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Tiger Woods Set to Return to Competitive Golf After Back Surgery

Christian Petersen/Getty Images(NASSAU, Bahamas) — Tiger Woods is set to return to competitive golf after a 15-month absence. He has been recovering from back surgery since September 2015.

The 14 time-major winner will return at the World Hero Tournament in the Bahamas.

This is not just a symbolic return. He is out there to win, even if he thinks it’s a tall order, as he told the media.

“I’m going to try to do the same thing I always do,” Woods said. “I’m entered in an event. I’m going to try to win this thing.”

Woods was scheduled to return seven weeks ago at the Safeway Open, but pulled out just three days before the tournament began because he felt he was not ready to compete against the best in the world.

This is a special tournament to Woods. He started it in 1999 at the urging of his late father and it has become a big fundraiser for his foundation.

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Three Former Twins Join Front Office

Scott Clarke / ESPN Images(MINNEAPOLIS) – The Minnesota Twins announced on Monday that three former All-Stars with the team will be joining the front-office as special assistants for the upcoming 2017 season.

Torii Hunter, LaTroy Hawkins, and Michael Cuddyer will work with the front office, coaching staff, and players. In addition, they will join the Twins in Fort Myers, Fla for Spring Training as instructors. Hunter and Hawkins served as special instructors last season. In addition, the three will visit all of the Twins’ Minor League affiliates throughout the season.

The move comes as the Twins’ new front office, led by Derek Falvey and Thad Levine, looks to incorporate what made the Twins successful in the early 2000s in addition to the growing usage of analytics.

Known as a leader in the clubhouse, Hunter was a five time All-Star during his 12 seasons with the Twins. He also won nine Gold Glove awards.

“Everything I learned in the game in baseball pretty much came from the Minnesota Twins,” Hunter said. “I want to give back to the young guys some of the wisdom I learned along the way. So it’s an honor to come back to the organization where I was raised. Derek Falvey and Thad Levine are standup guys.”

All three look to help the Twins improve from last season, where the team finished with the worst record in baseball with 103 losses.

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Scoreboard Roundup — 11/28/16

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the latest scores and winners:


Washington 101, Sacramento 95 (OT)
Boston 112, Miami 104
Toronto 122, Philadelphia 95
Oklahoma City 112, NY Knicks 103
Charlotte 104, Memphis 85
Utah 112, Minnesota 103
Golden State 105, Atlanta 100


NY Islanders 2, Calgary 1
St. Louis 4, Dallas 3


Green Bay 27, Philadelphia 13

(1) Kentucky 115, Arizona St. 69
(25) West Virginia 108, Manhattan 61
(18) Butler 68, Utah 59
(23) Oregon 68, Boise St. 63

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Big Ten Fines Michigan $10K, Issues Public Reprimand to Jim Harbaugh

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images(ANN ARBOR, Mich.) — The University of Michigan has been fined $10,000 by the Big Ten Conference due to critical comments Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh made against the officiating in Saturday’s 30-27 loss to Ohio State.

“Two penalties called all day [on Ohio State],” he said at a post-game news conference, according to ESPN. “Multiple holding penalties let go, multiple false starts. The official on my side, who is supposed to be watching that, is concerned about whether our coaches are in the [coaches’ box] or not. Their coaches were on the field, practically in the huddle at times.

“I’m bitter,” he added.

In a statement, the Big Ten issued a “public reprimand” of Harbaugh and said his comments violated a league rule that states “The Big Ten Conference expects all contests involving a member institution to be conducted without compromise to any fundamental element of sportsmanship. Such fundamental elements include integrity of competition, civility toward all, and respect, particularly toward opponents and officials.”

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Bowling Legend Glenn Allison’s Decades-Long Fight for Recognition of Perfection

Angel Canales/ABC News(LA HABRA, Calif.) — In the bowling world, Glenn Allison is an all-time great and a Hall of Famer. To everyone else, he is Mr. 900, the first person to ever bowl a perfect 900 in competition. The only problem? The governing body of professional bowling has repeatedly refused to recognize his accomplishment.

Allison, 86, still loves bowling. He competes in two leagues each week while working behind the counter five days a week at La Habra 300 Bowl in La Habra, California.

“I’ve been here for almost 20 years, and I love it,” said Allison. “I love the people, and I have a great time.”

He began bowling when he was 10 years old and fell in love with the sport immediately. He began taking odd jobs at the bowling alley just so he could surround himself with bowling.

“From the time I threw the first ball, I was in love with bowling, so I did it as much as I possibly could,” said Allison. “I put bottles away. I did janitorial work. Anything where they’d say, ‘Go ahead and bowl a couple games.’”

In 1956, when he was in his mid-20s, he moved to Chicago and became a professional bowler. By his second year, he started winning titles and made a living as a bowling instructor.

