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Election Results: Issues In Hancock County Townships Pass

11/4/15 – 7:32 A.M.

Voters in three Hancock County townships passed levies Tuesday. In Marion Township, 61 percent of those who cast a ballot voted in favor of an additional 1-mill for fire protection.

Amanda Township residents voted in favor of a 1.5-mill replacement levy for fire protection. 72 percent of the votes were in favor of the measure.

Orange Township saw a replacement of a 1-mill levy for current expenses pass, with 60 percent in favor.

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Election Results: Seneca County Levies Fare Well

11/4/15 – 7:24 A.M.

Levies fared well in Seneca County Tuesday. The health district replacement levy for general operations passed, with 62 percent approval. The health district opted to run the levy as a replacement to collect additional revenue from increased property values.

A request for an additional 2.5-mills for operating expenses at the Seneca County Opportunity Center also was approved. The measure received 64 percent approval. The money from the levy will cover increased expenses and reduced revenues for the center.

Fostoria residents approved a renewal of a 1 percent income tax renewal. It generates around $2 million dollars per year for the general fund.

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Election Results: Putnam County School Board Races

11/4/15 – 6:50 A.M.

Several school board races were decided in Putnam County Tuesday. In the Ottawa-Glandorf district, Brent Schroeder, Lucy Cramer, and Beth Hempfling were the top vote-getters in a six person race for three seats.

Columbus Grove had a four-person race for three school board seats. Brad Brubaker, Bret Stechshulte, and Kenneth Kruse all came away as winners in that contest.

Leipsic also had a four-person race for three school board seats. Cindy Erikson, Timothy Nadler, and Nancey Schortgen received the most voter support.

And in Continental Chad Olds and Mike Zacharich were elected to the two open seats in the district.

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Election Results: Fostoria Voters Approve Building Bond Issue

11/4/15 – 6:42 A.M.

New buildings will be constructed in the Fostoria School District in the future. 1,965 voters in the district cast ballots in favor of a 2.9-mill, 35-year bond issue for construction work. The bond issue will pay for a new junior/senior high school building for grades seven through 12 and renovate the intermediate elementary building. It will also pay for the demolition of the Holmes, Longfellow and Riley buildings.

A .5-mill continuing levy to pay for maintenance of the new and renovated buildings was also approved.

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Election Results: Putnam County Mayoral Races

11/4/15 – 5:27 A.M.

Two mayoral races were decided in Putnam County Tuesday. In Pandora, John Schlumbohm was reelected, taking 64 percent of the ballots cast. Residents in the village of Continental saw Matt Miller overwhelmingly elected. The village councilman took 78 percent of the votes cast in a three-way race.

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Election Results: Putnam County School Levies Renewed

11/4/15 – 5:22 A.M.

School renewal levies fared well in Putnam County Tuesday. 64 percent of voters in the Ottawa-Glandorf school district voted in favor of a five-year, 2.1 mill emergency levy. The levy has been on the books since 1980. It pays for school operations.

In the Pandora-Gilboa school district, 62 percent of voters approved the renewal of a 1 percent income tax. The tax generates around $850,000 per year for the district.

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Findlay Council Talks About Sick Time Payout Rules

11/4/15 – 5:13 A.M.

Sick time payouts to retiring employees was talked about at Tuesday’s Findlay City Council meeting. The Courier reports 1st Ward Councilwoman Holly Frische urged council not to accept a report from an ad hoc committee. The report suggests Findlay bring its payout laws in line with state laws. Frische said the committee hadn’t researched what other cities did in similar situations.

Frische was the only person who voted against approving the report.

The issue was brought up earlier in the year when former Fire Chief Tom Lonyo retired. He wasn’t eligible for sick time payout under a local ordinance, but law director Don Rasmussen found Lonyo was eligible under Ohio law.

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Findlay Council Hears About Proposed Animal Regulations

11/4/15 – 5:04 A.M.

Findlay City Council members heard more about proposed regulations regarding livestock in the city during their Tuesday meeting. The Courier reports Denice Ziebold talked to council members about what she called her “urban farm” at 1631 Hilton Avenue. Ziebold has 15 chickens and three goats on the property. She invited council members to visit her home before making any decisions.

The city is considering regulations that would restrict the number of farm animals someone could have on their property. Owners with more than seven such animals could be grandfathered in if a new ordinance is passed.

MORE: The Courier

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Election Results: Van Buren Voters Renew Operating Levy

11/4/15 – 4:54 A.M.

Voters in the Van Buren School District renewed a four-year, 4.1-mill operating levy Tuesday. 58 percent of the ballots cast went in favor of the levy. The money generated from the levy provides around $1.2 million dollars a year for school operating expenses.

The levy wasn’t set to expire until next year, the but the district decided to put it on the ballot in 2015 so they would have a second chance if needed.

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Election Results: Hancock County School Board Races

11/4/15 – 4:48 A.M.

Several Hancock County school districts had contested school board races decided Tuesday night. In McComb, Anthony Stateler and Rhonda Montague were elected. Stateler was the leading vote getter, taking 30 percent of the ballots cast in the four-way race.

In Van Buren, Jeff Salisbury and Kimberly Thomas were elected to the school board. Salisbury received the most votes, getting 36 percent of the votes.

Arcadia saw a five-person race for two school board seats. Donald Allhouse took 29 percent of the vote, while Carol Metzger took 25 percent.

Cory-Rawson had three candidates compete for two open seats. Debra Core, whose name was on the ballot, was the top vote-getter with 1,001 votes. Write-in candidate Jason Oman won the second board seat with 368 votes.

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