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Buffalo Bills Marcell Darues Suspended 1 Game Over Violating Drug Policy

Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN(BUFFALO, N.Y.) — The defensive tackle of the Buffalo Bills, Marcell Dareus, has been suspended for the first game of the season for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Dareus’ suspension comes from a May 2014 arrest after a traffic stop in Alabama, where he was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, and later entered a pretrial intervention program that allows the charges to be dropped, ESPN reports.

Dareus’ attorney, Rod Giddens, told ESPN on Thursday that Dareus is still on track to complete the intervention program and hasn’t faced any setbacks in the process.

“Last year, I made a mistake involving possession of a banned substance,” Dareus said in a statement obtained by ESPN. “The NFL’s discipline for this conduct is part of the drug policy, and I apologize to my family, my teammates, the entire Bills organization and Bills fans that I will miss one game as a result of my mistake. I will work intensely that week and will be extremely happy to contribute to a win in week two for the Bills.”

This will be the second consecutive season that a Bills defensive starter will miss the opener for disciplinary reasons.

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Celine Dion Says Husband Rene Is a ‘Champ’ Battling Throat Cancer

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images via ABC(NEW YORK) — Celine Dion has a positive update on how her husband Rene Angelil is doing in his battle with throat cancer.

“Rene’s doing really well. We know the path that he’s going, the treatments,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I knew he was amazing. He’s such a champ. He’s working hard on that.”

Dion, 47, took almost a year off to be with her husband, 73, of more than 20 years and said being with him and the family was “not hard.”

“It’s hard because life imposes things on you,” she added. “Sickness and you have no choice but to deal with them. I’ve been with him all my life and he’s showed me the way many times.”

She said she will be back on stage in August.

“He wants me back. He wants me strong and this is what we’re doing together,” she said.

Back in March, Dion was candid about how tough her husband’s cancer had been.

“He can’t eat so I feed him,” Dion told ABC News. “He’s got a feeding tube. I have to feed him three times a day.”

Angélil, who stepped down as Dion’s manager in June because of his health, has been battling throat cancer for 15 years. Dion said it was in December 2013, just as she was about to appear on national television, that she found out her husband’s cancer had returned.

“I went back in my dressing room and I saw him looking pretty devastated, in shock, and I was like, ‘What’s going on,’” Dion recalled. “He said, ‘I have cancer again. The doctor just called me and I have cancer again.’

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California Man With Dementia Survives Nearly 3 Days in Mojave Desert

KABC-TV(SAN BERNADINO, Calif) — An 86-year-old man with Alzheimer’s disease told rescuers he was “doing pretty good” after spending nearly three days wandering in the Mojave Desert.

Rollande Towne had been spending a vacation with his family when he went missing, wandering away from his family’s campsite early Monday morning, according to his grandson, Jared Weigand.

Weigand told ABC News that Towne didn’t remember much about his ordeal outdoors. Soon after he was rescued Wednesday, Towne told ABC News Los Angeles station KABC-TV that he felt fine.

“Well, I’m doing pretty good,” Towne told KABC-TV. “I’ve got a few marks here and there, pretty decent actually.”

According to officials, Towne’s family saw him outside of their tent before he went missing.

“They woke up, they seen their grandpa outside picking up brass from spent casings, and then they went back inside, they fell back to sleep, they woke back up at 6:30 and noticed that he was gone,” San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Tommy Dickey told KABC-TV.

Towne, who also has diabetes, was evacuated via helicopter after being given some oxygen and bottled water.

“As I was walking up to him I called his name, ‘Ronny,’ and he sat up,” Steve Depue, a search-and-rescue team member with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department told KABC-TV. “It was kind of a, ‘Wow! We got to get this guy some help now,'”

Towne not only survived plummeting temperatures, but wildlife as well. Officials said they saw seven dangerous rattlesnakes during their search.

Weigand said his grandfather remained hospitalized but was doing well.

“Everybody’s doing OK,” said Weigand. “It’s looking good. He’s got a couple health issues.”

Dr. Alan Lerner, the director for the Brain Health & Memory Center at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, said it’s extremely common for elderly people with dementia to wander away from their families.

“We’ve seen some cases … where the person is visiting out-of-state or friends or family … [and] they’ve wandered off or become missing,” said Lerner, who said a low percentage — about 5 percent — of missing seniors are found deceased.

Lerner said sometimes an elderly person with dementia will feel uncomfortable and try to leave a situation. In other cases, they are trying to go their former homes, not recalling that they are being cared for elsewhere.

