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Today on the Trail — 9/11/15

ABC News(NEW YORK) — It’s Sept. 11, 14 years after that terrible day and some of the events on the campaign trail are related to remembering the anniversary.

Jeb Bush is in New Hampshire where he will attend a 9/11 observance in Londonderry Friday morning.

Joe Biden is in New York City where he will deliver remarks at the 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride Kickoff Event at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum.

Scott Walker will attend a 9/11 remembrance ceremony in Milwaukee before heading to Iowa for events Friday afternoon and evening.

In St. Louis, the Eagle Forum — a conservative advocacy group — will hold an event and Ben Carson, Rick Perry and Mike Huckabee will all speak.

The early states are pretty busy with Lindsey Graham also in New Hampshire. He will be joined at three events by longtime friend Sen. John McCain. Lincoln Chafee is also in the Granite State and will speak to an ABC television affiliate there Friday evening.

Rand Paul is also in Iowa and will hold two events Friday evening.

Rick Santorum is in SEC primary territory holding three events in Tennessee.

Bernie Sanders is also in the South, fundraising Friday evening in Atlanta.

Carly Fiorina is in Arizona where she will attend a Chamber of Commerce breakfast Friday morning.

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Donald Trump to Appear on “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Despite being the butt of jokes with premiere night guest Jeb Bush, Donald Trump will appear on Late Show with Stephen Colbert next week.

Trump will appear Tuesday night, one night after fellow GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, appears.

Colbert reportedly wanted Trump as a guest for his first night behind the Late Show desk, but Trump instead opted to appear on NBC’s The Tonight Show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Democratic presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is booked to appear on Late Show Friday, Sept. 18.

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Hillary Clinton Says Scott Walker Thinks He’s ‘Some Kind of Tough Guy’

iStock/Thinkstock(MILWAUKEE) — The campaign’s kicked into high gear.

While stumping in Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton went directly after the state’s Gov. Scott Walker, telling the crowd that the Republican presidential candidate thinks he’s “some kind of tough guy on his motorcycle.”

“It seems to me, just observing him, that Governor Walker thinks because he busts unions, staves universities, guts public education, demeans women, scapegoats teachers, nurses and firefighters, he is some kind of tough guy on his motorcycle. A real leader,” Clinton said Thursday night at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee during her first visit to Walker’s home-state as a presidential candidate. “Well that is not leadership folks. Leadership means fighting for the people you represent.”

To crowds chanting “Hillary! Hillary!”, Clinton then quipped: “It looks like he just get his marching orders from the Koch Brothers and just goes down the list, whatever he tells them to do.”

The attack lines against Walker didn’t stop there. The democratic presidential candidate also called out the Wisconsin governor for his record on women’s health and rights, and questioned what union workers are supposed to do when they have a Governor who “wants to drive you into the ground.”

“What happened?” Clinton asked, after saying she’s always admired Wisconsin for its “progressive spirit.”

Clinton made these remarks at her second “Women for Hillary” event of the day. Earlier Thursday, she attended a rally in Columbus, Ohio where she called out Donald Trump, who she calls the Republicans’ “flamboyant frontrunner,” for his comments on women.

“There’s one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women every chance he gets,” Clinton remarked. “I have to say, if he emerges, I would love to debate him.”

This swing through Ohio and Wisconsin comes the same day that a new Quinnipiac poll was released showing Clinton essentially tied with democratic opponent Senator Bernie Sanders in Iowa.

Clinton did not mention Sanders at either of her events — instead focusing squarely on the Republicans.

In Wisconsin, Clinton called out the Republican candidates, in general, for not talking about the issues that she believes matter. She specifically mentioned “black lives matter.”

“You will not hear the Republicans say anything about mass incarceration,” Clinton said, “And you will not hear them say black lives matter.”

Following her rally, Scott Walker took to Twitter to respond to Clinton’s attacks, posting a series of three tweets — one in which included a defense of his favorite mode of transportation.

“Hillary Clinton mocking Governor Walker for riding a Harley is quite the elitist comment coming from someone who admits she hasn’t driven a car since 1996,” Scott Walker spokesperson AshLee Strong said in a statement, too.

