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Another Fostoria Arson Suspect Sentenced

9/24/14 – 5:00 A.M.

Another suspect is a fatal Fostoria fire is headed to prison. The Courier reports 20-year-old Timothy Hall appeared in court Tuesday and pleaded guilty to two counts of obstructing justice. Seneca County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Kelbley sentenced Hall to two-an-a-half years. He will be eligible for parole after six months.

Hall admitted to helping Shey Weiker hide evidence after Weiker started a fire at 614 South Poplar Street on Memorial Day. The blaze killed Daniel Marker Jr. and Tara Vance. It also seriously injured Dana Weatherall. Weiker had accused Marker of sexually abusing her son. She is now serving a life sentence.

One more person is still facing charges in the case. 44-year-old Charles Schaeffer is scheduled for a hearing today. He allegedly showed Weiker how to ignite the railroad flare that was used to start the fire.

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Hancock County Dealing with Soaring Road Salt Prices for this Winter

09/23/14     3:18 p.m.

Whether we like it or not winter is right around the corner and local administrators are already dealing with soaring road salt prices.

Hancock County engineer Chris Long had a conference call with ODOT this afternoon. Long said the county will spend about $56.50 per ton to fill up on salt this summer. But as for the winter, the asking price is just over $105 per ton.

Findlay service-safety director Paul Schmelzer said those prices are being driven up by a higher demand due to last year’s rough winter.

According to ODOT, last winter Hancock County used 11,300 tons of salt. If the same amount was needed this year at the winter fill price, it would cost the county almost $1.2 mil.

Long said the plan for now is to use what the county receives during the summer as sparingly as possible. As far as filling up again this winter, Long said it will be a “wait-and-see situation.”

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Hancock County Judge Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

09/23/14     3:03 p.m.

Allan Davis with chief deputy clerk Melissa Soto at OGA

Judge Allan Davis and chief deputy clerk Melissa Soto at OGA

Lifetime Achievement Awards are few and far between, but Hancock County judge Allan Davis recently received the honor from the Ohio Guardianship Association for promoting the highest quality of ethical guardianship services in his court.

Davis has been serving the community in his roles of common pleas, probate and juvenile court judge for 41 years. Prior to his judgeship, Davis was a partner of the Oxley, Davis & Oxley law firm.

Davis will be retiring in January of 2015.

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Text 911 Services Coming To Hancock County

9/23/14 – 11:26 A.M.

Findlay and Hancock County residents will soon be able to text 911 for help in an emergency. The Hancock County Commissioners signed off on a deal to upgrade dispatch technology today…

Audio: Dale Shaheen

County telecommunications and 911 coordinator Dale Shaheen says the system can be upgraded in the future to allow people to send video and text to dispatchers.

Audio: Dale Shaheen

The upgrade will cost a little more than $606,000. Findlay will pay a little more than $335,000, and the county will pay the rest. The contract with Intrado covers five years of maintenance as well.

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Unemployment Down for Area Counties

09/23/14     11:23 p.m.

Good news for area counties today as unemployment numbers dropped in the month of August. Hancock County saw a drop from 4.7 to 4 percent and Allen dropped from 6.1 to 5.1. Hardin and Putnam also dropped a full percent from 6 to 5 percent and 5 to 4 percent, respectively. Wood County saw a decrease from 5.6 to 4.8 and Wyandot from 4.7 to 4.2.

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Hancock Historical Museum Hoping Bed Tax Money a Possibility in the Future

09/23/14     11:14 a.m.

Last year Findlay city council agreed to allocate 10 percent of its bed tax money to the Arts Partnership for three years. But this year, a new council denied multiple requests for any of that money.

Audio: Sarah Sisser

Sarah Sisser, executive director of the Hancock Historical Museum, said having their bid turned down was actually a loss for Findlay. Sisser said if their request had been approved the museum would have hired an administrator, freeing up her time to plan more events and bring more people to the community.

Audio: Sarah Sisser

Sisser was the first to ask for a portion of the funds this year on the museum’s behalf. Sisser said the denial was a hit to the year of work the museum had been doing to prepare for the ask.

For the last year, Sisser said the museum has taken attendance and surveyed attendees at all their events to collect statistics to present to council. They even added new events to up their numbers.

In the future, Sisser said she hopes council will reconsider and at least take the time to create criteria for allocation of the funds.

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Ottawa Residents Warned About Series Of Break-Ins

9/23/14 – 9:02 A.M.

Ottawa area residents are being warned about a series of break-ins. The Putnam County Sheriff’s office issued a message on Facebook, saying the intrusions have happened at night while people are asleep in their homes. The post also says the burglars appear to be looking for money and haven’t hurt anyone.

The sheriff’s office is reminding residents to lock their doors at night, and to lock up their valuables.

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Man Accused Of Attacking Woman At BG Hobby Lobby

9/23/14 – 5:29 A.M.

A North Baltimore man is facing domestic violence charges following an incident at the Hobby Lobby in Bowling Green. The Sentinel-Tribune reports 36-year-old Gary Bretz allegedly hit a woman and pushed her to the ground at the store last Thursday. He’s also accused of taking the woman’s necklace and sunglasses.

Bretz left the store and was later arrested in North Baltimore after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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Problematic Weed Found In Putnam County

9/23/14 – 5:17 A.M.

Putnam County farmers are being given a heads up about a weed that can be a costly problem. The Lima News reports Mike Weller of Continental recently discovered spiny amaranth in his fields. The weed is Roundup resistant and grows in hay and bean fields as well as pastures. When it gets into crops it can cost farmers $20 to $40 per acre.

James Hoorman of the Ohio State University Putnam County Extension Office tells the newspaper the best way to deal with the weed is to cut it out and burn it. Unfortunately, it has spikes on it, so cutting it by hand can be painful. Hoorman adds the weed has made its way north because it often gets mixed in with cheap cotton meal used to feed cattle.

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McComb Looks To Upgrade Water Treatment Plant

9/23/14 – 5:04 A.M.

McComb residents may have to pay more for their water in the future to meet an EPA requirement. The Courier reports village council took a step towards upgrading the water treatment plant at last night’s meeting. Council hired an Atlanta company to draw up plans to add an aeration system to the plant.

The new system would remove trihalomethanes from the water. Village council members say their hands are tied on the issue as the Ohio EPA has mandated the upgrade. Failure to do so would mean fines for the village.

Water rate proposals will be studied so officials can figure out how to pay for the work.

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