Mt. Blanchard Crash

3/2/15 – 6:44 A.M.

A one car crash injured a Forest woman late last week. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office reports the crash happened Thursday morning on State Route 37 in Mount Blanchard.

77-year-old Shelba Webb was driving north on the highway when she slid off the road near County Road 273, hitting a stone wall. She was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Webb was also cited for operating a motor vehicle without reasonable control.


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Stolen Semi Found Near Van Buren

3/2/15 – 6:38 A.M.

A stolen semi was recovered near Van Buren last week. The Hancock County Sheriff’s office reports the incident started last Thursday in North Baltimore. Delwara Singh left his truck unlocked with the keys in the ignition at the Love’s Travel Stop in North Baltimore. When he left the convenience store, he saw someone driving his truck down the southbound I-75 entrance ramp.

A short time later the semi was found parked behind a barn at 9996 State Route 613. Footprints near the truck showed the thief left in a waiting vehicle. The truck driver’s wallet and cell phone were still in the cab. Nothing was taken from the trailer.

There was some damage to the barn and the semi.

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Findlay Residents Asked To Move Cars From Streets Today

3/2/15 – 6:37 A.M.

The city of Findlay is asking residents to get their cars off the streets so plows can get through. A post on the city’s Facebook page says crews worked all day Sunday to clear the roads, but with the potential for heavy rain Tuesday they want to clear catch basins.

There is concern that if the basins aren’t cleared they could jam with ice. That could cause water to pool on roads, freezing over when the temperatures drop again at the end of the week.

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Monday Interview: Is Cholesterol Really That Bad?

03/02/15     5:30 a.m.

The U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has suggested doing away with the cholesterol warning. Limiting cholesterol intake has been one of the six core goals of the Dietary Guidelines since the 1970s.

But Blanchard Valley Registered Dietician Heather Fowler said new information has led the DGAC to believe otherwise.

Audio: Heather Fowler

Fowler said she sees this as a good change. With this guideline gone, it’s one less warning to worry about. Fewer warnings mean it’s easier to look at the diet as a whole. Fowler said focus on fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables, lean meat and whole grains to keep cholesterol in check.

As far as food to avoid, she said anything without many nutritional benefits like sweets and soda is first and foremost. Overall, Fowler said it’s all about balancing your diet and letting your body regulate the rest.

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Ohio Concealed Carry Licenses Numbers from 2014 Released

02/27/15     4:20 p.m.

The state of Ohio has released concealed carry license numbers from 2014.

In Hancock County, there were 383 new licenses issued with 369 renewed licenses. The highest in the area was Wood County, with 1231 issued and 798 renewed. The lowest was Putnam County with 137 issued and 95 renewed.

Allen County issued 514 and renewed 642 licenses. Seneca had 177 new licenses and 223 renewals. Wyandot had 200 new and 102 renewed.

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Tax Season Popular for Typical Scams As Well As New Ones

02/27/15     2:58 p.m.

Tax season is always a popular one for IRS scams to surface. But Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said a new scam that is happening in the same season around Valentine’s Day has to deal with online dating.

Audio: Mike DeWine

DeWine said one woman in Findlay lost $150,000 to the man she thought she was dating. The man claimed he was an oil investor and asked her to invest in work in Nigeria, which was a scam.

In general, DeWine said that if someone tells you that you owe money over the phone, your best bet is to get it in writing.

Audio: Mike DeWine

DeWine said any too good to be true opportunities usually are too good to be true. He encourages anyone who has been scammed or believes someone is trying to scam them to report it to the Attorney General’s Office as soon as possible.

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