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Joe Biden’s Emotional Reflections on Late Son Beau

Mark Wilson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Nearly four months after the death of his son Beau, Vice President Joe Biden offered his most in depth and emotional reflection yet of the sorrow he’s experienced since his son’s passing.

In an interview set to air Thursday night, the vice president said he felt he was was “letting down Beau” if he “didn’t just get up” in the months following his death.

“No one owes you anything. You gotta get up. And I feel like I was letting down Beau, letting down my parents, letting down my family if I didn’t just get up,” the vice president said in an interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “I marvel at the ability of people who absorb hurt and just get back up.”

The vice president recounted how a few months before Beau passed away, his son told him, “‘I know how much you love me. Promise me you’re going to be all right.'”

“My dad had an expression. He used to say: you know your success when you turn and look at your child and realize they turned out better than you. I was a hell of a success: my son was better than me,” he said.

Biden said he has felt “self-conscious” at times for the attention he’s received following his son’s death in May after a battle with brain cancer.

“So many people who have losses as severe or maybe worse than mine and don’t have the support I have,” he said. “I feel self-conscious. The loss is serious and it’s consequential but there are so many other people going through this.”

But he says his Catholic faith has offered him an “enormous sense of solace” to help him cope with his loss.

“I go to mass and I’m able to be just alone, even in a crowd,” he said. He added that his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, often tapes inspirational notes for him on his bathroom mirror including one that read “faith sees best in the dark.”

The vice president is still determining whether his family has the emotional capacity to run for president as they continue to grieve the loss of Beau. He recounted a moment after Beau’s death where he met with servicemembers in Denver and he “lost it” when someone said they knew Beau.

“I was talking about them being the backbone and sinew of this country. And all of a sudden — it’s going great — and a guy in the back yells ‘Major Beau Biden, bronze star sir, served with him in Iraq.’ And all of a sudden I lost it,” he said.

The vice president said no one should run for president unless they are “110 percent” committed to the endeavor and admitted “I’d be lying if I said that I knew I was there.”

“I don’t think any man or woman should run for president unless number 1, they know exactly why they would want to be president and number 2, they can look folks out there and say I promise you, you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy, and my passion to do this,” Biden said. “I’d be lying if I said that I knew I was there.”

“Nobody has a right in my view to seek that office unless they’re willing to give it 110 percent of who they are,” he said. “I’m optimistic, I’m positive about where we’re going…sometimes it just overwhelms you.”

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The Second Republican Debate: Fiorina Makes the Cut in Field of 11

Scott Olson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — The stage is set for round two.

The Republican presidential contenders are just a week from facing off under the lights on the second debate stage. But this time, the stage will be a little more crowded, according to the list released by CNN on Thursday night.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina will be joining the main debate stage after a last-minute rules change by CNN. The mainstage debate will include the 10 candidates who are polling the top 10 in an average of national polls since mid-July. To account for the late boost in the polls by Fiorina after her strong performance in the Fox News undercard debate last month, CNN decided to add any candidate who is polling in the top 10 since the first debate, paving the way for Fiorina to join.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is still by far the national frontrunner in the Republican Party. The cable network will be hosting its main debate at 8 p.m. for the top 11 candidates, as well as a second-string debate for 5 candidates who are low in the polls at 6 p.m. next Wednesday.

One candidate – Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore – did not receive an invitation to the debate stage after failing to garner an average of 1 percent in three national polls.

A Gilmore campaign aide told ABC News on Thursday afternoon that his campaign had not received an invitation and that he had been in talks with CNN about how rounding numbers might be effecting his eligibility.

Averages are according to an ABC News analysis of recent polls according to CNN’s original debate criteria, averaging national polls since mid-July.

The main stage will include:

1. Donald Trump (23.9 percent)

2. Jeb Bush (11.5 percent)

3. Scott Walker (9.4 percent)

4. Ben Carson (8.9 percent)

5. Ted Cruz (6.3 percent)

6. Marco Rubio (5.6 percent)

7. Mike Huckabee (5.6 percent)

8. Rand Paul (4.7 percent)

9. John Kasich (3.3 percent)

10. Chris Christie (3.1 percent)

11. Carly Fiorina (2.1 percent)

A podium was added for Fiorina because she is currently in a tie for seventh place with an average of 4.4 percent in national polls since the first debate.

