City And County Still Hashing Out Contracts For Court Services

6/12/14 – 5:29 A.M.

The city of Findlay and Hancock County are still negotiating contracts to pay for court related services. The Courier reports that the city hasn’t paid the county for services while those contracts are being hashed out. The city administration tells the newspaper there’s no reason to believe the issues can’t be hammered out.

One sticking point is legal fees for indigent defendants. The county commissioners requested a $5,000 increase to the $90,000 the city already pays for people who can’t afford their own legal representation. Public Defender Commission Chairman Roger Miller says the state is threatening to withold monthly contributions until an agreement is reached. City Law Director Don Rasmussen says more information is needed about state contributions.

Findlay also hasn’t signed a new contract on housing city inmates in the county jail. Mayor Lydia Mihalik says the proposed contract doesn’t address the county charging the city for a full day of hosting an inmate even if they only stay an hour. She says the contract also needs to require the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office to transport city inmates elsewhere if there isn’t enough room in the county jail.

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