Flood Damage Assessments Begin Today

12/26/13 4:10 a.m.
Public safety officials will begin flood damage assessment in both Hancock and Putnam Counties today. Persons who are re-entering their homes or businesses that flooded are urged to use caution according to the Courier. Damage estimates will begin today by Hancock County Emergency Management Agency Director Lee Swisher and Putnam County EMA director Steve Odenweller.

EMA officials warn residents and business owners to be aware of electrical, gas and water dangers. You are urged to have your electrical system checked before turning service back on. A contractor should inspect, clean and ignite gas appliances and contact the utility company if you smell gas.

Water wells that have been surrounded by floodwater should be tested by the county health department. People who have come in contact with floodwater should also be up to date on their tetanus vaccination.

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