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Parent Companies Of Two Area Banks Merging

8/26/16 – 5:25 A.M.

The parent companies of two area banks are merging. First Federal Bank’s parent company, First Defiance Financial Corporation, is buying Commercial Bancshares of Upper Sandusky. Commercial Bancshares is the parent company of Commercial Savings Bank. The deal is worth around $63 million, and should close in the first quarter of 2017.

After the sale is completed Commercial Savings Bank will merge into First Federal Bank.

First Federal Bank has 34 full-service branches and 41 ATM locations in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Commercial Savings Bank has several offices in our region.

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ODOT Won’t Build Noise Wall Along Western Avenue In Findlay

8/26/16 – 4:59 A.M.

The Ohio Department of Transportation will not be building a noise wall along Western Avenue in Findlay. The agency released a statement Thursday that said there wasn’t enough support from the neighborhood. Around 70 residents in the area were surveyed over the summer. Less than 50 percent were in favor of the project.

The proposed wall would have been 16 feet high and stretched from the Western Avenue intersection with U6 68 / State Route 15 north to West Lake Court.

While some residents in the area had requested the wall, others wondered how it would affect their property values. Others didn’t like that it could have blocked their view of the horizon.

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University Of Findlay Named One Of Best In The Nation According To An Online List

08/25/16 – 5:30 P.M.

The University of Findlay was ranked as one of the best in the nation in the field of sonography. The program made it to the top 25 on the College Choice’s Best Ultrasound Technician Schools 2016 list. The list included schools such as Ohio State University and Rutgers.

The University of Findlay started their sonography program in the spring of 2015.

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Local Church To Send Aid To Baton Rouge

08/25/16 – 5:02 P.M.

A local church is taking donations to send to Baton Rouge to help families affected by the floods. Ministry Director Adam Borsay of Gateway church says they received a semi trailer. Now they are looking for more donations.

Audio: Adam Borsay

They are also taking volunteers to the areas to aid in cleaning. Borsay says you can check for donation times. They are leaving on Monday.

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U.S. Representative Shares News Of Devastating Drug Statistics

08/25/16 – 3:39 P.M.

A United States representative came to Findlay to discuss the new issues in drug use and overdose. Representative Robert Sprague said he was shocked by the news released by the Ohio Department of Health but won’t give up.

Audio: Robert Sprague

Sprague said that drug overdose deaths rose from about 2,530 in 2014 to 3,050 in 2015. He said he looks forward to the legislation being to passed to help prevent these deaths.

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Recent Storms Aren’t Unusual Says Meteorologist

08/25/16 – 2:48 P.M.

You may have noticed some intense storms roll through the area but that’s not unusual. That’s according to meteorologist Chris Vickers who says the transition to fall energizes the jet stream.

Audio: Chris Vickers

Vickers says that is about this time of year the region sees a spike in severe weather. So while it isn’t welcomed, this weather isn’t unusual for this time of year.

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More Details Given On Proposed JFS Business Outreach Contract

8/25/16 – 12:18 A.M.

An attempt to get some clarification about a contract being requested by the Hancock County Department of Job and Family Services was made Thursday. Alliance Economic Development Director Tony Iriti says the proposal would be an offshoot of the “Raise the Bar” program that aims to connect employers with potential employees…

Audio: Tony Iriti

Iriti says the contract would allow the Alliance to work on behalf of the JFS to find businesses that would employ people from a harder to employ population.

Audio: Tony Iriti

Iriti adds the Alliance is already working to connect area businesses to potential employees, so the work on the behalf of the JFS makes sense.

Audio: Tony Iriti

WIOA is a state program that aims to get people back in the workforce.

Iriti and Hoover told the commissioners the $49,500 request would not fund a new position. It instead would be money used to fund the services provided by the Alliance. The money would come from federal and state sources, and not the county’s general fund. Commissioner Brian Robertson said the amount was a cap and didn’t mean it would all be spent.

Robertson had called the meeting to get a better picture of what the contract was intended to do. He said he believed the services covered under the proposed contract were already covered by the “Raise the Bar” initiative. The county has already contributed $30,000 to that program.

While Robertson says he has a better understanding of the proposal, he did not say if he would vote in favor of it.

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More Storms Are Possible But Not As Bad As Last Night

08/25/16 – 11:21 A.M.

Last night you probably saw some severe weather and there’s a risk you might see some more. Meteorologist Chris Vickers from WTOL says we can expect more storms later today.

Audio: Chris Vickers

He adds that the storms won’t be as intense as they were last night.

Audio: Chris Vickers

Vickers adds that they aren’t ruling out the possibility that these storms could produce more tornadoes.

It’s been 34 months since the last time a tornado touched down in the region before last night.

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Canadian Man Injured In Semi-Truck Crash Near Upper Sandusky

8/25/16 – 7:25 A.M.

A crash on U.S. 23 near Upper Sandusky injured a Canadian man Tuesday afternoon. The State Highway Patrol reports two semi-trucks collided at the intersection of County Highway 4. 48-year-old Michael Miller was driving his semi northbound when he slowed to turn right. As he did, he was hit from behind by a semi driven by 42-year-old Rameez Ambeerlebbe.

Ambeerlebbe suffered minor injuries. Miller was not hurt.

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North Baltimore Man Sentenced For Role In 2015 Overdose Death

8/25/16 – 7:17 A.M.

A North Baltimore man will spend five years on community control for his connection to an overdose death. The Sentinel-Tribune reports 32-year-old Bradley Stemen was sentenced Tuesday. Stemen pleaded guilty to charges of permitting drug abuse and obstructing justice in the death of 35-year-old Todd Williams in 2015.

Stemen’s co-defendant in the case is 34-year-old William Patterson. He’ll be sentenced September 13.

MORE: Sentinel-Tribune

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