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Findlay Man Accused Of Assaulting Deputies

10/15/14 – 5:11 A.M.

A Findlay man is accused of assaulting two sheriff’s deputies. The Hancock County grand jury handed up an indictment against 24-year-old Andrew Huffman Tuesday. Huffman allegedly attacked Deputy Shane Leeth and Deputy Thomas Miller.

The incident happened last Thursday in Amanda Township.

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Leipsic School District Website Hacked

10/15/14 – 5:07 A.M.

The Leipsic school district’s website was the target of hackers Tuesday. The Lima News reports staff members were notified about the issue around 8 a.m. People trying to view the website were being directed to another site. The problem was fixed within about 15 minutes.

An email from Superintendent Greg Williamson said that no personal data was taken, because no personal data is stored on the site. Williamson added that the district didn’t believe the hacker was local.

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Hancock County Budget Looks Good Through Nine Months

10/15/14 – 5:02 A.M.

Work continues on Hancock County’s budget. The county commissioners met with the budget commission Tuesday to review third-quarter numbers from this year. Revenue is up for the county, having collected $16.7 million through three-quarters of the year, compared to $16.1 million last year.

Expenses are up a little as well. The county has spent $13.4 million through nine months, which is about $56,000 more than 2013.

The commissioners hope to be able to carry-over $2.5 million from this year’s budget into 2015.

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Jury Seated For Findlay Murder Trial

10/15/14 – 4:49 A.M.

A jury was seated Tuesday for a Findlay murder trial. The Courier reports the jury for Montre Robinson consists of nine-women and three-men. Robinson is accused in the murder of Joe Gutierrez III on November 8 of last year at the intersection of East Foulke and Crystal Avenues. Prosecutors say Robinson drove the gunman to the scene of the shooting.

The first day of testimony is scheduled to begin today. The jury will visit the site where the shooting happened. It’s expected the trial could last through next week.

The gunman in the shooting pleaded guilty already. 21-year-old Ralph Harris of Findlay will be sentenced after Robinson’s trial.

MORE: The Courier

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Wood County Exotic Animal Owner Wants More Time To Comply With Rules

The owner of Tiger Ridge Exotics in Wood County is asking for more time to comply with Ohio’s new exotic animal law. Earlier this month, Kenny Hetrick was told he had ten days to surrender his animals to the state or face criminal charges. Hetrick previously said he was defying the state law because he didn’t have the money to follow its requirements, but now says money isn’t an issue because of donations coming in from all over the world.

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Replacement Conveyor Belt Will Transport Sludge from WPCC to Dump

10/14/14     8:27 p.m.

Findlay’s Water Pollution Control Center will be getting an upgrade in the form of a new conveyor belt soon. City council’s appropriations committee approved the $48,000 purchase to replace the failing belt at Tuesday’s meeting.

Service-safety director Paul Schmelzer told city council’s appropriations committee the conveyor removes sludge and transports it into a dump truck. The conveyor has been in use since 1988 and is close to failing according to Schmelzer. He said doing all the necessary repairs would be about half the cost of replacing the belt.
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Findlay Paying $3746 to Decorate Downtown Light Poles for Holiday Season

10/14/14     6:29 p.m.

In about a month downtown Findlay’s halls will be decked for Christmas. Council’s appropriations committee approved $3746 to decorate the 31 light poles Findlay is responsible for downtown. The other 39 are the responsibility of the Downtown Findlay Improvement District.
Findlay pays the DFID to unpack, decorate, repack and store all the pole decorations every year. The annual payment also covers any repairs or maintenance needed for the decorations.
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IUDs and Implants Most Effective Contraceptive For Sexually Active Teens

10/14/14     2:08 p.m.

New studies show 42 percent of adolescent girls are sexually active. Dr. Allison Westcott, an OB-GYN with Blanchard Valley, says her primary suggestion for birth control is abstinence as it is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs. Despite that, Westcott says she does recognize the need for contraception for teens and she prescribes either an intrauterine device or an implant.

Audio: Allison Westcott

Westcott said of her teenage patients, about one-third use the pill for birth control, another third use the Depo-Provera shot and the final third opt for a long-acting contraception like an IUD or implant. It is suggested that using a hormonal method as well as a condom is the most effective way to prevent a pregnancy.

Audio: Allison Westcott

Westcott says the Nexplanon implant put into the patient’s arm for 3 years is the most common IUD or implant for adolescents. Westcott says she’s been prescribing implants to teens for several years and has had mainly very good results.

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Kilroy Was Here

10/14/14 – 10:54 A.M.

If you drive by electronic billboards in Findlay, you may have noticed an ad with a caricature and the caption, “Kilroy was here.” Some light on what that means was shed at today’s Hancock County Commissioners meeting. Bob Driftmyer is a past commander of Amvets Post 21 says it’s a nod to World War II vets…

Audio: Bob Driftmyer

Driftmyer says it can also teach younger generations more about World War II. He says “Kilroy” graffiti was a viral sensation before there was such a thing…

Audio: Bob Driftmyer

Driftmyer says the caricature served as a morale booster for troops. That’s why you’re seeing it pop up in Findlay recently. The iconic image is being used to salute WWII veterans in the lead up to Veterans Day next month.

The Courier will have an article featuring WWII veterans talking about their favorite Kilroy memories later in October.

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Election Preview: Robert Fry Running For Congress

10/14/14 – 5:30 A.M.

We continue our election preview today with a look at one of the candidates running for Congress in Ohio’s 5th District.

Democrat Robert Fry says a big emphasis in his campaign is bringing jobs back to northwest Ohio…

Audio: Robert Fry

Fry says the government is making it too easy for companies to move elsewhere by not enforcing trade regulations.

Fry also says he knows flood mitigation is a big economic issue for Hancock and Putnam Counties…

Audio: Robert Fry

Fry adds the money is there, it’s just a question of having the right people in place to see that it gets where it needs to go.

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