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United Way Campaign Already Beat Record Total with Two Weeks Left

01/06/15     5:50 p.m.

Last year was the first time a United Way campaign broke $3 million dollars in fundraising finishing at $3,020,000. With two weeks left, the current United Way campaign stands at $3,047,000.

Audio: John Urbanski

United Way CEO John Urbanski said next week local businesses will team up with local restaurants for celebrity servers nights. The week will end with the United Way campaign cabinet members serving at the Upper Deck at Alexandria’s on Friday where they will also announce the total amount raised for the campaign.

Anyone who wants to donate to the campaign can attend a celebrity servers night where tips will go to the campaign, or you can donate online at

Celebrity Servers:
Monday- at Rossilli’s, 217 S. Main St.: Fifth Third Bank servers Mary Beth Hammond, Jeff Shrader and Crystal Ellerbrock. At Hilton Garden Inn, 921 Interstate Dr.: Huntington Bank servers Amy Hackenberg, Don Bledsoe and Blake Tucker.

Tuesday- at Nino’s, 331 N. Main St.: Hancock Home Builders servers Luke Gibson, Clint Gibson, Chad Vorst and Doug Hiegel. At Beer Barrel, 900 Interstate Dr.: The Chamber Ambassadors Josh Kurtz, Joan Wagner, Jerry Greer, Anne Cole, Jessica Simkins, Beth Wilkins.

Wednesday- at Waldo Pepper’s, 411 S. Main St.: Nurses Christine Hoover, Alicia Saltzman, Kimberly Hoffman, and Natalie Phoenix. At Logan’s Irish Pub, 414 S. Main St.: Dr. Bill Kose, Dr. Carmella Osborne and other doctors.

Thursday- at Tavern at the Inn, 200 E. Main Cross St.: First Federal Bank servers Greg Allen, Mike Pepple, JJ Preston, Deb Harless, Denise Thomas and Rod Walton. At Greek Garden, 321 S. Main St.: Friends Business Souce servers Ken Schroeder, Betsy Hughes, Stacey Wolke and Tami Corbin

Friday- at Upper Deck (above Alexandria’s), 132 E. Crawford St.: Campaign Cabinet Member servers Michael Needler Jr., Stephanie Weissling, Chris Webb, Blair Lane and David Cassidy.

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Economic Development for Findlay/Hancock County in 2015 Promising

01/06/15     4:45 p.m.

2014 was a big year for economic development in Findlay with both Marathon Petroleum and Cooper Tire announcing expansions at headquarters, as well as the creation of Tall Timbers West Industrial Park.

Tim Mayle is the assistance director of Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development. He said they were able to leverage the industrial park project to make the area even more marketable.

Audio: Tim Mayle

Success breeds success and Mayle said the city’s attraction efforts has made the pipeline of projects for the area is fuller than it has been in years. Mayle said you never know which projects will amount to something and which won’t, but there is plenty of excitement about the potential for 2015.

Looking ahead to the next few years, the workforce will begin to see a significant increase in retirement rates. Mayle said this is why his department will be focusing so much on workforce development this year.

Audio: Tim Mayle

Mayle said they work with local education partners as well as businesses to figure out what is needed to attract workers to our area. Things like parks, housing and networking opportunities are a few examples. He said the creation of Findlay Young Professionals has been helpful in that initiative to help younger workers learn about the community, as well as larger projects like the Marathon expansion. Mayle said no matter what industry, workforce development affects everyone.

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Widening of I-75 in Findlay On Schedule to Begin in Late 2017/Early 2018

01/06/15     3:15 p.m.

Things are moving as scheduled to begin the widening of I-75 through Findlay in late 2017 or early 2018.

The Courier reports transportation officials were hoping they may be able to start the $153 million project this year, but were unable to convince the state Transportation Review Advisory Council to release the bond sale funds from Ohio Turnpike tolls.

The reconstruction through Findlay will take about three years. The project will add a third lane to the interstate from County Road 99 to just south of the U.S. 68/Ohio 15 interchange. Construction will also include redoing the looped exit at U.S. 68 and the Lima Ave. interchange to make them both safer.

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Flu-Related Deaths Reported In Putnam And Allen Counties

1/6/15 – 6:52 A.M.

The flu has taken three lives in Allen County. The Lima News reports the Allen County Health Department reported three flu-related deaths between December 26 and December 31. One of the people who died was reportedly a juvenile, while the other two were adults.

The Putnam County Health Department also tells the newspaper there were two flu-related deaths there during the last couple of weeks of the year. Both patients had underlying health conditions.

MORE: Lima News

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Upper Sandusky Home Damaged By Monday Fire

1/6/15 – 5:27 A.M.