The undercard debate will include:

12. Rick Perry (1.8 percent)

13. Rick Santorum (1.2 percent)

14. Bobby Jindal (1.0 percent)

15. Lindsey Graham (0.4 percent)

16. George Pataki (0.1 percent)

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Senate Democrats Block Resolution of Disapproval on Iran Nuke Deal

iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) — Congress can’t stop the Iran nuclear deal now.

Senate Democrats blocked a resolution of disapproval against the Iran agreement on Thursday in a key vote.

The resolution fell two votes short of the needed 60 votes to advance, with 58-42 in favor.

The disapproval was highly supported by many Republicans in the Senate and some friends from across the aisle.

“There’s bipartisan opposition to this deal,” said Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “Only Democrat support.”

Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid said Republicans should stop wasting time on the deal.

“It’s just a waste…more waste of time,” said Reid. “We’ve got stuff we need to do!”

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Bobby Jindal Slams Donald Trump as ‘Egomaniacal Madman’

Scott Olson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Republican presidential contender Bobby Jindal is going on a name-calling spree, in hopes of tanking the White House bid of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

The Louisiana Governor lashed out at Trump during a speech at the National Press Club on Thursday morning. Here’s what Jindal called the real estate mogul:

“egomaniacal madman”
“entertaining narcissist”
“full of foolishness and nonsense”
“power-hungry shark” who “eats whatever is in front of him”
“non-serious carnival act”
“insecure and weak”

“Just because a lot of people like watching Kim Kardashian, we wouldn’t put her in the White House either,” Jindal said.

Trump fought back in a statement.

“[Jindal] did not make the debate stage and therefore I have never met him,” he said. “I only respond to people that register more than 1 percent in the polls. I never thought he had a chance and I’ve been proven right.”

Jindal has been polling at 1 percent or lower in most recent national polls, while Trump has been steadily climbing, reaching his highest level of support in any national poll with 32 percent support in Thursday morning’s CNN/ORC survey. Still, Jindal clocked in at 4 percent in the recent NBC/Marist poll in the critical state of Iowa, good enough for a three-way tie for seventh.

When asked whether he would support Trump if he were to become the nominee, Jindal said that he could not become the nominee. “The reason I’m here today is to avoid that hypothetical,” he said.

He dodged the question several times on CNN Thursday afternoon, refusing to say whether he would support Trump. All GOP candidates were asked to sign a pledge to support the eventual nominee.

“You may have recently seen that after Trump said the Bible is his favorite book,” Jindal said. “He couldn’t name a single Bible verse or passage that meant something to him. And we all know why: because it’s all just a show. And he hasn’t ever read the Bible. But you know why he hasn’t read the Bible? Because he’s not in it.”

“Like all narcissists, Donald Trump is insecure and weak,” Jindal said. Trump, however, has been more occupied lashing out at fellow Republicans Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson, questioning the neurosurgeon’s faith and medical career.

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Former Hillary Clinton IT Staffer Comes to Congress to Plead the Fifth

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Hillary Clinton’s former staffer who worked on her personal email server is headed to Congress, where he plans to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights not to testify against himself in a closed-door Benghazi Committee deposition Thursday.

Bryan Pagliano, who worked on Clinton’s email server as a staffer on her presidential campaign and at the State Department, has notified several congressional committees probing Clinton’s private email use and server that he will take the Fifth to any questions, citing the ongoing FBI investigation into Clinton’s server.

Pagliano recently informed the chairmen of the Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees investigating Clinton that he would not give a “preview” interview — known as a proffer — ahead of any immunity offer, as it could open him up to accusations that he “waived his right” to avoid incriminating himself.

“In the event that any Committee of the Congress makes an [immunity] application to a U.S. district court … Mr. Pagliano will, of course, comply with such an order,” Pagliano’s lawyers wrote in a letter to the chairmen obtained by ABC News.

“Until that time, we must respectfully decline to participate in the exploratory discussions or proffer session with the Committees’ staff as suggested in your letter,” the lawyers added.

Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, had signaled their willingness to request immunity for Pagliano from a court should he come in for a pre-interview.

In a recent exclusive interview with ABC News, Clinton said she was “sorry” she used private email and a home-brew server for officials business while she was serving as secretary of state.

Clinton is scheduled to appear before the Benghazi Committee for a public hearing on Oct. 22. The committee also plans to next interview former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell, House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy said Friday. Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest aide, is also expected to testify in the near future.

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Hillary Clinton Would ‘Love’ to Debate Donald Trump

ABC News(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Hillary Clinton is ready to take on The Donald.

At her second-ever “Women for Hillary” rally in Columbus, Ohio Thursday, the Democratic presidential candidate remarked that she would not just like — but “love” — to debate Donald Trump in the general election, specifically on women’s issues.

“There’s one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women every chance he gets,” Clinton told a crowd of roughly 700 people at the at the Columbus Athenaeum, referring to the republican presidential frontrunner. “I have to say, if he emerges, I would love to debate him.”

Clinton has recently made it a habit of incorporating Trump, who she calls the “flamboyant frontrunner,” into her stump speech.

At a recent campaign event in New Hampshire she told Trump to “stop ‘cherishing women’ and start respecting women.” And in an interview with ABC News’ David Muir this week, she called Trump’s comments about women, and his remark that Clinton “doesn’t have a clue” about women’s issues, “laughable.”

Clinton’s comments came just a few hours after the release of a new Quinnipiac poll showing her essentially tied with democratic opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders in Iowa.

Clinton did not mention Sanders by name at the rally, which took place at the same venue where she delivered her 2008 Ohio victory speech. Instead, she touted her own record — specifically her ability to work across the aisle. And even pleaded “guilty” to being a centrist.

“You know, I get accused of being kind of moderate and center. I plead guilty,” the democratic presidential candidate quipped.

Clinton, who teared up while talking about her mother during her recent interview with ABC News, spoke even more personally about her mom, Dorothy Rodham, on Thursday.

“She made me grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. She loved sports, so we would throw the ball around, she taught me how to play tennis. She was a great mom,” Clinton said, noting an inspirational line she got from her mom — “You can be knocked down, but not knocked out.”

Clinton delivered these remarks at her second-ever “Women for Hillary” event where she also mentioned the 20th anniversary of her women’s rights speech in Beijing. (Despite the energy of those in attendance, the room was not full to capacity.)

Clinton, who apologized on Tuesday for her use of a personal email account while secretary of state, appeared in good spirits and made a slight joke about the “controversy” that often surrounds her.

“There was a lot of controversy about whether I should go or not,” Clinton remarked about her 1995 Beijing speech.

“Controversy seems to follow me around,” she added, “In case you haven’t noticed.”

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Donald Trump Says Ben Carson Started Feud, ‘I Like to Finish It’

Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Donald Trump called into ABC’s The View Thursday morning, discussing a wide range of topics with the co-hosts.

Asked about Ben Carson’s questioning of Trump’s faith and whether the exchanges are now a full-on fight, the GOP presidential front-runner said, “He started it, so remember I like to finish it.”

The New York real estate mogul also continued his push against the White House-backed Iran deal.

“Nuclear is nothing but trouble … it’s a great deal for Iran,” Trump said.

Asked about public money for Planned Parenthood, which he said he would defund because of the high rate of abortions he said they perform, co-host Joy Behar said Planned Parenthood does “abortions for 3 percent of the people who come to them. The rest is women’s health. And that 3 percent is not federally funded. So nobody’s tax money is used for abortions. If you defund Planned Parenthood, millions of women will not get health care. I think since you have shown to have a big heart for the Syrians, you might want to extend that to women in this country.”

Trump, however, said “the numbers are 55 percent and 60 percent and 65 percent of the money.”

Co-host Michelle Collins asked Trump about Kanye West’s saying during the MTV Video Music Award’s that he would run for president in 2020.

“The thing I like most about Kanye West, he always speaks nicely about me. So I never hit anybody that frankly speaks nicely about me. I can’t do that,” Trump said, to which Behar chimed in: “God help them if they do” attack him.

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