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Cops: Shots Fired Near Canadian Parliament, One Injured

iStock/Thinkstock(OTTAWA, Ontario) — A suspect opened fire at a Canadian war memorial near Parliament in Ottawa Wednesday, injuring at least one person and prompting local police to warn citizens to “stay away…due to [an] ongoing police incident.”

Ottawa Police confirmed via Twitter a shooting took place at 9:52 a.m. A local news report from the Ottawa Citizen said the injured man was a uniformed soldier who has received emergency medical attention.

Witnesses told Canada’s CTV they saw a man with long hair carrying a rifle and heard four shots fired at a soldier guarding Canada’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

A CBC reporter inside the Canadian Parliament reported chaos there, hearing lots of gunshots. A lawmaker reportedly said more than 30 shots were heard inside Parliament’s Center Block where the Prime Minister and other senior leaders have their offices. Ottawa Police Constable Marc Soucy told ABC News they have no confirmation of shots being fired inside Parliament.

The Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, said he has been taken to a safe place.

The Canadian Parliament in Ottawa is less than a mile from the war memorial.

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“Back to the Future” Today? Inventor Raises Funds for Hoverboard

(NEW YORK) — Admit it. Didn’t you always want Marty McFly’s gravity-defying hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II? Well, today, the future may just be here.

Just in time for the 25th anniversary of the time travel classic film, Greg Henderson, a California inventor has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Hendo Hoverboard from film to the real world.

“Thanks to Marty McFly, this is the perfect example of the stepping stone. …We can’t go over hedges or mobile sidewalks yet, but we’ll get there,” Henderson said of his creation that will carry a $10,000 price tag.

Ever since Marty McFly — played by Michael J. Fox — dropped in on Oct. 21, 2015, the film’s fans have been searching for a way to get their hands on the real deal, likely thanks in no small part to the movie’s director, Robert Zemeckis, pulling off a hoax video featuring stuntmen testing the boards in a behind-the-scenes special.

The video falsely claimed that hoverboards had been around for years, and that parent groups would not allow toy manufacturers to make them. It added that the film’s creators got their hands on them and put them into the movie.

There have been attempts at the real thing over the years, such as a water-powered board. Another sold by Mattel in 2012 bore the heartbreaking disclaimer: “Hoverboard will not actually hover.”

Kickstarter’s investors are ready to believe in McFly’s hoverboard being made today. As of Wednesday morning, Hendo Hover pulled in more than $200,000 of its $250,000 goal.

“We knew there was going to be a lot of interest, just Google hoverboards,” Henderson said, adding: “being able to make some dreams come true is really great.”

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Christie Fed Up with Talk About Raising Minimum Wage

ABC/ LOU ROCCO(WASHINGTON) — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is no fan of raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour as urged by President Obama.

Christie, who many expect will run for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, “I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage. I really am.”

The governor went on to say that parents in U.S. want more for their children than aspiring to make the minimum wage.

He then went on to mock Obama and his constituency, saying, “The president [is] playing to the lowest common denominator on a higher minimum wage.”

Christie also went on to attack the Affordable Care Act, calling the health care law “fiction. It doesn’t work, and it should be repealed.”

And while he was on a roll, the Republican governor picked on one of his favorite enemies, teachers unions, saying “It’s time to start offending them.”

In response to Christie’s remarks on minimum wage, Democratic National Committee spokesman Michael Czin said, “Raising the minimum wage to just $10.10 could help lift nearly 5 million Americans out of poverty. A raise could also add billions to the GDP and add 85,000 jobs to the economy.”

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Shoppers Have a New Way to Save Money at Walmart

Daniel Aguilar/Getty ImagesBy Elisabeth Leamy

(NEW YORK) — Retail behemoth Walmart has introduced an online tool likely to delight customers and frighten competitors: the Savings Catcher comparison tool. The tool allows Walmart shoppers to see if they could have gotten their purchases for less at another store and then refunds them the difference, if so.

Here’s how it works. After shopping at a Walmart store, customers can visit or use Walmart’s mobile app. Simply type in your receipt number (you can find it near the bottom of each Walmart receipt) and the date you shopped. The Savings Catcher tool then compares your purchases with prices for those same products as advertised in other retail store circulars. If the tool identifies an advertised price that is less than what you paid at Walmart, you get a Walmart eGift certificate for the difference.

On the pro side, Walmart has offered price matching for years and this tool automates the process. Previously, customers had to check competitors’ ads themselves and request a price match at the Walmart checkout, so this is far easier. If I’m going to be picky and offer a “con,” it’s that the price reduction doesn’t just happen automatically at the register. Perhaps that day will come, but, for now, customers must take an extra step. Walmart’s tutorial also says the “Savings Catcher” only looks at “eligible” items, so presumably, some types of products are excluded, which might mean savings missed.

Still, anything that makes price matching easier for customers is welcome because it’s one of the essential tools for any “guerrilla grocery shopper” who wants to save big money. When I did a price matching experiment of my own, I found this technique could bring grocery bills down by as much as 40 percent, bested only by creative couponing and stockpiling as strategies.

A similar service, Citi Price Rewind, refunds the price difference on Citi credit card purchases you’ve made within 60 days, with the exception of tickets, and certain large ticket items like jewelry and boats.

Walmart says Savings Catcher will initially index roughly 80,000 products and will later add fresh produce and more. So check it out and–if you like the savings you see–ping the company and let them know so they’ll expand the tool further, faster.

Opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author.