“Everybody that’s a serious bowler knows who Glenn Allison is,” said Jeff Richgels, who writes for the bowling blog 11th Frame. “He’s a great [Professional Bowlers Association] champion. He was one of the very best bowlers in the world in his era. He’s in the USBC Hall of Fame. He’s at the upper echelon of one of the all-time greats.”

Allison retired from bowling in 1970 and was inducted into the American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame in 1979. In 1982 he joined the senior tour. That’s when everything changed.

July 1, 1982, began as a normal evening for Allison, who was working at his brother’s liquor store at the time. He left the liquor store at 5 o’clock and headed down to his favorite bowling spot, La Habra 300 Bowl, for league night.

“I bowled the early league with my brother and my nephew, and I was trying out a new bowling ball,” said Allison. “Then I moved to a different pair of lanes, 13 and 14, and proceeded to start striking when I got over. After about seven or eight frames, I thought I might bowl a 300 game.”

Allison bowled a 300 and then proceeded to bowl another 300 in his second game.

“After the first game I strolled into the lounge and had myself a shot of Crown Royal, and said that I’ll sip on this for a while,” said Allison. “And I sipped on it all the way through the second game while I proceeded to throw 12 more strikes.”

Dennis Curley was Allison’s teammate that night. While Allison operated in a calm and cool manner in the face of bowling immortality, everyone else that night was on the edge of their seats, Curley recalled.

“Every time he’d get up to bowl, everyone would stop bowling and gather, get as close as they could to watch him throw the next bowl,” said Curley. “People who were in the league that night were calling friends to come down to maybe witness a historic event. And so it was nerve wracking. It really was.”

After the second game, Allison got himself another Crown Royal and sipped on that throughout the third game, bowling strike after strike after strike.

“I never in my life dreamed of bowling a 900,” he said. “My dreams were an 887. The existing record at the time was 886. So when I got up to bowl in the 10th frame of the third game, I needed that first strike to break that record. If there was any pressure on me that night, that was the pressure. The last two strikes I got to finish off the 900 were almost like an afterthought. I’d already done what I had dreamed to do. The 900 just happened after that.”

With that final strike, history was made. It was one of the greatest accomplishments in bowling and sports. What many deemed impossible became reality. The euphoria of that moment would not last long, though. The next morning a representative from the American Bowling Congress flew to La Habra to test the lane where Allison bowled the night before. After the test, Allison’s record no longer stood.

“They stated that there was too much oil in the center of the lane, which made an easy lane to the 1-3 pocket, which you could strike easy,” said Allison. “As far as I was concerned, it was a normal bowling shot. The average bowler that night was under average.”

“There was certainly a letdown. It was such a subjective test,” said Curley. “You had the first league that bowls, and you have four bowlers on a team, bowling three games. The oil tends to be distributed differently every time someone throws the ball. It picks up a little bit of the oil and and moves it to a different part of the lane. So obviously, the center of the lane, where you’re throwing the ball to get a strike, gets far more traffic, so it’s going to have far less oil. So we were surprised and disappointed when they turned the sanction down.”

The first official 900 series came 15 years after Allison’s accomplishment, and there have been over 25 of them since, as the lane rules Allison was subjected to no longer exist. But many still think of Allison’s triumph as the first 900, and his supporters started a petition to have the United States Bowling Congress finally recognize Allison’s accomplishment.

“They opened it up again, and they said they relooked at it,” said Allison. “They said at that time that the 900 would never be sanctioned and that the case was closed.”

“The thing that drives most people about this is they know Glenn’s achievement was greater than any of the 900s since,” said Richgels. “So why not go back and give it some sort of recognition with an asterisk or something in the record books? It’s not Pete Rose. Glenn did nothing wrong. He didn’t oil the lanes. He bowled. He threw 36 strikes — amazing achievement.”

The USBC declined to comment when contacted by ABC News.

Allison has accepted the USBC’s decision but does not agree with it.

“I would very much love to see it sanctioned,” he said. “I don’t believe it will ever happen in my lifetime. I would be satisfied if it were to be put in the record books with an asterisk. I think it deserves that. Other than that, I’m happy.”

