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McComb Ice Rink Almost Ready For The Season

11/29/16 – 4:50 A.M.

An outdoor ice rink in McComb is almost ready for skaters. All that’s missing is colder temperatures. The Courier reports the village will add water to the rink if it gets cold enough next week.

Village council President Gordon Myers suggested setting aside one night a week for hockey. For that to happen council will have to change the hours of the park. Currently, it closes at dusk.

$6,200 in donations made the temporary rink possible.

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Republican Central Commmittee Appoints Tim Bechtol As New Hancock County Commissioner

11/29/16 – 2:51 A.M.

The Central Committee of the Republican Party of Hancock County met last night to appoint a new county commissioner. After hearing from the nine candidates the committee decided that Tim Bechtol will replace Phil Reigle. Bechtol said that his experience as an architect has prepared him to be a county commissioner.

Tim Bechtol

Bechtol said he is excited to work with the other commissioners. He added that he believes that something has to be done about flood mitigation. He said that there might have to be more steps than just the diversion channel to control the flooding.

Tim Bechtol

The commissioner seat became open after Reigle took the position as the county prosecutor for Hancock County.

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United Way To Hold An Online Auction For The First Time

11/28/16 – 6:05 P.M.

United Way Of Hancock County is holding it’s first ever two-day online auction from December 7-9. They are looking for small businesses to donate gift certificates for the auction. All of the money raised through the event will go to the organization to help improve the lives of people in Hancock County. The event will start at noon on Wednesday, December 7th and will end at noon on Friday, December 9th. To participate or to donate a certificate from your business you can go to

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City Dry Cleaning Collecting Coats For The Needy

11/28/16 – 5:30 P.M.

City Dry Cleaning is holding it’s 29th Coat Drive this week and you can help. Paul Kramer from City Dry Cleaning says that there’s plenty of ways for you to drop off coats.

Paul Kramer

He added that they are in need of coats for children.

Paul Kramer

The coats will be distributed next weekend at Glenwood Schools. You can pick up a coat on the 10th from 9am -3 pm and on the 11th from 1-3 pm.

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Expansion At Children’s Museum Expected To Open Early Next Year

11/28/16 – 3:00 P.M.

The Children’s Museum in the Findlay Village Mall is getting ready to take the wraps off of an expansion project. Executive Director Linnea DiBerardino says the official unveiling is coming soon…

Audio: Linnea DiBerardino

DiBerardino says the expansion includes six new exhibits…

Audio: Linnea DiBerardino

The Children’s Museum opened in the mall in 2014.

DiBerardino spoke to the Findlay Rotary Club about the expansion during a Monday luncheon.

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Gas Prices Down Slightly To Start The Week

11/28/16 – 7:24 A.M.

Local gas prices are down slightly coming out of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. reports the average price for a gallon of regular in Findlay is $1.97 today. That’s down four cents over the last seven days.

Ottawa drivers report paying $1.99 a gallon. That’s a five cent drop from last Monday.

The statewide average is $2.02 for a gallon of regular.

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Michigan Man Arrested Following High Speed Chase In Fostoria

11/28/16 – 5:33 A.M.

A state trooper arrested a Michigan man following a short high-speed chase in Fostoria Saturday morning. A state trooper was doing a registration check on a car driven by 24-year-old Devan Ridgway when Ridgway sped off. The chase went south on Countyline Street then left on Culbertson Street. When Ridgway crossed railroad tracks east of Main Street he went airborne, lost control, and hit a mobile home at 857 Lynn Street. The chase hit speeds of 80 miles-per-hour. It lasted around 35 seconds.

29-year-old Tyler Orwick of Findlay was a passenger in the car. Police found him on the ground following the crash. Ridgway and another passenger, 31-year-old Ryan Hook of Fostoria, ran away. Police caught them a short time later.

There was one person in the mobile home when the car hit it. The resident wasn’t hurt.

Police have charged Ridgway with multiple traffic charges, a count of failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, and a count of unlawful restraint. The unlawful restraint charge because officers say Ridgway wouldn’t let the passengers out of the car.

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Rape Victims Often Find Themselves The Target Of Cyber Bullies

11/25/16 – 12:45 A.M.

For victims of rape, the crime often doesn’t end even after the jury reaches a verdict in the case. Ashley Ritz is the Executive Director of Open Arms Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services in Findlay. She says a disturbing trend sees rape victims become online targets for cyber-bullying…

Audio: Ashley Ritz

Ritz says rape is already one of the most under-reported crimes. She adds the cyber-bullying of rape victims is one reason for that.

The comments directed at rape victims often focus on their physical appearance. “You couldn’t keep your fat legs shut” and “she’s not pretty enough to be raped” are just a couple of comments victims find themselves subjected to. Ritz says comments like that are unfortunate and often stem from a misunderstanding of rape…

Audio: Ashley Ritz

Ritz says she suggests victims shut down their social media for a while, especially after the verdict…

Audio: Ashley Ritz

Ritz also says victims should let law enforcement know if they receive threats online.

Ritz has a direct message for people who would harass rape victims online…

Audio: Ashley Ritz

There is help for rape victims in these situations. Ritz encourages people to call Open Arms at (419)422-4766.

Full Interview:

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Habitat For Humanity Makes Plans For Next Home In Putnam County

11/28/16 – 5:19 A.M.

Putnam County’s Habitat for Humanity is moving forward with their tenth home. The Putnam County Sentinel reports the agency signed an agreement earlier this month to build a new home in Ottawa. Becky Gable-Giblin and her daughter Mariah are partnering with the agency for the house.

The agency built a home in Leipsic earlier this year.

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Meeting To Nominate New Hancock County Commissioner Set For Tonight

11/28/16 – 5:13 A.M.

We should know who will fill an empty Hancock County Commissioner’s seat by the end of the day. The Hancock County Republican Central Committee is holding a meeting tonight to interview the candidates. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in Findlay City Council chambers. The seat opened when former Commissioner Phil Riegle accepted an appointment to be the county prosecutor.

Since Riegle is a Republican, the GOP gets to pick the replacement for his term. Local GOP chair Jim Baker tells the Courier he hasn’t told committee members who the candidates are. He added, “we’re trying to be fair with the candidates and the committee.”

Each candidate has three minutes to make a presentation to the committee. They’ll answer questions from committee members after that. The candidate with the majority of the votes from the committee wins the nomination.

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