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LB Middle School Wins State Award

5/26/16 – 5:04 A.M.

Liberty-Benton Middle School has been honored for the success of its students.  The school was one of 165 in the state to receive the “Momentum Award” from the State Board of Education.  The award recognizes schools for, “exceeding expectations in student growth for the year.”

The school was the only one in Hancock County to get the honor.

Schools that got straight A’s on the value-added measure on the state report card were eligible for the honor.  This is the first year the state presented the “Momentum Award.”

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Search Continues For Putnam County Inmate

5/26/16 – 4:58 A.M.

Putnam County authorities are continuing to search for an escaped jail inmate. More details on how 22-year-old Breonna Jean Stephens escaped are coming out now. The Putnam County Sentinel reports Stephens threw her mother’s phone out of a moving car while on the way back to jail from a funeral. When Jena Stephens stopped to get the phone, Breonna got out of the car and ran away.

Jean Stephens tells the newspaper Breonna has a two-year history of drug abuse. She adds that while she doesn’t to see her daughter in prison, she wants her to “live to face that possibility.”

Stephens is described as 5’2″ and weighing around 124 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes. Stephens has a peace sign tattoo on her left ear, a flower tattoo on her left foot and script writing on her right wrist. She also has burn scarring on her chest, neck, and on the right side of her face.

Anyone with information on where Stephens might be is asked to the call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at (419) 523-3208.

MORE: Putnam County Sentinel

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LB School Board Votes To Add Modular Classroom

5/26/16 – 4:46 A.M.

Another modular classroom will be added at the Liberty-Benton Elementary school before the start of the next school year. The Courier reports the school board recently approved spending nearly $197,000 on the project. Superintendent Jim Knable says the extra space will give the school room for an expansion of fifth grade if needed.

The elementary/middle school already has four modular classrooms in place. Knable says the latest construction effort will “balance our numbers all the way across.”

MORE: The Courier

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HATS Transportation Provides Service To Kids As Well As Adults

5/25/2016 – 10:47 am

Now that summer is almost here, and with kids being out and about more often than before, the HATS Transportation Service in Findlay and Hancock County is there to serve them. Laurie Collins with HATS says the service allows children over the age of nine to ride the service without being accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Audio: Laurie Collins

This policy is always in place for HATS Transportation but Collins says that it is particularly helpful in the summer months for kids to get around the community for activities. Cost and the scheduling of the rides is the same for the kids as it is for the rest of the year.

Audio: Laurie Collins

Collins says that the program is generally helpful to parents who work and have trouble getting their kids to summer activities and events. This is a service offered year round through the HATS Transportation Service.

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Mayor: Federal Dollars Not Likely For Mitigation, Project Still Would Benefit Region

5/25/16 – 10:38 A.M.

Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik is echoing the sentiments of the Hancock County Commissioners; federal funding is not likely for a Blanchard River flood mitigation project. The Mayor talked to city council members Wednesday about a recent meeting with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers…

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Both Mihalik and Service-Safety Director Paul Schmelzer say it was worth trying to get federal funding for the project, but the federal cost-benefit ratio makes that a long-shot at this point. They added the Corps study has been worthwhile in that it has laid the groundwork for a local flood mitigation plan…

Audio: Paul Schmelzer

Schmelzer adds the Blanchard River project would be up against billion-dollar projects elsewhere in the nation. With that in mind, he says it’s time to look at the local benefits and options.

Mihalik and Schmelzer say a regional economic impact study could be conducted as part of the local engineering plan for a diversion channel….

Audio: Paul Schmelzer

Both Schmelzer and Mayor Lydia Mihalik say they believe the local study will show a diversion channel would benefit the region as a whole.

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West Virginia Murder Suspect Arrested In Allen County

5/25/16 – 7:12 A.M.

The suspect in the death of a former West Virginia coal mining executive was arrested in Allen County Tuesday. Officials say Anthony Arriaga was found in Delphos. Investigators believe Arriaga killed Bennet Hatfield in a West Virginia cemetery this week.

Hatfield was in charge of the company that owned the Sago Mine when a dozen people were killed in a 2006 accident.

A second person is also in custody in the case.

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North Baltimore Schools To Fill Two Administrative Positions

5/25/16 – 6:49 A.M.

The North Baltimore School District will have to fill two administrative positions this year. The Courier reports district treasurer Eve Baldwin is retiring at the end of December. She’s been in her position for 26 years.

Powell Elementary School Principal Scott Lockwood is stepping down on July 31. He’s been on medical leave since last summer. Pam Van Mooy served as the interim principal in his place.

MORE: The Courier

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Seneca County Commissioner Filing Complaint With Elections Commission

5/25/16 – 5:30 A.M.

Seneca County Commissioner Holly Stacy is filing a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission. The complaint, which has to do with the activities of the “Citizens for Seneca County” political action committee, hasn’t made it to Columbus just yet. A representative with the office tells the Review-Times several media outlets have been asking about the filing.

The complaint raises several issues about the actions of Citizens for Seneca County and Rich Focht, a Republican who ran against Stacy in March. Among the complaints is an accusation that the PAC and Focht coordinated activities. Stacey says this would violate Ohio election laws. The filing also says the PAC and Focht’s campaign worked together to cover polling expenses.

Once the election commission officially receives the paperwork, it will review the complaints. If it finds any wrongdoing it can issue fines.

MORE: Review-Times

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“Good Samaritan” Bill Headed To Governor’s Desk

5/25/16 – 5:12 A.M.

An effort to help prevent overdose deaths is headed to Governor John Kasich’s desk. The Courier reports the “Good Samaritan Bill,” written by State Representative Robert Sprague, was passed in the Ohio Senate by a 23-to-10 vote. The bill would protect people from being charged with minor drug offenses if they call first responders to help an overdose victim.

High-level offenders would be not protected under the law. People on “community control” would also be ineligible for protections.

Sprague says the bill will help save lives and catch drug dealers. He expects the governor to sign House Bill 110 into law within 21 days.

MORE: The Courier

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