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Roadwork On Lima Avenue The Next Couple Of Days

4/12/2016 – 11:00 am

Lima Avenue is reduced to one lane in both directions today between Lake Cascades and Logan Avenue for road work. The Findlay Engineering Department says that the work will be in effect from 7am through 7pm both today and tomorrow.

Avoid the area if at all possible and short delays are expected over the next couple of days.

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Paranormal Research Group To Investigate Carey School Building

4/12/16 – 5:27 A.M.

The current Carey school building will be demolished in the near future. But before that happens, the Carey Area Paranormal Energy Research Society might get a chance to investigate the soon-to-be-vacant building. Sylvia Nye Daniels told the school board her group hopes to verify stories of “activity” in the building.

The Courier reports group could have access to the building between June 1 and July 10 as long as they sign a release. Daniels says the organization will share their results with the board.

This is the final year in the old building. The next school year in Carey will start in a new building being constructed on South Vance Street.

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Culvert Repair Will Close Findlay Area Road

4/12/16 – 5:13 A.M.

A road just west of Findlay will be closed for culvert repair for the next couple of days. Hancock County Engineer Chris Long says County Road 95 will be closed between Silver Lake Drive and Torrey Pines while the work is done. The repair is expected to be finished on Thursday.

You’re advised to avoid that area if possible.

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Two People Hurt In U.S. 68 Crash

A two-car crash injured two Findlay residents Monday afternoon. The State Highway Patrol reports a semi driven by 49-year-old Abdul Razzaq Chohan of California tried to enter U.S. 68 at the State Route 15 exit ramp around 1:45 p.m. As he entered the highway, Chohan pulled into the path of a car driven by 45-year-old Ricky Pinwell of Findlay.

Pinwell and a passenger, 32-year-old Christopher King, were taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital for treatment of their injuries. Chohan was cited for failure to yield from a stop sign.

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McComb To Apply For Safe Route To School Grant

4/12/16 – 4:58 A.M.

McComb officials will pursue a grant to give kids in the village a safer route to school. The Courier reports village council has approved plans to apply for a Safe Route to School grant from ODOT. If approved, the village could improve traffic signals and repairing sidewalks near the school.

Safe Route to School grants help pay for things like safer bike and walking routes to schools in the state.

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Findlay Schools Not Happy With Turf Installation At Donnell Stadium

4/12/16 – 4:51 A.M.

Officials with Findlay City Schools aren’t happy with the new turf at Donnell Stadium, and as a result a bill for more than $500,000 has gone unpaid. Superintendent Ed Kurt told the school board Monday that the field had not been substantially completed. Kurt says there is an issue with 24 drains on the field. The district either wants the drains fixed or for FieldTurf to completely redo the work. Once the district is happy, the bill will be paid by the Donnell Foundation, which is a private fund that pays for stadium upkeep.

School board member Shane Pochard says FieldTurf, based in Georgia, has show a lack of response to concerns from the district. The field is not flat, but teams were able to play on it last year because natural grass fields have a crown for drainage. However turf fields should not need a crown.

So far the company has only agreed to fix issues with lettering on the field.

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BGSU Athletic Director Stepping Down

4/12/16 – 4:17 A.M.

Bowling Green’s Athletic Director is leaving. Chris Kingston resigned yesterday, saying he’s accepted a job with Learfield Sports in Texas. Learfield manages media and sponsorships for college sports programs. Since Kingston became AD at Bowling Green three years ago, he’s hired six coaches for several of the school’s sports teams.

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Online School Testing System Glitches Frustrate School Administrators

4/11/2016 – 9:25 pm

School testing continues to provide issues for Findlay City Schools. Modern schools use online testing methods to hold the tests, but Findlay Technology Director Martin White says that in preparing for the years testing, which has started, the school encountered several significant issues.

Audio: Martin White

White said that the company which provided the online testing service didn’t include error reporting because they didn’t want their service to be “reverse engineered” from the back end. White said that it took several months to figure out where the errors were happening and then resolved, whereas with error reporting the issues could have been resolved perhaps in a few hours.

The district-wide technical issues were resolved before testing, but just having them demonstrates a major flaw in the current system. According to administrator Dr. Victoria Swartz technical glitches happen, but when they are compounded by issues outside of the schools control, they can increase frustration and pressure on administrators, teachers, and most of all students.

Audio: Dr. Victoria Swartz

Both Swartz and White noted that this year technical issues have been much better, and will be more so after the districts dark fiber network is built, but for the students that have to take tests multiple times due to technical errors outside of the district’s control, it compounds an already frustrating situation.

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Findlay Oncologist Talks About Cancer Care And Prevention

4/11/16 – 1:51 P.M.

Cancer is always a scary diagnosis, but Findlay and Hancock County residents have access to some of the most advanced treatments. That’s according to Dr. Steve Lutz, an Oncologist at the Armes Family Cancer Center in Findlay…

Audio: Steve Lutz

Lutz adds there is a good level of cooperation between local doctors that aids in local cancer treatment.

When it comes to fighting cancer, it’s one thing to have the latest equipment, and another thing to know how to use it. Lutz says the employees of the center have put in a lot of time learning about the technology they have on site…

Audio: Steve Lutz

Lutz was the guest speaker at today’s Findlay Rotary Club meeting.

In terms of prevention, many types of cancer are preventable, but unfortunately, the prevention efforts aren’t often things we like to do.

Audio: Steve Lutz

Lutz talked about cancer prevention and the latest technologies being used to fight cancer during Monday’s Findlay Rotary Club meeting.

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Ag Talk: Early Planting Can Impact Corn Yields

4/11/2016 – 1:08 pm

With the planting season approaching, farmers will be looking to get out and work the field. Ed Lentz with the Hancock Extension Office says that planting early is good for corn because pollination works better in spring temperatures rather than in the heat of summer, and good pollination can typically lead to better corn yields.

Audio: Ed Lentz

One of the issues though with early planting is that weeds have more opportunities to grow in fields as well. Lentz notes that most weeds are not different than crops in that they need warmer temperatures in order to grow, but some winter annuals will be an issue and farmers will need to take note of weed controls.

Audio: Ed Lentz

For more information on types of weed controls and management systems, contact the Hancock County Extension Office.

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