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Crews Respond To Report Of Gas Leak On Sweetwater Road

10/7/2015 – 1:47 pm

A natural gas line break has been reported at 2612 Sweetwater Road in Liberty Township. The Courier reports that the Findlay Engineering Department has been conducting road work in that area for several weeks.

The Liberty and Washington Township fire departments all responded to the scene along with Columbia Gas. Additional details will be reported as they are made available.

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Be On The Lookout For Super Lice This Fall

10/7/2015 – 1:25 pm

With the school year well underway, it’s time for a reminder to check your children for lice. Lice tend to spread much quicker during the school year. April Lieb from Caughman Health Center says that the lice eggs, called nits, can be buried down deep near the root of hair, so it’s important to check your children thoroughly to avoid any lice issues.

Audio: April Lieb

Lieb recommends that if you find lice to keep any pillows or stuffed toys in sealed plastic bags to kill any lice which may be on them.

Some forms of lice called Super Lice can develop resistance to treatment methods. Super Lice are a form of lice which have proven to be resistant to traditional treatment methods. Over the course of time, lice have been able to adapt to treatments in order to survive. While cases of Super Lice have been found in Ohio, April Lieb from the Caughman Health Center says that no case has been reported yet in Hancock County.

Audio: April Lieb

Lieb reminds parents to check their children regularly to avoid any lice issues and if they find issues and traditional treatment methods do not work, they need to contact their doctors to see what alternative treatment options are available.

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Nothing Found At Perrysburg School Following Bomb Threat

10/7/2015 – 12:25 pm

A Perrysburg Elementary School remains on a modified lockdown today after receiving a bomb threat this morning. According to the Sentinal-Tribune the threat was called into the Woodland Elementary School just before 10:30 this morning. A statement on the school’s website reads that the school was placed on the lockdown and police were called. The building and area were searched, but nothing was found.

The statement indicated that the threat was likely part of a rash of phony threats made across the state recently, including one at Liberty-Benton Schools. The Perrysburg Police Department is investigating. If anyone has any information, they can contact the police department at 419-872-8001.

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Fostoria Property Set For Upgrade

10/7/15 – 5:08 A.M.

A Fostoria industrial building is closer to seeing signs of life again. The Courier reports Fostoria City Council took the first step toward authorizing a $150,000 loan to Mennel Milling during their Tuesday meeting. Mennel Milling is planning on operating at a former fertilizer facility at 602 Findlay Street.

The $150,000 would come from Fostoria’s revolving loan fund. It would be used to replace conveyors in the factory.

City council must have three readings of the ordinance before it can be approved.

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Findlay Man Accused Of Hitting Pregnant Woman

10/7/15 – 5:00 A.M.

A Findlay man is accused of attacking a pregnant woman and spitting on a police officer. The Courier reports 28-year-old Brendan McClellan was indicted by the Hancock County grand jury on charges of domestic violence and harassment with a bodily substance.

McClellan reportedly hit a pregnant woman in the face and tried to drag her down an alley on September 24. He then allegedly spit on the responding police officer.

McClellan has two previous domestic violence convictions. One happened in Findlay in 2013, the other was in the Hancock County Common Pleas Court in 2014.

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Bids Opened For Blanchard River Clearing Project

10/7/15 – 4:48 A.M.

It looks like it will cost a little under $1 million dollars for the next round of tree clearing from the Blanchard River. The Courier reports bids for the project were opened Tuesday. H&H Land Clearing of Middlefield submitted the lowest bid, at $923,000. The project will see nearly 9,000 dead ash trees and other downed debris removed from the river.

More than 55,000 parcels in the Blanchard River watershed will be assessed $17 for the work.

The Hancock County Commissioners must review the bid before it is officially approved.

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Bridge “Slide” Replacement Project On Hold In Wood County

10/7/15 – 4:23 A.M.

A historic feat of engineering is on hold in Wood County. Ohio Department of Transportation officials say this Saturday’s Interstate 75 “bridge slide” project will be delayed until at least next week to repair bearings that will move the span into place. The first-in-Ohio project involves building the new, wider bridge over U.S. Route Six, then sliding it into the spot of the current bridge. ODOT is using this process to minimize the impact on traffic.

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City Reviews Sewer Permit Fees In West Park

10/6/2015 – 8:42 pm

The City of Findlay will soon help to alleviate the costs of living in a part of the city. At the council meeting Monday night, the council approved a report which recommended the waiving of sanitary sewer permit fees for the upcoming sanitary sewer project. This would affect the residents and businesses in the West Park area of the city.

The report recommended a one-time payment of $400.00 or a six-year payment of $100.00 per year to help the residents pay for the tap fees. The idea behind the recommendation was that it would help ease the burden for the residents in West Park.

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