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Workplace Diversity The Topic Of Black Heritage Library Banquet

2/16/17 – 5:09 A.M.

The Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce talked about workplace diversity while in Findlay Wednesday night. The Courier reports Jacqueline Williams spoke at the 35th anniversary banquet and fundraiser for the Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center.

Williams says more diverse companies are more competitive and more profitable. She added that ethnic and social minorities will be a majority of the nation’s population in a little more than a generation. Williams says businesses that know and understand the country’s changing demographics will succeed.

Williams also said a diverse workplace helps reduce “group think.” She added diverse companies are, “more creative and certainly more profitable in the long term.”

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Blanchard Valley Health System Makes Key Management Changes

02/15/17 -4:35 P.M.
Key management changes at Blanchard Valley Health System moved two employees. Linda DeArment took over as the Director of Physician Services and Recruitment. Her new position will oversee all provider recruiting activities and the Medical Staff Office.
Marie Swaisgood will take over DeArment’s former position. She is now the Chief Development Officer of the Blanchard Valley Health Foundation. She will oversee all fundraising activities as well as BVHS volunteer Services.
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Two Car Crash On North Blanchard Sends Two To Hospital

02/15/17 – 3:42 P.M.

A car accident on North Blanchard Street sent two people to the hospital today. The Findlay Police Department reports that the crash happened on the 500 block of North Blanchard Street around 10:30 am. 63-year-old Robert Gonzalez of Findlay was driving south on the street when he tried to stop to avoid hitting the car in front of him.

He swerved left of center and struck a northbound vehicle driven by 19-year-old Jacob Hageman of Ottawa. Both of the men were taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital for unknown injuries.

Police cited Gonzalez for going left of center.

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Prevent Blindness Warns About Age-Related Macular Degeneration

02/15/17 – 3:27 P.M.
Over 2 million Americans aged 50 and older have age-related macular degeneration, including 88,000 in Ohio alone. AMD is the leading cause of vision loss for older Americans. The Ohio Affiliate of Prevent Blindness declared February as AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month.
AMD may not show any symptoms until it progresses or affects both eyes. AMD could cause difficulty seeing in the center of your vision and in dim light and straight lines may become wavy or blurry. You may also notice fading and/or changes in the appearance of colors.
Prevent Blindness says that you’re at increased risk of AMD if you’re older, caucasian, and female. They offer educational materials at no cost on their website and toll-free number. You can call 800-301-2020 or visit for more information.
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Bluffton University To Honor ’07 Baseball Team For Anniversary Of Bus Accident

02/15/17 – 1:50 P.M.
March 2 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the tragic Bluffton University Baseball bus accident. The university will induct the team into the hall of fame this Saturday. Coach James Grandey said that the induction will hit the hearts of many people.
Grandey is the only person left in the program right now that was there for the accident. He said that he makes sure that his athletes are aware of what the accident meant to the program.
Bluffton University will honor the ’07 Baseball team during the halftime of the men’s basketball game. The induction of the team into the hall of fame will take place at 7:15 p.m.
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Owens Community College To Offer More Paid Internships Due To Grant Money

02/15/17 – 11:55 A.M.
You could see more Owen’s Community College students working in paid internships due to some grant money. Owen’s Krista Kiessling said that regular paid internships can hurt some students.
Kiessling said Owens wants to help students get the internships they need without jeopardizing those benefits. Kiessling added the grant money will be used to open up internship options to help these students.
The grant is a two-year $49,500 Career Ready Internship grant. Great Lakes Higher Education corporation and Affiliates awarded the grant.
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VIDEO: Mobile Phone App Aiding Hancock County Volunteer Fire Departments

2/15/17 – 11:22 A.M.

Last summer all Hancock County volunteer fire departments began using a new app to track who is responding to emergencies. After eight months of using the “I Am Responding” app, Hancock County EMA Director Lee Swisher says they like what they see…

Audio: Lee Swisher

Swisher says that helps volunteer fire departments make more informed decisions about whether they should wait for more people to get to the fire station, or head to the emergency right away.

Swisher says the app not only lets departments know who is responding to an emergency, but also provides responders with critical on scene information on their cell phones…

Audio: Lee Swisher

Swisher says every agency using the app shares the information. He adds that means less confusion at the scene of an emergency.

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Local Residents Dealing With Respiratory Illnesses This Winter

2/15/17 – 5:03 A.M.

Feeling sick today? You’re not alone. Area health officials tell the Courier respiratory illnesses have been an issue this winter. Colleen Abrams is an infection preventionist at Blanchard Valley Health System. She tells the newspaper they’ve seen plenty of flu cases, but adds RSV, another respiratory ailment, is also making the rounds. Some people test negative for the flu and RSV but still have a respiratory infection.

Abrams says doctors have seen more flu cases this year, but the number is lower than it was two years ago. St. Rita’s Medical Center in Lima recently restricted visitors at the hospital because of the number of flu cases. Blanchard Valley Health System hasn’t taken that step yet.

Health officials say it’s not too late to get vaccinated against the flu this season. If you do come down with the flu, stay home. Abrams says you’ll recover faster, and will help stop the spread of the virus.

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Bed Tax Committee Starting To Set Framework For Application Process

02/14/17 – 6:46 P.M.
The framework is being set for organizations that might want to apply for bed tax dollars in Findlay. Ad Hoc Committee Chair Grant Russell said that their Tuesday meeting covered some important ground.
The committee came to a consensus that the money should only be used for projects and events. This does not include capital improvement projects. The committee also agreed that the money should go for events where the focus is in Findlay.
Russell said that while there is still some work to be done he expects to have this before council soon. They are expecting the Convention and Visitors Bureau to give some direction on what guidelines they will want to see.
Russell said that the CVB will vet the applications for the money. He said that there still need to be decisions made on whether the CVB distributes the money or gives recommendations to council.
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ODOT To Close Findlay Area Rest Stop Wednesday

2/14/17 – 10:54 A.M.

ODOT has issued a travel note for drivers on northbound I-75 in Hancock County. The agency is closing the rest area just south of Findlay Wednesday afternoon. Crews are repairing the water system at the stop.

ODOT says the parking area will stay open and they’ll put portable toilets at the location for the day. The repair work is set to begin at 2 p.m.

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