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Arlington Leaders Look At How Business Growth Could Impact The Community

8/5/14 – 5:13 A.M.

A Hancock County village wants to take a look at how business growth near Findlay could affect its future. The Courier reports Arlington community leaders are scheduling brainstorming sessions to discuss the topic. The first meeting will take place at Jac and Do’s Pizza in Arlington on August 20 at noon.

Growth at Marathon and Cooper Tire spurred the meetings. Officials have also taken note of the planned McLane grocery distribution center to be built on the north side of Findlay.

Organizers want business leaders, clergy, and school officials to attend. They’ll be talking about the needs of the community, and the positive aspects of Arlington.

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Source: Putnam County Could Drop Out Of Flood Study

8/5/14 – 4:56 A.M.

Putnam County could pull out of the ongoing Blanchard River flood study. An unnamed source tells the Courier frustration with the Army Corps of Engineers could lead to action being taken.

The source tells the newspaper the Corps has refused to show county officials how the I-9 bridge affects flooding. The bridge is often blamed for acting like dam when the river is running high. The Corps has been asked to provide statistical data to the county, but so far has not volunteered that information.

If Putnam County drops out of the study, it could try and start its own flood mitigation project with the Army Corps. The goal would be to get work done before 2016, when the current study is expected to be done. So far Putnam County has not contributed money to the ongoing study.

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Investigation Underway In Death Of Wood County Baby

8/5/14 – 4:41 A.M.

The death of a nine-month-old baby in Wood County is under investigation. The infant was taken to a local hospital on Friday and was later flown to a Toledo hospital, then to the University of Michigan Hospital over the weekend. Officials say the baby’s injuries didn’t happen from a fall.

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Mandel Says Putting State Checkbooks Online a Form of Accountability

8/4/14   5:50 p.m.

State Treasurer Josh Mandel is on a mission to create an army…of citizen auditors.

Mandel spoke to media in Findlay Monday afternoon about House Bill 175, which would require the state treasurer’s office to put the state’s checkbook on the Internet, which Mandel says would hold officials accountable.

Audio: Josh Mandel

Mandel said by creating a bill requiring the treasurer’s office to put the state checkbook online, the information will be available through even the successing treasurers.

Audio: Josh Mandel

A secondary goal of the project is to save taxpayers  money in the form of public records requests because the information will be available online. Mandel is also hoping to encourage local governments (cities, counties, townships) and schools to put their checkbooks online as well, which the treasurer’s office will pay for with funds it has saved since Mandel took office.

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Homelessness a Problem Even in Rural Areas Like Findlay

8/4/14   2:55 p.m.

In a rural areas like Findlay homeless isn’t thought of as a big problem. But it’s something that affects us on a more subtle level.

Lucy Coppes, property manager for National Church Residences, spoke at the Rotary Club meeting this morning and said that we will soon be facing elderly homelessness, a crisis we have not seen yet.

Audio: Lucy Coppes

In rural areas, 14 of every 10,000 people are homeless, mostly due to lack of affordable housing and inadequate income as well as the federal government’s focus on the homeless population being centered on urban areas.

Coppes said budget cuts aren’t helping. Sixty-two percent of government spending goes toward entitlement programs such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Audio: Lucy Coppes

Coppes says the only true remedy is advocating for these people and volunteering time and effort to help them.

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Hancock County Budget Still Solid After First Half of the Year Comes to a Close

8/4/14   2:38 p.m.

Since the first half of the year has come to a close, county officials are taking a look at the budget and expenditures.

County commissioner Phil Riegle said the first half of the year wasn’t record-breaking, but it was solid.

Audio: Phil Riegle

Riegle said to have a large increase in revenue, people need to spend significantly more.

Audio: Phil Riegle

According to Riegle, sales tax revenue is up slightly from 7 million in the first half of 2013 to 7.25 million this year.

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Wood County Village Dealing With Stray Cat Issue

8/4/14 – 10:47 A.M.

A Wood County village is dealing is a growing problem – feral cats. The Sentinel Tribune reports residents in Pemberville say they’ve lost track of how many strays are roaming area neighborhoods.

The Wood County Humane Society has proposed trapping the cats, spaying or neutering them, and then returning the cats to the village. Pemberville’s village council is concerned about how to fund the program.

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Accidental 911 Call Leads To Arrest In Kenton

8/4/14 – 6:41 A.M.

An accidental 911 call led to the arrest of a Kenton man last Friday. reports a small child was playing with a phone and called the emergency service. Police were dispatched to to a home in the 200 block of Glendale Street after the child hung up.

Officers spoke to 31-year-old Joe Nelson when they arrived at the house. They found that Nelson had an outstanding warrant, and took him into custody. He was released later in the day.

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Tiffin Woman Injured In Car-Train Crash

8/4/14 – 5:28 A.M.

A Tiffin woman was injured when her car was hit by a train last Friday. The Wood County Sheriff’s Office says the accident happened at a crossing north of Fostoria near U.S. 23.

23-year-old Hollie Irving was driving east of Switzer Road when she attempted to cross the tracks. She was hit on her passenger side door by a CSX train. The crossing doesn’t have a gate or warning lights, but does have a warning sign.

Irving was taken to Promedica Fostoria Community Hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. The crash remains under investigation.

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Gas Prices Up To Start The Week

8/4/14 – 5:23 A.M.

You’ll pay more to fill up your gas tank to start off the work week. reports the statewide average for regular unleaded is $3.46 this morning. That’s 10 cents higher than last Monday, but 12 cents cheaper than what we were paying on July 4.

In Findlay, prices are slightly above the state average, checking in around $3.49 a gallon. Prices are also at $3.49 in Ottawa.

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