Findlay Money Transfer Request Causing a Commotion

6/12/14 – 5:03 A.M.

A money transfer request in the city of Findlay has become a sticking point. The Courier reports two city council members are voicing opposition to move $50,000 into an account that pays for claims, settlements and other legal costs. Law Director Don Rasmussen says there’s no set amount of what the city could pay out of that account, but as it stands now it is empty.

First Ward Councilwoman Holly Frische and Sixth Ward Councilman Andy Douglas both say there’s no need to move money for expenses that haven’t come up yet. Douglas says the $50,000 amount is excessive.

Rasmussen argues that going to city council for an appropriation everytime a legal payment comes due slows his ability to pay the claims. Second Ward Councilman Randy Van Dyne said he supports the “speed of business approach.”

Findlay usually budgets around $20,000 at the beginning of the year to cover these types of expenses. This year the city has settled a $15,000 federal civil rights case and paid more than $13,000 in legal fees. City Council approved a resolution to cover the difference in April.

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