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Elian Gonzalez’s Uncle, Fisherman Who Rescued Him, Reflect on Tense 2000 Standoff

ABC News(HAVANA) — When Elian Gonzalez was found floating on an inner tube 60 miles off the coast of Miami 15 years ago, the fisherman who helped rescue him said finding the 6-year-old boy in the water was a “one in a billion” chance.

“You know, that day my cousin told me, ‘we are not going fishing,’” Donato Dalrymple told ABC News. “The marine advisory said it would be a horrible day for small boats to be out there. We were on a 25-foot fishing vessel, not like we were out in the middle of the ocean with a big fishing boat. And there was nobody out there, completely nobody.”

Dalrymple said a school of dolphins swimming close by drew their attention to the small boy.

“I tell you, I believe it was my destiny,” he said. “My journey that day, as a missionary, a person of faith, just persisting with my cousin that we ran right into that inner tube. We went directly to it.”

Elian was dehydrated and unconscious when he was pulled from the water, and was taken to Miami. Now 21 years old, Elian said he is thankful to the fishermen who saved him.

“Those are moments that no matter how hard I try to put them aside, they will always leave a mark on me,” Elian told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

As would the next several months of his young life.

When he was just 6 years old, Elian said his mother and her boyfriend had given him sleeping pills before they got onto a small 16-foot fishing boat in the middle of the night to head for the United States. He remembers the boat capsizing during the crossing, and falling into the water, but there were inner tubes tied to the back of the boat and Elian said his mother loaded him onto one. He survived, but his mother was lost at sea. Her body has never been found.

After his rescue in 2000, Elian was placed in the care of his Miami relatives, who fought to keep him in the U.S. against the will of his father Juan Miguel back in Cuba.

“There were so many emotions and all at the same time when I was with my uncles,” Elian recalled. “Everyone staring at me, thinking about me, the media, everyone staring at me. They didn’t allow me that time to cry for my mother. To sit down and realize what had happened. I was simply a kid, and to me everything was a game.”

The media circled the family’s Old Havana, Florida, home where Elian stayed, as his relatives proudly displayed him as a victory over Communism.

“In the beginning it was difficult because I tried to get the support of someone,” Elian said. “I had lost my mother, I didn’t understand what was going on.”

At the time, Elian said he turned to his cousin Marisleysis. “I saw her as a mother,” he said. “And I tried to consider her like that.”

“[My relatives] did try to give me a better life but they made a mistake, I believe,” Elian continued. “Because they were against their own nephew. And I had to be with my father.”

ABC News reached out to Marisleysis about Elian’s offer at reconciliation and she said she was not interested in speaking on camera or even in hearing any recorded message ABC News had taped from Elian.

But his uncle, Delfin, did agree to speak to ABC News. We played a message from Elian for him, in which Elian comments on his Miami family and asked for an apology before he agrees to see them again. After watching the message, Delfin said Elian had been manipulated.

“It is not the boy’s fault,” he said. “That is where you see the manipulation of that ******* system. They destroy everything. They have destroyed that boy, they have him like a robot. Doing what he doesn’t feel but everything he is saying is a lie. That is the reward we get for doing good. Taking care of him when he was defenseless and he didn’t have anyone to take care of him and his own damn father said to take care of him until he could come get him. That is the reward that a poor family gets, that gave him love. I don’t see why we should say sorry.”

But in fact, after Elian arrived in Miami, his relatives kept the boy for weeks after his father went to the U.S. to get him, which led to the raid inside their home.

The Cuban government was not at the interview with Elian and did not attempt to censor ABC News’ reports.

While the family may not be willing to move forward, the fisherman who rescued Elian all those years ago would. Dalrymple is the man holding young Elian in that iconic raid photo where he and the little boy are faced with a federal agent’s rifle.

“Juan Miguel is a good man, he loves his son,” Dalrymple said. “I couldn’t imagine him, regardless of where he lives on this planet, being without his son.”

“I do apologize,” he continued. “Because I would love to see [Elian] again and just hug his neck and his father because this was a beautiful thing. What happened down there. It was never meant for me to try to aid and abet and hold him against his father regardless but it seemed like that’s what it was at that time.”

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Fiji’s Floating Bar and Pizzeria Serves Up Pies in Paradise

Tor Johnson/Cloud 9(VITI LEVU, Fiji) — There’s a saying that there’s no such thing as bad pizza.

Now that that’s been established, some places are more enjoyable than others when it comes to enjoying a slice.

Some pizza connoisseurs swear by a red-and-white-checked-tablecloth kind of joint. But we’ll take this floating pizzeria in paradise.

Cloud 9, located in the ocean off the Fijian island of Viti Levu, is now serving wood-fired pizza along with a full bar and weekend DJs.

