Findlay Settles Suit With Resident

5/9/14 – 5:01 A.M.

A settlement was recently reached between Findlay and a resident stemming from a 2012 police call. The Courier reports the city will pay Carla Reeg $15,000. Reeg sued after an incident involving former police officer Scott Nungester’s actions during a routine call.

Reeg and her then-roommate Sue Johnson were having a dispute. Johnson called Nungester to the home, where he proceeded to let Johnson break the front door down after Reeg wouldn’t let him in. According to Reeg, Nungester shoved her out of the way and allowed Johnson and her family to rifle through the house.

Nungester was disciplined for the incident with a 10-day unpaid suspension. But he never served the suspension after resigning in 2012. In his report, Police Chief Greg Horne said “The fact that no report was generated also gives the appearance that he was doing a personal favor for a longtime friend.”

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