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Hancock County Sheriff’s Office Reports Phone Scam

8/14/14 – 5:05 A.M.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office says someone has been calling area residents, pretending to be a sheriff deputy in an attempt to steal money from them. A release from the office says the caller tells the potential targets there is a bench warrant out for their arrest. They then say they can avoid being arrested by placing a certain amount of money on a prepaid credit card and then giving them the information from that card.

Deputies don’t request money from people over the phone. If you’ve received a call like this you’re urged to report it to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office. The number is (419)424-7097.

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Findlay Income Tax Procedures Debated

8/14/14 – 4:56 A.M.

The process of how Findlay collects income taxes was the subject of debate at a recent meeting. The Courier reports Auditor Jim Staschiak and Income Tax Administrator Andrew Thomas had differing opinions over how things are handled.

Staschiak says the process of letting some businesses pay their tax bill every October makes it difficult to predict what city revenues will be. An example of this came last October, when a business made an unexpected $4.8 million payment. Staschiak would prefer all businesses make estimated quarterly payments.

Thomas said the October payment option gives the city a reliable revenue stream and cuts down on the amount of refunds the city gives out. Mayor Lydia Mihalik said refunds were one of the reasons the city got into financial trouble in the past. Money would be spent from estimate payments, but then money would get tight when refund checks were given out.

The city began allowing October payments in 2009.

MORE: The Courier

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National Tractor Pulling Championships Returning to BG this Weekend

8/13/14   4:33 p.m.

The 48th Annual National Tractor Pulling Championship will return to the Wood County Fairgrounds in Bowling Green this weekend.

The pulls will begin at Friday at 1 p.m. and conclude Sunday. There wil be tractor in truck pulls in 12 different classes.

Presale tickets are available at most Kroger stores or online at Tickets will be available at the gate but for a higher price.

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With School Year Beginning, Bus Safety at the Forefront

8/13/14   4:30 p.m.

The school year is right around the corner and the State Highway Patrol is reminding drivers to be vigilent of buses that will soon be on the roadway.

The Findlay Post of the Patrol reported 371 crashes involving buses from 2011 to 2013, with a total of 4,378 total in Ohio including 7 fatalities and 1,700 injuries.

As a refresher, the Patrol reminds drivers to stop at least 10 feet back when approaching a bus from either director while it displays flashing lights and not to drive forward until the bus begins moving.

Bus Safety Statistics

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FEMA’s Threat of Probabtion More of a Warning, Probabtion Unlikely

8/13/14   3:44 p.m.

What seemed like a threat of impending probation from FEMA turned out to be nothing more than a warning. A letter sent to the mayor of Findlay in April threatened the probabtion as well as possible flood insurance premium increases.

Findlay Service-Safety Director Paul Schmelzer said he clarified things with FEMA yesterday, who assured him the probability of probation is low.

Audio: Paul Schmelzer

According to Schmelzer, the need for more information stems from Findlay’s recent efforts to join a community rating system to reduce flood insurance premiums. Once those efforts were initiated FEMA began taking a closer look at Findlay and found what they called, “112 outstanding issues and potential violations.”

Audio: Paul Schmelzer

Schmelzer said the threat is simply a way FEMA insures communities will get back to them  in a timely manner with the necessary information, which Findlay has.

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Reality of Depression in the Spotlight Since Robin Williams Passing

8/13/14   1:50 p.m.

In light of Robin Williams passing, the reality behind depression has become a popular topic of conversation.

Audio: Michelle Clinger

Dr. Michelle Clinger of Century Health said depression can effect every aspect of a person’s life, from work to home to hobbies. Loss of energy, interests, weight gain or loss, sleep difficulty or oversleeping and a constant feeling of sadness or worthlessness are some of the major symptoms.

A person with a heart disorder is not judged for seeking treatment for their disorder. Clinger said the same should be true for those with depression.

Audio: Michelle Clinger

Clinger said it is important to understand that depression is a treatable disorder as long as the person suffering seeks help. After being assessed by a primary care doctor or clinician, the patient will likely be perscribed a combination of medication and therapy, which has been proven to be one of the strongest approaches to treating depression.

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Emergency Procedure Guides Coming to Your Doorstep Soon

8/13/14    11:45 a.m.

In the next few weeks you may notice people going door-to-door in Findlay distributing brochures. These are Emergency Procedures Guides that are the product of the Hancock Leadership Class of 2014’s class project.

Audio: Tim Chrulski

Tim Chrulski, a member of the Class of 2014, said the guide is tailored to Hancock County and will be delivered by hand to every home in the City of Findlay and then to fire departments in the rest of the county, over 25,000 total guides.

Audio: Tim Chrulski

The guide has references and phone numbers in the event of an emergency. One example is flooding. Chrulski said you simply go to the flooding tab, and there are phone numbers, what to do in case of flood watches and emergencies and more.

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Fatal Crash Closes U.S. 6 West Of Bowling Green

8/13/14 – 10:30 A.M.

A crash involving an ethanol truck has U.S. 6 closed west of Bowling Green. The Wood County Sheriff’s Office reports the accident happened at the intersection with Potter Road this morning.

Investigators confirmed one person was killed.

U.S. 6 will be closed in that area until further notice.

View Fatal Crash Closes U.S. 6 In Near Bowling Green in a larger map

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Community Rallies Around Kalida Family After Their Home Was Lost In A Weekend Fire

8/13/14 – 9:20 A.M.

A Putnam County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher was recently faced with an unenviable task; dispatching fire trucks to her own home. That’s exactly what happened to Beth Hellman Sunday. Her husband and three children escaped the blaze in their home near Kalida, but they lost everything else…

Audio: Shelly Knippen

Shelly Knippen is helping organize a relief effort for the Hellman family. She says support has been so great over the last two days they’re actually holding off on asking for any more items for the time being…

Audio: Shelly Knippen

Knippen says they are still asking for monetary help though. To find out more on how to donate, go the the “Hellman Family Fire Relief” Facebook page.

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Judge Sets Trial Date Set For Allen County “Mystery Woman”

8/13/14 – 6:48 A.M.

Allen County’s “Mystery Woman” has a trial date. The Lima News reports Ann Marie Miller will be tried on October 6. She’s charged with tampering with records and using false information to attempt to gain a state identification card.

Miller’s case gained national attention when she refused to identify herself following her arrest. She had burned off her fingerprints, making identification very difficult. A tip from Florida helped identify the woman.

Miller also faces felony charges in Virginia and Colorado.

MORE: Lima News

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