There are a few different options for getting to Cloud 9 — including a 2.5-hour jet-ski ride — but it’s most easily accessed by a 45-minute speedboat ride from Port Denarau, a major tourist hub, or just 10 minutes from the closest resort: Musket Cove Resort, Lomani Resort & Plantation Resort.

Rather than grab a slice on the run, most visitors choose to make a day out a trip to Cloud 9 and combine swimming, snorkeling, para sailing and sunbathing in the daybeds and hammocks offered with their meal. As many as 100 people can visit Cloud 9 at one time.

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Kim Kardashian Says Kylie Jenner Was ‘Insecure’ About Lips for Years

Timothy White/E! (LOS ANGELES) — Kim Kardshian encouraged her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner to admit she had temporary lip fillers after previously denying that she’d undergone the procedure. The reality star said the implants helped the 17-year-old tremendously.

“I saw how for so many years she was so insecure about [her lips,]” Kim told Access Hollywood. “I mean, at 10 years old, she would say to me, ‘How come my lips aren’t big like you guys?’

“I gave her the advice and I still stand by that advice,” Kim said of encouraging her sister to come forward and admit she had work done.

The reality star said the implants “changed her confidence so much.”

Kylie, along with her older sister Kendall Jenner, 19, grew up on the reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim said she doesn’t worry about them because they understand life outside of Hollywood.

“I think that is just their reality,” Kim explained. “But they know when things are normal. They know that all their friends aren’t going on private jets. They know that they are growing up with a life of privilege, but they are super grounded and responsible.”

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Bride-to-Be Says Birth Control Caused Stroke

KABC-TV(LOS ANGELES) — A 26-year-old woman was planning her wedding when she began to experience headaches, blurred vision, nausea and other symptoms.

Jordan Ward’s fiancé insisted that she go to the hospital, where doctors sent her home, explaining that she had migraines, she recalled.

The next day, Ward was diagnosed with a stroke caused by blood clots. They told her the clots were caused by her birth control.

“When I did get the news, I was in shock,” Ward told ABC News’ Los Angeles Station, KABC-TV. “I’m 26 years old.”

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a senior medical contributor for ABC News and practicing OBGYN, said hormonal contraception has been known to increase the risk of developing blood clots for many years.

“Women should always be advised about the risks versus benefits versus alternatives to any form of birth control, and realize that while uncommon, if the worst case scenario happens to them, it is a big deal,” Ashton said.

For women who are not on birth control, the risk of developing a blood clot is about 1 in 10,000, Ashton said. Oral contraceptives increase the risk of blood clots to about 8 in 10,000, but pregnancy in general increases the risk to about 50 in 10,000.

This happens because the hormones associated with pregnancy — estrogen and progesterone — promote clotting to prevent women from losing too much blood during childbirth, said Dr. Maria Shaker, an OBGYN at U.H. Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s these two hormones that are in combination birth control pills to prevent ovulation, which is why the pills, hormone patches and vaginal rings are associated with blood clots as well, she said.

“Other factors that increase risk of a blood clot include smoking, obesity, recent long travel or immobilization, and having a hereditary clotting disorder,” Ashton said.

For women with these risk factors — like Ward, who is a smoker — Shaker said intrauterine devices are a great alternative with a lower risk of developing clots.

Ward had surgery at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, and she said her wedding will go on as planned.

“I’m so thankful for so many things, but especially for the fact that I still get to marry the man of my dreams,” Ward told the station.

Ward was not immediately available for further comment to ABC News.

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Capitol Police Officers Get Bathroom Training After Leaving Firearms in Restrooms

ABC News(WASHINGTON) — U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine says his officers are receiving potty training (get it?) after three separate incidents this year when officers left firearms unattended in the Capitol’s public restrooms.

“We are now providing additional training on what to do when you have to go to the bathroom,” Dine told lawmakers during a hearing on Wednesday.

Dine said a first-time offender would be suspended for five days under current policy for leaving a weapon unattended, but he is considering toughening the penalty to 30 days or even potential termination for a first offense because of the seriousness a single error can carry.

“There are no excuses for these mistakes,” he stressed.

The chief appeared before the House Committee on Administration to discuss a number of troubling issues that have plagued his police force in the past year, including the widely publicized gyrocopter landing on the Capitol lawn on April 15.

Dine defended his officers’ actions during that event, telling lawmakers that his agency had little heads-up of the possibility Douglas Hughes – the pilot who was indicted Wednesday on six counts related to the incident – might be heading to the Capitol on his helicopter-like aircraft.

“I think the officers acted properly, heroically, swiftly and efficiently,” Dine said.

