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UF To Conduct Fire Drill This Morning

10/1/2015 – 7:11 am

The University of Findlay’s Physical Plant will be conducting an annual fire drill for all University academic and athletic buildings on Thursday. According to a release from the University, the drill will be held at 9:15 am.

Each building’s fire alarm system will be activated at the same time by security and maintenance personnel. Those inside will be expected to exit the building and assemble away from entrances. Authorities will search the building, and reset each alarm system. The drill should take between ten to twenty minutes to complete.

NOTE: This is a correction from a previous report that had the time of the drill listed at 9:15 pm.

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Never Too Early To Prepare For Disasters

9/28/2015      10:30am

September is National Preparedness Month which recognizes and teaches people to be prepared for emergency situations in their homes and in their communities. While one month is recognized for this effort, being prepared is not something you do once and then never again.

Audio: Lt. General Russel Honoré

Retired Lt. General Russell Honoré reminds people to always plan for and revise emergency plans for their homes and communities. Honoré says that you should begin stocking up on food, canned goods, and water now before the winter weather hits.

Audio: Lt. General Russel Honoré

Honoré served in the US Army as commander of Joint Task Force Katrina responsible for coordinating military relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina-affected areas across the Gulf Coast.

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Corn Harvest May Produce Lower Yields This Fall

9/17/2015   12:00pm

As farmers start to get into the fields to harvest the corn crop this year, they may have some issues to contend with. Ed Lentz from the Hancock County Extension Office talks about issues that farmers may encounter low yields with their crops this year.

Audio: Ed Lentz

Wet weather throughout the summer and a late planting season this past spring may contribute to the yield. Lentz says that fields may look good, but have small plants growing in significant numbers, causing the low yield numbers.

Audio: Ed Lentz

Hancock County and the surrounding counties experienced higher than average rainfalls throughout the summer growing months this year.

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Hancock, Putnam Counties See High Approval Rates For Mortgages

9/3/15 – 10:40 A.m.

If you’re trying to get a mortgage, you’re more likely to be approved here than in most other places in Ohio. That’s according to the website Smart The site determined the places in Ohio where homebuyers were most likely to be approved for a mortgage. Hancock County ranked 9th in the state, with slightly more than 66 percent of mortgage applications getting approval.

Putnam County did even better, ranking 2nd in Ohio. Nearly 69.5 percent of mortgage applications got approval in Putnam County.

MORE: Smart Asset

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Sinkhole Discovered In Putnam County Village

9/3/15 – 6:46 A.M.

A sinkhole was recently discovered in the Putnam County village of Continental. The Putnam County Sentinal reports that a hole measuring around 5 inches was found near the corner of East Maple and South Main streets. While the hole wasn’t very wide, it was roughly four feet deep.

Officials believe a broken drainage tile caused the problem. Village council voted unanimously to hire J & M Excavating to repair the sinkhole. Work to fix the hole began Wednesday.


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Rookie wins top hog prize at county fair

By ABBEY NICKEL Staff Writer Nine-year-old Makayla Oman’s first year of showing hogs at the Hancock County Fair will be one to remember, after she won grand champion market gilt on Wednesday afternoon. Oman, a member of the Gold Star 4-H Club, said in the moments before she entered the show ri…

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NB to seek fire equipment grants

By ERIC SCHAADT Staff Writer NORTH BALTIMORE — To maintain its fire trucks and upgrade other equipment, the North Baltimore Fire Department will continue to seek various grants. Fire Chief Ted Francisco told Village Council this week his department will apply for grants to help pay for new por…

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UF volleyball team anxious to take next step

By ANDY WOLF STAFF WRITER In most cases, expectations are built what a team has done in the previous few seasons. But what the University of Findlay volleyball team failed to achieve last season has given coach Wick Colchagoff an even hungrier squad. Despite a 23-7 finish, the Oilers were left on the outside looking […]

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Council Legislation

Sept. 1, 2015 Public Attendance: 7 ORDINANCES 2015-71, second reading, vacating the north-south alley from Midland to Garfield avenues. 2015-72, second reading, vacating an alley from Hull Avenue to the first alley north of Hull Avenue. 2015-73, second reading, vacating Wyandot Street from Fishlock …

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UF football practices before captive audience

By ANDY WOLF STAFF WRITER MARION — Rob Keys has always been eager to try cutting-edge concepts. The University of Findlay football coach’s latest idea might just be the most eye-opening experience yet for his players, his coaching staff and himself. On Sunday, the Oilers held a full-on two-hour practice to an audience of a […]

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