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New Web Program Explained At The Findlay City School Board Meeting

0/22/16 – 7:34 P.M.

The All Choices Matter program was explained at the Findlay City School board meeting held tonight. Superintendent Ed Kurt says that the program will help the kids’ education.

Audio:All Choices Matter

All Choices Matter is a web program that will be given to educators. Parents and students will also be able to access the program through a secured portal.

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Hydrant Flushing To Continue In Findlay

08/22/16 – 3:27 P.M.

Hydrant flushing continues today in a new part of Findlay. The Water Distribution Department says it will be flushing hydrants in the area of MaManness Avenue east to County Road 236 from Tiffin Avenue north to Fostoria Avenue. You will also see flushing around County Road 236 east to Township Road 242 from State Route 568 north to State Route 12.

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Putnam County Habitat For Humanity Dedicates New Home

08/22/16 – 3:19 P.M.

Putnam County Habitat for Humanity dedicated its 9th home to a family in Leipsic. The Big Kahuna talked to Executive Director Matt Rau who said the help the organization receives has others jealous.

Audio:Matt Rau

Rau said 22 area churches volunteered to help construct this home. It was the first 4 bedroom 2 bath house built by the organization in Putnam County.

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U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown Spoke To WFIN’s Chris Oaks About Making College Affordable

08/22/16 – 1:06 P.M

A United States senator spoke with WFIN’s own Chris Oaks. Sherrod Brown spoke over the phone about helping students pay for college by making taxes fairer.

Audio: Sherrod Brown

Brown said that he thinks making the first two years of college free is a viable option. He added that the richest people in the country pay 15% of taxes where the average American pays a lot more.

You can catch the full interview in Hour 3 on

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Findlay Water Tower Dedicated To Area Veterans

8/22/16 – 12:01 P.M.

The water tower on Findlay’s north side was recently repainted red, white, and blue with a slogan that reads “Findlay Salutes Veterans.” The tower was officially dedicated during a ceremony Monday morning. The new look of the water tower is more than just a fresh coat of paint according to Hancock County Veterans Services director Nichole Coleman…

Audio: Nichole Coleman

Coleman also says the dedication means a lot, especially to Vietnam-era veterans…

Audio: Nichole Coleman

Despite that, Coleman said veterans from that time made sure that those who returned from Desert Storm were treated much better.

Coleman added that the new paint job on the tower also serves as a reminder to the community to look for veterans to thank them for their service. She adds it may even inspire a future generation of veterans.

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Ottawa-Glandorf High School Mitigating Mold Issue Before School Year Starts

8/22/16 – 5:29 A.M.

The Ottawa-Glandorf school district is dealing with a mold issue in the high school. A post on the district’s Facebook page says the problem was discovered during a maintenance check on August 15. One wing of the building was closed to allow a contractor to mitigate the issue. Belfor Property Restoration was contracted to clean, disinfect, and repair the damage.

Five classrooms were found to have mold. They are being cleaned with HEPA filtered vacuums and disinfected. Parts of the ceiling are also being replaced.

A malfunction in the HVAC system caused the mold problem. Cold air was continuously pumped into one room, causing a humidity difference between that room and adjoining rooms.

The school year is still expected to being on time Tuesday. Arrangements have been made to move classes from the affected rooms until they are cleared for students to return.

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Structure Is Good For Students After They Get Home From School

08/22/16 – 5:30 A.M.

The second week of school is underway and some parents might be wondering what their kids should do after school. Findlay City Schools Elementary Director of Instruction Stephanie Roth says there should be a plan.

She adds that there are several activities that kids should have planned into their nightly agendas. These include a snack time, a time to play and exercise, and a time to do homework.

Roth says it is important that these kinds of activities are built into a structured agenda. She says that structure helps to keep things under control and manageable for both the kids and the parents.

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Repaving Projects Scheduled In Findlay This Week

8/22/16 – 5:10 A.M.

Road crews will be busy repaving Findlay streets this week. The city’s engineering office reports resurfacing will take place on Marilyn Drive from Goldenrod Lane to Lilac Drive, Lilac Lane from Carlee Lane to Bittersweet Drive, and Goldenrod Lane from Carlee Lane to Bittersweet Drive.

Curb replacement continues on Osborne Avenue from Wedgewood Drive to Sandusky Street. Curb replacement is also taking place on McManness Avenue between East Main Cross and Center Street.

Waterline installation continues on the University of Findlay campus on Davis Street between Morey Avenue and Cory Street.

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Resurfacing Work Continues On Hancock County Highways

8/22/16 – 5:03 A.M.

ODOT will be busy in Hancock County this week. Resurfacing continues south of Findlay on I-75. The interstate will be reduced to one lane between Hancock County Road 60 and State Route 235. The project is expected to wrap up by Labor Day.

Lane restrictions will be in place elsewhere as well. Look out for resurfacing work on State Route 235 between Hancock County Road 313 and Mount Cory as well as an area just north of McComb. There will also be restrictions on State Route 103 between Mount Blanchard and the Wyandot County line; and State Route 568 between Hancock County Road 253 and the Wyandot County line.

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Owens Community College Lends A Hand To Students

8/22/16 – 4:52 A.M.

Owens Community College in Findlay is offering help for students who suffer setbacks that may keep them out of school. The Courier reports the college has started an emergency fund for students, opened a food pantry on campus, and started a community garden. Angie McGinnis is the manager of advising at the Findlay campus. She tells the newspaper, “One small thing can derail somebody. I think a lot of our students are on really thin ice and one thing can put them under.” The idea is that preventing issues outside the classroom will lead to more students finishing their studies.

The emergency fund can be used to help with non-education related expenses. The money can be used to help cover unexpected things like car repairs.

McGinnis says the community garden was started this year as another way to help out students. Staff and faculty have been tending to the garden and setting out the vegetables in the Education Center for students to eat.

MORE: The Courier

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