An Upper Sandusky home was damaged in a Monday morning fire. The fire department was called to 514 South Sandusky Street around 10:15 a.m.

Two people were at home at the time. A mother and her son were able to get out of the house, but the boy did need some treatment at the scene.

The fire was contained to a heating duct in the back bedroom of the home. No other details on the fire were available.

The Red Cross was assisting the family of seven with food, shelter, and infant supplies.

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Wood County Sheriff’s Office Gets More Body Cams

1/6/15 – 5:20 A.M.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office is getting more body cameras. The Sentinel-Tribune reports the Wood County Commissioners recently approved buying 17 more cameras for the office. That will bring the total to 27, enough for each road deputy to have one.

The 17 additional cameras cost $6,800. They won’t arrive until March or April.

The newspaper reports the cameras will likely be used at a deputy’s discretion. The cameras don’t have enough memory to record an entire shift.

MORE: Sentinel-Tribune

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Solar Plant Supplying Carey With Power

1/6/15 – 5:12 A.M.

A solar power plant has begun operations near Carey. The Courier reports Solar Planet Power of Columbus recently switched on the 2-megawatt solar electric farm. The village has agreed to buy power from the solar farm for 20 years. After that, the village can buy the solar equipment, extend the agreement, or have the equipment removed.

The solar farm is located next to Waterworks Park on Carey’s west side.

MORE: The Courier

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Arlington Deals With Freezing Waterline Problem

1/6/15 – 5:03 A.M.

Arlington officials are taking steps to protect the villages water lines. The Courier reports heat tape will be applied to the lines to help prevent freezing at the water treatment plant. A well line that leads into the plant froze last month. The same thing happened last winter.

The work is expected to cost $2,800. Thermal Technology of Lima has been contracted to install the heat tape.

MORE: The Courier

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Proposed Addiction Recovery House Near Wilson Vance Causes Outcry

01/06/15     12:05 a.m.


On November 26 the Hancock County ADAMHS board bought a home 1900 Greendale Ave. to be used a recovery home for five female recovering alcohol and drug addicts. But residents of the neighborhood voiced their concerns at a meeting Monday with the location of the home.

About 200 people attended the meeting, most saying the support the recovery program but do not want a recovery home in their neighborhood, especially within a few hundred feet of Wilson Vance School.

Audio: Robert Sprague

State Representative Robert Sprague said typically he has seen recovery homes in transitional neighborhoods, not single-family subdivisions. Sprague said the money given to the ADAMHS board for a recovery home was not intended to be used this way and future legislation is needed to address the issue so it does not happen again.

The house was purchased for $195,000, 50 percent of which came from a grant. It will house five women, one being named house parent, all from Hancock County. The residents apply for the housing and then are put there on a voluntary basis. They are required to work, do chores, be in outside treatment programs, pay a fee and are subject to random drug testing during their stay.

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik said she does not believe it was the ADAMHS board’s intention to sneak the buying of the home by the government or the public, but just a communication issue. Mihalik said she supports the idea of the recovery home, but does not believe this was the right choice as far as location. Mihalik said she learned of the home three weeks ago, and has been working with the city zoning department to clarify “group home” in the city zoning home. At this point she said what the ADAMHS board is planning is legal based on current code, which she said will be addressed.

Precia Stuby, executive director of Hancock County ADAMHS said this will be the first of two homes, this home to house five women the second for men to be opened sometime this year. Stuby fielded questions from the public at the meeting, saying at this point the project will be moving forward.

Thomas Quarrie, who lives nearby at 1917 Imperial Ln., offered to buy the home from the ADAMHS board for what they paid in exchange for them abandoning the project in the neighborhood. Third Ward Councilman Ron Monday represents the area and said he’d like to see the board take Quarrie up on his offer.

Audio: Ron Monday

Stuby said the issue will be on the agenda at the next ADAMHS board meeting. That meeting will take place Tuesday, Jan. 27 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in the board office at 438 Carnahan Ave. in Findlay.

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$500,000 Loan Given to Tiffin/Seneca County for Joint Courthouse Planning

01/05/15     3:50 p.m.

Tiffin and Seneca County have been given a no-interest loan to help plan for a joint city-county courthouse.

The Toledo Blade reports the 10-year, $500,000 loan from the Ohio Local Government Innovation Fund will be used for architectural planning and project management.

The loan is in addition to a $100,000 grant received in May of 2013 for a feasibility study of the project. The study determined the best location for the new courthouse would be the site of the old Seneca County courthouse.

The historic 1884 courthouse was demolished in 2012 after a controversial vote by Seneca County commissioners.

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