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Bomb Threat Causes Findlay Pharmacy to Evacuate Tuesday Afternoon

8/19/14   9:25 p.m.

A Findlay pharmacy dealt with a tense situation this afternoon.

According to the Findlay Police Department, Rite Aid at 301 N Main St. received a phone call around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday from a male with a foreign accent. The called told the employee there was a bomb in the building. The manager evacuated the building and Findlay Police Officers responded to the scene.

Officers found nothing suspicious at the scene. The incident remains under investigation.

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Hancock Historical Museum Seeking Portion of City’s Hotel/Motel Tax Revenue

8/19/14    9:15 p.m.

The City of Findlay is projected to receive around $500,000 from the hotel/motel bed tax this year, and a few local organizations are seeking a portion of that revenue.

Sarah Sisser, executive director of the Hancock Historical Museum, asked City Council at last night’s meeting to consider donating 10 percent of that tax revenue stream to the museum for the next three years. Currently the museum is run by two full-time staff members, but would use the funding to hire a third to oversee administrative duties and event planning.

The Hancock Historical Museum draws a number of out-of-county visitors to its event, such as the Barn Quilt Tour and the Annual Back Street Festival. Sisser said the museum sees about 13,000 guests per year, 32 percent of those from outside Hancock County.

Sisser said the impact of these out-of-county guests directly benefits the hotel/motel tax, about $500,000 of which is funnelled into the City of Findlay’s general fund. Sisser mentioned the Oxley Government Center opening in July alone generated more than $60,000 for the community outside of the museum.

Because of this, the museum asked City Council to consider donating 10 percent of the tax to the museum for the next three years. The only other organization that currently benefits from the tax is the Arts Partnership, which receives 15 percent of the tax.

No action was taken on the matter last night. Council is expected to review the request at their 2015 budget meeting in November.

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Findlay Native James Gosche Awarded Eight Overdue Service Medals

8/19/14      6:44 p.m.

In 1995 Findlay native James Gosche joined the Army. Almost nine years to the day (Aug. 21, 2005) after his 2005 discharge as an Iraq war veteran with the rank of Sergeant, Gosche finally received the medals he earned during his time in the service.

Audio: James Gosche

Senator Sherrod Brown presented Gosche with eight medals and ribbons, the two most prominent to Gosche being the Global War on Terror Service Medal and Iraq Campaign Medal.

Brown said to be able to tell part of Gosche’s story and present him with his overdue awards was an honor and privelege and one of the best parts of his job.

Audio: Sherrod Brown

Brown said he first became involved in finding unreceived awards when he discovered his deceased father who had served in WWII had never received his medals. Since then, Brown has been working with county veterans service offices like Hancock County’s to find and award veterans with the overdue distinctions they deserve.

Gosche’s achievement medals and ribbons received today were: Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War On Terror Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Marksman Badge With Rifle and Grenade Clasps, Army Lapel Button.

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Hancock County And Findlay Agree To Indigent Defense Contract

8/19/14 – 11:28 A.M.

Hancock County and the City of Findlay are now on the same page when it comes to paying for people who can’t afford their own legal representation. The city will pay $95,000 to the county to pay for indigent defense services. However because the contract was signed late in the year, it will leave the county on the hook for some cases…

Audio: Cindy Land

Assistant Prosecutor Cindy Land says the cases that won’t be reimbursed are a minimal cost.

Land says it took until August to finalize last years agreement as well. She adds they’re trying to speed the process up…

Audio: Cindy Land

The contract is a $5,000 increase from what the city paid in 2013.

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Hancock County Could Bid Out Small Auto Maintenance Contracts

8/19/14 – 10:55 A.M.

Some area small business owners could benefit from a proposal being examined by the Hancock County Commissioners. Commissioner Phil Riegle has floated the idea of bidding out the maintenance work for county vehicles…

Audio: Phil Riegle

Riegle says several vendors had asked him how they could get in on the county’s maintenance plan.

As it stands now, each county department decides how to best maintain their vehicles…

Audio: Phil Riegle

Legally the work doesn’t have to be bid out because it falls below the minimum threshold for that rule.

No action was taken on the idea today.

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Unemployment Up For Most Area Counties In July

8/19/14 – 9:00 A.M.

Unemployment is on the rise in the region. Numbers released today by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services show only two counties in our area are still below 5 percent joblessness. Hancock County’s unemployment rate now stands at 4.8 percent, up from 4.5 percent in June. Wyandot County now has the lowest unemployment rate in the region, at 4.7 percent. That’s no different than what the rate was in June.

While jobless rates were up for most of the state, Henry County was down. Unemployment was 5.3 percent in July, compared to 5.6 percent in June.

Elsewhere in the region, Putnam County was at 5 percent, Henry checked in at 5.3, Seneca and Wood Counties were at 5.6 percent in July, Hardin clocked in at 6, and Allen County’s unemployment rate was 6.1 percent.

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Kenton Police Shoot Aggressive Dog

8/19/14 – 5:22 A.M.

Kenton police officers were forced to shoot and kill an aggressive dog Sunday afternoon. reports officers were told the dog, identified as a pit bull, was running loose in an area near St. John’s Church.

The dog’s owner was arrested. 38-year-old Julie Bloomfield is charged with failure to obey a lawful order and failure to confine a dog.

MORE: Kenton Today

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Arlington Council Talks About Upcoming Maintenance Projects

8/19/14 – 5:17 A.M.

Arlington’s village council talked about maintenance during their meeting last night. Water and Sewer Superintendent Rick Monday told council some minor cracks are being sealed in the clear well that holds finished water at the water treatment plant.

The Courier also reports the village’s swimming pool will be drained for the season Wednesday.

Village council will also apply for grants to fix fencing and dugouts at the park.

MORE: The Courier

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Bluffton Gets Insurance Payment To Pay For Town Hall Damage

8/19/14 – 5:11 A.M.

Bluffton has received money from its insurance provider to help pay for repairs to the town hall building. The Courier reports an initial payment of more than $146,000 was made recently. The original claim was for more than $174,000, but that was reduced by around $26,000 because of depreciation. Another $1,000 was taken off the claim to cover the deductible.

Village Administrator James Mehaffie told the newspaper there are still outstanding invoices and estimates that have been submitted.

Bluffton’s town hall was damaged when a sprinkler head malfunctioned in May. The problem resulted in around 2,000 gallons of water getting pumped into the building before the water could be shut off.

MORE: The Courier

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Carey Council Focuses On Electrical Upgrades

8/19/14 – 5:03 A.M.

Carey officials were focused on electricity during their Monday night meeting. The Courier reports village council approved a recommendation to spend more than $1.18 million for equipment to build a new substation near Continental Structural Plastics. The bids came in below the estimated $1.25 million.

Council also gave first reading to a modified electric rate increase. The current proposal would see rates raised 4 percent next year and 2 percent the following year. That differs from the original proposal, which called for a 2 percent raise annually through 2017. The money raised from the increase will help fund upgrades to the electrical system in the village.

MORE: The Courier

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