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Marathon Service Station Will Replace Old Swifty Gas Station

6/13/14 – 5:24 A.M.

The old Swifty gas station on Trenton Avenue won’t sit vacant very long. An Indiana company will turn the property into a Marathon service plaza. The Findlay City Planning Commission approved the project Thursday.

A 2,600 square foot building will be built to replace the 476 square foot Swifty building. The fuel pumps will be replaced as part of the renovation.

The new building should be completed by November.

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Cooper Tire Team Meets With NASA Engineers

6/13/14 – 5:17 A.M.

When you need insight on technology, there aren’t too many organizations better than NASA to talk too. That’s just what members of Cooper Tire & Rubber’s technology team did Thursday. The group met with NASA scientists and engineers Thursday at the University of Toledo to talk about technical challenges and opportunities in the future.

The free consultations are being offered by NASA to manufacturing companies. Cooper Tire qualified to receive help with two projects. One focused on development of a coating for tire molds. The other focused on radio-frequency identification technology.

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Findlay Man Sentenced For Sixth DUI

6/13/14 – 5:09 A.M.

A Findlay man will spend nearly a year-and-a-half in jail after he was convicted of drunk driving for a sixth time. The Courier reports 47-year-old Stacy Johnson was sentenced to 17 months behind bars Thursday. The charges stemmed from a traffic stop made on February 19 near Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way and North Blanchard Street in Findlay.

Johnson’s driver’s licence will be suspended for five years. He’ll be eligible for early release after 12 months.

MORE: The Courier

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Pay Raises Granted For Hancock County Job and Family Services Employees

6/13/14 – 5:02 A.M.

Pay raises are in store for employees in the Hancock County Job and Family Services office. The Hancock County Commissioners approved the increases Thursday to try and stop employee turnover in the department.

The 1.5 percent pay bumps will be effective June 22 for 28 positions in the agency. Routine raises have also been built into the pay scale.

Wages in the office didn’t change between 2006 and 2012. A 2.8% pay increase was given last year.

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Marathon Petroleum Expanding Service Building On Findlay Campus

6/13/14 – 4:55 A.M.

Marathon Petroleum’s plans to expand a service building in downtown Findlay were approved by the city’s Planning Commission Thursday. An existing 19,000 square foot building will add a little more than 15,000 square feet. The current service building is near the corner of East Sandusky Street and Beech Avenue.

The expansion will also add a third floor walkway to the new parking garage being built in the area.

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Hancock County Commissioners Buy Another Flood Prone Property

6/12/14 – 10:11 A.M.

Another flood prone property has been bought by Hancock County. The commissioners approved a resolution today to pay a little more $31,000 for a home at 210 Washington Street in Findlay. Commissioner Phil Riegle said the home has suffered fire damage in the past so they made the owners an offer before they started to renovate.

The commissioners have been buying properties in the flood zone since the 2007 flood. Riegle says they’re always keeping an eye out for other homes that are often damaged during flooding…

Audio: Phil Riegle

Rielge says they also look for homes that go up for sale to potentially buy. The homes in the problems areas are demolished to prevent further flood damage in the future.

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Seneca County Man Sentenced In Arson Case

6/12/14 – 7:16 A.M.

A Seneca County man will spend 17 years in prison for setting his house on fire last year. The Blade reports 73-year-old Lloyd Hicks of Bellevue was convicted Tuesday on charges of felonious assault, abduction, and aggravated arson.

The incident in question happened last September. Hicks tried to drag his wife back into the house he had set on fire. He also fired a gun at a deputy who responded to the scene.

MORE: The Blade

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Drug Enforcement Officers Raid Fostoria Home Wednesday Night

6/12/14 – 6:59 A.M.

Complaints about drug sales at a home in Fostoria led to a bust Wednesday night. The Seneca County Drug Task Force METRICH-Enforcement Unit served a warrant at 300 East Tiffin Street. Officers recovered a small amount of marijuana and evidence of drug trafficking.

Officers found several people in the home including three children under 10 years old. No arrests were made in relation to the warrant, but charges could be filed. 27-year-old Renaurj Lamb of Toledo was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant for drug trafficking in Lucas County.

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