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Findlay Domestic Dispute Leads To Assault

3/16/15 – 5:23 A.M.

A Findlay man is facing charges after a domestic dispute late Friday night. The Findlay Police Department reports Joshua Anders was taken into custody early Saturday.

According to a police report, Anders and Katie Thrush were in a car in the 1200 block of South Blanchard Street around 11 p.m. Saturday when an argument led to Anders assaulting Thrush. She escaped the car on foot. Thrush was later treated at Blanchard Valley Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Anders faces a felonious assault charge.


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Pothole Repairs Underway In The Area

3/16/15 – 5:06 A.M.

Findlay and Hancock County road crews are busy trying to fix as many potholes as they can now that the weather is warming up. The Courier reports crews are using a temporary fill of stone and oil. Permanent patches will be placed once asphalt plants begin ramping up production in April.

Mark Drerup is the manager of Findlay ODOT garage. He says the deep freeze this winter did a lot of damage. While we didn’t get as much snow as we did last year, the cold temperatures were just as harmful. ODOT’s website has a link to help you report potholes.

Findlay has $400,000 set aside for street maintenance. Service-Safety Director Paul Schmelzer says it’s important to repair the roads to extend the life of the pavement. Hancock County Engineer Chris Long says county crews are running daily to make repairs.

MORE: The Courier

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Mount Blanchard Home Destroyed By Fire

3/16 /15 – 4:53 A.M.

A Mount Blanchard home was destroyed by a fire Friday afternoon. Vanlue firefighters were called to 19724 State Route 103 Friday afternoon. No one was at home at the time.

Vanlue Fire Chief Bill Drown says an electrical issue may have started the fire. The blaze started in the home’s laundry room. The home was a total loss and was not insured.

The Red Cross provided food, clothing, and comfort kits with personal hygiene items to the family.


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Hog Creek Wind Farm Gets Wind Turbine Building Extension

03/13/15     4:55 p.m.

A Hardin County farm will have more time to install dozens of wind turbines.

The Lima News reports that Hog Creek Wind Farm’s Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need was extended until 2018, giving them more time to construct the turbines. The Ohio Power Sitting Board originally approved the plan to install 31 turbines on 3,400 acres in 2010 and granted the extension Monday.

The farm requested the extension so they could have more time to secure financing and complete design and engineering plans.

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Agency on Aging Warning Seniors of New Scam Making the Rounds

03/13/15     12:14 p.m.

A new scam targeting seniors is affecting Findlay-area residents. Hancock County Agency on Aging Community Relations Director Beth Wilkins said seniors are being called anywhere from four to 10 times by a group of people trying to meet with them.

Audio: Beth Wilkins

Wilkins said the Agency was alerted to the scam by seniors asking them why they kept calling and asking when they started selling burial plots, which the Agency does not do.

If you think you’ve been targeted by the scam Wilkins asked that you let either the Findlay Police or Hancock County Sheriff’s Office know as well as the Agency on Aging so they can alert other seniors to the scam. If you do receive a call you should hang up and not give the caller any personal information.

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New City of Findlay Website Launched

03/13/15     11:48 a.m.

FindlaySiteThe new City of Findlay website is live. officially launched Thursday. City officials are inviting residents to take a look at the site and let them know how things look with the “Give Feedback” button at the bottom of each page.

The website was designed by a team of citizen volunteers and features a Findlay Answers section for visitors to look up frequently asked questions or submit a question as well as the Dropbox app for easy access to meeting minutes, agendas and forms.

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OIU Asks Bar and Restaurant Servers to Be Cautious This Weekend

03/13/15     10:40 a.m.

The Ohio Investigative Unit is asking restaurant and bar owners to be particularly careful serving alcohol this weekend.

With many St. Patrick’s Day celebrations being held tonight and Saturday, the unit is asking bartenders to not serve already intoxicated people and double check IDs to be sure the person consuming is 21 or older.

Anyone who serves someone drunk or underage can face criminal charges and the establishment may be fined and have their liquor permit cited, suspended or revoked.

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Hopwell-Loudon “Sunday Policy” Disputed

3/13/15 – 9:18 A.M.

A new policy in the Hopewell-Loudon school district was taken to task this week. The Review-Times reports community members packed a board meeting to voice their concerns about new rules about when school events can and can’t take place.

At issue is the so-called “Sunday policy.” The rules state no school activities can take place on Wednesday nights after 6 p.m. and can only take place on Sundays between 1-5 p.m. One speaker noted the board would sometimes be in violation of its own policy, because board meetings are held on Wednesday nights.

MORE: Review-Times

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Hancock County Ag Hall Of Fame Inducts New Members

3/13/15 – 8:54 A.M.

The Hancock County Agriculture Hall of Fame has four new members today. The annual induction ceremony tookplace during the annual “Farmer’s Share” breakfast Thursday. James Demler of Eagle Township and Emil Nagel of Mount Cory were both honored. Posthumous recognition was given to Lynn Cupples and William Johnson.

The award goes to those who have been instrumental to the success of area agriculture. Nominees can be honored for their work as a producer or in other agriculture-related professions.

MORE: The Courier

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