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Scoreboard Roundup — 11/27/16

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the latest scores and winners:


Cleveland 112, Philadelphia 108
Denver 120, Phoenix 114
Sacramento 122, Brooklyn 105
Milwaukee 104, Orlando 96
Indiana 91, LA Clippers 70
Dallas 91, New Orleans 81
Houston 130, Portland 114
LA Lakers 109, Atlanta 94


Boston 4, Tampa Bay 1
Winnipeg 3, Nashville 0
Arizona 2, Edmonton 1
Carolina 3, Florida 2
Ottawa 2, NY Rangers 0
Philadelphia 5, Calgary 3


Atlanta 38, Arizona 19
New Orleans 49, Los Angeles 21
San Diego 21, Houston 13
Baltimore 19, Cincinnati 14
Buffalo 28, Jacksonville 21
Miami 31, San Francisco 24
NY Giants 27, Cleveland 13
Tennessee 27, Chicago 21
Tampa Bay 14, Seattle 5
New England 22, NY Jets 17
Oakland 35, Carolina 32
Denver 27, Kansas City 24 (OT)


(11) Gonzaga 73, (21) Iowa St. 71
(16) Wisconsin 95, Prairie View 50
(3) Indiana 85, MVSU 52
(15) Saint Mary’s (Cal) 76, UAB 63
(14) UCLA 74, Texas A&M 67

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Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Gets Career Win No. 200

Eddie Perlas / ESPN Images(EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.) — Tom Brady adds another milestone to his already illustrious career, winning his 200th game in a 22-17 victory over the New York Jets on the road. The win ties him with Peyton Manning for most all-time.

The Patriots were down 17-16 late in the game, but Brady led the Patriots down the field and threw and eight-yard touchdown pass to Malcolm Mitchell to give his team the lead with 1:56 to go. A fumble by Jets’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on the ensuing drive sealed the victory for Brady and New England.

Brady completed 30 of 50 passes for 286 yards and two touchdowns. The Patriots are now 9-2 on the season.

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Kaepernick Booed in Miami After Fidel Castro Comments

Scott Clarke / ESPN Images)(MIAMI GARDENS, Fla.) — San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was booed heavily Sunday in his team’s 31-24 loss on the road against the Miami Dolphins after defending Fidel Castro in a conference call this week. He also defended his comments on Castro with a reporter from the Miami Herald during the call.

After the game on Sunday, Kaepernick said the idea that he approved of Castro’s oppression was not true. The quarterback went on to say he agreed with Castro’s investment in education, free universal healthcare and helping to end apartheid in South Africa.

This isn’t the first time Kaepernick has taken heat for being outspoken this season. He began kneeling for the national anthem in the pre-season in an effort to call attention to injustices in the country. He had to clarify that he had respect for service men and women and was not kneeling against them and what they do.

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No. 2 Ohio State Outlasts Fourth Ranked Michigan in Double Overtime

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — The Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Michigan Wolverines 30-27 in double-overtime in one of college football’s oldest rivalries.

The beginning of the game was dominated by Michigan’s defense, as Ohio State nearly finished the third quarter trailing 17-7. However, a touchdown run by Ohio State’s Mike Weber cut the lead to just three points.

Turnovers by Michigan allowed the Buckeyes to stay in the game. Near the end of regulation, Ohio State’s kicker Tyler Durbin, who missed two field goals on the day, drilled a 23-yard score to tie the game with one second on the game clock.

Teams exchanged touchdowns in the first overtime period, then Michigan kicked a field goal to start the second overtime. Running back Curtis Samuel responded to Michigan’s field goal with a touchdown, securing the 30-27 victory.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh was heavily criticized of the officiating. He pointed to the converted fourth-and-one by Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett in the second overtime. Harbaugh called that play and others “outrageous.”

The top four teams in the nation make it to the playoff round of the post-season to compete for the National Championship. Michigan’s College Football Playoff hopes were dashed with the loss.

Ohio State can still make the playoff, but would have to finish in the top four national rankings without playing in the Big Ten Championship Game. Penn State will face Wisconsin in the league’s championship game next week.

Should Ohio State earn a spot in the College Football Playoffs, they would become the first non-champion to make the playoff field.

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University of Texas Fires Charlie Strong

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images(AUSTIN, Tex.) – The University of Texas has fired head football coach Charlie Strong.

The Longhorns lost to TCU 31-9 on Friday, capping a 5-7 season.

“Decisions like this are tough to make. The responsibility is not taken lightly,” athletic director Mike Perrin said in a statement. “… Coach Strong represented The University of Texas with class and dignity, and he demanded our student-athletes do the same by adhering to his system of core values. However, after thorough evaluation, the body of work over three seasons has not shown the improvement we were hoping for. This was an important year for our program to take the next step, and the results simply aren’t there, so we’ve decided to make a change.”

Strong, who was hired in 2014, will finish the worst winning percentage in school history, winning 16 games compared to 21 losses.

“I’m most disappointed for these kids and our staff who have poured so much of their lives into this program for the last three years,” Strong said in a statement. “I do understand that it comes down to wins and losses, and we have not done our job in that area yet. I accept full responsibility for that, but know in my heart that we accomplished our primary goal, which is the development of young men. … There are very bright days ahead, and I’ll be pulling for these kids no matter where I am.”

University of Houston coach Tom Herman is the favorite to replace Strong as head coach.

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