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Officials Will Check Hancock County Gas Stations For Skimmers

9/2/16 – 5:12 A.M.

Members of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office will take part in a statewide investigation of gas pumps. The Courier reports the effort is meant to find credit card skimming devices. Skimmers are small electronic devices that criminals attach to gas pumps. The devices are able to steal credit and debit card information.

More than 80 inspectors will visit more than 1,500 gas stations across the state over the weekend. Inspectors in Allen and Putnam Counties are also taking part in the effort.

At least 30 skimming devices have been found in Ohio since last October. Hancock County Auditory Charity Rauschenberg says many have been found along the I-75 corridor in southwest Ohio.

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Marathon Celebrated The Opening Of Its MPLX Building

09/01/16 – 8:30 P.M.

Marathon’s new MPLX building is more than a milestone for just the company. That’s according to CEO Gary Heminger who says that the building is also about community pride.


At the opening ceremony, Heminger said that the building will manage the pipeline operations for Marathon.


Heminger adds that the building will also serve as a training center for employees.


The building has new whiteboard capabilities and even a tiered auditorium. MPLX also has the best internet connection capabilities that are available.

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Cooper Tire Leadership Change Is Complete And Names A New CEO

09/01/16 – 2:47 P.M.

Cooper tire has completed its senior executive leadership transition. Bradley Hughes was named as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Hughes said, “I am excited to take on the role of CEO for a great company with a strong legacy in the tire industry”.

Hughes takes the position from Roy Armes who retired on August 31. Chairman of the Cooper Board Thomas Capo said it was a smooth transition because Hughes and Armes worked closely together.

Hughes adds that the company will stay focused on its strategic plan and work towards its ambitious goals.

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Hancock County Fairgrounds Will Get A New Building After This Year’s Fair

09/01/16 – 1:33 P.M.

The Hancock County Fairgrounds will be improved after the fair ends this year. Dave Thomas from the fair says they will be adding a new building to serve the community.

Dave Thomas

The new building will be heated and have air conditioning. Gary Wilson from the fair says that it’s about improving the fair.

Gary Wilson

Wilson also says that the building is being constructed with the future in mind.

Gary Wilson

The funding for the project came from the bed tax.

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Hancock County Will Examine If Alternative Fuels Could Provide Costs Savings

9/1/16 – 11:19 A.M.

Hancock County will take part in a program to examine whether alternative fuels could lead to government cost savings. The county, city of Findlay, and the state are partnering on a grant to do the research. Commissioner Phil Riegle says there’s already some infrastructure for compressed natural gas in place in the county…

Audio: Phil Riegle

There are two CNG filling sites on Findlay’s north side. Riegle said he believes it would be more costly to change some of the county’s fleet to other fuels since there is no existing infrastructure.

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Commissioners Approve Contract Between JFS And Economic Development Department

9/1/16 – 11:05 A.M.

The Hancock County Department of Job and Family Services has been given the green light to contract with the Alliance Economic Development office on a business outreach contract. The county commissioners unanimously voted in favor of the deal during their Thursday meeting. Commissioner Brian Robertson said he appreciated everyone involved answering questions about the program over the last couple of weeks…

Audio: Brian Robertson

Commissioner Mark Gazarek added that the JFS stands to save around $23,000 on the deal…

Audio: Mark Gazarek

Commissioner Brian Robertson added he appreciated everyone involved answering questions about the program over the last couple of weeks.

The deal allows economic development officials to connect employers with a pool of employees from the Department of Job and Family Service’s Ohio Means Jobs program.

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Bluffton Legion Post Makes Donations To Several Community Groups

9/1/16 – 7:40 A.M.

16 organizations have some extra funding thanks to the American Legion Post 382 in Bluffton. The Lima News reports the organization gave more than $7,000 to nonprofit organizations during a Wednesday presentation. The money will go to several groups in Bluffton, Allen County, and the surrounding area.

The money was raised during the post’s annual golf scramble.

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Delivery Of Materials To Construction Site Will Close Street On UF Campus Today

9/1/16 – 7:33 A.M.

If you’re going to be on the University of Findlay campus today, you’ll want to avoid Davis Street. The school says 100-foot trusses will be delivered to the construction site for the Center for Student Life and College of Business. As a result, Davis Street will be closed between North Cory Street and Morey Avenue for much of the day.

Access to the Davis Street building on campus will be maintained from the east and north sides of the facility.

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Pandora Mulls Dropping Support For Water And Sewer District

9/1/16 – 7:23 A.M.

Support for a water and sewer district in Putnam County has been wavering, and another village could be dropping out. The Putnam County Sentinel reports Pandora’s village council tabled a motion to drop out of the petitioning group at their last meeting. The measure could come up again at the September 13 meeting.

Critics of the sewer district say they don’t want another level of government, or to lose control of their existing water systems. Those in favor of the district say there has been a lot of misinformation about the program spread through the community. They add it would be a way to deal with ever-increasing regulations from the EPA.

Besides Pandora, only Miller City and Palmer Townships remain on board as petitioners for the district.

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Future Of McComb’s Recycling Program In Doubt

9/1/16 – 5:39 A.M.

McComb’s community recycling bin could be on the chopping blocks. The Courier reports people have been putting household trash in or near the bins, and village residents are not happy about the mess. Village Administrator Kevin Siferd says, “Certain residents who are continuing to deposit their garbage at the site will have a negative impact and ruin this recycling service for everyone in the whole village.”

There are no other plans for recycling in McComb if the bin is removed.

According to McComb officials, the Hancock County Commissioners have asked for information about the recycling bins placed around the county from Litter Landing. The information they get back could determine the future of the recycling bin.

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