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Findlay Teen Sentenced for Roles in Aggravated Robberies in Findlay

05/20/15     1:20 p.m.

A Findlay teen has been sentenced for his involvement in two incidents in Findlay in March.

Audio: Allison Reamer

Courier report Allison Reamer was in court for the sentencing. She said the prosecution was asking for time in the Juvenile Residential Center, but Judge Kristen Johnson said that would be a waste due to Oliver’s history of probation violations and repeat offenses. Oliver’s history beginning at age 12 includes thefts, aggravated robberies, underage consumption and domestic violence.

Audio: Allison Reamer

Oliver will now have a minimum of two years, maximum seven at the Department of Youth Services.

Just before 10 p.m. on March 25, Oliver was reportedly attempting to break into cars at the Warner Buick dealership. Two other children approached him and used a knife to demand the pair empty their pockets, taking a cell phone. He then cut the boy in the stomach several times.

Oliver was involved in an attempted carjacking half an hour later at the Circle K on Tiffin Ave. He was ordered to pay $500 for each aggravated robbery charge.

Oliver was also charged with underage consumption and domestic violence from a separate incident and has to pay $100 for each of those charges.

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Country of Origin Labeling Under Fire Following Recent Study

05/20/15     12:55 p.m.

For the last 13 years, country of origin labeling known as COOL has been a requirement for those in the farming and packaging industry dealing with pork and beef. As part of the 2014 farm bill, a study was done to test COOL’s effectiveness.

Audio: Ed Lentz

Ed Lentz from Hancock County’s OSU Extension Office said that it’s become a lose-lose situation. Farmers and packagers are paying more because they have to track the meat from birth to sale and consumers have to pay more for the product as a result.

Audio: Ed Lentz

Canada and Mexico are now threatening tariffs on U.S. products as a result of the study if the regulations are not done away with.


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Traffic Moving Normally on I-75 South Following Two Morning Accidents

05/20/15     11:10 a.m.

Traffic is starting to move normally on I-75 southbound following two-morning accidents.

At about 9:30 this morning there was an accident involving a semi and a car near State Route 25 in Cygnet. No injuries were reported.

Separately, there was an accident near State Route 18 due to a semi rollover accident earlier in the morning. There is no word on injuries in that crash.

Both accidents have been cleared from the roadway and traffic is slowly getting back to normal. No other details on either crash are available at this time.

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Fostoria Officials Get Budget Update

5/20/15 – 7:23 A.M.

Fostoria officials believe they can maintain operations despite a steady drop in revenue over several years. The Courier reports general fund revenue was talked about during Tuesday’s city council meeting. Auditor Steve Garner estimated that for the 2016 fiscal year, general fund revenue will be down more than $2.5 million from where it was in 2007.

In 2007 general fund revenue was more than $8.6 million. For 2016 that number is estimated to be slightly more than $6 million.

Garner said he is still preparing the 2016 budget. A public hearing about Fostoria finances will be held later in the summer.

MORE: The Courier

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Columbus Grove Schools To Start Drug Testing

5/20/15 – 6:52 A.M.

Columbus Grove students could be subject to random drug testing starting this fall. The Lima News reports superintendent Nick Verhoff has recommended the school board create a drug testing policy for the district. The board approved the recommendation and will work to have a policy in place when the school year begins.

The rough draft of the plan includes testing six to eight students a week using a urine test. The tests would apply to kids in grades seven through 12 who “receive some sort of privilege in the school.” That could include extracurricular activities.

Verhoff told the school board the testing policy will give students another tool to say “no” to drugs or alcohol.

MORE: Lima News

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Accused Ottawa Arsonist Offered Plea Deal

5/20/15 – 6:41 A.M.

The Putnam County prosecutor’s office has offered an accused arsonist a plea deal. The Lima News reports 28-year-old William Laibe has until Tuesday to plead to a misdemeanor, or go on trial to face two felony charges.

Laibe is accused of setting fires to three properties in Ottawa on July 25 of last year. Two of the homes were vacant and were scheduled for demolition as part of a program to remove structures from the flood zone.

MORE: Lima News

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Putnam County Group Opposes Diversion Channel

5/20/15 – 5:30 A.M.

A group of Putnam County residents opposed to part of a flood mitigation plan for Ottawa are getting organized. The Courier reports a group of mostly Glandorf residents calling itself “Concerned Citizens” met Tuesday to talk about their options.

Julia Siefker helped organize the meeting and told the newspaper they aren’t opposed to all flood mitigation efforts. The main issue stems from a proposed diversion channel in Ottawa. The group would rather see the river cleaned and more structures removed from the flood plain.

Concerned Citizens plans to meet June 3 at the Glandorf Municipal Building to begin a petition drive. The meeting comes before the next Maumee Valley Conservancy District meeting, which is set for June 16 at 1 p.m. A vote on components of the village’s plan could come that day.

MORE: The Courier

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Ottawa-Glandorf School District To Seek Renewal Levy

5/20/15 – 5:20 A.M.

Voters in the Ottawa-Glandorf school district will see a renewal levy on the ballot in the fall. The Lima News reports the OG school board agreed to move forward with the renewal at their Tuesday meeting.

The levy was last passed in 2010 with 62 percent of the vote. It raises more than $451,000 per year. The measure passed in 2010 was for 2.37 mills. The Putnam County auditor will determine the exact millage for this levy.

MORE: Lima News

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Seven Indicted For Alleged Roles In 2014 Findlay Attack

5/20/15 – 5:14 A.M.

Seven people were indicted Tuesday for the assault of a Toledo man in Findlay last year. The Courier reports the incident happened on October 22 near the 1800 block of North Blanchard Street. The victim suffered cranial fractures and a broken eye socket.

20-year-old Tanner Straley of North Baltimore, 36-year-old Eric Wilhelm of Custar, 25-year-old Tyler Adams and 19-year-old Hayley Workman of Findlay, and 19-year-old Jayden Edwards of Toledo all face charges in connection to the attack. Two 17-year-old boys from Toledo were indicted in the Hancock County Juvenile Court for their alleged roles.

According to assistant prosecutor Alex Treece, Adams and Workman conspired with the rest of the group on the attack. A motive has not been given.

MORE: The Courier

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Group Discusses Heroin Overdose Reporting

5/20/15 – 5:05 A.M.

Should the public be notified about heroin overdoses in the community? That was the question discussed by members of the Hancock County Community Corrections Planning Board during their Tuesday meeting. The Courier reports the topic came up after Findlay saw four non-fatal heroin overdoses in a 24-hour span last week.

ADAMHS Director Precia Stuby said her board members have heard from residents who believe the information should be publicized. She added she agreed that overdose incidents should be reported more regularly.

The problem is figuring out who should report the info. The matter will be discussed with the Opiate Task Force committee, which is scheduled to meet June 1.

As for last week’s rash of overdoses, Nancy Stephani of Century Health said it’s likely that a “bad mix” of heroin was sold locally. She added the number of overdoses were twice the number typically reported over a month.

MORE: The Courier

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