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Fears for Palmyra: The ISIS Assault on History

RPMGsas/iStock/Thinkstock(PALMYRA, Syria) — Just five days after ISIS achieved one of its most significant victories in Iraq in the past year, militants reportedly have taken control of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria.

The city’s ruins hold some of the world’s most prized antiquities dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries, and ISIS’ past assaults on historic sites have caused alarm among the international community that the group might employ the same tactics once again.

“Any destruction to Palmyra is not just a world crime, it will mean an enormous loss for humanity,” said UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova in a video posted by the group Thursday. “We are speaking about the birth of human civilization.”

Palmyra is home to some of the world’s best-preserved ancient ruins, including the Temple of Bel, built in the first century. The regime’s withdrawal from the strategically important Palmyra presents another drastic loss for its forces.

Over the past 2,000 years, Palmyra has been consistently reshaped by the influences of ancient Romans, and served as a trade hub for caravans along the Silk Road from India, China and Persia. It led to an amassing of treasures from a diverse array of civilizations.

“What Palmyra tells us today is that all cultures are influencing each other, all cultures enrich each other,” Bokova said.

However, over the past two years following the start of the Syrian Civil War, Palmyra saw military facilities propped up by forces loyal to Syria’s Assad. Reports of looting and significant damage to some of the city’s ancient architecture followed.

Its new inhabitants, however, believe preserving ancient ruins constitutes a form of idolatry and have made several propaganda videos flaunting their record in some of Syria and Iraq’s most historic destinations.

One of the first notable examples of ISIS’ targeting of historical sites was the video posted online of the destruction of the Nebi Yunus, or the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah, inside Mosul, Iraq.

Just one week ago, in a U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on “Ancient Communities Under Attack,” Penn Cultural Heritage Center fellow Katharyn Hanson remarked that ISIS “removed all evidence of the shrine by clearing the rubble and grading the site flat.”

“In doing so,” Hanson said. “ISIS erased the physical presence of Nebi Yunus for the entire local religious community.”

In January 2015, reports surfaced that ISIS militants detonated bombs along the wall of the ancient Iraqi city of Nineveh located on the Tigris River. The city is known for being the oldest in the Assyrian Empire and most notable archaeological monuments in the country.

The next month, ISIS militants armed themselves with sledgehammers, pickaxes and rifles as they raided the Mosul Museum. Cameramen were at the ready as the group tore apart artifacts, including some reported replicas inside, later posting a montage of the rampage online.

Just a month later, ISIS ramped up its campaign of destruction as it reportedly bulldozed the ancient cities of Nimrud and Hatra, also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In the House hearing, Hanson also remarked on the apparent looting by ISIS of the Dura-Europos, an archaeological site in Syria that holds not only the world’s best preserved ancient Jewish synagogue but one of the oldest known depictions of Jesus Christ.

“I think we need a total mobilization of the international community,” Bokova said on Palmyra. “We need everybody to launch the same appeal. We need very much the religious leaders to launch an appeal on the prevention of this destruction.”

Sister Diana Momeka of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena has witnessed the destruction first hand, and testified to the House Foreign Affairs committee just what effect the destruction of the religious and historical sites have on the community.

“What do we lose? I would say we lost everything,” Momeka said. “It just was a sign for us, and that’s your history is gone. You are nothing anymore. That’s how we see ourselves now. Homeless.”

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Prince William Gets Charlotte Soccer Jersey from England’s Women’s Soccer Team

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images(STAFFORDSHIRE, England) — It looks like Prince William and Duchess Kate might have a football player on their hands, not Prince George but their newborn daughter, Princess Charlotte.

Charlotte is just 19-days-old but she already has her own soccer — football in the U.K. — jersey thanks to her home country’s women’s soccer team.

The players on England’s women’s squad, the Lionesses, presented Charlotte’s dad, Prince William, with a custom team jersey Wednesday when he met the team at St. George’s Park in Staffordshire.

The jersey had Charlotte’s name on the back along with the number one.

“All the girls were asking how Princess Charlotte is and Prince George and whether they keep him up all night,” said team captain Steph Houghton, according to the U.K.’s The Telegraph.

“He was saying he’s obviously really enjoying being a father and Princess Charlotte is actually keeping him up and probably why his eyes are looking a little bit tired,” Houghton said.

William, 32, reportedly also revealed that although Charlotte has a jersey, it is currently Prince George who is displaying soccer skills through his quick feet.

“He was saying he never stops moving and is always on the move and keeping them busy,” Houghton said.

Tweets from Kensington Palace show that William, 32, took a team photo with the Lionesses, signed the wall at St. George’s Park and watched the players train.

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