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Family Of Seneca County Woman Hit By Fire Truck Suing Fire Department

12/15/16 – 5:02 A.M.

The family of a Seneca County woman hit and killed by a firetruck is suing the Green Springs Volunteer Fire Department. The Associated Press reports the family of 53-year-old Lorri Riehm filed the suit this week. It claims the firetruck had an obstructed view when it hit Riehm on June 28. The suit also says the driver of the truck didn’t use “reasonable care” when backing up.

Firefighters were responding to a water rescue at the Beaver Creek Reservoir in Green Springs when the incident happened.

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Cory Rawson Gets Grant To Buy New School Buses

12/15/16 – 4:47 A.M.

The Cory-Rawson school district is getting three new buses. The Courier reports the district is getting a $70,000 EPA grant to help pay for the vehicles. The new buses will take the place of the three oldest buses in the district’s fleet.

The terms of the grant say the new buses have to weigh less than the buses they are replacing. It also mandates the district destroy the older vehicles. They can keep the parts from them.

The district won’t know the cost of the new buses until the school board officially approves buying the vehicles.

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Hearing Held For Woman Accused Of Attacking Putnam County Priest

12/15/16 – 4:39 A.M.

The woman accused of attacking an 84-year-old Putnam County priest with a hammer last September made a court appearance Tuesday. The Putnam County Sentinel reports Frances Wilhelm’s attorney initially asked for a competency evaluation. On Tuesday the court learned the Court Diagnostic and Treatment Center needs more information before making a ruling on if Wilhelm is competent to stand trial.

The CDTC needs more police reports to finish their evaluation. Judge Randall Basinger granted an extension of the hearing as a result.

Police say Wilhelm attacked Herman Scherger at his home on September 5. Scherger was able to escape to a neighbor’s house.

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Findlay Man Charged In January Drug-Related Death

12/15/16 – 4:28 A.M.

A Findlay man is facing charges stemming from a drug-related death. The Courier reports prosecutors have charged 28-year-old Nathan Brown with involuntary manslaughter as well as corrupting another with drugs. The charges relate to the January 11 death of 24-year-old Jarrod Barger. Investigators say Brown gave Barger Fentanyl, a powerful painkiller. The coroner ruled Barger died from cocaine and Fentanyl toxicity.

According to the report, Brown is likely only the second person ever charged for a drug-related death in Hancock County. Randall Rice of Fostoria faced similar charges in Hancock County.

Prosecutor Phil Riegle says his office could pursue more charges like this in future drug-related death cases.

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Findlay Shooting Investigation Continues

12/15/16 – 4:13 A.M.

The investigation into a Findlay shooting death might not result in murder charges. The Courier reports police currently consider the death of 24-year-old Trey James a homicide, but investigators reportedly are considering evidence that could show the shooting was in self-defense. Lt. Robert Ring tells the newspaper investigators are waiting on the results of a ballistics report. They also want to talk to at least two people who might know what happened on George Street last Friday.

Ring says the people who were at the home when the shooting happened knew each other.

Commissioner Phil Riegle tells the newspaper the grand jury would likely decide at some point if charges are appropriate in the case.

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Vanlue Passes Ordinance That Restricts Parking During Snow Emergency

12/14/16 – 6:00 P.M.

Vanlue village council passed an ordinance that will restrict parking in an emergency. The ordinance says that when two or more inches of snow falls in a 24 hour period the village will enter a state of emergency. During this time nobody is allowed to park or stop their vehicle on any uncleared street unless otherwise designated. This will continue until the mayor or the street commissioner says all snow plowing has been completed.

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Findlay Police Offer Tips On Keeping Your Package Delivery From Being Stolen

12/14/16 – 2:21 P.M.

With the holidays coming fast you might have packages delivered to your door. Crime Prevention Officer Brian White said that there are ways to ensure your packages safety.

Brian White

He also said you can request a signature upon delivery or give delivery instructions so that the package is harder to find. You can also pick the package up from the delivery servicer rather than wait for it.

Findlay Police Department has already received complaints about package deliveries being stolen. White said that the culprits are hard to find.

Brian White

White said that sometimes it can take days before someone realizes their package was stolen.

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UPDATE: Arlington Firefighters Called Back To Scene Of Tuesday House Fire

12/14/16 – 4:59 A.M.
UPDATE – 9:08 A.M.

Arlington firefighters were back on the scene of a house fire this morning.  Fire damaged a home at 501 North Main Street Tuesday night, and it rekindled today.  Firefighters from Arlington, Jenera, and Delaware Township all responded to the first call around 10:15 p.m. They were on scene until after 1 a.m.  Arlington firefighters were back at the location around 7:45 a.m. after the fire started smoldering again.

The blaze closed U.S. 68 in Arlington while firefighters battled the flames Tuesday.

An Appleseed EMS crew says the fire didn’t cause any injuries.  The American Red Cross provided housing for the home’s residents.

No other details are available just yet.

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Hackers Held Henry County Voting Database For Ransom Days Before Election

12/14/16 – 5:37 A.M.

Hackers breached Henry County’s voter database just days before the November election. The Courier reports hackers hit the database with a ransomware attack on October 31. Ransomware locks up data to extort money from the owner of the information. Commissioner Glenn Miller said the board of elections restored the voter database from backups at the county and state level. The county did not pay the ransom demands of the hacker.

Miller says investigators don’t believe the security breach compromised election results. Investigators also found no evidence of hackers taking information from the system. As a precaution, the county is offering a one-year membership to an online identity protection service for those possibly affected by the breach.

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