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Findlay Schools Looking For News Principals

2/18/16 – 5:31 A.M.

The Findlay City School District is looking to fill three principal positions before the next school year. The Courier reports positions are open at Jefferson Primary, Lincoln Elementary, and Glenwood Middle School. Interim principals are handling the job duties while the hiring process takes place.

The Jefferson and Lincoln openings were advertised two weeks ago. Around 30 applications have been received for the two jobs. An internal posting for the Glenwood job was posted Tuesday. Assistant Superintendent Troy Roth tells the newspaper he anticipated it would also be advertised outside the school system.

Glenwood Principal David Alvarado is taking the superintendent job at Hopewell-Loudon. Jefferson Principal Krista Miller is going to become the principal at Jacob’s primary school next year. Former Lincoln Principal Scott Marcum left to become the principal for the Arlington School District.

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Putnam County School District To Look For New Superintendent

2/18/16 – 5:18 A.M.

A Putnam County school district will be looking for a new superintendent. The Putnam County Sentinel reports Continental’s Joel Mengerink is leaving after the school year to take the same position in Elida. Mengerink’s final day will be July 31.

The Continental school board accepted the resignation at their meeting earlier this week.

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Ohio Supreme Court Will Hear Fired Findlay Police Officer’s Case

2/18/16 – 5:12 A.M.

An appeal of a former Findlay police officer’s firing will be heard by Ohio’s highest court. The Ohio Supreme Court will review Dave Hill’s case after lower courts affirmed the disciplinary action.

The firing happened after several incidents in 2012. In July of that year, Hill used a Taser on a 14-year-old boy, who was the son of another officer. Video of the incident was reportedly posted on Facebook. A few weeks later Hill was suspended for 10 days after he voiced his disagreement with another officer’s promotion by putting a loaded gun in his mouth. In November of 2012, Hill reportedly combined the name of a female officer with a word for a prostitute in front of other officers. The female officer was scheduled to testify about the incident involving the gun at an arbitration hearing.

In 2013 an arbitrator ruled Hill should be reinstated to his position with no back pay. The city appealed the decision and a Cuyahoga County judge ruled the arbitrator overreached in trying to find a middle ground. Hill appealed that decision, but the 8th District Court of Appeals sided with the city on the firing.

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Whirlpool Plans Expansion At Findlay Plant

2/18/16 – 4:57 A.M.

The Whirpool plant in Findlay is planning an expansion. Dow Jones Newswires reports the Whirlpool Corporation plans to build an 86,400 square foot, $40.6 million addition to the facility just north of the city. Roughly 50 jobs will be added at the plant as a result. No other details about the plans have been made available by the company just yet.

The Findlay plant already employs around 2,300 people. 12,500 dishwashers are made in the facility each day.

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Alliance To Announce 2016 Outlook

2/17/2016 – 10:00 pm

Thursday night, the Hancock Alliance will announce its plans and programs for 2016. Economic Development Director Tony Iriti says that a big component of economic development in Findlay and Hancock County moving forward is workforce development.

Audio: Toni Iriti

When looking at NW Ohio and really the entire State of Ohio, Iriti says that Findlay is in a good position to build upon the success of prior economic development.

Audio: Toni Iriti

The Economic Outlook Forum will be held from 5pm-7pm Thursday at the Findlay Country Club.

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Hancock-Wood Requests Clarification Of Findlay Franchise Agreement

2/17/2016 – 8:35 pm

Hancock-Wood Electric CO-OP has requested that the City of Findlay review its franchise agreements with Hancock-Wood and American Electric Power. Currently, Hancock-Wood has service territory that was annexed into the City of Findlay in the 1980s. AEP can operate in the Findlay City limits but so can Hancock-Wood, within the annexed service area. Hancock-Wood requested that the city make a formal declaration of the intent of current service agreements with AEP and Hancock-Wood due to AEP encroaching on the Hancock-Wood service territory.

Audio: Paul Schmelzer

Findlay Service-Safety Director Paul Schmelzer said the fact that franchise agreements between the city and both AEP and Hancock-Wood overlap which is creating a discrepancy as to who has the right to provide service in the area. The area in question is around Rowmark on the east side of Findlay.

Audio: Paul Schmelzer

Schmelzer said that Hancock-Wood requested the city to revisit the franchise agreement for clarification. Ultimately any dispute between the two utilities would be handled between both of them and the state public utilities commission but Hancock-Wood wanted the city to clarify it’s position. The council will review proposed language at a future meeting.

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City Officials Hold Discussion On Budget Surplus

2/17/2016 – 8:11 pm

What should the City of Findlay do with its multi-million dollar budget surplus? Should funds be spent to hire staff, or saved in case of an economic recession? That was a question put to the members of the Findlay City Council committee of the whole meeting Wednesday. Councilman Jeff Wobser said that it’s in the cities best interest to be prudent in how funds are used. Given the effects of a new recession, the city needs to build funds in order to provide services in hard economic times.

Audio: Jeff Wobser

Service Safety Director Paul Schmelzer noted that having budget surpluses are not bad things for a city, and that the City of Findlay was attempting to build up both the rainy day funds and the capital improvement funds, as well as slowly hire staff. He said that what the city didn’t want to get into was a situation where staff would need to be reduced and a new tax levy would need to be requested in the event of an economic recession.

Audio: Paul Schmelzer

Schmelzer said that moving some funds to capital improvement helps the city leverage other projects that are put out to bid, such as roads, utility systems, and inferstructure. And while the city could use that money to hire staff, not doing so with the revenues coming in could put the city in a bind financially. Auditor Jim Staschiak said that it was a good first step in a long process to ultimatly craft a plan that will keep the city financially secure during the next economic downturn.

Audio: Jim Staschiak

Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik noted that when the economic downturn hit, the city was in a position where staff had to be let go because reserve funds were depleted. From her point of view it’s not good sense to outstretch resources to the point where expenses outpace revenues because such situations will have a negative impact on city services.

Audio: Lydia Mihalik

Service-Safety Director Paul Schmelzer noted that at the moment the cities expenses are at the levels that they were at in 2008 prior to the recession.

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Former Lima Police Officer Accused Of Raping Teen

2/17/16 – 7:14 A.M.

A former Lima Police officer is currently standing trial, accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. The Lima News reports the accuser in the case, who is now 17, testified against 28-year-old Justin Bentz Tuesday. During an hour of testimony, the girl said Bentz got her drunk and took advantage of her last June.

The teen was living with her sister at the time, and Bentz was a roommate in the home.

The defense has argued Bentz did have sex with the girl, but that it was consensual.

The trial resumes today.

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North Baltimore Officials Look Toward Downtown Revitalization Project

2/17/16 – 6:49 A.M.

North Baltimore officials want to upgrade infrastructure in the downtown area. The Courier reports plans are underway for a four-phase, $3 million project. Village council voted Tuesday to pursue grants to pay for more than $2 million of the work.

Phase one would replace waterlines along Main Street between State to Broadway streets. The second phase would and new lighting and sidewalks downtown. Phase three would repave Main Street between the railroad to Broadway, while the final step would include paving Main from Broadway to the edge of town.

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Carey Will Maintain Road In Industrial Park

2/17/16 – 6:40 A.M.

The village of Carey will take over maintenance of a road in an industrial park in the village. The Courier reports Carey Village Council members voted to accept a dedicated plat of land in the Arrowhead Commerce Park during their Tuesday meeting. That means maintenance of the road leading into the park becomes the responsibility of the village.

There is one building in the 27-acre park. Hanon Systems is expected to start operations there by the middle of next year. A second building is expected to be built this year.

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