Elisabeth Leamy is a 20-year consumer advocate for programs including “Good Morning America” and “The Dr. Oz Show.” She is the author of “Save BIG” and “The Savvy Consumer.” Elisabeth is also a professional speaker, delivering talks nationwide on saving money, media relations and career success. Elisabeth receives her best story tips from readers, so please connect with her via Facebook, Twitter or her website to share your ideas.

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Report: Pats Lose Chandler Jones for About a Month

Comstock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones has a hip injury that will sideline him for about a month, according to the Boston Globe.

Jones is a tough loss for a Patriots defense that’s already playing without defensive tackle Sealver Siliga and linebacker Jerod Mayo.

The 24-year-old Jones has done well this season, leading the Patriots with 4.5 sacks. Jones also has 26 tackles, two passes defended, one forced fumble, and a blocked field goal that he recovered and returned for a touchdown.

The Boston Globe also reports that due to Jones’ injury, the Patriots traded for linebacker Akeem Ayers from the Tennessee Titans and will sign defensive lineman Alan Branch.

The Patriots have a tough schedule coming up. This weekend they play the Chicago Bears, followed next week by the Denver Broncos — both at home — before getting a bye week and then going to Indianapolis to take on the Colts.

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NHTSA Expands Faulty Air Bag Warning to 6.1 Million Vehicles

bizoo_n/iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration updated its list of vehicles being recalled due to defective air bags on Tuesday.

The agency had announced the recall of about 4.7 million vehicles on Monday, a figure that was expanded to about 6.1 million in a Tuesday release. The recall impacts vehicles made by BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota, all of which used air bags manufactured by Takata Corporation.

As with Monday’s announcement, the NHTSA urges particular caution for those drivers who own impacted cars in warm and/or humid environments.

A full list of impacted makes and models can be found on the NHTSA’s website.

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Some Russian Troops Move Away from Ukraine Border, ‘Doesn’t Change’ Role in Conflict, Pentagon Says

berean/iStockphoto/Thinkstock(KIEV, Ukraine) — The Pentagon says it has seen some Russian troops moving away from the Russia-Ukraine border, a change that Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby called “welcome.”

“We have seen movement of some forces away from the border,” Kirby said during a Tuesday briefing. “Movement of that kind is, of course, welcome,” the spokesperson said, “but it doesn’t change the outcome, and that is that there are still large numbers…that continue to threaten the security and the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

The Kremlin announced last week that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered over 17,000 troops home from the border.

“Nothing has changed about the fact that Russia continues to foment instability inside Ukraine,” Kirby noted.

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“The Bridge” Cancelled After Two Seasons

Credit: Byron Cohen/FX Network(NEW YORK) — FX has cancelled its critically popular but underwatched show The Bridge after two seasons, the network said on Tuesday.

The crime thriller starred Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir as detectives working along the U.S./Mexico border.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the show had only been generating about 1.2 million viewers per episode.

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Dallas Ebola Nurse Nina Pham Upgraded to Good Condition

The Pham Family(BETHESDA, Md.) — Nina Pham, the first nurse who contracted Ebola while treating Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, was upgraded from fair condition to good condition on Tuesday.

Pham was transferred to the National Institute of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda on Oct. 16. Prior to departing the Dallas hosital, Pham had been listed in good condition, but was downgraded upon arrival in Maryland. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIH’s Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, declined to say why she was listed in fair condition following the trip, but said she had endured a long trip from Dallas.

According to an NIH statement, Pham “has expressed her gratitude for everyone’s concerns and well wishes.”

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Bristol Palin Describes Moments That Led to Drunken Brawl

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) — Bristol Palin said the drunken brawl involving her family at a house party last month was started when she was defending her younger sister, newly released audio reveals.

The eldest daughter of Sarah Palin is heard on the audio obtained by ABC News from the Anchorage Police Department telling an officer that her sister Willow, 20, came up to her while she was waiting in the family’s rented limo and told her an “old lady” came up to her and “pushed” her.

Bristol Palin told the police she responded, “Oh (expletive) hell no, no one is going to touch my sister.”

Bristol Palin, who was described in the previously released police report as “heavily intoxicated and upset,” tells the officer that when she confronted the woman, a man “gets in my face, pushes me down on the grass, drags me across the grass” and swore at her, calling her a “slut,” among another names.

She then says she was pushed down again and pulled by her feet by the man who “comes out of nowhere,” identified in the earlier police report as Korey Klingenmeyer, who owned the home where the party was held.

Palin says she doesn’t know the man and has “never seen this guy in my life.”

Prosecutors said earlier this month they would not proceed with charges in the fight. The police were called to a birthday party for twin brothers Matthew and Marc McKenna at Klingenmeyer’s home in South Anchorage on Sept. 6. It was also Todd Palin’s birthday, who also attended with his wife and children.

Klingenmeyer told officers in the police report that Bristol Palin punched him five to six times in the face and that she was “hitting pretty hard.”

An officer wrote in that report that both Sarah and Todd Palin “appeared upset and in a verbal argument with other individuals at the scene.” There is no interview with the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee included in the report.

Klingenmeyer, who is described as “moderately intoxicated” in the report, told police he was considering filing charges and was “angry that the Palins had showed up and were causing problems,” according to the same report.

He told police he had asked Bristol Palin to leave and she responded, “Who the (expletive) are you?” Klingenmeyer told her he owned the home and Palin said she didn’t believe him and “she will kick his (expletive),” the police report says.

The report also includes accounts of a fight that Track Palin, Sarah and Todd Palin’s eldest son, allegedly got into at the same party.

Palin’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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